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Coloring My Senses Cherry Red

Your *** is so big when it's in front of my face.

“Alex, can you get me a towel?” Jack shouted from the shower. “I forgot one.” I rolled my eyes.
I knew he had ‘forgotten’ his towel on purpose, just so that I would see him naked. I grabbed his ‘forgotten’ towel and opened the bathroom door, tossed the towel in without looking, and then walked away. I had a week left. And it was going to be grueling and hard, but I was going to make it through because I loved him.

“Hey, baby.” Jack said, coming into the room fully clothed. Thank God. “How was your day?”

“Just played some shows and took a shower. Hung out with Hayley and Josh, and that was about it.” I said monotonously. “it was pretty boring, minus the show.” Jack and I had shared an innocent kiss on stage, after coaxing from some fangirls. Well, maybe it wasn’t so innocent, but really, I didn’t care. He was beautiful and he was almost mine and I wanted everyone to know. “I love you.”

“I love you too. Ready for bed?” he asked.


“Okay guys, my name’s All Time Low, and this is my band Alex Gaskarth!” I yelled into the mic, and the crow went insane. I smiled. I loved being onstage. “I’d like to welcome a special guest on the stage to sing Remembering Sunday with us. Everyone, say hi to Hayley Williams!” They screamed even louder.

“Hey guys.” Hayley smiled at me, and I smiled back. Sure, she was beautiful, but she wasn’t my type. Plus, she had Josh. They were amazing together. “I’m so glad I’m singing. But it’ll be a little different. See, I love this whole song, so Alex has asked me to sing backup UNTIL the girl’s vocals come in. I hope you enjoy!” My fingers formed the chord that I started with, and I strummed gently on my acoustic.

“He woke up from dreaming, and put on his shoes, started making his way past two in the morning, he hasn’t been sober for days.”

“Leaning now, into the breeze.” Hayley and Jack joined me. “Remembering Sunday, he falls to his knees.”

“They had breakfast together, but two eggs don’t last like the feeling of what he needs.” I finished the verse. I loved singing with other artists, especially good friends of mine.

The song was just so perfect with Hayley and Jack. I mean, yes, it was different, but then came the girl’s part.

“I’m not coming back.” Hayley’s voice sent chills down my spine. Jack smiled at she sang. “And out of my mind, I’m keeping an eye on the world, I’m so many thousands of feet off the ground. I’m over you now, I’m at home in the clouds, towering over your head.” I almost didn’t start the last few lines, because the power in her voice stunned me. It was equally as amazing as Juliet’s. Possibly even better. The crowd was cheering like they’d never cheered before. I felt awesome, even though I knew they were cheering for Hayley, I had a shit-eating grin on my face. I was so excited, I set down my guitar and kissed Jack, full on the mouth. For longer than ten seconds. It was innocent, of course, but the cheering got loud again and I pulled away smiling.

“THANK YOU GUYS!” I shouted. “WE LOVE YOU!” Jack’s hand found its way to mine, as did Hayley’s, and somewhere in the madness Rian and Zack joined the hand holding thing, and we all took a bow. Zack spoke into the microphone for the first time onstage and said, “Thank you. Thank you very much.” in the creepiest, most realistic impression of Elvis in the world. I looked at him, mouth agape, with an incredulous look on my face. We all got offstage, and Josh was waiting by the bus door.

“Hayles, you were fucking great.” He kissed her and spun her around.

“Ally, you were fucking great.” Jack did the same as Josh. Everyone laughed, and we all climbed onto the bus.

“Left 4 Dead?” Hayley asked excitedly.

“Left 4 Dead.” Josh nodded at Rian, who plugged in the XBOX. “Let’s get this party on!”

We all took turns playing, and Hayley was beasting every single one of us.

“I JUST LOST TO A GIRL. AGAIN.” Jack groaned. I laughed hysterically. He was the reigning champion on our bus until this day. “WHY DO YOU ALWAYS GET THE TANK, HAYLEY? ARE YOU CHEATING?” Hayley shook her head seriously.

“I’m just good like that, is all.”

This was a good day.
♠ ♠ ♠