In the End

"I Will Not ***ing Chill Out"

It wasn't even half way into the flight, and I wanted to get off. It was living hell. The girl was still talking to Billie Joe. Tre and Mike were arguing, and I was paranoid with the plane. I took out my ipod, and turned it on, trying to ignore the world around me.

Tre kept throwing things at me, trying to get my attention, but I just ignored him, and tried to go to sleep. When my eyes finally started to close, making me almost fall asleep, I felt someone's hand slide into mine entwining our fingers. I looked up from my ipod to see Billie Joe talking to the girl, but his hand in mine, giving my hand a light squeeze.

I smiled, and squeezed his hand back before closing my eyes again. Billie Joe gave a little squeeze to my hand every once in a while, but I didn't respond... Partially because I was falling asleep, and because I was a little pissed off, not so much as Billie, but at "Lizzie" because she fucked up and already fucked up flight.

"Are you okay?" Asked Billie Joe, taking my ipod from me and turning it off so I could hear him.

"What? Oh, yeah, just fine" I said bitterly

Billie Joe sighed, and kissed my cheek.

"We are almost there... Sorta" He said, shifting in his seat to get comfortable

"Yeah... Considering we still have another two hours of this damn flight" I muttered

Billie Joe sighed again, and held my hand again.

"I know you hate flying... Sorry..."

"Whatever Billie Joe" I said, looking away from him

"Why are you pissed off at me?" He asked, slightly annoyed by my attitude to him

"I'm not. I'm pissed off at... Never mind"

"No, tell me"

"It's nothing, Billie Joe, I'm fine" I snapped

Billie Joe shrugged, and looked at the seat in front of us. I went to say something to him, but got cut off by the girl, who started talking. I rolled my eyes, even more pissed off and sat in the seat, not talking.

"Ugh... I have to use to bathroom... Be right back" Billie Joe said to Lizzie, before standing up.

As he walked past me, Billie Joe grabbed my hand, pulling me up with him.

"Wha-Woah!" I said, as Billie Joe pulled me up

Billie Joe pulled me to the back of the 1st class, where no one was sitting.

"What are we...? No... Billie Joe-"

"Relax, I just want to talk to you"

"Oh... Right..." I muttered, looking down

"Yeah... What's up with you? I don't want to argue, so I'm tryin to see what wrong before we do"

I sighed, and looked down again. "I hate flying, first of all... And the girl Lizzie isn't helping"

Truthfully, I hadn't wanted to say that.


"That's why I said never mind," I sighed

"Thats why you've been pissed off?" He asked, annoyed, "Because I've been talking to someone else? I always talk to you, all the time. You don't have to get all pissed off because for once I don't give all my attention to you-"

I rolled my eyes and stood up. "You said you didn't want to argue, so before we do, I'm going back to sit down" I said, surprisingly calm.

Billie Joe went to say something, but just let me walk back to my seat. A few minutes later he came back, and sat down. I ignored him for a moment before he shifted in his seat so he was closer to me, resting his head on my shoulder. I smiled to myself, despite how I had been feeling.

Both, Billie Joe and I didn't want to argue... Who did? Well, maybe that girl over there. Okay, I had to stop thinking like this.

"How much longer til' we're there?" Billie Joe whined, sounding like a little kid

"Now your sounding like me" I smirked

"It happens when you live with someone for two years" Billie Joe said, "You know you act like me... Admit it"

I pretended to be offended, "Me, act like... YOU!?"

"Hey, that isn't THAT bad"

"Heh, to you"

Billie Joe smirked, and closed his eyes, starting to fall asleep.

I looked up from him to see Lizzie looking out the window, her cell phone to her ear. Billie Joe started to slightly snore, his head still resting on my shoulder.

'I need to talk to someone' I thought, looking around the plane

I looked over at Tre, who immediately threw something at me, bouncing off my head and landing on Billie Joe, causing him to get annoyed. I grabbed the paper that Tre had thrown, which said 'HI' in huge letters, with pathetic little drawings drawn on it, and threw it back at Tre, missing, making it bounce off Mike's head.

Mike jumped awake when it hit him, and looked furiously at me. I shrugged, and pointed at Billie Joe. Mike grabbed the paper, hit Tre, and then threw it at Billie Joe as hard as he could. I looked away to keep me from laughing, but even then I couldn't help but to.

Billie Joe started to wake up, the crumpled up paper sitting on the top of his head, almost falling off. He looked at me, and then took the paper, throwing it at me. Tre started to laugh so hard, I thought he was going to drop dead.

"Hey, I didn't throw it!" I said, taking the paper

I looked at the paper, and started laughing at one of the drawings. One of them had a oval, with something that looked like an eye, and a pathetic attempt for hair. Next to it, it said 'Your mom'

Billie Joe took the paper, and looked at it, before starting to laugh, too.

"Stop it up there!" We heard someone yell from behind us

I turned around to see some guy, looking pissed off, mumbling something to a girl.

"Up where?!" Yelled Tre, making people pissed off



Mike slammed his hand over Tre's mouth, scowling.

"Aww, it's okay Mikey. Don't get mad... Get glad!"

Mike glared at Tre, muttered something, and then tried to go back to sleep. Billie Joe and I had been watching them the whole time, laughing.

After Tre had stopped bothering everyone, I managed to fall asleep, resting my head on top of Billie Joe's, who was also asleep.

