In the End

Don't Act

"Shit, shit shit shit!" Yelled Tre, over and over again, "What the fuck, Billie Joe!?"

Billie Joe only looked at Tre, and then to me. I put my head in my hands, thinking about what had just happened. I felt bad for Billie matter how much I should have for Mike (and I did feel bad for Mike) but Billie Joe was having people against him. Not that I didn't feel bad for Mike. Mike had just got punched in the face by his best friend.

"I'm going to fuckin find him" Said Tre, standing up, "And if I'm not back by the time we're suppose to be on...It's going to be because of You" He said, pointing at Billie Joe

And with that, Tre ran out of the room, leaving me and Billie Joe alone.


"You punched him..."


"You punched him!"

"God dammit, why am I the one getting fuckin yelled at?! Everyone acts like he's fuckin innocent!"

I sighed, and looked up at Billie Joe, who had hurt and anger in his eyes.

"I'm not sayin he's innocent, and I'm not yellin at you..." I said, putting my head back in my hands

Billie Joe sat next to me, and put his hand on my back.

"It's punched him...and now everything is even more screwed up...we need to find him"

Billie Joe looked at me, like I had 3 heads


"We need to find him"

"I'm not going-"

"For Christ sakes, he's your best friend! We have to find him!"

"If we find him, we can get Tre to get him" Billie Joe said, stubbornly

"No," I snapped

"Why do I have to help look for him?!"

"Because he's your best fucking friend, and you guys have a fuckin show to do"

"You know...before when I told you to come here, so we could have an hour before the show, I wasn't exactly picturing going to find Tre and Mike" He muttered

I sighed, and looked at Billie Joe. "Then you shouldn't have punched one of them"

Billie Joe sighed, and ran his hand through his hair, looking down.

"He gets me so pissed off at times. He's the guy that is the fuckin angel-"

"Mikes not an angel" I laughed

Billie Joe smiled weakly, "He lectures me on how to fuckin treat my girlfriend. You know how fuckin annoyin that gets?! Having to sit there, and listen to him tell me what a fuck up I am because I did something! I snap every fuckin once in a while, and then all of a sudden I'm the asshole again!"

"You shouldn't have p-"

"That's what I mean! I'm the fuckin asshole again! Because I punched him!"

Billie Joe stood up, pissed off. He went to take a step, but I grabbed his arm, pulling him back. Billie Joe stumbled, and knocked me over, also falling down.

"My fucking head" groaned Billie Joe

"Hey, at least you don't have someone sitting on top of you" I mumbled, rubbing my own head, "I broke your fall"

"Ugh...not much"

"My ass.." I muttered

Billie Joe started laughing his ass off at that, while I gave him a weird look.

"Billie Joe...?"


"Not to rain on your little party, and all...but that wasn't funny"

Billie Joe started laughing again, while I rolled my eyes.

"You're such a weirdo, Billie Joe"

Billie Joe kept laughing, while I tried to ignore it.

"Shut up!! You're giving me a fuckin headache!" I groaned, pissed off

Billie Joe kept laughing, driving me crazy.

"God! You're like a fuckin Basket Case!" I groaned, trying to push Billie Joe off me

"Sometimes I-" Billie Joe started to sing

The door swung open, to show some stage producer. He looked at me and Billie Joe for a moment. Billie Joe jumped off me, and helped me up.

"Where's Green Day?" The guy asked, looking at Billie Joe

"The band?" Asked Billie Joe

I rolled my eyes at his stupidity, and watched the producer scrunch his nose, annoyed at Billie Joe's responce

"Yes...the band"

"Ugh...I don't know..." Billie Joe mumbled, scratching the back of his neck

"You don't know where your band is?!" Asked the producer, annoyed

"Hey, their not MY band. I don't own the guys, I just talk to them" Billie Joe shot back

"You should know where they go"

Billie Joe shrugged, "I'm not their parent. When they leave I don't ask where their going"

"You're on in 15 minutes! You should have known that!"

Billie Joe looked at the guy, "I don't count down the seconds before we go on, y'know" He said, trying to keep calm

"You should know what time"

"And how is that if no one tells me?" Billie Joe sneered

The guy turned on his heal, and slammed the door behind him.

"Yeah, and whatever's in your ass, make sure you take it out before you fuckin piss off someone!" Billie Joe muttered

"Play nice, Billie"

"I will, if he will" Billie Joe said, crossing his arms, pretending to pout

I laughed, and flipped open my phone, dialing Mike's cell phone number. I knew if Billie Joe had known, he would probably have flipped, so I told him I'd be right back, and went into the hallway.


