In the End


"Shit..." I muttered to myself, pulling on my clothes quickly.

Billie Joe looked at me, before following what I had been doing, and putting on his shirt.

"Okay...your gonna have to jump" I said after a moment

"Jump?!" Billie Joe repeated, "What?!"

"Relax, Armstrong, I did it every day when I was younger"

"I'm not young! I'm thirty-fucking-five!"

"Yeah, the a 35 year old who runs around on stage jumping like a fuckin maniac monkey while playing his guitar!"

Billie Joe pretended to pout, while I opened the window.

"Shit...your not kidding, are you?" He asked

I rolled my eyes, "Would I kid at this time?! It wouldn't be much of a fuckin funny joke then!"

"I'd still laugh..."

"Yeah, but that's because of the fuckin dent in your head" I snapped, "Now come on!"

"I don't have a dent in my head!" Billie Joe protested


"Fine...but I don't have a fuckin dent in my head"

I rolled my eyes, "Get outta the house!"

Billie Joe went to say something, but I just pushed him out the window.

"Crap! I'm gonna fuckin die out here!" Billie Joe mumbled trying to keep his balance.

"Whatever, just try not to fall" I muttered, closing the window behind me

"Oh yeah, I'm gonna go trying to fall...that'd be fuckin fun! Especially the part where I fall off the fuckin roof and land on my fuckin head!"

"And then you'd really have a dent" I smirked

"Oh, real mature"

"You would know!" I laughed

Billie Joe stuck his tongue at me, making me laugh even more.

"We gotta get off here, I bet my mom has heard us..." I mumbled, going over to the side of the roof, to see the thing that I used as a latter

"How do we get off? I's not every day your stuck on some roof..."He trailed off as something landed on him "While it starts to fuckin snow!"

"Shut up!" I hissed, "Or the snow will be the least of your problems!"

Billie Joe mumbled something, and stumbled over to where I was.

" where to?" He asked

"Down" I mumbled, turning around to start to climb down, "Follow me"

"I thought you said I had to jump"

I stopped, and looked up at him, "If it floats your boat, you can jump"

Billie Joe peered over the side of the roof, at the ground.

"That's okay...I think I'll just follow you"

"Good choice"

I got onto the ground, and looked up at Billie Joe, who was making his way down. I sighed, and grabbed his arm, pulling him off the house.

"Dammit!" He mumbled, standing up from where had fallen, "That was fuckin mean"

I smirked, and started to run away from the house, Billie Joe following.

"Shit" Billie Joe muttered checking his pockets once we had gotten farther away.

"What?" I asked, looking at him

"Nothin.." He muttered, still digging through his pockets

"No, really, whats wrong?"

"We have a problem..." He muttered

"What is it?"

"My...wallet and crap...their in your room"

I froze.

"What?" I asked, my heart beating fast. We had barely gotten out of there, and yet he had forgotten his wallet and shit in the room!

"They...they must have fallen out of my pocket..."

"Shit!" I yelled out, pacing back and forth, "If she goes in my room, oh fuck we're caught!"

"Damn...My cigarettes are in there, too..." He muttered to himself, checking his pockets

I glared at Billie Joe.

"This isn't about your fuckin cigarettes, you fuckin idiot!" I yelled, pissed off, "This is about getting caught being in my house by my mother!"

Billie Joe ignored my comment, and kept checking his pockets hoping he would find them.

"Retard..." I muttered to myself

Billie Joe looked at me, annoyed.

"Why are you fucking calling me all this shit when I didn't do anything?!"

"You left your crap in my room!"

Billie Joe sighed, and sat down on the steps of Steph's house, and put his head in his hands.

I looked up at Billie Joe after a couple minutes to see him drawing with his finger in the snow. I instantly felt bad for yelling at him...he just had that effect on me.

I climbed up the steps, and sat down next to him, resting my head on his shoulder. Billie Joe looked up from his little fucked-up drawings, and looked at me. He smiled, and gently put his arm around me.

"We always do weird things after an argument..." Billie Joe said after a moment

I looked up at him.


Billie Joe smiled, and looked back down at his drawings in the snow.

"Whenever we argue and crap...we always do something weird after..." He said slowly

"We do?" I asked

"Mhm...Like right now...we yelled at each other like the complete idiots we are...and now here we are sitting in the snow...this week we've been arguing...and here we are...almost getting caught almost having sex in your room, and now sitting in the snow on your best friends porch...while it's snowing...soaked and freezing..."

I started laughing at that.

"While one of us starts to laugh" He added

I laughed again at that, while Billie Joe rolled his eyes at me.

