In the End

A Man Would Kill For His Fags

"There's another red one, I fucking win!" Billie Joe smirked, pointing out the window.

"No... That wasn't red" I retorted

"Yeah it was! That was as red as the color red is!"

I looked away from the road, and raised an eyebrow at Billie Joe.

"And don't pull that 'It was maroon' crap with me like the last 5 games you lost at" Billie Joe continued, "Cuz that was fuckin red!"

There was silence, before I heard a 'And look! A. Fucking. Nother! ' and a thump.

I looked over at Billie Joe, who was rubbing his head, and now sitting back in the seat.

"I know you like to try to beat my ass in this, by counting the red cars... But you don't have to go hurtin yourself over it" I said, trying not to laugh.

"You're just jealous" Billie Joe said, sticking out his tongue, "Red cars beat silver cars ass"

"Yeah... If you're a cheater"

Billie Joe looked at me, his eyes wide, pretending to me offended.

"A cheater?! Me? Hah! I don't need to cheat to win... Un-like you" He said, pointing at me, "Except you didn't win" He added in a smart-ass tone.

I rolled my eyes, and looked back to the road.

"That was the most pathetic game I've even played" I said

"Pfft, only cuz you lost" Billie Joe said, crossing his arms

"I only lost because I LET you win"

Billie Joe was quite for a moment, before bursting out laughing.

"Billie... Really... That wasn't funny"

"Yeah it was! You let me win?! HA!"

I rolled my eyes, and sighed.

"You see... This is why no one can take you on long trips"

Billie Joe smirked, before jumping up at another red car...

"The wheels on the fucking bus go fucking round and round, round-"

I looked at Billie Joe, narrowing my eyes.

"Are you kidding me? The wheels on the bus?!" I asked

"I use to have to sing it when I was little... Well... Without my added words"

"Your far from there..."

Billie Joe looked at me, for a moment, before starting to sing again.

"Billie... Stop singing that fucking song!" I groaned, annoyed

"People would PAY me to sing this!" He smirked

"Yeah, but those people are the people that would freak out to see you chewing gum"

"Chewing gum? Naahh, this is siinngginngg"

"You never know... My friends use to tell me how they saw a photo shoot with you and gum..."

"You do realize how awkward this conversation has turned?" Billie Joe asked

"Oh no... It was awkward from the time you started to sing the wheels on the bus"

Billie Joe shrugged, "That song is the best"

"Okay... Now the conversation has turned awkward" I mumbled, making Billie Joe laugh


"And the mysterious, disappearing couple has returned!"

I spun around to see Tre smiling, and standing in the hotel lobby.

"Mysterious? I told you where we were going" I said, smiling and raising an eyebrow

"Yeah... Well... Let's pretend you didn't"

I laughed, and leaned against the wall.

"So what are you doing in the lobby? Waiting for moi?" I smirked

"Ha, you wish"

"I don't know," I said pretending to think, "I've never had a wish like that..."

Tre rolled his eyes playfully, and leaned against the wall next to me.

"So where didja go last night?" Asked Tre


"Aww come on, you have to tell me! I was up worried!"

I started laughing at him.

"No you weren't! You were probably piss ass drunk, and forgot who we were!"

Tre stared at me, his eyes wide in a sarcastic way.

"Shit! Were you watching me last night?!"

I started laughing again, and shook my head.

"Nope... It's just your predictable"

"No I'm not!" Tre protested

I nodded, "Mhm, you are"

It fell silent between us... Until Tre reacher over and flicked my forehead.

"Ow!" I muttered, "What the hell was that for!?"

"You didn't expect me to do that, did you?" Tre asked

"Of course not! If I did I would have moved!" I snapped

"Therefor... I AM NOT predictable"

I sighed, and rolled my eyes

"Yeah... But you are annoying"

Tre flashed me an annoying smile.

"I know! It's so awesome!" He squealed like a girl, before running off, leaving me to laugh my ass off

Billie Joe walked into the hotel lobby, looking scared.

"What's up?" I asked, pushing myself off the wall

"Tre just ran out of the hotel screaming 'it's awesome..."

I tried to keep a steady face before starting to laugh my ass off again. Billie Joe raised an eyebrow, and bit his lip.

"You had somethin to do with that... Didn't you?" He asked

"It wasn't my fault! He just went mad"

Billie Joe sighed, and started to walk to the stairs, "What else is new?"

I laughed and followed him up to the suit.

"Aww crap..." Billie Joe groaned, rubbing his hand on his face

"What?" I asked

"I forgot the fucking key..."

I sighed, and leaned against the wall.

"Smooth move"

"I didn't try to!"

"Umm... Couldn't we get another? From downstairs...?"

Billie Joe looked at me as if I had just found gold.


And with that, he started to walk down the hallway. I sighed, and followed him down the stairs.

Billie Joe walked up to the lobby desk, and waited for the woman to talk.

"Can I help you?" She asked

"Yeah... I sorta lost the key to my suit..."

The lady looked at Billie Joe as if he were an idiot.

