In the End


I woke up the next morning to find Billie Joe spread out on the bed, snoring. Me, however, I was on the side of the bed with no room.

I shoved Billie Joe over, and tried to get comfortable. When I finally gave up, considering he wouldn't move I got up.

"Billie..." I muttered, sitting up on the bed

No answer

"Billie..." I said again

Still no answer

I rolled my eyes at him, and bent down next to him, before flicking his always got him up. It got him pissed off, but up.

"What the fuck?" He mumbled, burying his head in the pillow


"Wake up" I said, nudging him

"Ugh-ugh" he mumbled, before pulling the covers around himself tighter

"Billie..." I mumbled, "C'mon"


I sighed, and flicked him again in the ear.

"Stop that. It's fucking annoying" He grumbled

"Yeah, but it gets you up" I said, flicking him again

"I'm gonna fuckin take you damn finger and break it in a minute"

"I'd like to see you try!" I laughed

Billie Joe sat up and looked at me, pissed off.

"But don't try too hard," I added, "You might end up breaking one of your 40-year-old-bone's instead"

"Not this again!" Billie Joe groaned, before slamming his head on the pillow

"Yes, this again!"

"Let me go to fuckin sleeeppp" Billie Joe groaned, "I'm gonna make a new can't annoy me before fuckin noon"

"What?! That's by far the worst rule I think you've ever made" I whined

"For you..."

"Yeah, well...get a clue, Billie Joe...I don't follow the rules"

Billie Joe sighed, and swatted at me, trying to go back to sleep. I smirked, before once again flicking him.

"Goddamit, leave me allloonnee" He whined, pissed off

"Nugh ugh. I'm suppose to annoy you"

"No you're fuckin not"

There was silence.

"Mandy...?" He mumbled, lifting his head

As soon as he wasn't looking for me, I jumped up, grabbed a pillow, and slammed it over his head.

"Are you fuckin kidding me?!" Billie Joe yelled, now more annoyed than before

I started laughing my ass off, while Billie Joe grabbed his pillow, and hit me with it.

I gasped in a sarcastic way, and looked at him.

"Billie Joe is gettin a little annoyed," I said tryin not to laugh, and wagging my finger, "Not cool. You shouldn't hit girls"

"I'm not hitting you," Billie Joe said standing up, "I'm fuckin killing you"

"Oh," I said watching him, "Okay then"

Billie Joe laughed, while I hit him again. He stood there for a moment on the bed, before pulling me down, falling on top of me.

"You had this planned...didn't you?" I asked raising an eyebrow and looking up at him

"Maybe" Billie Joe smirked

I laughed at him, and stared at him for a moment, while he stared back at me.

There was a knock at the door, and Billie Joe rolled off me as Steph came in looking tired and pissed off.

"Listen...I know you 2 like to be annoying..." She yawned, "But really...think you could continue this after AT LEAST 8:00?"

Billie Joe's mouth dropped open, and he looked at me.

"What time is it?" He asked, narrowing his eyes

"6:30" Steph mumbled before I could answer

Billie Joe looked at me as if I just shot someone.

" ME 6:30?" He asked slowly

I smiled innocently

"I didn't know it was 6:30"

Billie Joe gave me a sour look, and looked over my shoulder.

"There's a clock right fuckin there" He said, pointing behind me

I turned around, and looked at the clock, while Steph sat watching me and Billie Joe.

"Yeah...well...I don't know how to tell time" I said, turning back around

"Maybe you should learn" Billie Joe muttered

"Or maybe YOU should" I remarked

Billie Joe looked at me pathetically.

"Even if that DID make sence, I'd still ignore it..."

"Heh...I don't think that made sence"

"What didn't make sence?" Billie Joe asked

"What you just said"

Billie Joe just stared at me for a moment before rolling over, and slamming a pillow over his own head trying to block me out.

"Glad to see your not a grump" I said to him, pushing the pillow off his head

"At 7:30 I am..."

"It's 6:30..."

"You should have just agreed with me..."