"I'm fucking cold..." He muttered after a second

I jumped up, "I know exactly where the spare key is to this place!"

"That's great...mind finding it?" Billie Joe asked, looking up at me in a sarcastic way

I shrugged, "I could find it...or I could leave you to freeze your ass off"

Billie Joe looked at me, and raised an eyebrow.

"In order for me to freeze my ass off, your gonna have to, too"

"But that's where your wrong" I smirked, "I could get the key and lock you outside"

Billie Joe pretended to be offended, and pouted while I started to laugh, and went to get the key.

I returned to the steps, to see Billie Joe leaning against the door, mumbling to himself.

"You've got blue lips...and I think you're going insane" I said, walking up the steps

Billie Joe shivered, and looked at me.

"1. I haven't lost it," He started "And 2...I don't know what 2 is but it's so fuckin cold. I think it's dropped like 15 fuckin degrees in the last minute!"

I sighed, and opened the door to Steph's house.

"Connecticut is known for that..."

"In the middle of November?! No, hell with that! It's the beginning of fuckin November!"

I looked back at Billie Joe, who was moving to keep himself warm.

"What can I say? It's a weird state..."

Billie Joe muttered something before following me into the house.

"It's cold in here...too" He mumbled, walking into the same room I was in

"I know...but that's what heat is for" I said

"Yeah...and notice how it only works if it's on"

I laughed, and turned on the heat. Billie Joe was staying close to me wherever I went.

"Why are you staying so close?" I asked Billie Joe after a moment

"Body know, it works pretty fuckin good"

I laughed, and went over to the couch.

"So thats your excuse" I said sitting down

"Excuse?" Billie Joe questioned sitting next to me

I smiled, not answering him, and turned on the TV.

Billie Joe leaned closer to me, so now pretty much all his weight was on me, which made me laugh.

"The heat is on, now're little 'body heat' theory won't work" I laughed

Billie Joe looked at me, his eyes shining as he grinned evily. I laughed again, and looked at him, making it look like a staring contest.

"Where were we before?" Muttered Billie Joe, his face and inch away from mine just like before at my house

"At my house"

Billie Joe smiled, "I could have told you that"

"Then why didn't you?" I asked raising an eyebrow

"Because I didn't feel like it..." He said, "But do you remember what we were doing there?"


Billie Joe smiled and tucked a piece of lose hair behind my ear.

"Need me to remind you?" He asked, in almost a whisper

"That might help"

Billie Joe let out a small laugh, and gently pushed me back on the couch. He climbed over me, before continuing what we had been doing before at my house.

The door of the Steph's house opened, and closed, and there were footsteps. Billie Joe and I ignored whoever it was at first.

"Woah! I've come home to some pretty weird things...but yet this is a first...My best friend and her rockstar boyfriend on my couch making out"

Billie Joe looked up, and jumped off me, while I sat up quickly, and looked at Steph who had a smug look on her face.

"I never said you had to was actually entertaining" Steph said, laughing.

I turned a shade of red, along with Billie Joe who was also embarrassed.

"Maybe you guys should do that every day for when I get would make me want to get home more" Steph laughed

"Yeah...well...we...ugh..." I muttered, scratching the back of my neck

Steph laughed even more, and put her keys on the table.

"So what are you two doing here? Well...making out obviously...but I mean why are you hear?" She asked, amusing herself

"We came back to Connecticut for the day...and Billie Joe was freezing...and well, I figured we'd visit you and everyone since we were in New York City...and you weren't home..." I sighed, "Long story short...Hi"

Billie Joe started laughing at my pathetic attempt to speak, while I gave him a weird look.

"You should go see your brother since your back for a little, y'know?" Steph asked me, "I work with him, and every time the band comes on he looks for you..."

I smiled weakly. "Yeah, I wanna go see him...he still works at Hot Topic?"


"So you took my job?" I asked with a smile

Steph smiled and nodded, " when did you plan on going back to New York?"

I sighed, and looked over at Billie Joe, who was looking at the TV.

"Tonight...I think"

Steph nodded slowly, "I doubt it"

"Why?" I asked confused

She shrugged, and looked out the window. "It's snowing again"

"I don't get it" Billie Joe muttered, shaking his head, "How does it fuckin November?!"

Steph looked at Billie Joe weirdly, while I laughed.

"He's new to the whole Connecticut, snow thing"

Steph nodded, and sat back in the chair she was in, "Aah...I get it now"

"Wait!" Billie Joe interrupted, "It's snowing again?!"

"We went over that..." I said slowly, "Yes...It's snowing"

"How are we gonna get back?"