"And what do you expect me to do?" She asked after a moment

Billie Joe glared at her.

"Can I have a replacement?" He asked slowly, as if the woman was stupid.

"How do I know if it's really you?"

"I'm standing right here... Of course it's me..." He muttered

"I mean," She sighed, "If it's really your suit that your trying to get into, or someone else"

"Why would I try to get into someone else suit?" He asked, narrowing his eyes

The lady shrugged, "You never know with those people out there"

"Is that an insult?" Billie Joe snapped

The lady shrugged, "Depends on how you take it"

Billie Joe stared at her, and went to say something before I ran up, and grabbed onto his shoulders, pulling him back with a nervous laugh. Billie Joe stared at the woman, cursing at her under his breath.

"Maybe Mike has one..." I mumbled to myself

Billie Joe heard me, and snapped his head to look at me.

"If he did we wouldn't go to him" He snapped

I glared at Billie Joe, "He's not as bad as you think, Billie"

Billie Joe gave me an annoyed look, "I don't even know why you'd try to defend him in front of me"

I sighed, and looked back at the lady.

"I'm not defending anyone, Billie Joe. I'm just sayin maybe we could see if the guy that carried you back from the bar the other night when you were drunk, had a spare key"

Billie Joe went to say something, but just nodded, and headed up the stairs. I rolled my eyes, and once again followed him.

"You knock..." Billie Joe mumbled

I shook my head, "You make me wonder..." I sighed, before knocking on Mike's suit door.

I waited a couple seconds, before the door opened. Mike stood there.

"Hey," He said, looking at me and then Billie Joe, who was still leaned against the wall with his arms crossed, looking away.

"Hey..." I said, smiling and scratching the back of my neck, "Do you have a spare key to my suit? We sorta lost the other one..."

"Good job," Said Mike sarcastically

"It wasn't my fault!"

Mike laughed, and nodded.

"Yeah, Tre stole one of your keys... I'll go get it"

I laughed, "Thanks"

Mike smiled, and turned around to go get the key. I looked back at Billie Joe who was now looking down.

"He's your best friend..." I said to Billie Joe

Billie Joe looked up at me, and went to talk when Mike returned, causing him to just go back to looking pissed off.

"Here ya go" He said, handing me the key.

I smiled, and tucked the key into my pocket, "Thanks Mike"

"No problem"

I smiled, and walked over to the suit, before taking the key out of my pocket, and unlocking the door. Billie Joe followed me in, while I plopped down on the couch. Billie Joe sat down next to me, and layed down across my lap.

"Did he really bring me home the other night?" Billie Joe asked after a moment

I sighed, and looked down at him.

"Yeah... He told me how you got drunk and shit... And then how he brought you home..."

"What 'bout Tre?"

"Tre was tipsy... Mike had to carry you home..."

Billie Joe sighed, and sat up.

"I'll be right back..."

I looked up at Billie Joe, as he stood up and walked out of the suit without another word.

"Okay..." I said slowly to myself

I sat back on the couch, and turned on the TV. I was confused and a little annoyed by Billie Joe's attitude...

I took out my cellphone, and started to go through the phone numbers, seeing who I could call considering how bored I was. There was a sound of a door closing, and then silence.

"Oh for fucks sake..." I heard someone mutter, pissed off, "Mandy! I forgot the fucking key again!"

I sighed, and hoisted myself up from the couch, and went over and unlocked the suit door. Billie Joe stood there, looking pissed off.

"Why don't you get one from your best friend down in the lobby?" I smirked

"Cuz she's a fuckin wanker, now can I pllleeaassee come in?"

"That is so not nice..." I said, having the door opened enough so only I could fit, making it so he couldn't get in.

"Yeah, well, half the time the truth isn't nice... About getting in-"

"But you still shouldn't call people names" I said, trying to act serious, when I was really laughin my ass off in the inside

Billie Joe groaned, and hit his head with the palm of his hand.

"Can you just let me in?" He asked

"Oh... Right! Yeah!"

I slammed the door in his face, before opening it and smiling.

"I'm not even gonna ask..." Billie Joe muttered, before stepping into the suit.

"Okay... But I am"

Billie Joe looked at me weirdly, "Huh?"

"Where did you go?" I asked, sitting down

Billie Joe sighed, and rested his head in his hand.

"ImadeupwithMike" I heard him say, his sentence sounding like one

"You what?!" I asked, jumping up, making Billie Joe jump

"I talked to Mike..."

I started smiling like a complete idiot, "REALLY?!"

"Yeah... Don't hurt yourself..." He muttered

"Why? I mean, what happened!?!" I asked

Billie Joe rolled his eyes, and started to twirl a piece of his hair.

"Ok, so first, like I went over there, and we like talked," He started, acting like he was an annoying girl

I looked at him, and sat down.

"Okay, okay... I get it... I'll stop..." I mumbled, "So what happened?"

"Guilt... Fucking guilt happened... Knowing he brought me back when I was pissed..." He muttered, looking down

"So you went over there and said sorry?" I asked

Billie Joe shook his head, "No... I wasn't gonna go run over there to say I'm sorry... I'm not the one who kissed my best friend's girlfriend.." He sighed, "But I felt bad... No idea why... Hearing he carried me back to the hotel..."

