In the End

Punches For Former Friends

As soon as Billie Joe left, I started to get ready. I was still in a daze. After the week we had been having, and the fights, it just seemed that him saying that made it all seem like nothing.

I walked out of the suit, finally remembering the key, when the suit next to me opened. I looked over, to see Mike walking out. He shut the door behind him, tucking the key into his pocket before looking up.

"Hey" He said, smiling weakly.


This felt awkward. Especially since Billie Joe and I had managed to make ourselves fine with each other again. It still surprised me that he had forgiven me...

"Where you headed?" Mike asked, after an awkward silence

"TRL...why aren't you there? Tre and Billie Joe went down there an hour ago"

Mike shrugged, "I don't know"

The shrug and the 'I don't know' was enough for me to figure out something had happened between Billie Joe, other than the fact Billie Joe had caught us kissing.

"Oh...are you going there now?" I asked

Mike shook his head, "I'm going to get somethin to eat...or something..."

"Oh...well...I...ugh...better get going" I said, forcing a smile

Mike nodded, "See you later"

I hurried down the hall way, and out of the hotel. It scared me. Billie Joe and Mike, that is. By the way they were already acting to each other...thing's were gonna get ugly...

"Ugh...Time square" I muttered to the cab driver, before climbing into the back, "I think..."

The driver nodded, and soon drove off. When he pulled up in Time square, he pulled over, and I swung the door open.


"Ugh...yeah" I muttered, trying to find the money from my pocket, and handing it to him

"Have a nice day..."

And with that, he drove off.

"Yeah, you too buddy, now that you stole 15 freakin bucks from me!" I mumbled to myself., "And all you did was get me even more lost!"

I started to walk down the sidewalk, when my cell phone rung.



I smiled, and looked at me feet, not caring about the people I was bumping into.

"Hey Steph"

"Wutcha doin?"

"Walking in the streets of New York City"

"New York City?! You're back!?"

"Only for a little bit," I said, looking up, "Billie Joe and the guys are on TRL..."

"That's awesome!!"

"Yeah...I think so" I mumbled, scratching the back of my neck

"You think so? What?"

"Billie Joe and Mike hate each other." I blurted out

"What? Why?"

"Because of me..."

"What did you do?!"

I sighed, and slammed into a building.

"Fucking building!" I snapped, rubbing my head, "Could have fucking moved!"

I looked at the building for a moment.

"I didn't just say that" I sighed

I looked up at the building and jumped up.


I had gotten lost, and finally found there TRL building...without even noticing.

"What?" Steph asked, confused

"I found where I needed to meet Billie Joe...I'll call you back later...okay?" I asked

"All right. Bye Mandz"

"Bye Steph"

I hung up, and tucked the phone into my pocket before searching for the door I had to go in. After another 15 minutes(yes...thats how lost I was at the building I needed to be at...) I found a door, and walked in.

I walked up to some lady, who was staring at something on the wall...heh...that's smart...

"Ugh..excuse me...miss?"

The lady turned around to see me, and frowned.

"Who are you?"

'yeah, hi to you too, bitch" I thought

"Mandy...I'm here for Billie Joe"


'Nice to see your smart'

"Green Day?"

"Oh...that band?"

'No, your fuckin mother'

"Yes," I sighed, "The band"

"Oh...are you a fan?"

"Damn, my dog is smarter than you, and I don't even have a dog!!"

"No...I'm with one of the members" I said, in a smart ass way

"Are you sure?"

"No, I'm fuckin lyin!"

"Yes, I'm sure!"

"Oh...well...they're in here, somewhere"

I looked at the lady like she was an idiot, and walked off, trying to find Billie Joe and Tre. I opened one door, to see Billie Joe sitting there, arguing with Tre. Finally.

"Someone has to do something about that lady" I said, walking in, and closing the door behind me

Billie Joe jumped up, and wrapped his arm around me, before settling back down, with me sitting on his lap.

"What lady?" Asked Tre, sitting down across from us

"The one out there who stares at the fuckin wall"

"Oh, her" Billie Joe said, "Yeah...she told us that fans of Green Day had to wait outside...It took her some convincing but after 15 minutes some guy came down, and just told us where to go"

I started laughing my ass off, "She didn't even know you were you?"


I laughed, and laid back, resting my head on Billie Joe's chest. It had been the longest day of my life, it felt, and it wasn't even over.

"Where the fuck is Mike?!" Tre snapped, standing up

"Who the fuck cares?" I heard Billie Joe mumble behind me

I lifted my head from his chest, and looked at him, as Tre continued to mumble something, before leaving the room.

"Billie..." I sighed


"You have to get along with Mike-"

"Why?" He interrupted me, "There is no reason I have to get along with that fuckin-"

"Because, me and Tre are now stuck in the middle...and it's not fair to everyone-"

"You shouldn't have to be stuck in the middle," Billie Joe muttered

I sighed, "Come on Billie Joe..."

Billie Joe looked up at me, and nodded.

"All right, all right, I'm sorry..."

I sighed, and kissed Billie Joe on his cheek, before looking around the room.

"Y'know...I'm sorry about the hotel room..." Billie Joe said slowly

"Huh?" I asked, confused

"Before I left..."

I looked at him weirdly. He was saying sorry for telling me he loved me?


"Because," He sighed, "It's only taken me long enough, and when I do get the courage to say's not how I pictured..."

I smiled, and pulled his arms closer around me.

"Actually...I think it was perfect" I said, nodding


"We had been was pretty much the perfect timing and everything...hard to explain"

Billie Joe smiled, and rested his head on the back of the couch we had been sitting on.

"I'll make it up to you..."

I sighed, and looked at him.

"I always do"

"Damn strait"

I laughed, and Tre walked in.

"Hey...Mandy, you wanna go get a drink down the hall or somethin?"


I hopped off of Billie Joe, and stood up.

"I'll be back"

Billie Joe nodded, and I walked out of the room with Tre.

"Okay...what did you need to talk to me about?" I asked Tre, as we started walking

Tre shrugged "I don't know-"

"You know, I know you know..."

Tre smirked, and stuffed his hands in his pockets.

Tre and I continued to walk down the hallway, talking about different stuff. We were on our way back to the room where Billie Joe had been when we heard yelling...

Mike and Billie Joe.

Tre and I looked at each other, before running back to the room. Tre pushed the door open, to see something that I didn't want to see.

Mike staggered back, cupping his nose, blood running through his fingers.

"Fuck Billie Joe!!" Yelled Tre, running over to Mike.

Billie Joe stood there, the look of pure hatred, with his fists clenched.

"What did you do?" I whispered, in shock

"He fucking deserved it" Billie Joe gritted through his teeth.

Mike glared at Billie Joe, trying to wipe the blood away from his nose

"Dammit Billie Joe! We're on in a little fucking bit!" Yelled Tre, trying to help Mike

"This I give a shit?!" Roared Billie Joe

"Obviously not!" Tre snarled

"You...punched him?" I asked, still staring at Mike

Billie Joe looked over at me, along with Mike.

"You fucking punched him, Billie Joe?!" I whispered, "Why?!"

Billie Joe went to say something to me, but stopped as Mike spoke.

"Forget it" He snapped, "I'm fucking out of here"

And with that, Mike stormed out of the I had done the night before at the airport...