In the End

We Need to Get Out


I slowly opened my eyes, still tired as hell. Billie Joe was leaning over me, trying to shake me awake.


I looked up at Billie Joe, and rolled over. Billie Joe laid down next to me, still trying to get me to wake up.

"What do you want?" I mumbled into my pillow

"Do we have aspirin...anywhere?"

I sighed, and just pulled the pillow over my head. Billie Joe lifted the pillow, and stuck his head underneath.

"Yooo hooo? Maaannnddyyy....I need aspirin...NOW"

I groaned, and sat up, slamming my head into Billie Joe's.

"Aww shit" He groaned, holding his head, "Now it's aching twice as much"

"And now mine hurts" I mumbled, rubbing my head


The room fell silent for a moment.

" we have aspirin?" Billie Joe asked

I rolled my eyes, and stood up.

"Jeez,'re such a pest"

"Yeah, but it got you to get up" He smirked, stumbling off the bed, and after me

I laughed, and walked over to the suitcase where I had put the aspirin.

"You packed aspirin?" Billie Joe asked

"Yeah...I AM here with you..." I said, handing him the aspirin

"I don't know if I should be insulted or happy"

I laughed, and kissed him on the cheek before looking through the suitcase for a change of clothes.

"Anytime should be working" Billie Joe mumbled, slouching in a chair, and holding his head.

"It isn't magic, Billie. It doesn't go POOF and make you feel better" I said in a sarcastic way

"You never know! I've had some prreettyy odd experiences with aspirin"

"I don't even want to know!" I said, laughing as I walked into the bathroom to take a shower.

"I'm sure you do!" I heard him yell


I got out of the shower and changed and everything a little later, to find Billie Joe passed out on the couch.

"Nice Billie Joe" I said, looking at him.

Billie Joe grunted, and rolled over, falling over the couch. He jumped up, mumbling swears, while I creased over in laughter at him.

"Not fuckin funny" He grunted, rubbing his head, "The fuckin headache is back now"

"Awwwwww" I said in mock sympathy

Billie Joe rolled his eyes, and walked into the bedroom, came out with clothes, and then went into the bathroom. I heard the shower run, and smirked.

"You know," I yelled, "If you hadn't fallen asleep, we could have taken a shower together!" I teased

The bathroom door swung open, and Billie Joe's head came out.

"Two showers are better than one" He said, smiling mischievously

I started laughing at him, and rolled my eyes playfully.

"You had your chance, Armstrong" I smirked

"There's somethin called a 2nd chance"

"Not for you"

Billie Joe pretended to cry, making me laugh. He shut the door, while I sat down, and watched TV. IT was quite for a moment before I heard Billie Joe, and got an idea. I got up quietly, and walked into the bathroom. I looked around for a moment, before grabbing Billie Joe's clothes, leaving just the small towel in there.

A couple minutes later, the water turned off. I listened closely, hearing Billie Joe mumble.

"Damn you!"

I started to laugh uncontrollably. The door swung open, to reveal Billie Joe, holding the towel around his waist.

"Wow...thats a good look for you, Billie Joe" I said, looking at him

"Where are my clothes!?"

"What clothes do you speak of?"

Billie Joe narrowed his eyes, and the door swung open, and Tre walked in, whistling.

"Woah...dude...did I just interrupt some show-"

"No!" Billie Joe cut him off

"I don't looks-"

"It would teach you not to come into our fuckin suit, wouldn't it?" Billie Joe snapped

"Not really," Tre shrugged, "Not like I haven't seen you gettin it on, Billie!" Tre said

Billie Joe glared at Tre.

"Shut the hell up, man!"

"Don't be embarrassed Billie boy, I mean, you-"

"Shut the hell up!" Billie Joe snapped,

"I've taught you well, Billie, you could-"

"You fucking-"

" You only learned from the best"


I sat there, laughing my ass off.

"I think you've even learned the bull-"


"Billie Joe, you dog!" Tre said, laughing, "Billie Joe knows the-"

"Knock it off Tre!" Yelled Billie Joe

"All right, all right but-"


Billie Joe pushed Tre out the door, slamming it in his face, still trying to hold the towel up. He turned around, after locking the door, and glared at me.

"That conversation never leaves this fuckin room" He grunted, before grabbing the cloths, and stomping into the room.

A couple minutes later, Billie Joe came out of the room, with clothes on.

