In the End

I Don't Act Like I Love You?

I glared at the girl standing in the doorway...

Yeah, it had been none other than 'the girl from the airport'

Billie Joe looked at her confused. She was all dressed up, like she had just gone out... Or planned to... She had a smile on her face, and her blonde hair all done up. I hated her.

She sighed, "I lost my key..."

She lost her key?! How is it that two people, one of them liking the other loses their keys in one day... And if it was an accident, why would the girl show up at his hotel room?! Especially when he had a fuckin girlfriend!

"And I didn't know where to go... So I just came here" She continued

I wanted to pull my hair out of my head. So she came here?! WHAT THE HELL!?

"Oh..." Billie Joe said, still looking confused.

Oh? OH? I'll give you a fucking 'Oh'

"Yeah... And that weird lady down there wouldn't give me another key..."

Maybe it's because she hates you...

Billie Joe laughed quietly, "Yeah... I lost the key to the suit before... I would have gone fucking crazy on her if my girlfriend didn't pull me away"

Lizzie laughed, "I wanted to go crazy on her..."

I sighed, and watched them talk. This was bugging the hell outta me... You have to try harder to get me to hate you, rather than have me like you. But Lizzie already had me hating her.

Lizzie sighed, and smiled.

"If you wanna stay in the extra room tonight... Until tomorrow when you can get your key..." Billie Joe started

A million things raced through my head. What the fucking fuck!? Had Billie Joe gone brain dead!? I glared at him, before walking up to where he was.

Billie Joe looked over at me, and smiled. I forced a smile, and looked back at Lizzie.

"I'm going to bed..." I muttered, after a moment.

I didn't want to argue with Billie Joe about her... Because it seemed like that was what she was tryin to get us to do.

"All right... I'll be right there..." Billie Joe said

I nodded, and walked away without another word.

I laid down on the bed, and closed my eyes. I was becoming more pissed off by the minute. He had let her fucking stay with us!

Within a couple minutes, I heard the door open to the bedroom, and saw someone step inside. Obviously Billie Joe. He took off his shirt and trousers before climbing into bed next to me. He propped himself up on his elbow, and looked at me.

"I know your awake" He said after a moment

"Does it matter?" I snapped

"Course it does"

Billie Joe hadn't even realized what he had done was bad.

"And why is that?" I sighed

Billie Joe laid back down, "Cuz I wanted to talk to you..."

"Why?" I asked

Billie Joe looked at me weirdly.

"What do you mean why?" He asked

"Don't you wanna go talk to Lizzie? You know, the bit-girl in the other room"

Billie Joe sighed, and slapped his forehead with the palm of his hand.

"Sorry..." He muttered, "I... Mean... I know you don't like her-"

"Damn fucking straight" I snarled

It fell silent for a moment. And I hated it.

"She's just staying here tonight-" Billie Joe started

"Billie, remember the fight we JUST got over?!" I snapped

Billie Joe nodded in the darkness, "Of course I remember..."

"You know how it started?!" I whispered, angrily

"Umm..." He sighed, "You ran out of the airport because of- Oh..."

"Yeah! Ex-fucking-zactly" I snipped

Billie Joe sat up again, and looked at me.

"She's just staying the night..." He said slowly

I groaned, and rolled over, so I wasn't facing him. Billie Joe stared at me for a moment, before looking away. I sighed, and moved to the other end of the bed, away from him. I didn't want to be near him...

Billie Joe looked back at me, hurt by me moving away from him. He opened his mouth to say something, but ended up just laying back down, and rolling onto his side with his back to me.

Great. We were doing the thing it seemed that Lizzie wanted us to do... Fight.

I sat there for a moment, falling asleep. Billie Joe sat up, getting pissed off. He looked over at me, and he'sitated before moving himself to where I was. It was at the point to where I was ready to snap, and he was the one ready to beg.

I tried to move, but Billie Joe wrapped his arm around my waist, and pulled me close to him before burying his nose into the back of my neck.

"Please..." He whispered

"Please what, Billie?" I sighed

"I don't like it when your mad at me..." He whispered like he was a little kid, "I hate it..."

