In the End

Welcome Home

It had been a little over 2 years since I had first shown up at Billie Joe's, off the plane. And every time I thought of it, I smiled. It had been the best 2 years I could have remembered... In fact, it was. Billie Joe was getting back today from the tour. I was excited, more than excited. I had gone with them for the first four months, but eventually one of us had to return to California, and it obviously wouldn't be him.

I sat, curled up on the couch with a magazine, talking on my cellphone to Steph. She was telling me everything that had happened at the Green Day concert she was able to go to, and I was listening, wondering when I should go to the airport.

"Tre said hi to me, too! I think he remembers me."

"Of course he remembers you... Steph... He talked to you the night before the concert..."

"I know, I know." I laughed, and sighed, looking at the magazine. "What are you reading?"


"Whenever you don't listen to me, your reading something."

"Oh, a magazine."

"About Billie?"

"Actually, no. This one has Marilyn Manson..."

"And your looking at it?"


"You must want a nightmare"

I laughed, and looked at the clock. "I think Billie told me his flight comes in at 7... Or was it 9? I don't wanna be late... But if I'm early I'll call you, okay?"

"Mandy, it's not 7... It's 11."

"In Connecticut. He meant 7 here, he's not gonna tell me he's coming in at 7 here, 11 in CT..."

"You never know."

"Well, maybe you don't."

"Haha, very funny. Do I hear Green Day in the background?"

"What? Oh, yep. It's the only time I can have it on loud, Billie doesn't like me to play the Cd's, he get's embarrassed."

"No, you see I get embarrassed when I sing, because I can't, but Billie Joe should be like fine, cuz he's got a voice to sing with!"

I laughed. "That's the same here. But Steph, I gotta go. I gotta change quickly, and then get down there, for when Billie Joe gets off the plane."

"All right, I'll see you later!"

"Yep, see ya Steph."

We both hung up, and I ran upstairs to change into a t shirt, and black jeans. I put my hair up, and some eyeliner before turning off the music, and running out of the house. It had been 6 months since I had seen him. I had been in his house the whole time, and he had called but it was definitely gonna be nice to have him home again. I started to sing along with 'Basket case' and smiled. The last time I had really listened to that song was when I actually met him for the first time.

My cell phone started to ring in the middle of the song. I looked over at it, and picked it up. "Hello?"


I smiled to myself, and then let out a little laugh. "Hey Billie, where are you?"

"I'm at the airport."

"Ok, cool. Your almost home!"

He chuckled. "I can't even wait. You really don't understand."

I laughed, and turned down the music. "So, how was the tour, now that it's over?"

"Great. Tre almost got us kicked out of a hotel last night."

I started laughing, "Why?"

"You don't call the guy that has booked you in, and has your key a bunch of names... Just a hint," Billie Joe muttered.

"Tre was calling the guy a bunch of names?"

"Yeah, when he was drunk. I forget why... But he started yelling at the guy and guy was telling us to pack our bags..."

"Oh my god!" I started laughing again.

"It was actually the most entertaining thing last night. So how have yoou been, babe?"

"Perfect, well almost perfect," I smirked

Billie Joe laughed, and sighed. "Can't wait to be home," he repeated.

"I know, it's been empty without you! But I'm almost here, so I'll talk to you in 5, okay?"

"Yah, talk to you later."

"C ya Billie."

We both hung up, and I pulled into the airport after a couple minutes. I got out, and walked in to see Billie Joe sitting next to Mike in a seat, with his arms crossed, looking at Tre, who was telling them something.

I walked over to them, Billie Joe looked over at me, and jumped up. "Hey baby," he said, putting his arm around me and pressing his lips against mine.

"Hey there," I murmured, smiling while kissing and hugging him back.


"Oh no..."

Tre ran over, and gave me a bear hug, squeezing me so tight I couldn't breath,

"Tre! You're killing her!"

"Eh.. Right, sorry," said Tre, letting go of me, and brushing me off, with a goofy smile that made me laugh

"How have ya been doin?" I asked Tre

"Great," he said, still with the goofy smile.

I smiled, trying not to laugh, and nodded, "Awesome." I turned back to Billie Joe, who smiled and nodded. It was obvious he was happy to be home again. "Hey Mike," I smiled, hugging him. Ever since Mike had come and got me from San Fran Sisco, we had been closer.

"Hey, how didja handle the two months without us?"

"It was torture," I said, and then smiled.

"You just can't live without us," Mike joked, and put his arm around me, hugging me.

"Of course, Mike. What would I do without you?"

He laughed, and I looked over at Billie Joe who was looking over at Mike, frowning. But his frown turned into a smile once he realized I was looking at him. I walked over to Billie Joe, and hugged him again. I was so happy to have him home. "So how happy are you to be home?" I asked him, when he put his arm around me and kissed my cheek gingerly.

"I'd tell you, but I'm too fucking happy to put it in words."

I laughed, and kissed him on the cheek. "Shall we go?"

"Hell yea! I mean, we shall."

I laughed at Billie Joe, and took the keys out of my pocket. "It's still in one piece!" I laughed, waving the keys in front of his face.

"Thank god."

"Thanks to a mechanic, and insurance," I mumbled.


I started laughing and took the keys away from him. "Oh, it was nothing. I just slammed into a tree when I was on my cell phone."

"Please tell me your kidding me," groaned Billie Joe, his face turning red

I started laughing, and put my hand on his shoulder. "Billie, do you really think I could have hid that from you? Hell no! Don't worry, whatever I did isn't that bad."

"Whatever you did?! What did you do?!"

I was trying not to laugh my ass off at him, but I couldn't help it at some points. "You'll never even notice!"

"In time I will."

"Wrong, you never will because nothing happened."

"What? Did somethin happen to the fucking car or not?!"

"I don't know."

