In the End

Don't Hurt Her

Before I knew it, it was pitch black out except for the night lights on the streets, and the dim glow of lights from the other stores and houses around. Adrienne and I had just left, and was going back to the house.

Adrienne parked the car in the drive way, and we both got out. I had invited her to stay over the house for a little bit, to hang out. We both walked up to the house, and I unlocked it, letting her go first. We had been in the middle of a conversation like we had been all day when we walked into the lounge to see what looked like Billie Joe sound asleep on the couch.

Adrienne smirked, and sat down on the other couch, while I lifted up the sleeping Billie Joe's legs so I could sit down, and then placing them on my lap.

Adrienne smiled, and shook her head.

"I was so wrong about both of you..." She said, looking at Billie Joe, and then me, "I really was"

I looked up from Billie Joe's foot, and then looked at Adrienne.

"What?" I asked, confused

Adrienne sighed, "I had a hard time getting over the divorce... Even though I was the one who made it. And then I saw him with you, and I don't know... I mean, I love Anthony... But Billie Joe is the one kind of guy that I can't stop loving... It took me a while to realize we were both with someone else. I mean, I had Anthony before he started to date... So that's why I thought it was weird. When I bumped into you two, and he put his arm around you, even though he said he wasn't dating you... Billie Joe isn't the kind of guy that goes around putting his arm around people, unless he's trying to comfort them," She paused, and then smiled, "I didn't know what to think first, but now I'm happy it's you two..."

I smiled, and looked down again. "Thanks Adie"

She smiled at me and looked at Billie Joe who was still sound asleep...

"He really does manage to make himself look innocent, doesn't he?" She laughed

I smiled and let out a little laugh. "Yeah, he really does"

I looked back at Billie Joe's foot, to see it move. I smirked, and looked at his face, his eyes still closed. I reached out t o Billie Joe's arm, and pinched it, making him groan, annoyed that someone had just pinched him. Adrienne looked at him, and giggled at him, who was now swatting at my arm.

Billie Joe stopped swatting at my arm, and slowly fell back asleep. As soon as he fell asleep, I pinched him again, making him pissed off.

"Dammit.. Stop it" He mumbled, trying to find what was pinching him.

Adrienne and I were both trying not to laugh at Billie Joe, who was becoming more annoyed at the moment. After not finding whatever was pinching him, and stuck out his leg, kicking me.

"Ow! Billie Joe! I've told you before it's not nice to kick" I said

"Neither is pinching someone when their trying to sleep..." He muttered

"It's better than kicking them" I retorted, Adrienne laughing at us.

"To you... When you're asleep next time I go up to you and pinch the hell outta you, and then see if you don't kick me"

"I would have to stop myself from kicking you, I might break your bone" I smirked

"Real fuckin funny... Really. I'm laughin my ass off right now" He muttered, "If you look hard enough you can see the smile on my fuckin lips"

I started laughing at him, and then looked up at Adrienne, who was also laughing.

"Stop laughing at me" He groaned, rubbing his eyes, "Didn't you ever get manners taught to you? You don't laugh at people that are tired... It's fucked up"

"Yeah... But you're not tired... You're just old"

"Not THIS again" He groaned, opening his eyes for the first time

"Oh... Yes... This again"

Adrienne let out another laugh, seeing me and Billie Joe bicker over something different each time. Billie Joe stopped talking mid-sentence and looked at Adrienne.

"Hey Adie" He said, with a smile


They smiled at each other for a moment before Billie Joe looked back at me, and pushed me over, smirking.

"I should sit on you right now. And then pinch the fucking shit out of you. And then once you get pissed off and kick me I could call you an old fucking idiot"

"Billie Joe, if you sit on me I'm going to bug the hell outta you, until you get so pissed off you go into you're 'physco Joe' mode, wanting to kill me"

"Physco Joe?" Asked Adrienne

"Yeah!" I said, jumping up, "It's when-"

But I was stopped by Billie Joe jumping up, and putting his hand over my mouth.