Before I knew it, Billie Joe nudged me, trying to get me to wake up. It wasn't his normal "Mandy, get the fuck up" which although made me laugh, was nice to take a break from hearing.

"We're here" Billie Joe whispered into my ear

I slowly opened my eyes to see Billie Joe's face come into view. He smiled at me, and helped me up.

"What time is it?" I asked, putting my arm around Billie Joe to help me up, since I had gotten up to fast.

"Ugh... Like 10..."

"As in night?" I asked

"Yeah... As in night"

"Wow... I've been asleep for like 2 hours" I said, stumbling into the isle

"Yeah... But at least it's 2 hours where you weren't scared"

I nodded, "True"

We both climbed out of the plane, and into the airport to meet up with Tre and Mike. Mike was now ignoring Tre, and Tre was talking to some girl, smiling.

"This is time for payback, dude!" I said to Mike when I had gotten up to him, "Get Tre back!"

Mike sighed, "And then he'd come after me, later"

"True..." I said, scratching the back of my neck

"I have to share the suit with this guy, since you and Billie had to share a room... That means I get stuck with this guy... For... Days" He said pointing to Tre

"Aww, Mikey, if you really really want to you can share with us. But let me warn you, there will be frequent kissing, bickering, sweet stuff, you know.. All those things that you would expect" I said, "And who knows! Maybe you could walk in one night with me and Billie Joe-"

"All right, all right, I get the picture! Jeez... I don't need to have that in my head, it's bad enough that I have to share a room with a guy that tells everyone that he can suck his own"

I burst out laughing at Mike, as Tre looked away from the girl, and to him.

"Aww, I knew you listened to me, Mikey!" Tre said, making himself sound like a girl

Mike groaned, annoyed, and looked at Tre. "Is there any way... I mean, ANY that I could POSSIBLY get my own suit?! Hell, even if it's across the city?!"

"I'll be right there with ya, Mikey"

Mike looked at Tre, narrowing his eyes.

"Fuckin idiot..." He muttered, before stalking off to the cab that Billie Joe had just gotten for us.

"Hey Mike-" Billie Joe started to say, coming back inside

"Fuck Off" Mike snapped, before walking outside

Billie Joe walked over to me, and put an arm around me.

"What's his problem?"

I shrugged, "I don't think he had his coffee today"

Billie Joe nodded, "Makes sense"

"Hey! Billie Joe!"

Billie Joe and I turned around to see Lizzie coming up to us... Well... Him.

'God, not this bitch again'

"Oh, hey" He said, smiling

"What hotel are you staying at?" She asked him

Was it me, or was she ignoring me? And why was she asking him where he was staying? What was she? His stalker? Heh... Maybe

"Ugh..." Billie Joe muttered, fishing around in his pockets trying to find some paper with the room and shit on it. "Do you know?" He asked, looking at me.

"I just found out we were coming here last night, remember?" I said

"Right," he said, nodding and scratching the back of his head, "After you beat the shit outta me with your fuckin pillow"

"Not like you didn't deserve it" I smirked, "After all, you wanted to be punished"

Billie Joe turned a light shade of pink, embarrassed.

"Yeah... Well... I had something different in mind" He mumbled, looking down, still trying to find the paper.

I smirked, and looked over at Tre, who was making faces at Billie Joe, behind his back. I was trying not to laugh, as Tre pretended to be blushing, and started acting like a one of those girls who moves their hands when their talking. Lizzie was standing next to Billie Joe, looking at Tre weirdly.

"Tre, I think Mike wants you" Billie Joe muttered, looking through different papers that he had pulled out of his pocket.

"What? How did you-"

"You can't stand behind me and not make faces, Tre. So go tell Mike to stop being a grouch, and that Starbucks in near here, and then go get a life"

"I have a life, Billie! It's yooouuuu"

"Isn't it?" Billie Joe said, pretending to be flattered

"Yeah, it is. And then I find you that you're cheating on me! For... For her!" Tre said, pretending to cry, pointing at me, "I mean, what do I have that she doesn't?!"

"It's suppose to be the other way around, genius" I smirked

"Huh? Like doesn't she that have I do what mean I?"

I looked at Tre, confused.

"No, not your sentence backwards... The part where you said 'what do I have that she doesn't... Oh whatever!" I muttered, getting myself confused

"Heh... I'm so good at that" He said, and then looked out the doors to see Mike "MIKEH! COME HERE MIKEH!" He yelled, running out of the airport, leaving me laughing my ass off at him, and the look on Mike's face

Lizzie looked back at Billie Joe, who was also finding this chase between Tre and Mike humorous. She wasn't smiling though, she had one of those 'idiot... ' looks on her face

"Is he always like that?" She asked

Billie Joe sighed, "Yes"

"Wow... Doesn't he get annoying?"

That made me snap. Sure, Tre was the most annoying guy there was... But he was also the coolest. I loved the Tre was, and someone like her shouldn't be insulting him.

"No" I snapped, before Billie Joe could talk, "He's one of the coolest guys there is, too bad you wouldn't-"

Billie Joe covered my mouth with my hand, knowing it was the only way to get me to shut up.

"Chill out" he hissed into my ear, "Just chill..."

I shook Billie Joe off, and glared at him.

"No" I snarled, "I'm not gonna fucking chill out!"

And with that, stormed out of the airport, past Tre and Mike, and into the city.