"Soooo... Everything is okay between you two now?" I asked

Billie Joe nodded, "Yeah..."

I jumped up, and hugged Billie Joe, who looked confused.

"That so fucking rocks!"

Billie Joe smirked, and watched me happily mumble to myself.

"I'm going to take a shower" I said, randomly

Billie Joe looked at me as if I was crazy.

"Do you have ADD or somethin?" He asked, raising an eyebrow

"Nope! I'm perfectly normal!"

"I wouldn't go as far as normal..." Billie Joe muttered

"Aww don't worry BJ. Just cuz you're a weird person doesn't mean you gotta put me down"

Billie Joe looked at me weirdly, and then started laughing.

"ANYWAY," I said, "I'm going to take a shower"

Billie Joe nodded, still laughing. I rolled my eyes, and walked into the bathroom.


"Your kidding me..." I mumbled, looking around the bathroom

While I had taken a shower, my clothes and towel had 'mysteriously' disappeared...

"Billie..." I muttered angrily to myself, "BILLIE FUCKING JOE!" I yelled


Fuming, I got out of the shower, and opened the door a little, sticking my head out. There was a shirt right by the door... One of mine that I had dropped. I looked around, and grabbed it, before slamming the door shut.

"You're going to fucking pay..." I muttered to myself, "Fucking. Pay"

I flung the door open, and stormed out of the bathroom. Billie Joe was sitting on the couch, watching TV.

"You!" I hissed

Billie Joe looked up at me from the TV, and raised an eyebrow.

"Did I miss something?" He asked

"NO! But I am! Cuz of you!"

"What? Your missin your mind? Yeah... Well... That aint cuz of me" He smirked

"Where are my clothes?!"

"Hey, just cuz you lost your clothes-"

"Billie Joe!" I yelled, "Where are my clothes!?"

Billie Joe smirked, and shrugged. I glared at him.

"Watch..." I muttered, before looking around the room.

"What are you doing...?" Billie Joe asked, turning around on the couch to see me.

I smiled evily to myself before grabbing his cigarettes and lighter from the table, and holding them up. Billie Joe stared at me.

"What are you going to do? I don't think I like this part..." He said, standing up

"I swear, I'll do something to these if I don't get my stuff"

"You wouldn't" He said

"Oh, watch me" I smirked, taking one and threatening to do something to it.

"This is cruel..." He mumbled

"Noo, this is payback"

Billie Joe glared at me, "This is fucked up"

"All you have to do is get me my clothes!"

Billie Joe smirked, and shook his head.

"Okay... Fine then" I said slowly

"You shouldn't do that" He said, pointing to his cigarettes, "I heard a man would kill for his fags"

"Yeah..." I sighed, "But then the man would be alone, with his cigarettes, and then get arrested, get them taken away and get stuck in jail..."

"Well... Yeah..." He muttered, "But you don't hear about that part..."

I sighed, and rolled my eyes.

"Give me my clothes or the cigarettes get it" I said

"What kind of threat is that?" Billie Joe smirked

I sighed, and looked around.

"Just give me my clothes!" I groaned

"If you give me those" He said, motioning to his cigarettes that I was still holding.

"Maybe..." I said, smiling

Billie Joe raised an eyebrow, "At least you got left a shirt instead of a stupid small-ass towel" He said

"That's why you took my clothes?! Payback!?"

Billie Joe smirked, "This would be a good time to say... Dugh?"

"Oh no you didn't!" I said in an annoying tone, "You did NOT just 'Dugh' me!"

"Oh, I think I did" Billie Joe said, trying not to laugh, "Wutcha gonna do 'bout it?"

"I'm gonna... Umm... Do something!" I stuttered

Billie Joe started laughing, and got up. He went to come over to me when there was a knock at the door. I looked at him confused... The same way he looked at me.

"Who the hell is that?" He asked, "It like fucking 10 o' clock"

I shrugged, "I have no idea... Maybe it's Tre"

Billie Joe sighed, "Probably... He manages to ruin everything"

I laughed, "Well, you have to get the door..."

"Why's that?" Billie Joe asked

I pointed to myself, "You took my clothes... I need to find something else to wear than this"

"Oooh riight! Use THAT as an excuse!"

I laughed, "All right... I'll get the door but if it IS Tre, and he sees me only wearing-"

"Say no more... I'll get it" Billie Joe said, with a smile

I rolled my eyes playfully, and laughed before heading into the bedroom to change. Billie Joe walked over to the door, and opened it.

"Hey Billie Joe...?" I heard a girls voice

My body froze for a moment, before I quickly changed into my pajama bottoms, and put on one of Billie Joe's shirts.

"Oh... Hey" I heard Billie Joe said, confusion in his voice.

I ran the brush through my hair quickly, before stepping out of the bedroom to see the last girl I had ever wanted to see in the doorway.

What the hell was SHE doing here?