"Physco Joe is nothing... It's some weird name she made up a long time ago" He said, not letting me talk

I smiled to myself, Billie Joe's hand still over my mouth, Adrienne laughing. I looked at Billie Joe's hand, and out of no where I bit his finger.

"Ow! You bit me!" He yelled, taking his hand away from my mouth, "Fucking carnivore... I think you made me bleed. Holy crap! I think I'm bleeding! You fuckin made me bleed! I just got bit by a 20 year old finger-biter"

Billie Joe continued with his mumbling, calling me names.

I stuck out my tongue, and turned back to Adrienne, who was laughing.

"Physco Joe is Billie Joe's nickname for when he goes all mental on me, when I get him pissed off. He acts like-"

"Like nothing!" He interrupted, pulling me onto the couch, making me fall, while he started to laugh his ass off.

"You two are like Jakob and Joey!" Adrienne laughed

"I'm not THAT bad" Said Billie Joe, standing in front of me so I couldn't get up

"Yeah... You are" I grunted, pushing Billie Joe over, making him stumble

"Shit" Adrienne muttered, standing up

"What?" Asked Billie Joe

Adrienne sighed, "I was suppose to get the boys 2 hours ago..."

"They use to like it when we forgot to pick them up at the right time... Jakob argued with me once for picking him up on time once" Billie Joe said, scratching the back of his neck, "And that was after stalling after a half hour so he could play more"

I started laughing, and fell back onto the couch. "See, Billie Joe, nobody likes you"

Billie Joe looked at me, and smiled, brushing himself off. "Everyone looovvveess meee" He said, like he was a little kid

"Erm... Yea Billie Joe... Sure" I said, not really paying attention to him anymore

Adrienne kept laughing, and then sighed. "I really should get going, the boys... Well... The parents are going to kill me"

I frowned. I liked having Adrienne there.

"Aww do you have to? We could bother the hell outta you, too!" Billie Joe whined, like a little kid

"Thanks Billie Joe, but I think I'll pass on that offer" Adrienne laughed

Billie Joe pretended to be insulted.

Adrienne laughed, and sighed.

"I really do have to go, though... I'm over 2 hours late"

"All right, all right" Billie Joe said, "But it was really cool to see you again"

Adrienne smiled, "Yeah, it was really cool to see you again, too"

The looked at each other for a moment, before Adrienne smiled, and came over to me. I had been watching them the whole time. They still had it for each other... But I wasn't going to let it really bother me. As long as Billie Joe didn't do anything stupid, I was fine.

Adrienne came over to me, and hugged me.

"We've got to do this more often. I can't believe we haven't done this already" She said, smiling

"Yeah, today was awesome"

Adrienne and I talked for a couple more minutes before she went to leave.

"Don't hurt her, Billie Joe" Adrienne said to Billie Joe, in a slight whisper

Billie Joe looked at her confused. "huh?"

"I know you mean well... But you can hurt people... Don't hurt her"

I pretended I couldn't hear them. Billie Joe nodded, and looked down. I was a little confused at who he had hurt, if he had even hurt anyone.

"I know..." Billie Joe said, looking up at her

Adrienne smiled, hugged him, and then walked out the door, to her car.

When she had completely gone, Billie Joe came over next to me, and smiled, kissing me on the cheek.

"You don't know how happy it makes me that you and Adrienne went shopping... And well, get along" He said

"Really?" I said, looking up at him

"Mhm. I thought I would be lucky if you guys just managed to get along... But... I don't know... It's just really cool"

I smiled, and sighed. "It's easy to get along with Adrienne. We have a lot in common"

Billie Joe smiled, and nodded. "Yeah, you do"

We were silent for a moment before Billie Joe spoke.

"Oh, yeah" He said, before pinching my arm

"Ow! Billie Joe, what was that for?!" I asked, rubbing my arm

"Earlier, when I was asleep and you kept pinching me!"

"I couldn't resist! You were laying there, looking innocent, and I just couldn't help myself"

Billie Joe was silent, before pinching me again.

"Ouch! Billie! Stop that" I said, swatting at his arm

"I couldn't resist. You looked so innocent, I just couldn't help myself" Billie Joe mocked

"Do you really wanna get into a fuckin pinching fight?!"

