In the End

Joey & Jakob + Those Unspeakable Words

"Billie Joe" I mumbled, waking up at the sound of a doorbell


"Get up... The door"

"Why do I have to get up?"

"Because it's your house"

"It was, until you moved in. Now it's also your house"

"Yeah, well, still. You get the door"

"Why? You're closer"


"The closer one to the door has to get it, now go" He mumbled, reaching out his arm, and pushing me a little

"No! Billie Joe, get the door. And don't even push me off the bed"

"Their probably getting annoyed because you won't answer the door"

"No one expects ME to get the door. They expect YOU"

"I feel bad for them, then"

"You know what?! FINE! I'll get the freakin door!"

"Oh well I was going to get it but now that-"

I cut him off by taking a pillow and throwing it as hard as I could at his head, and waling down the stairs, and to the door. Before opening it, I put my hair up quickly, and rubbed my eyes.

I swung open the door to see Adrienne there, with Joey(who was now 12) and Jakob(Who had just turned 9)

"Hi" I said, confused at why they were there

"Hi hunny, I brought the boys over, I told Billie Joe I was going to last week"

"Oh, okay. I'll... Umm... Go get Billie Joe" I said, closing the door as they walked in, and going over to the stairs.

I walked back in the bedroom, to see Billie Joe laying on his stomach, the pillow I had thrown at him, still on his head. I rolled my eyes, and sat on the bed.

"Aren't Adrienne and you kids suppose to come over, today?"

Billie Joe just mumbled something into the pillow.

"Billie Joe! Get up! You're kids are downstairs, with Adrienne. She told you last week they were coming over?"

"Oh, yeah" He said, rubbing his eyes

"Oh, yeah? I look like a mess Billie Joe, and all you can say is oh yeah?!"

"You just woke up-"

"Thanks to you"

He closed his eyes, and dropped his head back on the pillow.

"No! Billie Joe! Get up! Now! Billie Joe-" I yelled, hitting the floor.

Billie Joe looked over the side of the bed, and started laughing at me.

"You just pushed me off the bed!" I said, getting up off the floor

"You just fell off the bed"

"No, you pushed me off the bed!"

"No, I just helped you off the bed"

"Billie Joe! Fine! Just get up! You're kids, and Adrienne are downstairs"

"I'm coming, I'm coming" He mumbled, sitting up

"Thank fucking god" I said, before going down the stairs.

Adrienne looked up at me, and smiled. "Are you okay?"

"What? Oh, yeah, I'm fine" I said, smiling, embarrassed, "I just... Ugh... Fell off the bed..."

She smiled, careful not to laugh. A couple minutes later, Billie Joe came down the stairs. He looked tired, which made me smirk. He looked over at Adrienne and walked up to her.

"Hey Adrienne" He said, and I walked into the kitchen where Joey and Jakob were arguing.

"Give it back, Joey!" Yelled Jakob

"I'll give it back, if you can get it"

I didn't want to but it, I barely knew these two. Joey turned to me, and called my name.



"Can you tell Jakob to go away because he's a little lost in the head, and has no idea what he's talking about?"

I tried not to laugh at this. Brotherly love, right? Sure...

Billie Joe walked into the kitchen, and sighed. "Joey, whatever it is, give it back to Jakob, Jakob stop annoying your older brother, and if you don't want him to take things, don't let him"

"But dad! Joey took it from me! I didn't let him! That's the point of him TAKING it"

Billie Joe looked at me. I was trying not to laugh.

"Give it here, and go so by to your mom" Said Billie Joe, sticking out his hand.

"Fine" Said Jakob, walking into the other room, while Joey gave whatever he had back to Billie Joe.

"I can have it, right dad? Because I'm older!?" Whispered Joey, as Jakob hugged his mom.

I turned away to keep them from seeing the smile on my face. Billie Joe looked at Joey, before telling him to say goodbye to Adrienne. Billie Joe turned to me, and sighed. I finally let out a laugh, and Billie Joe just looked at me.

"You think That's so funny, don't you?"

"You honestly have no idea" I said, still laughing

Billie Joe let out a small laugh, before turning to me, and kissing me quickly. I smiled, and looked back to see Adrienne talking to Joey. He gave her a hug, and walked back over to Billie Joe and me. Adrienne followed, gave me a hug, and said bye to Billie Joe.

"Dad? Can we PLEASE go to that music place? I need a CD, and I can never get there, because mom won't bring me" Pleaded Joey as soon as Adrienne left

"And then can we go to this place? I want a new game" Added Jakob

Billie Joe looked at his 2 sons, pathetically.

"Do you two just wait until you come here to ask for things?"

"This isn't my fault! Mom works a lot, and Jakob is just weird" Said Joey

"I'm not weird!"

"Yeah you are!"

"No I'm not" He yelled, jumping on Joey

Billie snapped out of whatever he was thinking about, and pulled his 9 year old son off Joey, who was ready to kill him.

"Stop! Both of you! What fu-heck is going on with you two?!" He yelled, holding a struggling Jakob back from Joey, who I had held back.