Steph burst out laughing at how clueless Billie Joe had been over the conversation we had been having.

"You okay there?" Billie Joe asked her raising an eyebrow

Steph just kept laughing while Billie Joe continued to look at her weirdly.

"Heh...Mandy, she makes you look normal" Billie Joe smirked

I looked at Billie Joe, pretending to be shocked

"Like Tre makes you look normal?"

"Tre makes everyone look normal" Billie Joe snorted

I rolled my eyes playfully, and looked back out the window.

"What do we do about your stuff?" I asked Billie Joe

Billie Joe sighed, and scratched the back of his neck.

"What stuff?" Asked Steph

"Billie Joe's wallet fell out of his pocket in my room..."

"And my cigarettes..." Billie Joe added, mumbling

I elbowed him in the side, making him swat my arm.

" maybe those aren't as important" He muttered, "To you..."

I rolled my eyes, and looked back at Steph, who was finding Billie Joe muttering amusing.

" your room?!" Steph asked after a moment

I nodded slowly

"What were you doing in there?" Steph asked

"Almost fucking"

I looked up at Billie Joe who covered his mouth, while Steph burst into another fit of laughter.

"What is it with you?!" I asked Billie Joe, who still had his hand over his mouth

He shrugged, "I have no idea...I'm losing my mind..."

"I would have never known that" I remarked sarcastically

"Then it's a good thing I told you"

I rolled my eyes, and shoved Billie Joe, before turning back to Steph.

"I was showing him my house...and he wanted to see my room," I stopped and looked at Billie Joe who was trying not to laugh, "and he said...and then my mom got home...and we had to leave and everything in his pocket fell out, and onto my floor"

"So get it tomorrow," Steph said after laughing

"Tomorrow? How are we gonna do that if we're in New York City?" Asked Billie Joe

"It's snowing...Billie...I don't think we're gonna get back tonight"

"It's snowing?! No fucking way" He said sarcastically

"It's been snowing!"

"I know that..." He muttered

I sighed, and slouched down.

"You're so different from the concert" Steph smirked looking at Billie Joe

"Hmmm?" Billie Joe hummed, looking at her

"At the concert...or...well, after it when I saw you, Mike, and Tre you were different"

"I was?" Billie Joe asked

" were like more shy"

I looked at Billie Joe smiling.

"Awwwww. Billie Joe was shhhyyy"

Billie Joe shot me an evil glare, turned back to Steph, and shrugged.

"I'm always different when I'm not around her" He said pointing to me

"Oh, I feel so loved" I said smiling

Steph laughed along with Billie Joe.

"You both could stay here tonight...I mean, there's an extra bedroom" Steph said after a moment

"Really? I mean, you don't have to" I said, sitting up

Steph waved her hand to stop me from talking.

"You honestly think it bothers me? Jeez! I haven't seen you in two years!" She said smiling

I smiled and looked down, "Sorry..."

Steph laughed, and shook her head, "No worries"

All three of us ended up bickering over who was going to sleep in the room...I said I would take the couch, and then Steph said she would...

"Okay, both of you...shut up" Billie Joe said standing up, "I'll take the couch. I'm older-"

"Soooo?" I asked

Billie Joe rolled his eyes playfully.

"Okay...well...I'm a rockstar...there...that's a reason...I think" He muttered, "Anyway! So therefor, I get to choose...I'll sleep on the couch"

Steph laughed, "Sure thing Mr. can have the couch if you want to"

Billie Joe smiled in triumph, and then frowned.

"Damn...I get the couch"

I started laughing my ass off at him, while Steph went up to get ready for bed. All three of us ended up staying up late into the night, laughing our asses off and talking.

Billie Joe fell asleep, his head on my shoulder while he snored. I smiled to myself and laid him down on the couch, while Steph and I headed up to the rooms.

I felt guilty for sleeping in the bed...alone. Usually I slept next to Billie Joe, so him not being there only made it harder for me to sleep. The couple times I hadn't slept next to him was when we had gotten into a fight...

I rolled over on my side, and grabbed the extra pillow...what a great substitute...

I had probably been laying there for an hour, until I decided that I was going to get up and go downstairs to where Billie Joe was. When I went to get up, I heard the door to the room I was in open.

Someone walked in, and the bed sunk down next to me.

"Billie?" I whispered

No sound

"Billie Joe...?"


I smiled, and curled up closer to him.

"I was just about to go downstairs to where you were" I said after a moment

"Guess I beat you to it, then" Billie Joe said smiling

I let out a small laugh, and turned around to face him

"I guess so"