"You know...I like your other look" I said, as Billie Joe came over to the couch

"I'm sure you did" He smirked

It was silent for a moment.

"Billie Joe?"

"Hmmm?" He hummed, his eyes closed

" we could-"

"Go to your hometown? Yeah..."

I nodded, and looked up at him.

"How are we gonna get there?" I asked after a moment

Billie Joe opened his eyes, and shrugged

"I think Tre or Mike rented a car or somethin...So we could use that"

"Why would they rent a car?" I asked

"I think Tre needed to go he rented one"

" or we could take a bus"

Billie Joe nodded, "Yeah"


Billie Joe and I had got the car from Tre, still not knowing why the hell he would rent one. I was driving, since I knew how to get from New York City to my town.

"Can I ask you somethin?" Billie Joe asked after a moment


"Why do you want to go back there for the day?" He asked, "As in, your hometown"

I sighed, and looked out the window for a moment.

"I haven't been there in 2 years...and my friends are still there"

Billie Joe nodded, "Now I get it"


"It's gonna be better this time, though...I bet" Billie Joe said after another moment of silence, "I mean...this time, we're still together, instead of your dad taking you"

I smiled, and looked at him quickly.

"Very true"

"Believe it was 2 years ago?" He asked

"It doesn't feel like it...I mean...2 years? Doesn't seem that long..."

Billie Joe nodded and slouched down in his seat.

"Seems like it was yesterday, in a way"

"Yeah," I agreed, "But it was a damn good day, then"

Billie Joe laughed, and looked out the window.

"Are we there yet?" He asked like a little kid

I started laughing at him, and continued to drive.

"I a Christmas break the kids had...when we were on tour, Adie and the kids came on tour with us for that week, before we got home for Christmas..." He said, laughing a little, "And when they were coming onto the tour bus, Jakob tripped Joey by when we stopped at the arena for the concert that night, Adrienne thought she had lost Jakob because Joey locked him outside the bus while we were about to do the concert...Adrienne flipped out on both of them, and Tre started to mock her. I got yelled at for not telling them what not to was crazy"

I started laughing, just thinking about it.

"You got yelled at?" I asked

Billie Joe and I started talking about memories he had, with Adrienne and the kids. Somehow we got into something we never really talked him and Adie split.

"We stayed together as long as we could...for the kids sake. Eventually we got along better...and then I went and started to drink again...I don't know why...I just did..and then we got into an argument...when the kids were at their friends...and she was just shootin things at me...complaining about how I was always drunk..and crap...and I started sayin shit...about how if I'm so bad then she should leave me...and well...she did" He mumbled, looking down


Billie Joe shook his head, slipping his own hand into mine.

"Don't be...We both moved was for the best, it seems now"

I nodded, and looked over at him.

"You two were really in love..." I said, after a moment

"Yeah...We really were...that's why I found hard to admit to you...because I had to tell myself, however stupid that's just that I always promised myself I wouldn't fall for anyone else...but I'm glad I did," He paused, and nodded to himself, "I really have someone in my life again...knowing that they care for me, and knowing that I care for them"

I just nodded, as he continued.

"I was desperate..." He continued, "I needed someone...and then I saw you on the plane...and you were listenin to basket just seemed perfect, y'know? And so...I just talked to you...and I felt were goin to California all by I talked to ya...and you seemed so me I I invited you to stay with makes me feel like a perv...since I'm so much older...and then I started to fall for you...something that I guess I tried not to do...and that's when I started to act as a jackass...when you and Jason became pretty good was just fucked a way"

"I never liked Jason more than a friend" I said after a moment

Billie Joe sighed, and sat up.

"I know...But then I saw you kiss him-"

"That was when I was drunk"

Billie Joe nodded slowly, "Yeah...But still...It was while I knew I was falling for was the night after I made out with you on the couch...when we got stopped by your mom..."

"We made out the night you were piss ass drunk, too" I smirked

Billie Joe looked down sheepishly, " can't blame the drunk guy"

"And why not?" I asked, laughing

"Because their fucked up in the head...and you didn't exactly stop"

"But I tried," I smirked, "And all you did was make me shut up by kissing me again"


I laughed, "Can't get yourself outta that one"

Billie Joe laughed, and looked out the window.

"I just get...I don't're a beautiful girl,"

Billie Joe looked down sheepishly, as I blushed hearing that.

