In the End

  1. Welcome Home
    The boys are back from tour.
  2. Joey & Jakob + Those Unspeakable Words
    Joey and Jakob come over to spend the day with their dad and Mandy.
  3. Our Moments
    Warning: Cheesy. :]
  4. Always Going to Love
    Jakob throws a fit, Mandy hears something she doesn't want to. She runs.
  5. Confrontation
    Mandy needs to talk with Billie
  6. The Kiss
    Billie and Adie get close. Are feelings still there after two years?
  7. He Cares, She Cares
    Billie fights with Mike over his own girlfriend at Tre's house after having a few drinks.
  8. Sickeningly in Love
    Billie Joe comes down with something, Mandy is in love
  9. Freddy
    Billie Joe is still sick, Mandy goes to get medicin and she comes home with more.
  10. Awkward, Yet Not so Awkward
    Adrienne and Mandy go shopping.
  11. Don't Hurt Her
    Adrienne and Mandy get home and an un-invited visitor appears
  12. "I Will Not ***ing Chill Out"
    Mandy holds a grudge against Lizzie.
  13. Taking Advice May Not Be The Best Idea
    Mandy seems to "take Billie's advice"
  14. I Love You
    It's true.
  15. Punches For Former Friends
    Mandy meets Billie at the TRL building. Tre tries to talk to her -- but they're interrupted
  16. Don't Act
    Mike is back, and Billie is holding a grudge.
  17. Billie Joe...Not William Joseph
    TRL is over, the guys go out. Billie Joe comes back drunk. Warning: Cheesy Flufff.
  18. We Need to Get Out
    Billie Joe & Mandy set off to Connecticut.
  19. Caught
  20. Adam
    Billie Joe and Mandy go back to get his shtuff...they meet an unexpected visitor.
  21. A Man Would Kill For His Fags
    Mike & Billie make up, another unexpected visitor...just this one, not so welcomed.
  22. I Don't Act Like I Love You?
    Drama with Lizzie continues -- only now between Billie and Mandy
  23. Mr. Smooth
    The Green Day crew show up at a new hotel, where they meet Rachel.
  24. Shaving Cream in Your Hair, Love is in The Air
    Tre makes the best first impression: getting her drunk.
  25. You're Not Sick
    Mandy and Billie shower together [oh la la] and Mandy comes down ill
  26. Sick?
    Billie Joe leavs in a fit, Tre expresses his crazy, yet not-so-crazy idea.
  27. It Takes Two to Tango
    The truth est revealed.
  28. Tears And Fears
    Billie is back, and he can't figure out why his girlfriend is crying.
  29. The Truth Can Kill
    Does Mandy Spill?
  30. Guess
    Billie Joe's reaction.
  31. Spillers With Fillers
    I'm so full of rhymes. :]] It's a filler of Tre & Billie freaking out on each other.
  32. Hurt
    Billie makes a big mistake.
  33. A Tearful Confrontation
    Billie Joe find out about the night before
  34. The Pretty Darkness
    Everyone finds out what happens, shit hits the fan and Billie Joe can't take it
  35. The Good and the Bad
    Billie and Mandy talk and make up, however a certain someone is back
  36. Cheater
    Mandy, Billie, Tre, Rachel and Steph come to a conclusion
  37. Getting Drunk on Water
    After the news is spread. Mandy and Billie return home.
  38. Phonecalls
    Tre calls Rachel repeatedly to try to talk.
  39. Insults
    Tre shows up drunk and upset. He upsets Billie Joe and the next morning Mike turns up with a girl
  40. Split Up
    Billie Joe makes a bad move and destroys the peace in the home.
  41. Hi, My Name is Travis
    Travis is introduced and Mandy decides she likes him.
  42. They Lost My Guitar
    Billie and Mandy talk
  43. A Tipsy Kiss
    Billie Joe shows up at Mandy's suit after the VMA's
  44. Pretend That You Don't Know, Nor Care Who They Are
    Mandy and Billie spend the night together
  45. Billie, Meet the Man You Despise
    A.K.A, Travis
  46. They Know
    Absolute Filler. Everyone sees Mandy and Billie are back.
  47. Screw Up
    Billie Joe makes a mistake...again.
  48. The Story Behind it All
    Mandy can't stand Billie. Billie looks over what happened
  49. The Pre-Proposal
    Billie wants to get married. Mandy is confused and not sure.
  50. The Proposal
    Billie pops the question.
  51. Broken Promises
    Mandy makes her decesion. A Few Flashbacks
  52. Welcome to the World
    Mandy goes into labour and gives birth.
  53. Sydney Armstrong
    Billie Joe bonds with his daughter late at night.
  54. The End
    5 years into the future. Mandy and Billie have created a family.