" THAT'LL ever happen"

Billie Joe muttered something, while I got up, starting to sing 'The Grouch'

"Life's a bitch and so am I the world owes me so fuck you!" I sang, laughing

"Yeah...whatever, fuck me..." He muttered, before throwing a pillow at me, and pulling the covers over himself

"Ha! In your dreams Armstrong" I laughed, jumping up, and throwing the pillow at him

Billie Joe grabbed the pillow, and threw it back at me, knocking me over, which made me laugh even harder.

"Not...Nice" I said, gasping for breath I was laughin so hard

"Yeah...don't hurt yourself over there"

I got up, and stumbled out of the room, still laughing. Steph looked at me weirdly as I sat down next to her at the kitchen table.

"Are you...okay?" She asked

I nodded, and finally stopped laughing.

"Yeah...I'm fine"

"I could tell" She said slowly, still looking at me

I laughed, and rested my head on the table.

"Oh yeah," I said after a moment

Steph looked at me, "What?"

"What's going on between you and Tre?" I asked

Steph just looked at me for a sec, before sitting back down next to me.

"I don't know" She said simply after a moment

I just stared at her, "What?"

She shrugged, "I dunno"

"But Tre has a girlfriend-"

"I know"

"And it's you!" I said to her

Steph looked at me with an amused smile, "Maybe..."

"Didn't he come to see you?" I asked

Steph smiled.

"That he did...he got lost for hours...and then called me asking for some directions to some weird place near here...and then he showed up. He stayed until this the next morning, actually...and then he left early and got back before anyone woke up"


I went to say something but felt an arm wrap around my waist, and someone's head rest on my shoulder. I turned my head to see black hair right next to my face.

"I thought you were tryin to sleep" I said to Billie Joe, turning to face him

Billie Joe lifted his head from my shoulder and yawned, "I was...but I can't. Now I'm up"

I smiled, and pulled a stool over for Billie Joe to sit on, while he continued to lean on me with his arm around my waist. Steph smiled at us, and started to make coffee.

"Billie..." I said after a moment, "You're gonna push me off the chair"

Billie Joe sat slouched over, against me, slowly pushing me off the stool. All I got for a response was a snore...

I sighed, and tried to push Billie Joe up, but it was near impossible considering he had his arms wrapped around me.

"Billie...I'm gonna fall off..." I mumbled again, "And I'm being nice by not flicking you"

Steph laughed and sat down again.

"Pllleeaasseee" I begged, trying to get him off

After a couple more minutes of begging, and finding there was no use, I fell off the chair, Billie Joe falling with me.

"Shit!" Billie Joe yelled, jumping up

"I told you to let go..." I mumbled

Billie Joe looked at me confused, "No you didn't"

I nodded, "I did...over and over again...but you just wouldn't wake up...So much for being awake"

"Oh well...y'know, I just can't sleep without you" Billie Joe said smiling

I laughed, and stood up, helping him up.

"We gotta get over to my house we have time to get in and out, while my mom isn't there"

Billie Joe nodded, and slumped onto the couch, before starting to close his eyes again.

I sighed, and walked over and sat next to him.


Billie Joe groaned, and looked around the corner.

"I feel like I'm in fucking mission impossible" He muttered

I looked at him pathetically, and started to climb up the side to my house.

"Why don't we just go in the front door?" Billie Joe asked me

"Because, if my mom is home, and her car is in the garage, then we'll be caught" I said simply

"Why would she park in the garage?"

"Why do YOU park in the garage?"

Billie Joe mumbled something, and followed me into my room.

"Dun dun dunna dun dun dun dunna-"

"Billie Joe," I hissed, "Stop singing that stupid song! Or whatever it is!"

"Dun na! Dun dun dunna dun dun dun dun dunna-"

"Oh my god," I groaned, "Sttopp!!!"

Billie Joe stopped for a moment, while we continued to try to get into my house. I was just getting use to the silence before Billie Joe started to hum.