"And...well....I know Mike has something for you-"

"Is that what's been killing you?" I asked

Billie Joe looked at me, and sighed

" really is..."

"Why did you punch him?" I asked after a moment

Billie Joe went to say something, but his phone rang.

"Sorry," He muttered, and then dug the phone out of his pocket

"Hello...?" He answered, "Hey buddy...You did? That's cool...Yeah, I miss you, too...Where am I? I'm in Connecticut...All right...I love you, too buddy...Bye"

Billie Joe hung up, and dropped the phone back into his pocket. He looked up and smiled weakly.

"Joey...he saw us on TRL yesterday..."

I smiled, "That's cool...must be weird"

Billie Joe nodded.

"Must be...but it was only a week or two ago we saw them"

"Really?" I asked, "Doesn't seem that long ago"

"Yeah, I know"

The car fell silent for the first time in the two hours we had been traveling...meaning we were there.

"We're actually here" I said, driving into the little town

Billie Joe sat up a little more, and looked out the window.

"This is a pretty cool little town" He said, looking out the window

"Yeah...I lived in it my whole life"

"That's cool...Did you live in the same street as your friends?"

"Yeah," I said, nodding, "I'll show you my house...if no one's home..."

"Really? That's cool...what if your mom moved, though?" Billie Joe asked

I started laughing. "The only time the words 'My mom' and 'move' are put in the same sentence is when the words 'will never' comes between them"

Billie Joe laughed, and continued to look out the window at the little town.

"I wanna see Steph...and that okay?" I asked after a moment

Billie Joe nodded, "Mhm"


Within a couple minutes, I had pulled into the driveway of Steph's house, even though she had no idea I was going there. Billie Joe climbed out, and leaned against the car door while I closed mine.

"You know, I saw Steph a couple months ago" Billie Joe said "She got backstage at the concert we had here, in Connecticut"

"That's awesome, I heard she and Tre hung out for a little"

Billie Joe laughed, "Until past midnight, is more like it"

"Really?" I asked, looking at him

"Yeah...I bet that's why Tre got the car"

My mouth dropped open.

"Oh my god! I bet your right!"

"I'm always right" Billie Joe smirked

"Oh?" I asked, looking at him, "Like the times you've-"

"All right, all right," He said, cutting me off, "Maybe I'm not ALWAYS right"

I smirked, "Trust me....I know"

Billie Joe laughed, and looked around. "Which one is your house?" He asked, "Can you see it from here?"

I nodded, and turned him around to where my house had been, and pointed to it.

"That's it..right there"

Billie Joe looked at it, and nodded.

"Can we go to it?" He asked after a moment

"You want to? Why?" I asked

Billie Joe shrugged, "Just to see where I took you away from"

I let out a pathetic laugh, and looked back at my old house.

"You took me away from a shit life"

Billie Joe shrugged, "Part of me thinks I made it worst"

I looked at Billie Joe, my mouth opened a little.

"You're kidding me, right?" I asked him

Billie Joe slightly shook his head, "The fights we've had...were just-"

I cut Billie Joe off by putting my finger over his lips.

"So, we've had fights...But that's the doowwn side, Billie Joe" I said, smiling, "You yourself said how our lives would have been if we hadn't met each other"

Billie Joe smiled, and nodded.

"All right...let's get over to my house before anyone gets home" I said, starting to walk into Steph's snow-covered lawn.

"What about Steph?" Billie Joe called after me, "I mean...we DID park the car in her driveway"

"She's at work" I called back, still walking through the snow

"So why were you going to knock on her door?" He asked, catching up to me

"I wasn't...there's a spare key out here"

"Aah...I knew that" He said, and then slowed down

I turned around to see where he had gone after a moment to get a face full of snow...Billie Joe started laughing his ass off, nearly falling into it himself.

I bent down and picked up some snow, making it into a snow ball, before throwing it at Billie Joe. Billie Joe stumbled back, getting hit in the head with the snowball, just like I had gotten hit in the head.

"Take that, Armstrong!" I yelled, laughing.

Billie Joe smiled evily, before picking up more snow, and running after me. I screamed, and ran, stumbling because of the snow. Billie Joe caught up to me, and pushed me, while shoving snow down the back of my shirt.

"BILLIE!" I yelled, falling, and pulling him down with me

Billie Joe hit the ground, his hair caked with snow, while he had a hard time breathing from laughing so hard.