"I give up!"

"Aww, Billie Joe, don't give up."

"I'll get you tonight."

"You'll be too tired."

"No I won't." His lips brushed my cheek again. "I plan on being wide awake."

I smiled and put my arm around his neck. Ever since Mike had brought me back to Billie Joe's, 2 years ago, we had gotten along a lot better. Not that me and Billie Joe hadn't gotten along before, but now--I don't know. Something was different, but in a better way.

"Home, home on the fucking range-" Billie Joe started to sing.

"Something tells me that's not how it goes," I laughed.

"I know, it's my version," he smirked.

I just laughed at him, and looked back at Tre and Mike who were bickering about something. When we got into the parking lot, Tre and Mike put their bags into the back, while Billie Joe looked at the car. "I didn't do anything to it!" I laughed.

"That's what you want me to believe."

"Fine, Billie Joe. I let 15 different tree's fell on it, then I fixed it and drove it into a ditch."

"That's so funny I'm laughing."

"I could tell."

"Billie, get in the car. Mandy, don't tell him that, because he'll believe it, and god damn it Tre, stop before I punch you!" Yelled Mike, turning to Tre

"Yes ma'am," said Tre before getting in the car.

"You really need fucking hobbies," snapped Mike.

"I have-"

"Normal ones!"

I laughed, and got into the passenger side, while Billie Joe started the car. A little while later Tre and Mike got dropped off and Billie and I went back to the house. As soon as Billie Joe turned off the car, he jumped out, grabbed his bags, and went to the door that I had already opened.

"Home," he moaned when we walked in.

He walked over to the couch, and fell face down on it, making me laugh. I sat on the couch next to the one he was on, and looked at him. He sat up, and told me to go over next to him. I rolled my eyes, and went over next to him.

"I fucking missed you," He admitted, placing his lips on my jaw.

I grinned and closed my eyes. "Trust me, I missed you more than I've ever missed something." He smiled, and looked at me, before kissing me lightly on the lips. "The house was empty without you in it," I said, before kissing him again.

"I'm back now."

I just smiled, I didn't know what to say. It sucked having him on tour for two months while I was back without him, but hell, he was home now. Billie Joe smiled and kissed me again, but more passionate. He put his arm around my neck, placing his hand on the back of it which caused me to smile.

"That was always my job, to put my arm around your neck," I said with a small laugh.

Billie Joe smiled, "I stole it, wutcha gonna do about that?"

I held back my laugh, and went back to kiss him. "Have I told you I missed you?" I managed to say between kisses, smiling.

"Once or twice," he smirked.

"You said you would get me back tonight?"

"Oh yeah," He said, before kissing me again, "Maybe later." I laughed, but was stopped by his mouth covering mine. I smirked, and pulled away for a moment, Billie Joe looking at me, breathless. "You're just gonna sit there, and look at me, thinking your torturing me, aren't you?"

"Maybe." I grinned at him.

"Well, it's not working."

"And why is that?"

"Because of this" He said, sitting up, and kissing me again. "You see, your not really good at that, because now look." I laughed, but didn't even bother pulling away. I started humming a random Green Day song, and Billie Joe smiled. "Please don't tell me that's a Green Day song" He said, taking a breath

"Okay, I won't tell you."

He rolled his eyes, and kissed me lightly on the lips at first. I smiled to myself, and got up. Billie Joe looked at me with one of those "now-what-are-you-doing?" looks. "Are you trying to torture me?"

"Not really, but I'm just tired." He rolled his eyes and I got up to go to bed. "Are you gonna stay up all night or go to bed?"

"What? Oh. Oh!" He exclaimed like he had just figured everything out.

I laughed, and walked over to the stairs. He got up, and ran over to the stairs, slipping, and falling. I started laughing at him, and lost my balance, and also falling but on him. "Wanna know a brightside to this?" I said, laying on his back, as he laid sprawled out on his stomach, with his face down.

"What is it? That you didn't manage to break my back?"

"Nope, it's that you broke my fall." He grunted, and mumbled something, making me giggle. "What was that?" I asked, rolling over so that I was straddling him.

"You were crushing me," he muttered, "and my skull is going to have a permanent dent in it if we lie here like this any longer."

"Oh," I hummed, removing myself from his body, "alright. I'll get up and go to bed now."

"That's where I wanted to go originally."

I giggled as I got up from my boyfriend's waist and helped him up. As soon as I did, he turned and pushed me up against the wall, never minding the fact that the railing was digging terribly into my back. "This is really uncomfortable," I mumbled against his lips while he fumbled with my shirt.

"That makes it all the more better."

I groaned as he applied more force to my body, causing the railing to dig deeper into my back. "Can we not try to damage my spine right now?" I gasped while he trailed his lips down my neck.

As soon as those words left my lips, Billie Joe picked me up and stumbled down the hallway while I kept my legs wrapped around his thin waist and my hands resting on the sides of his neck while our lips never left each others.

Somehow, I'm not exactly sure how, we managed to make it into the large bedroom and to the king-sized bed. As soon as Billie Joe lied me down and crawled over me, he pulled away gasping and looked around the dark room. He chuckled. "I've missed this room. For the past two months I've been sleeping on a goddamn bus with Mike and Tre while you get to sleep in this beautiful room. I envy you."

I giggled as he went back to trying to remove my shirt. "It's been lonely without you."

"I've been lonely without you."

"Mm," I hummed, "ditto, baby."

We both stared at each other for a moment, a smile pulling at both of our lips until they were connected again and "formally" welcomed Billie Joe Armstrong home from tour.
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As of July 10th, 2008: Yes, I know, my grammar in this story REALLY sucks to the point of it's not worth the reading. However, I WILL be fixing it up [the whole thing] and changing a lot in it, so be sure to stay tuned. ;)