"Nothing happened with me!" Snapped Joey, "The little freak over there has been going crazy!"

"I'm not a-"

"Both of you! Jakob, don't listen to your brother... And don't go over and tackle him, Joey, stop calling your brother names, before I let him tackle you!" Snapped Billie Joe

"He starts everything!" Yelled Joey, "He always acts innocent! He gets ME in trouble, but when you come, or someone else comes, he acts innocent!"

"How does he start everything?" I asked, not even realizing I had said it aloud.

Joey stopped struggling, and looked up at me, "He'll be all innocent in the beginning, and then when someone walks away or something, he'll come over to me, and start being a jerk, and once I finally get annoyed, he runs and tells someone, and then comes back, get me in trouble, and once I say something else, he jumps on me!"

Billie Joe sighed, "And I thought I had normal kids"

"In order to have normal kids, you have to be normal in the first place" I said, trying not to laugh at him

Joey started laughing, but Jakob didn't. If Jakob didn't like me, it was going to be a long week end...

"Can we go?" Joey asked, and then added, "And leave Jakob..."

"Yeah, yeah, we can go. And no, we can't leave Jakob" Said Billie Joe, carefully letting go of Jakob, making sure he wasn't going to run over and Kill Joey.

I walked to the car in back of Joey and Jakob, with Billie Joe.

"Now tonight, I swear I'll get you back for saying I'm not normal" Billie Joe smirked

"Get me back? Oh, you mean like last night when you said that, and ended up making out with me and then falling because you don't know how to run?" I giggled

"Nope, like this morning when I pushed you off the bed"

"You better not push me off the bed again!"

Billie Joe looked at me with an evil grin.

"Push me off the bed and I'm pulling you down"

Billie Joe laughed, and we both got into the car, Joey and Jakob in the back. This time instead of trying to kill each other, they were both back to back, looking out the window... Like I said... Brotherly love.

In a little bit, we got to where Joey wanted to go, some music place. I stepped inside, next to Billie Joe, and wandered around.


I spun around to see a guy behind the counter. He looked about 18.

"Um.. Hey" I said, biting my lip

"I'm Jimmy" He said, putting his hand out to shake mine.

"Mandy" I said, shaking his hand.

"So, what are you doing here?" He asked, leaning on the counter

"I'm here with... Erm... People" I said, not wanting to say I was there with Billie Joe

"Oh, That's cool" He said, staring at me

"Yeah... You work here?"

"Yup, 2 months"

"That's cool... Get any free Cd's?" I said, smiling but joking.

"At times. What bands you like?"

"Green Day-"

"I love those guys"

I smiled, "Have you ever met them?"

"Nah, but I wish, you?"

"Yeah... I know them"

"That's pretty wicked. Wish I met them"

I smiled, and looked over at Billie Joe, who was talking to Joey.

"You got a boyfriend?" He asked me, out of no where

I looked at him, surprised, "Maybe"

"Is that a yes or no?"

"That's a maybe"

"Oh come on. Yes or no"

"I don't know"

"How can you not know?"

"It's not that I don't know it just that-"

But I was cut off by someone putting their arm around my waist. I looked over at who it was, and of course, it was Billie Joe. Jimmy looked at me, and smirked.

"Soo, that means yes?" He smirked, looking at Billie Joe's arm around me.

Billie Joe looked from me to Jimmy, confused. "A yes?"

"Nothing" I said, quickly, "And maybe"

"I would believe that if-"

"It's still a maybe" I said, smiling.

Billie Joe looked confused, and just handed Jimmy the cd. Jimmy looked at Billie Joe, as if he was trying to figure something out, and then handed him the cd.

"You look like someone I've seen before..." He pointed out, looking at Billie Joe

I smiled, "I know, doesn't he?"

Jimmy looked over at me, and playfully rolled his eyes. I laughed, stood up strait, from leaning on the counter.

"Don't make yourself a stranger around here" Said Jimmy to me, winking

I turned a little red, embarrassed since Billie Joe was right there, and he didn't look like the happiest guy around when Jimmy said that. Billie Joe snorted, before going to walk over to Joey.

"I won't" I smiled, and followed Billie Joe over to Joey and Jakob.

Billie Joe wrapped his arm around me, and pulled me close to him. I smiled, and we all walked to where Jakob had wanted to go. Joey was telling Jakob he was stupid because he wanted video games, and Jakob was telling him to shut up, because he knew Joey wanted it, also.

"Did that guy ask you out?" He asked, after silence from both of us.


"Okay, let's try this again. Yes or no, was that guy asking you out?"

I sighed, and looked down at his arms that were still around me. "I think he was, but first he was asking me if I had a boyfriend"

"I see" He said, looking at the boy's who were now silent, and just walking.

"Yup, and I said yes, when he DID ask me out"

Billie Joe stopped walking and looked at me. I smiled, and put my hand on the back of his neck, and kissed him quickly on the lips.

"I'm not that stupid, Billie Joe. He was asking if I had a boyfriend, and I was saying maybe, that's all" I said, smiling, and kissing him once more before walking again.

