In the End

Billie Joe...Not William Joseph

I could hear part of the show from inside the room. Billie Joe and Mike stayed mostly silent. I could hear Tre talking, and a lot of laughter. Leave it to Tre.

But the thing was pretty much...all fake

The announcer thanked the guys for coming, and there were a ton of screams from girls, as I guess they left the stage. There were the sound the footsteps, and the door opened to reveal Billie Joe.

"Hey" He said, sitting next to me

"Hey Mr. Armstrong"

I laid back, with my head on his lap and my legs hanging over the arm of the couch. I had no idea where Tre and Mike went, but in a way I was glad they weren't there.

Billie Joe and I had been talking for a while. He was running his hands through my hair, while I had my eyes closed, swinging my legs.

"Do you ever want to get married again?" I asked Billie Joe, out of no where

Billie Joe thought for a moment, still running his hands through my hair.

"Yeah..." He said slowly, still thinking, "Yeah"

I smiled to myself, and continued to lay there. We had to have been there for a while.

The door opened, and Tre poked his head in, looking at the two of us.

"Aww, how cute" He said in a baby voice

"No need to be jealous of us, Tre" I said, not moving

Tre smirked, and rolled his eyes.

"Why would I be jealous? I have a girlfriend!" Tre said after a moment

"Oh really?" I asked, raising an eyebrow, "Who?"

"I'm not telling!" Tre squealed like a little girl, before running out of the room

It was silent for a moment, before I burst out laughing my ass off.


"All right, lets go" Billie Joe said, pulling on his jacket before going to step outside, to get to the car

I nodded, and turned back to Tre, poking him.

"Ouuch! Billie Joe, she hurt me!" Tre complained, swatting at my arm

"Hey Tre...who's your girlfriend?!" I asked, poking him again

"Ouuch, you stupid arm-poker"

"Hey Tre, who's your girlfriend" I asked again, ignoring him

"Ouuch!! Billie! She's hurting me!"

"Keep it down, children" Billie Joe said, turning to me and Tre

"Hey Tre-"

"Poke me and I'll poke you back!"

"Fine!" And with that, I poked Tre

Tre looked at me, narrowing his eyes.

"'s on!"

Tre ran up behind me, and staring poking the shit outta me. Billie Joe looked at me and Tre pathetically, along with Mike.

"Stop poking me!" I yelled

Billie Joe started laughing, and walked out of the building(TRL) I quickly followed, trying to get away from Tre, who was now trying to trip me. I looked at the girls, who were all lined up...trying to see Green Day. You wouldn't have even known it you were in New York City with all the people trying to get near them.

Billie Joe stopped short, causing me to slam into him. Tre started laughing his ass off at me.

"Shut up, you retard!" I said to Tre, shoving him

"Play nice, kiddies" Billie Joe laughed, looking at us

"It was HIS fault! He was trying to trip me!" I pouted

"No! Well...I was...but it's not my fault!"

"Then who's is it Tre?" I sighed, "The fuckin easter bunny?"

"that thing rocks!"

I rolled my eyes, and walked up to Billie Joe, who was laughing at something.

"Hey, where do we go from here? It's already 6" I said, looking at some of the people there, who were looking at me.

"Well, from here we go back to the suit...and then I don't know, what happens from there, happens"

I nodded, "All right"


Billie Joe turned around from talking to me, to be blinded by a camera flash.

"Aww crap" Billie Joe mumbled, shielding his eyes, "I feel like I'm at the fuckin awards..."

"I dunno" I shrugged, "I think the awards are better"

Billie Joe smirked, "Yeah...I think so"

We both got into the back of the car, and waited for Mike and Tre to get in. Billie Joe put his arm around me, pulling me close to him.

I smiled, and rested my head against his shoulder, waiting for Tre and Mike to get in so we could head back to the hotel.

"You know..." Billie Joe whispered, just loud enough for me to hear over the people talking outside, "I don't think I've ever know...told you how much it means to me that you stuck around with me. I mean, it must be hard...I'm never home and crap..."

I smiled, and shook my head.

"I don't know how to respond to that" I said after a moment

Billie Joe smiled at me, "I know how"

I looked up at Billie Joe, who placed his hand on the side of my face. He pressed his lips up against mine, moving closer to me.

The car door slammed shut, making me jump. I pulled away from Billie Joe, and looked over to see Mike and Tre sitting in the car, talking.

"So we're going back to the hotel?" I asked Billie Joe


"Hey Billie?"


"Think we could go back to my hometown tomorrow...see what's going on there?" I asked

Billie Joe looked at me, and nodded.


I smiled, and rested my head on his arm, looking out the window. It was cold out, considering it was early November in New England.

"It's snowing!" I gasped after a second

Billie Joe looked up, and out the window. Sure enough, it was snowing.

"It snows in November?" Billie Joe asked, confused

"You kiddin me, right? Yea! I remember when I was little we had snow in October" I said, still looking out the window

"Wow," Billie Joe said, looking down at me

"Yeah, and it can last until April...I've had snow on my birthday"

Billie Joe raised an eyebrow.

"Actually...that sounds pretty cool" He said, looking back out the window

"Yeah, it was. It was a snow day for my birthday.."

"That's pretty cool"

"Yeah, and you know what I did that day?"

"No, what?"

"I went to one of your concerts"

Billie Joe looked at me, and smiled.

"Really? Even with the snow?"

"Yeah," I nodded, "I snuck out with Steph and Becky, and got to one of your concerts"

"How many concerts did you sneak out to see?" He asked, putting his arm around me

"As many as I could..."