"Oh for cryin out fuckin loud, Billie Joe!" I hissed

Billie Joe smirked as we climbed into my room.

"Next time I think I'll wait outside" Billie Joe said after a moment

"Okay, but then you might not get your stuff"

"Then why would you go up?" Billie Joe asked, raising an eyebrow

I shrugged, and sat down on my bed, "hang out, then go down and say I forgot your stuff"

"Niice, reealll niiiccee"

I laughed, and opened up the bedroom door that had been shut while Billie Joe looked for his stuff.

"Got it!" He yelled suddenly, jumping up

I glared at him, and threw the closest thing to me at him.

I walked out of the room, leaving Billie Joe alone in my room. I walked down the hallway quietly.

'There's no one here' I thought to myself start off...I was wrong.

As soon as I felt the hand drop onto my shoulder, I turned around to ready to scream.

"Oh my god!" I yelled

Well...I did scream, just in another way

The person looked at me confused at who I was.

"Adam!" I yelled, throwing my arms around his neck

"What the fuck?" He whispered to himself before his eyes went wide, and he stared at me amazed, "Mandy?!"

I smiled, and took a step back from him.

"The one and only"

"Holey crap! You've fuckin changed! I would never think it was you!"

I laughed and looked at him, "I haven't changed THAT much"

Adam stared at me, nodding, "Yeah...Yeah you definitely have"

"Really? I don't think I have...sure...I may have gotten a little taller..."

Adam laughed, and then looked around.

"What are you doing here, by the way" He asked

I sighed, "Billie Joe...he left stuff here...we came here yesterday-"

"Holey shit, you are still with him?!"

I smiled, and looked down. " fact, he's in my room...I have no idea what he's doing.."

Adam laughed again and sighed.

"I can't believe how different you look..."

"Hey, I know I'm your little sister an all...but you don't have to act like I'm THAT little"

Adam smiled, and glanced at the stairs.

"It's just cool, y'know? To see my little sister after 2 years...see her happy"

I didn't know how to respond to that.

On pretty much perfect timing, the bedroom door swung open, and Billie Joe walked out, oblivious to me and my brother standing there. Adam looked up and saw Billie Joe, amazed to see the punk rocker in the house.

Billie Joe looked at us, and stopped walking.

"Oh...shit...sorry...did I interrupt something?" Billie Joe asked, scratching the back of his neck.

I went to say something, but Adam shook his head.


Billie Joe smiled, and came over to us. "Okay...good...I have an issue with the timing..."

I laughed, and looked at Billie Joe.

"Oh, sorry, I'm Billie Joe by the way" Billie Joe said, even though he had no idea who he was talking to

Adam smiled, and shook Billie Joe's hand, "Adam" He said, nodding

"You're her brother?" Billie Joe asked

"Yeap, that'd be me"

"Cool," Said Billie Joe

Adam stared at me and Billie Joe for a moment, trying to hide the smile. He had been the only one of my family that really seemed to give a damn about my happiness.

After the staring contest(or well...thats what it seemed) all 3 of us headed downstairs. Adam and Billie Joe talked about only god knows what, while I looked out the window daydreaming.

"Hear that?" Billie Joe asked, turning to me

I snapped out of my daydream as I felt Billie Joe place his hand on my shoulder and gently shake me.

"Hmm?" I hummed, biting my bottom lip and looking at him

"Come on, we need to get going.."

"What about my brother?"

"He's leaving, too"

I nodded, and stood up.

"I see why you two get along. He really cares about you..."

I looked at Billie Joe and smiled, "Yeah, my brother was pretty much my hero other than you, Mike, and Tre, growing up"

Billie Joe put his arm around my shoulders, and kissed my cheek.

"He helped me get back to you, also" I said after a moment

Billie Joe looked at me, a little confused.

"He got me the job...and he helped Becky and Steph give me the money for the plane ticket"

"He's a cool brother, you brothers were cool, except when we got into fights and they threatened me and crap cuz I was so much younger than them"

I laughed at him, and leaned on him, waiting for my brother to come downstairs to say bye to him.