I honestly had no idea what to say to that.

"Just... Go to sleep..." I mumbled

"You know I love you..." He whispered

I sighed, and rolled onto my back, and then looked at him.

"Of course..." I whispered, "And I love you, too... But... You know... The other night when we Did fight, and I met that girl... Emmy... She told me that it's not those three words that count... They help... But it's the way you act..." I said slowly

"So... What are you saying?" Billie Joe asked, looking at me sadly, "I don't act like I love you?"

I opened my mouth to say something, but couldn't find words. That wasn't what I was saying. But Billie Joe had taken it that way.

Billie Joe stared at me, looking twice as hurt now. He moved a little away from me, and pulled the covers up over him more. I turned on my side, so I was facing him, while Billie Joe just looked down.

"I didn't mean it like that..." I whispered

Billie Joe just shook his head slowly, still looking down.

"Billie... You know I didn't mean it like that... This is exactly what's not suppose to be happening" I hissed

Billie Joe looked up at me, smiling weakly.

I sighed, "I'm still pissed about her sleeping here... And I'm not sayin I forgive you for letting her... But I'm not going to start another fight"

Billie Joe nodded slowly. It made me feel horrible...

"Billie Joe... Please" I whispered, "I didn't mean it like that"

Billie Joe sighed, and looked up at me again. I moved closer to him, and wrapped his arm around me.

"Billie Joe?" I whispered

Billie Joe pulled me a little closer to him, before slowly falling asleep.

"We'll talk in the morning..." I whispered, "When She's gone..."


The next morning I woke up to find Billie Joe practically on top of me. His arm was around my back, holding me close to him while his chin was resting on top of my head. His leg was wrapped around mine. It was like I was in a freakin death trap!

Billie Joe moved his head from the top of mine, and buried it in my neck. I sighed, and just lay there. I was pissed off... No doubt about that...

He let out a small snore, making me jump feeling his breath on my neck. I rolled my eyes at myself, and laid there, resting my hand on the back of his head.

Billie Joe mumbled something, and started to wake up. I sighed, and looked at the clock. It was still early... So that pretty much meant he was going to wake up, say morning, and then fall back asleep... It was the typical Billie Joe move.

"Morning..." Billie Joe mumbled, yawning

"Morning" I said, looking back at him

"What time is it?" Billie Joe asked for a moment


Billie Joe yawned, before dropping his head back on the pillow, "Night"

I let out a soft laugh, and tried to get out from underneath him.

"Where ya tryin to go?" Billie Joe mumbled into the pillow

I sighed, and looked at him.

"I just needed to get up for a second... I'll be right back..."

Billie Joe nodded, and mumbled something that made no sense into the pillow before I heard another snore. I laughed, and opened the bedroom door, and walked into the suit. I heard muffled voices coming from the suit next to mine and Billie Joe's.

I sighed, and slipped out of our suit with still my pajamas on, after grabbing the key. I knocked on the door, and within a couple minutes Tre answered it.

"You know I could hear you two arguing?" I asked, stepping past him and into his and Mike's suit.

"Good morning to you, too" Muttered Tre

I laughed, and sat down on the couch.

"Not that I don't love you, or your company or anything... But why are you here?" Asked Tre, closing the door

I sighed, and looked away from the arm of the couch, to Tre.

"I really shouldn't be... But I was pissed off, so I came here"

"Aah..." Said Tre, sitting next to me, "What did Billie Joe do this time?"

I raised an eyebrow, and looked at Tre.

"Why do you think he did something?"

"Hey, I may be stupid but I'm not dumb.." He sighed, "Whenever your really upset it usually has to do with Billie boy"

"He never does anything on purpose, you know" I said, feeling like I had to defend Billie Joe

Tre shook his head, "I never said he did"

I sighed, and looked up as Mike entered the room, looking pissed off.

"Morning" He muttered, leaning on the TV

"Morning" I said

Mike closed his eyes, and started to sway back and forth starting to fall asleep. He jumped awake, after snoring, and then looked at me weirdly.

"What are you doing here?" He asked slowly, trying not to fall asleep

I smirked, and stared at him, trying not to laugh.