"Where are you?!" I hissed into the phone


I sighed, "Yes..."

"Oh. I'm outside the building"

"Thank heavens! Where's Tre?"

"Wasn't he with you and Billie Joe?"

"He WAS...but he ran off to find you"


I sighed, and looked back to see if Billie Joe was there.

"Yeah...I'll try to call him...because the guy came in sayin there's 15 minutes and shit"

"15? All right...I'll try to call Tre, don't worry about it"

"You sure?" I asked

"Yeah, it's no problem"

"Thanks...and...I'm sorry Billie Joe punched you...I mean...It was-"

"I don't care..." Mike interrupted me, "It's not your fault. Billie Joe, in a way was right...It's a long story...."

"But it has to do with me...doesn't it?" I asked

Mike was silent for a moment, which pretty much told me it did.

"Listen...I'm gonna try to get Tre. I'll see you in a little bit" had to do with me.

"All right...Bye"


I hung up with Mike and sighed, resting my head on the wall. I loved Billie Joe...but at time's he just got so damn stupid...over protective I guess...

I walked back in the room to see Billie Joe not there.

"Oh come on, how have a I managed to lose all the fuckin members of Green Day in 15 fuckin minutes!" I whispered angrily to myself

The door flew open, and Billie Joe walked in...holding his...shoe

"What the hell are you doing?" I asked, confused

Billie Joe looked at me, "Huh?"

"Why are you holding your shoe?" I asked, looking at his shoe

"What? fell off"

"Why didn't you put it back on?" I asked slowly

"Because I couldn't in the middle of the hallway"

"So you walked up here with only one shoe on...?"


" really are a weirdo"

"What? Hasn't your shoe ever fallen off?"

"Yeah...but I didn't walk with only one shoe on"

"Then you're weird" He said, simply

"I'M weird? Ha!"

"At least people got to see my sexy socks" Billie Joe smirked, showing me his red and black socks

I rolled my eyes, "Billie Joe...their socks"

"That's what you think-"

"Oh, please, show me I'm wrong" I laughed

"If their just socks, why do so many people buy them?"

"I don't" I said

"Yeah...cuz you steal mine"

"No I don't!" I said, pretending to be offended, "That's gross"

Billie Joe started laughing his ass off. I looked at him pathetically, crossing my arms.

"What's so funny?" I asked

"You..." He said, still laughing

"You laugh too much"

"No I don't, just at you"

"That makes me feel so much better..."

Once again, the door flew open, and this time, in walked Tre.

"Hey Mr. Piss-off" I said, looking at him

"If I could think of a name to call you right now, I would"

I gasped sarcastically, "Tre Cool doesn't know an insult?!"

Tre sat down, as Mike walked in. He avoided Billie Joe's hateful glare, and sat down next to Tre. His nose was still messed up, red, but the blood had been cleared up

I elbowed Billie Joe, who looked away from Mike, to me.

"What?" He whispered into my ear.

He was making it look like he was whispering something else into my ear.

"Billie, can I talk to you...alone?" I asked, pissed off


I stood up, and grabbed Billie Joe's arm before bringing him into the hallway.

"I'm going to tell you, right now. Stop it"

Billie Joe looked at me confused. "Stop what?"

"Don't play fucking stupid with me!" I hissed, "I know EXACTLY what you're doing! I don't want you to try to fucking act like your saying something that you aren't saying, because of Mike!"


"No! Don't even try to fucking talk! At first I thought it was Mike who was the asshole, but now I can see why he's pissed off at you!! Well, I WOULD be able to fuckin see why if he fuckin was! But instead he says that he thinks you were fucking right! So dammit Billie Joe, stop being such a fucking asshole!" I snarled, in a whisper so no one would hear us

Billie Joe looked at me, and then bowed his head.


I tried to stay angry at him...but I couldn't.

"I just...don't want you to have to act in front if Mike, or anyone" I sighed

Billie Joe pulled me close to him, and rested his chin on the top of my head(yes...that's how much shorter I was than him...)

"I won't...I won't..."

"And without any further ado...GREEN DAY!"

Billie Joe looked down at me, as Tre and Mike came rushing out of the room.

"Come on Billie Joe, now!" Said Tre, walking down the hallway to the stage where the announcer was

Billie Joe nodded, and went to go after them, after kissing me quickly, and saying Bye. He ran after them, to go onto the stage. I sighed, and walked back into the room. How were all of them going to act like friends when they wouldn't even willing to talk to each other?