"You got threatened by your own brothers?"

"Lotsa times"

I smiled to myself, trying not to laugh.

"I got beat up by 2 girls when I was little...just to date them"

I burst out laughing at that, while Billie Joe pretended to pout.

"You let 2 girls beat you up?"

"I didn't LET them. I didn't go 'hey, come beat the shit outta me!' they just did..."

"Did it work?" I asked

"For a day before I avoided them...completely"

I giggled, and saw my brother come back into the room.

He smiled at both of us, and opened the front door.

"We should is gonna be home soon" He said simply

Billie Joe and I both nodded, and followed him out the door.

"You got your stuff, right?" I asked Billie Joe as we walked out

"Mhm," He said, and then smiled stupidly, "And I got my cigarettes"

I rolled my eyes, and tried not to laugh at the smile on his face.

"Your so pathetic" I said, shaking my head

Billie Joe laughed, and we followed my brother to his car to say bye.

"Nice to meet ya, man" Billie Joe said, shaking my brothers hand

Adam smiled, and nodded

"Same, really cool to meet you"

He looked over at me, and smiled warmly, before hugging me.

"It was great to see you again..."

"Yeah, same" I said

We said our goodbye's, and Billie Joe and I walked back to the car.

"Ready to go back to New York?" I asked, climbing in the drivers side

Billie Joe shut the door, and looked in the back for his jacket.

"In a way...We had a better time here than last time" He said, nodding to himself


I started the car, and turned on the heat before pulling out of the driveway.


Billie Joe and I climbed up the bleachers to the school football field. Why we had chosen to go there in the middle of the day, both of us have no idea.

"I use to sit out here all the time with my friends" I said smiling


"Mhm" I hummed, pushing some snow off a spot on the bleachers, and sitting next to Billie Joe, "Every day after school we would come sit out here, or when we skipped school"

Billie Joe laughed, and looked at the field.

"You don't seem like the person who would skip school.."

I looked at him and smiled.

"I know..." I said, scratching the back of my neck, "But I did...A lot"

Billie Joe nodded, "So did I"

I don't know why, but I started to laugh. Billie Joe raised an eyebrow, and looked at me.

"Funny?" He asked, amused

I laughed, and nodded.

Billie Joe smiled, and put his arm around my waist, pulling me close to him. Except for the fact it was cold, it seemed perfect. I had always liked the moments between Billie Joe and I where we would do somethin like what we were doin at the moment. I rested my head on his shoulder and smiled to myself.

A group of teenagers walked by, talking to each other. One looked up at me and Billie Joe, and then looked back to her friends. Some of them had a Green Day t-shirt on.

"It's so think only a few years were this school..." Billie Joe said after a moment

I nodded, as Billie Joe pulled me closer to him.

"Hard to think of it now...we changed each other's much I guess" I said

Billie Joe nodded, and it fell silent between us.

"I feel like I'm back here...though. Like we're both teenagers," I mumbled

" does feel like that" Billie Joe agreed

I laughed to myself, and shook my head slowly in thought.

"What?" Asked Billie Joe

I sighed, and looked up at him.

"When I was in highschool all I wanted to do was get out of the school, and get out of Connecticut...people in my school thought I was some loser..."

Billie Joe shrugged, and shifted the way he sat.

"That's how I was...But notice how it works out for the people who hate school..."

"Huh?" I asked, confused

"Life works out for the people who hate school, it seems. Sure, it works out for the little weirdo's who love the teachers and crap...but the people who hate school usualy have somethin they rather be doin...playin the guitar...sports all that crap"

I thought for a moment, before nodding.

"That's true.." I said

Billie Joe and I sat there for a little while, talking and watching the people that walked by.

"We should get back" I said, looking at Billie Joe

He nodded, "Yeah...we were suppose to be back last night"

I laughed, and stood up, helping Billie Joe up.

We both headed down the bleachers, talking still. Within a couple minutes, we climbed into the car, while Billie Joe tried to get warm again.