Billie Joe smirked, proud of himself for getting me pissed off.

"Go ahead, pinch me again!" I said, "I'll kick you!"

Billie Joe raised his eyebrows, looking at me like I was an idiot before laughing his ass off.

"If you don't stop laughing," But I just gave up talking, since Billie Joe was still laughing at me.

Billie Joe slowly stopped laughing, and stood at me, fighting back a smile.

"Are you done now?" I asked, putting my hand on my hip

"Yes ma'am"

"I feel bad for the people who had to put up with you your whole life"

"I do too, but look at the bright side, you've had to put up with me for a while"

"And every day I ask myself how"

Billie Joe pretended to pout, but I just laughed, and yawned.

"Tired?" Billie Joe asked, also yawning

"Yeah... I'm gonna get ready for bed..." I said, yawning once again

Billie Joe ran a hand through his hair, and nodded. "Me too"

We both went upstairs, and I quickly changed before walking into Billie Joe's room, to find him falling asleep. I climbed into the bed next to him, making him wake up.

Somehow, we ended up in some weird conversation on how he could beat my ass at anything.

"Anything?" I asked

"I bet" He said, putting his arm over his eyes.

I smirked, and jumped up on the bed, making Billie Joe look at me like I was crazy.

"What are you doing?" He asked, raising an eyebrow

I didn't speak a word, instead, I grabbed my pillow, and slammed it against him.

"Aww crap! What was that for?!" He groaned, trying to get the pillow away from me

"If you're so sure you could beat me at anything, then get up!" I said, taking the pillow, and hitting him again

"Get up?! Are you kidding me?!"

"Not tonight, Mr. I-Could-kick-your-ass" I said, hitting him with the pillow again

"Wha-" But he was cut off by me hitting him again. "Stop that! Dammit, I'm gonna fuckin cut that pillow up in a minute!" He said, annoyed

"Why?! Afraid you'll lose against me?!"

"Lose?" He asked, confused. "We're not even competing!"

"Yeah we are!" I said, hitting him with the pillow again

"Hit me with that pillow one more fuckin time!"

Well... I did as I was told.

Billie Joe caught the pillow, and pulled it down, making me fall and land on top of him.

"Shit..." He muttered, "Couldn't you have fallen the other way?"

I lifted myself up so I could see his face. "You're the one who pulled me down!"

"Wonder why! Was it cuz you kept hitting me with the fuckin pillow?!" He retorted, sarcastically

"No, it was cuz you're too old to fight back" I said, knowing that would get him annoyed

I stood up once again, and looked at him.

"Please tell me your kidding me" He groaned

"Ugh ugh.. Get up"

Billie Joe muttered something, before standing up on the bed, losing his balance at first.

"Yeah!" I yelled, jumping up, making him stumble, and fall off the bed.

"Fuck! Fuck the bed, fuck the fucking pillow, fuck this stupid game! I think I just broke my fucking ass" He exclaimed, pissed off.

I was silent for a moment before I burst out laughing.

"Atop fucking laughing!" He snapped, before grabbing my ankle, and pulling me off the bed, making me land on top of him.

"Oww, Billie Joe, that hurt"

"Yeah, well, at least I broke your fall"

"HA! Barely"

"Well, then this is payback for the pinching"

"This?! Noo, this is worst Billie Joe!"

"Okay, then this is payback for the pinching and the beating the crap outta me with the fuckin pillow"

"You know you liked gettin beat up by a pillow"

"Oh yeah, I fucking Loved it" Billie Joe said, sarcastically

"Good" I said, simply, before taking the pillow and hitting him again

"Fucking pillow!" Billie Joe yelled, grabbing the pillow, and hitting me.

"Ow! Billie Joe, you can't hit girls!"

"Wasn't me" He said, grinning, "It was the pillow"

I rolled my eyes playfully, and sat on the bed.

"But the pillow was controlled by... YOU... So really, you're the bad one here"

"I am?" He asked, a smile spreading across his face

"Yes..." I said slowly, trying to figure out why he was smiling like he was

Billie Joe got to his feet, and sat on the bed.