"I needed to get out of Billie's suit..."

"Why?" Mike asked

Tre nodded, "Yeah, why?"

"Because... Remember that bitch from the plane?" I asked them

Mike nodded, "Yeah... She took the seat I wanted..."

"Oh yeah! I remember now!" Tre yelped

I sighed, and looked down. "She's in there..."

Mike jumped awake, "What the fuck?" He asked, confused

"She said she lost her key... And Billie Joe let her stay in the spare room..."

"That's a bunch of bull shit" Tre snapped, "And I know, because I've tried that!"

Mike and I looked at each other, and then at Tre who was smiling, and had turned red.

"Just... Not with Billie Joe" He muttered

"Save it" Said Mike to Tre, "I don't want to know..."

Honestly, those two made me feel better. And they weren't even trying.

"You probably do, Mikeh"

"Mikeh?" Mike repeated, looking at Tre, "What the fuck?"

"Yeah, Mikeh. Mikey is so... Weird"

"Coming from the guy that just said how he 'forgot' his keys and went to someone else's suit!" Retorted Mike

"Yeah... Well..." Tre muttered

I started laughing, and got up.

"I'll be back... I just..."

"Don't trust her?" Mike finished for me

I sighed, and nodded slowly, "I really don't... And if she did anything... To make it so Billie Joe cheats on me... I swear I'd kill her..."

Mike sighed, and crossed his arms. "Billie Joe wouldn't do that. He's loyal"

"Like a dog!"

Mike and I both looked at Tre again.

"Ignore that..." Muttered Tre

"I fully intend to," I sighed

Mike laughed, and so did I before going to return to Billie Joe and my suit.

I unlocked the door to the suit to see HER sitting on the couch.. I sighed, and closed the door behind me, and placed the key on the counter. She looked up at me, and forced a fake smile. I returned it.

I went to go back into the bedroom where Billie Joe was, when Lizzie had spoken up.

"I think he's asleep" She said, looking over at me


I sighed, and went to open the door when she spoke again.

"So are you gonna wake him up?"

"No..." I said slowly

"Then why are you going in there?"

"Why do you care?" I snapped, before thinking

She shrugged, "I don't"

I looked at her weirdly, "Did you even lose your key?" I asked

She laughed, "Of course I did... Why would I come here then?"

Now it was my turn to laugh.

"Listen, I'm not stupid... You'd come here like the other weird girls that would if they could... And then Billie Joe would just fall in love with them"

She just looked at me, "But isn't that how you are?" she asked in an 'innocent' tone

I glared at her, "What?"

"Don't you want him to love you?"

"He does" I snapped

She raised an eyebrow, "Really? I mean..."

"You mean what?" I snarled, stepping away from the bedroom door

She shrugged again, "Who's name does he have as a tattoo?"

"Huh?" By now I was confused

"He loves Adrienne... He's got the tattoos of her, her pictures tattooed on his arm..."

"A tattoo doesn't mean you love someone... And besides... I've gone over it with him"

Once again, she raised an eyebrow. "Oh... Really? Soo... What? You still think he loves someone else?"

I wanted to punch her. What the hell was going on? What the fuck was she on about?

"Doesn't it bother you, though?" She asked, "Seeing the tattoos of her on his-"

"No," I snapped, "First of all... Like I've said, a tattoo doesn't mean you love someone... And we've gone over it... And besides, Adie is... Awesome. I don't get why your trying to get me to feel horrible about them when I'm friends with her"

She shrugged, "I'm not trying to do anything... I'm just warning you. Everyone knows their gonna get back together. He doesn't really love you"

I just stared at her in disbelief. And for some reason, my eyes started to burn with tears.

"Get out" I muttered

She looked at me weirdly, and pressed her finger to her lips, "What?"

"Get out of this fucking suit"

"I don't-"

"I don't care!" I sneered, "Go fucking find a fuckin hotel, or something, just get the hell out! Your nice enough Billie fuckin Joe let you stay here for the night! Just get out"

I didn't wait for her to leave, I just swung open the door to the bedroom Billie Joe was in, and slammed it shut, not caring that he was sleeping. Billie Joe mumbled something, sounding like 'Shut the fuck up'

"I told you!" I hissed, trying to wipe away tears, "I fucking told you we hated each other!"