"That's 2 things" He said, smiling

"2 things?"

He just smirked, and I rolled my eyes. "I don't want to know"

He laughed, and we walked into the store Jakob had been wanting to go to. Jakob came running over to Billie Joe, asking him for the game. Billie Joe gave in, after him asking over and over again.

"Dad can I PLEASE-"

"I said yes the first 15 times you asked me"

"Oh. Thanks dad!" Said Jakob jumping up

I smiled and leaned against the wall of the store, with my arms crossed. I never really was the one to enjoy video game stores... Well, since I got kicked out of one when I was little...

Why was it so hard to tell someone you loved them? Every time I thought of saying it, I got a sick feeling in my stomach... Is there a point for going crazy to say it? Why can't you just say 'I love you'? I had wanted to say it, but I couldn't. I wanted to say those tree simple words to one person, and I couldn't...

"Mandy, hheeelllooo?"

I snapped out of thought, to see Billie Joe's face in front of mine, and him waving his hand in front of me to get my attention.

"What?" I asked, slowly stopping thinking about what I had wanted to say

"We're leaving here" He said, looking at me. "Are you okay?"

"What, oh... Yeah... I'm fine" I lied

Whenever I got myself thinking about something, I felt sick. And usually I got sick, that's why I tried not to worry about something. But I wasn't feeling good now, because of what I was thinking about, which was stupid.

"You don't look fine" Said Billie Joe, looking at me

"How don't I look fine?"

"You're pale, and well, you just don't"

"I'm fine Billie Joe" I mumbled, pushing past him.

Well, this was working out. Here I was thinking about how bad I wanted to tell him I loved him, and on the other hand I'm being a bitch. I really know how to express myself!

"You sure?" He said, walking up to me

"Yes! I'm fine!"

"Okay... Okay... I was just asking..."

I sighed, now he had made me feel guilty. I kept walking in silence, and so did he. Joey and Jakob were finally getting along, thank god... But figures they get along when me and Billie Joe are silent.

"I have to go to the bathroom" Complained Jakob

"Thanks for lettin us know that" Snapped Joey

"But I don't remember where it is"

"I'll take him... I'll take him..." Said Joey, before Billie Joe could even say anything.

Billie Joe and I ended up going over to where the bathrooms were, but stayed outside, still without saying a word. Billie Joe just tapped a finger on the wall, biting his lip while I was busy mentally kicking myself in the head so much I think I was actually beginning to get a headache from it.

Billie Joe yawned, and looked over at me, who was now hitting my head on the wall. I wasn't slamming my head on it, I was lazily just bumping my head on the wall.

"You're gonna hurt yourself if you keep doing that"

"I don't care"

"Suit yourself"

I just sighed, and went back to hitting my head on the wall.

"La, la, la, la, la, la-"

"Stop it. Whatever your doing, stop it" Said Billie Joe, getting annoyed

"I'm not doing anything"

He sighed, and scratched the back of his head. Why exactly were we mad at each other? Oh, yeah, because he wanted to see if I was okay, and I snapped.

"Why are you pissed off at me, again? If you don't mind me asking..."

"I'm not" I snapped

There we go again, me with my attitude. Billie Joe sighed, and looked at his shoes, and then started to get annoyed at one, where Joey and Jakob were, and 2 why I was being such a bitch.

He pushed himself off the wall, and walked into the bathroom, to see where they had gone. He came back a couple minutes later with Jakob and Joey. Now I was pissed off with myself.

"Billie Joe?"


"Can I talk to you... Like.. Now?"

"Ugh... Yeah... Joey, Jakob, wait over there" He said, pointing to a bench.

"Okay, come on Jakob" Said Joey, pulling Jakob with him

"I'm sorry..." I said, after a moment, "I just have somethin on my mind... And I don't know... Just.."

He smiled, "Care to tell?"

Tell? Oh, tell you I love you? Suuureee why not? Because I can't. That's why I thought to myself

"Kinda somethin I can't tell... Not yet, at least"

"After two years, you can't tell me?" He said, with a small laugh

I smiled weakly, "Sorry..."

Billie Joe smiled, and nodded. "It's fine"

We talked for a couple more minutes, before walking back to Jakob and Joey.


It was later, a lot later. Joey and Jakob had been asleep, and I was slowly falling asleep on the couch, next to Billie Joe who was also falling asleep. I finally sort of woke up... If that made sense.

"Billie Joe..." I mumbled, "You can't fall asleep on your couch"


"Because, if you fall asleep here, no one is gonna get me to find somewhere else to sleep. And if Joey or Jakob come down the stairs, and see you and me on the couch... I don't know, just get up"

"Glad to see you have your reasons"

I yawned, and stood up, grabbing onto Billie Joe's arm, and pulling him up. He sleepily got up, and turned off the lights. We both made our way upstairs, not even bothering to change. By the time I got up the stairs, he was already asleep on his bed.

I laid down next to him, and cuddled up next to him. Within seconds of kissing him on the cheek, I had fallen asleep...