"So I need to be punished?"

It took me a minute to realize what he had just said. I slapped my hand on my forehead, and fell bad onto the bed.

"God, Billie Joe. Is this what being on tour with Mike and Tre does to you?!" I said, suppressing a laugh

I close my eyes for a moment before opening them again, to see 2 green eyes looking down at me. I jumped up, hitting my head against Billie Joe's.

"Owwww" Billie Joe groaned, rubbing his forehead, while I laughed, also rubbing my forehead.

"Glad to see you don't go hurting yourself" I laughed, sarcastically

"I try hard not to"

I smiled, and grabbed my pillow, "accidently" hitting Billie Joe, and laid down. Billie Joe mumbled something, before taking his pillow which had also fallen, hit me, and then laid down.

"Oh yeah, you should probably get up early tomorrow..." Billie Joe mumbled, laying on his side, facing me.

"Why...?" I asked, slowly

"Because our flight leaves tomorrow at 5 to go to New York City... We sorta have a show to do... Tre, me, and Mike that is" Billie Joe said, smiling innocently

"And I'm learning this the day before... Why?" I asked

"Because I forgot to tell you"

"You forgot to tell me?" I asked, trying to stay calm

"Yeah... But... I kinda remembered yesterday when you showed me the picture on your phone... And then I forgot to tell you last night... Well... I was about to... But I fell asleep"

"You said a week last night!"



"I was half asleep, you can't blame me!"

"Who am I gonna blame then?! Tre?!"

"That's what I usually do..."


"I do! If I do something I blame it on Tre..."

"So you do somethin stupid, and you blame it on someone innocent?!"

"Yeah, Tre's innocent and I'm Billie Joe Armstrong"

"Billie... You ARE Billie Joe Armstrong"

"Well... That's not my point"

"Only because you just made yourself look like a retard"

"Hey, hey, hey... I don't have to try... It comes natural"

"Of course, Billie Joe... Of course... But before you try to keep me up any longer, being yourself, I have to go to sleep. Because tomorrow I have to get up early because SOMEONE never told me we were goin to New York City tomorrow"

"All right, all right... But I feel bad for that SOMEONE... They are gettin scolded at-"

"G'night Billie Joe" I said, cutting him off

"Yeah, yeah, yeah... Good night, good night" He muttered


The next morning I woke up with a start. Billie Joe was sound asleep next to me, snoring, and every once in a while muttering something, making me laugh.

After a while of listening to his dream (which from what I understood was about people attacking him, and him beating the crap outta something, before doing some crazy stuff, like crashing a plane or something) I got up, and went downstairs to make some coffee.

My cell phone rung, flooding the house with my ringtone, which probably had no effect on Billie Joe even though it was right next to the bed. I slowly crept upstairs to get it, making sure not to wake him up.

Sure enough, he wasn't even bothered by my cell phone ringing on the dresser right next to him. I smirked, grabbed my cell phone and headed downstairs.

"Hello?" I answered, sitting down on the couch

"Hey Mand!"

"Hey Becky" I said, smiling

The difference from when I had first gone to California, was that I stayed in touch with all my friends back in Connecticut.

"What's up?" she asked, yawning.

"Nothing... Just sitting downstairs. How 'bout you? You sound tired"

"I am... My dog woke me up, and I couldn't sleep so I called you"

I smiled, "I just woke up... I think it was because Billie Joe was sleep talking..."

"Billie Joe sleep talks?!" Becky said, starting to laugh

"I dunno if he always does... But tonight he did..."

Becky kept on laughing until she slowly stopped.

"Is he still sleeping?" She asked

"Unless he's leaving me downstairs alone, then yeah, he's asleep"

I looked up as I heard someone stumble down the stairs. Billie Joe came down, looking like he had just gotten into a fight with something big... And lost.

"Have a rough night, ninja boy?" I smirked

Billie Joe looked up from the ground, got his balance and glared at me.


"Nothing" I said quickly, "Why you up so early?"