Billie Joe mumbled something, starting to wake up.

"Wha..?" He asked, lifting his head from the pillow

"I fucking HATE her Billie Joe! But you had to invite her to stay last night!"

I turned on my heel, and walked out of the room, slamming the door behind me again. Thankfully.. She was gone. I sighed, and sat down on the couch pulling my legs up to my chest. What she said hadn't bothered me that much. It was the fact that SHE said it, that did.

The door opened, and Billie Joe walked out, desperately trying to get on his trousers and a t-shirt. He looked over at me, confused.

"What's up babe?" He asked, sitting next to me.

I didn't answer him, I just sat there, resting my head on my knees, all curled up.


"I fucking hate her" I whispered, looking down.


I lifted my head from my knees and glared at Billie Joe.

"Who the fuck do you think?! That bitch you let sleep here last night!"


"Oh?" I whispered, "I fucking told you Billie Joe!"

Billie Joe sighed, he didn't know what else to do. I went to get up, Billie Joe watching me. I tried to block him out of my mind, and wiped my tears away.

Billie Joe went to say something when there was a knock at the door. He looked at me, again while I went to answer it. A part of me felt bad... Billie Joe WAS just trying to talk to me...

I swung the door opened, and stared at Tre who was standing there all dressed and everything.

"Have you been crying?" Asked Tre, staring back at me

"No..." I whispered, "What do you want?"

"Well... I needed to tell you guys to come on... But now I wanna know why you're crying"

"It's nothing Tre..."

"Come on, you can tell me... I may be annoying but I have feelings"

"I just really fucking hate her.."

Tre looked at me, alarmed.

"What happened? Did she do somethin with Billie Joe?!"

I shook my head, "No... But y'know... She acts to sweet to him. And then she turns around and is a bitch to me..." I sighed, "Just... I don't wanna talk about that bitch anymore... So what did you need?"

"Aww. It's okay," Tre said smiling and hugging me. "The world is full of bitches that have too much lip gloss stuck up there ass"

I laughed, and looked down.

"She just brought up shit that she should have stayed outta... She made me sound like I'm tryin to replace Adie and that fuckin crap"

Tre sighed, "Like I said... She's one of those bitches that have too much lip gloss up their ass. You aren't trying to replace Adrienne. She's just pissed off because she probably wants to"

"I guess..." I muttered

Tre smiled weakly, "It's true. It's how half of those girls are out there with him. Poor guy... Got all the ladies after him," Tre paused, "Bastard... Has all the ladies after him"

I started laughing again, more than last time. Tre smiled to himself, and hugged me again.

"So... Really Tre... What did you need?"

Tre smiled, "Plane back to California leaves in an hour"

"What?!" I snapped, "Why do I hear when we're leaving the day we're leaving?!"

Tre shrugged, "Maybe it's because your special?"

I sighed, "Thanks Tre.." I muttered sarcastically

Tre smirked, and saluted before going back into his suit. I laughed softly to myself before turning around, and closing the door. Billie Joe turned on the TV, as if to convince me he wasn't listening.

I sighed, and walked to the couch.

"We have to get ready..." I started, "The plane leaves in an hour... For home"

Billie Joe nodded, and looked at me from the corner of his eyes.

"What?" I asked after a moment

Without another word, Billie Joe leaned over and pressed his lips against mine, bringing us into a slow, but passionate kiss.

I pulled away after a moment, and looked at Billie Joe.

"What was that for?" I asked

Billie Joe smiled, and draped his arm around my shoulders.

"I'm sorry... I didn't know... Umm... Lizzie... Yeah... I didn't know she said that shit to you..."

I sighed, "Not you that should be sorry... I walked myself into that argument"

Billie Joe looked at me, hugging me close to him, "Why? What did you do?"

"I... Don't know..." I mumbled

Billie Joe sighed, and rubbed my arm.

"I'm so sick of people like that..." He said after a moment, "So fucking sick of them. It's driving both of us fuckin crazy..." He paused, "And now it's gettin to the point where your crying... And that just... Breaks my fuckin heart... It isn't right... You haven't done any-fucking-thing..."