Billie Joe smiled, pulling me closer to him.

"Ever think what would have happened if we didn't meet? If I didn't go on that plane?" I asked Billie Joe after a moment of silence between us.

"We would have never have been together," He sighed, "Which means both of our lives would have been living hell"

I smiled, and kissed Billie Joe on his cheek.

"Think you would have met someone else?" I asked

Billie Joe looked down at me, smiled, and messed up my hair.

"Maybe...but I wouldn't have let them live in my house with me right away...and I bet I wouldn't have stayed with them for 2 years"

Billie Joe hugged me close to him, kissing my forehead.

"Everything would have been so different" He said, "There's not a lot of people out there who can put up with matter how many say they can"

I smiled, and watched the snow fall.

"You're not as bad as you think, Mr. Armstrong. And besides, you usually make up for it"

Billie Joe smiled, as we continued to look outside the window, talking.


It was later that night. In fact, it was now nearing 10:30

Billie Joe, Mike, and Tre had gone out...probably to the bar. I had expected they would do that. Especially Billie Joe after the arguments we had been having that week, and then the new drama with Mike.

I stayed back, and watched TV, talking on the phone with one of the girls I had met back in California, earlier that year when I surprised Billie Joe by going to one of their gigs. After the gig, we had become pretty good friends, and talked every once in a while.

I had told her I had to go, because I was tired after a little bit, and we both hung up. Usualy, I waited up for Billie Joe...but he was going to be out late, with my luck.

Turns out I spoke too soon. There was a sound of footsteps echoing down the hall, and a murmur of voices, before a knock at the suit door. I hoisted myself up, and opened up the door. When I had opened it, I saw someone who I hadn't really expected.


Sure, I knew he would come to our suit, but I thought it would be Billie Joe.


I looked up at him, and smiled.


Mike was silent for a moment, before turning around, and coming back with a drunken Billie Joe in his arms. Well...that explains a lot.

" a little wasted" Mike mumbled, still holding Billie Joe up.

I couldn't even tell if Billie Joe was conscious.

I smiled weakly, and looked at Billie Joe, who was slouched over, only standing because of Mike.

"How wasted?" I asked after a moment

Mike sighed, and ran his hand through his hair.

"Really wasted...Tre and I had to pry the beer out of his hands...he fought the whole way, saying he needed it"

I looked at Billie Joe pathetically, to see his fingers moving. Well, that meant he was conscious...

"So how two didn't get wasted...?" I asked, "Wait...that sounded rude"

Mike smiled and shook his head.

"Tre's tipsy...and well, it's just how it usualy gotta look out for your friends y'know?"

I felt guilty, but I didn't know why. Mike was the one who brought Billie Joe home, when this morning he had punched Mike.

"You didn't have to bring him back...I mean-"

"People have arguments," Mike interrupted me, "People get punched, and people move on. Doesn't mean I'm gonna just leave him there..."

I sighed, and looked down.

"I can't repay you enough for bringing him up here...and not holding a grudge against him"

"I'm not like that" Mike said smiling

"Shows you're the better man..." I mumbled

Mike shook his head, and shifted his weight, trying to keep Billie Joe up.

"I'll...take him" I said after a moment, noticing Mike was struggling with Billie Joe now

"You sure? He's not exactly the easiest to hold up"

I nodded, and went to get Billie Joe from Mike.

"I've held him before" I said, "Wait...that sounded weird"

Mike started laughing, and tried to move Billie Joe from himself to me. Billie Joe's arms dangled over my back, while all his weight was on me, what made it look even more weird was the fact that he was taller than me...He buried his head into the crook of my neck, mumbling different things.

"He can be...pretty bad when he's real if you need to drop his sorry ass somewhere, me and Tre are next door" Mike said, as he was about to leave

"Thanks Mike" I said, my voice muffled by Billie Joe's shirt.

Mike nodded, and walked back to his and Tre's suit, as I closed the door.

"Billie..." I grunted, stumbling backwards, "C'mon dude...wake up..."

I looked behind me, trying to see where I was going.

"You're gonna have a long night in the bathroom..." I mumbled, trying to find the bedroom.

Even though he was more drunk than I had ever seen someone, I couldn't be mad...usualy I was annoyed at the fact he would drink and get drunk, but I just couldn't at the moment.

He reminded me of a 5 year old, the way he was clinging onto me, trying to stand up. Maybe that's what was getting to me.

Billie Joe mumbled something, before shaking his head slowly back on fourth, not lifting it from my shoulder.

"What's that?" I asked him, settling him down on the bed

"You shmell nice"

I smiled, and ran my hand through his hair that was now damp from the melted snowflakes.

"Thanks...I think"

"Better than me"

" smell nice, too, Billie Joe" I said, pushing a piece of hair that was in his barely open eyes.

"Not lish you"

"Yeah, well, I try hard" I said, trying to get the sweater off him that had put on earlier, since it was now cold and wet.

"Your alwaysh there," Billie Joe slurred, pulling one of the covers on the bed over us, and curling up closer to me

"Hmm?" I hummed

"Your alwaysh there for me" He slurred again

I smiled, and looked at Billie Joe, who's eyes were barely open.

"Of course, Billie Joe. I'd be there for you no matter what...Like now...or whenever...even if you can't remember anything"

"I can remember thingshs"

"I know you can...But...I'm saying if you end up forgetting me, forgetting your name...some crazy thing like that" I said

"I know my name"

"So do's Billie Joe"

"Yeash...Billie Joe...Not William Joseph"