"I heard your stupid fuckin cell phone ring..."

"Oh... I thought you didn't get bothered by that stuff. I mean, I went up to get it and you were still happily talking" I said, Becky laughing on the other side of the phone


"Never mind"

"I don't sleep talk!" Billie Joe protested

I burst out laughing, while Billie Joe continued to look at me, pissed off.

"I know I fucking don't... Freaks sleep talk"


Billie Joe muttered something, before walking into the kitchen.

"Is it like that between you two every day?" Asked Becky, still laughing.

"At least" I sighed

"You two are like so cute" Becky Said, with a small laugh

I smiled, and went to say something before I heard:

"Son of a fuckin bitch!"

"Was that Billie Joe?" Asked Becky, also hearing the yelling

I sighed, "Yes..."

I got up and walked into the kitchen to see a pissed off Billie Joe running his finger under water.

"What did you do?" I asked, leaning on the door frame.

"Nothing" He muttered

"No, really, what did you do?"

"All I wanted was one fuckin thing of coffee, but this stupid fuckin thing burns me!" He snapped, annoyed

"Obviously it's hot... That's the point of HOT coffee" I said sarcastically, walking over to where he was

"I don't need you sarcasm"

"Aww, I think you do... After all, you're gonna have to spend 5 hours on a plane with me today"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah. But at least you can't do anything while we're on the plane"

"I bet I could"

"You hate flying, remember?"

"Don't remind me..." I mumbled, forgetting that I was even on the phone.

Billie Joe smiled at me, and put his arm around me, kissing me on the cheek.

"At least you don't have to go alone, this time"

I smiled, and nodded. Last time I was on a plane, I was practically alone... And I was scared to death.


Billie Joe and I sat on the plane next to each other, with Mike and Tre in the other row, already bickering. There had been an empty seat next to Billie Joe, in which Mike was now practically begging to sit in.

"Tre isn't that bad, Mike" I said, laughing

"Yeah, and I'm the king of England"

"Does England even have a king?"

Mike looked at me, annoyed at my change of subject.

"I think so... I don't know... I don't care"

"Well, when you find out you can sit in the empty seat"

"Come on!" Mike groaned, sliding his hand down his face

Billie Joe smirked, and looked out the window. Mike and Billie Joe still weren't on best terms... But they were..." okay"

It was silent for a moment, until Mike and Tre started bickering again. The plane hadn't even left... This was going to be a long ride...

"Are you okay?"

I looked up from my hands, to see Billie Joe smiling sympathetically. Over the past years of having to go on planes with him, or without him... He knew how much I hated it.

"So far, I'm okay" I said, smiling weakly

Billie Joe put his arm around my shoulder and hugged me close to him.

"Look at the bright side... When it's over we'll be in New York City"

I smiled, and nodded. "Yeah, true"

Billie Joe went to say something, but was interrupted by a girl's voice.

"Erm... Excuse me... Sir? I think that's my seat" She said, pointing at the empty seat next to Billie Joe.

I looked up at the girl, to see a tall blonde with blue eyes... Easy way to describe her? I barbie girl... But with a Green Day t-shirt on. Great, she was a fan of them...

She sat down next to Billie Joe, putting her luggage away, and then looking at him. Billie Joe also looked at her, in a staring way... Making me want to hurl at her.

"Oh my god! You're Billie Joe Armstrong! Aren't you!?" She exclaimed, excited

"Erm... Yeah, that's me..."

"I love your band! I've been a fan since I was like 10!" She said with a smile

I rolled my eyes at her, and looked at Billie Joe.

"Really? That's pretty cool... What's your name?"

"Me? Oh, my names Lizzie"

Billie Joe smiled, and I looked over at Mike, pissed off. Mike was watching Billie Joe, and looked at me.

"Having problems?" He asked

"One" I muttered, pissed off

"I told you... You should have let me take that seat"

"Not the time, Mike" I gritted through my teeth

I looked back at Billie Joe, who was still talking to "Lizzie". The were both laughing at something. I just sunk lower in my seat, and closed my eyes. This was going to be the longest flight...