"Now I'm cold!" I muttered, shivering, "Awesome job, Armstrong"

"Oh, and I'm just so dry!" He said, sarcastically

"'re pretty wet..."

Billie Joe rolled his eyes playfully.

"Your new name is Armstrong" I said, trying to get up

"I thought you told me it was Billie Joe" He said, looking at me, also trying to get up

"And when was that?"

"Last night" He said, shaking his head to try to get the snow out of his hair

"You remember last night?" I asked, taking my hair down to get the snow out of it

"No...not really, just little bits. Like that. When you told me my name was Billie Joe"

" know, you were a cute drunk last night" I smirked, as I continued walking

"Aren't I always cute?" Billie Joe asked, smiling

I rolled my eyes playfully.

"You like to corner me...don't you?"

Billie Joe smirked, and nodded.


I smiled, and continued to walk to my old house, Billie Joe now next to me.

"How are we gonna get in...if you don't have the key?"

I sighed, and looked at him.

"Watch" I muttered simply

With a few swift movements, the door opened. Billie Joe looked at me amazed.

"How'd you do that?" He asked

I shrugged, "Door has always been busted..."

Billie Joe nodded, and we both walked into my old house.

"Is anyone home?" He asked me, as I shut the door behind us

I laughed, and shook my head.

"'s either at work or out with her friends...and my parents got my dad isn't here. If my brother for some odd reason is here, that's fine...he's normal"

Billie Joe didn't really know what to he responded with the oh so ever famous "Oh"

I smiled, and looked around.

"It all looks the same" I mumbled, walking from room to room, Billie Joe following me

I sighed, and stopped, making him slam into me.

"Right. I'll give you a tour" I said, smiling.

I walked Billie Joe in and out of every room, telling him about it.

"Where's your room?" Billie Joe asked after a moment

I scratched the back of my neck and looked down. I hadn't wanted to show him my was covered in posters and crap of Green Day, and it just seemed embarrassing now.

"Erm...upstairs" I said slowly

"Why don't you want me to see it?" Billie Joe asked, smiling, raising an eyebrow

"'s not's...ugh..." I mumbled, trying to think of a reason

Billie Joe laughed, and grabbed my arm

"Come on" He said, bringing me up the stairs, "I wanna see your room"

I sighed, and let myself be dragged by him.

"Is this it?" He asked, pointing to a closed door

"Yes..." I mumbled looking down

Billie Joe smiled, and opened the door. He pulled me in with him, even though I didn't want to go in. I closed my eyes, and just let him pull me in.


I opened my eyes, and looked around. was still...the same.

"You liked the band?" He asked, looking around

I groaned, and sat on my bed.

"Exactly why I didn't wanna come up here"

Billie Joe laughed.

"I've seen worst. But this is cool. You've got Kerplunk and Dookie posters...not so much American Idiot"

I nodded, and looked down, "I know"

Billie Joe was silent for a moment, before looking at me.

" never answered me..." He started, "Aren't I always cute?"

I started laughing, and laid back across my bed.

"You don't honestly want me to answer you?"

"Why? Are you gonna say I'm ugly?" He asked, raising an eyebrow

I laughed, and sighed.

"Noo...But I was just gonna say..." I sat up, and looked at him, "I don't wanna answer that"

Billie Joe smirked, and wrapped his arm around my back, and pulled me close to him, so our noses were barely touching.

"Then show me"

I smiled, and leaned back on the bed, pulling him down with me.


I pressed my lips against his, running my hand through his hair. He pried my mouth open with his own tongue, our clothes both soaked from the melted snow making us cling together.

It stayed like that...for what seemed forever, until Billie Joe made the move to undo my belt. He undid my belt buckle, and slid my belt off from around my waist.

Billie Joe went to take a breath when I heard it...

The door downstairs slam shut...

"Shit" I muttered to myself, looking from myself to Billie Joe, both of us missing at least one piece of clothing by now.

Billie Joe looked at me confused.

"What?" He asked, out of breath

"We need to get out of here" I said quickly


I looked around, carful to be quite.

"Because..." I whispered, "Someone's here"

Billie Joe looked at me, his eyes widened a little bit.

"What if it's just your brother?"

I got up quietly, and looked out my bedroom window.

It wasn't my brother.

"Billie...we need to get outta My mom is home"