"It's just her... It seems" I mumbled

Billie Joe shook his head, "It's her and the others... There are the fans out there, that I love to death..." He paused again, "And then there are those people who get me so fucking pissed off... Because they do this," He said, pointing to a tear on my cheek, before wiping it away with his thumb, "It's so fucking messed up..."

I didn't say anything. Billie Joe just hugged me close to him.

"Come on," He said after a moment, "Lets start to get ready... Before you know it... We'll be back in California, at home... Away from everyone here"

I smiled, and helped Billie Joe up, "I can't wait... I use to love the city..."

Billie Joe sighed, "When you had the joy of skipping school for it... And when you weren't bothered by fuck-heads, you loved the city"

I let out a soft laugh, and nodded. "Your right"

When he had said 'fuck-heads' I was hoping he meant Lizzie...

"It seems like the only fuckin place you can keep safe is fuckin home..." Mumbled Billie Joe, running a hand through his hair, "So fucked up..."

I sighed, "True..."


I sat in one of those annoying, uncomfortable airport chairs, in the middle of Mike and Tre. Billie Joe had gone off to get the tickets to the plane.

Tre had stolen my cell phone, and was now doing somethin to it, making it sound like a cow getting beat to death. And to make it worst, he was laughing his ass off.

Mike, on the other hand had fallen asleep. He had been tired all morning... And pretty much passed out as soon as we got there.

I sat with my head in my hands, staring at the feet of people who walked by. I wasn't in the mood for bitching.

I kept looking at people's feet until I saw a familiar pair of shoes. I lifted my head from my hands, and looked up to see Billie Joe with a pissed off look on his face.

"What's up?" I asked

Billie Joe sighed, "Flights canceled... Bad fucking weather"

I stared at Billie Joe, as if expecting him to jump and yell 'GOTCHA'

... But he didn't.

"What does that mean?" I asked, "We're staying here?"

Billie Joe nodded slowly, "Fucking snow..."

"But it wasn't snowing"

Billie Joe raised an eyebrow, and pointed out the window, "You call that 'not snowing?"

I followed his arm, and looked out the window of the airport. It was definitely snowing.

"This sucks" I groaned

Billie Joe sighed, "We have to try to get another hotel for the time being..."


Billie Joe went to say something, when he heard the nosie from my cell phone, that Tre still had. He looked at the phone weirdly.

"What the fuck was that?" He asked Tre

Tre shrugged, "It's a ring tone... I just bought it"

I jumped up, and grabbed my cell phone.

"You just bought a fuckin ring tone?!" I snapped

Tre smiled innocently.

"Tre! It sounds like a fucking cow getting beat to death!"

Tre looked at me for a moment, before bursting out laughing. I rolled my eyes, and looked back to my cell phone.

I tucked the cell phone into my pocket, before turning to face Billie Joe. I sighed, and blew a piece of hair off my forehead. Billie Joe smiled, and laughed a little, before resting his arm around the back of my neck, pulling me a little closer to him.

I smiled, and rested my head on his shoulder, while he talked to Mike and Tre about what to do.

Tre finally pulled out his cell phone, and called some hotel to make reservations.

"What? Oh... Umm... Save under Tre Co-"

Billie Joe grabbed the cell phone out of Tre's hand, and gave him a 'asshole' look.

"Save it under Frank... Danger"

I looked at Billie Joe confused. He just put his hand up to keep me from talking, and continued with the phone call to the hotel, booking us in.

He hung up after another moment, and then turned to Tre.

"You don't tell them Tre Cool... You never know-"

"Oh, right, sorry Mr. I-am-smarter-than-Tre-Cool"

"You just named half the fucking country" grunted Billie Joe

I smirked, and looked at Tre who was trying to think of something to say to Billie Joe while Mike was still sleeping. Billie Joe raised an eyebrow at Mike, before kicking his chair.

"Wake up, man"

Mike jumped awake, and glared at Billie Joe.

"What was that for?"

"Wake up call" Billie Joe smirked

Mike raised an eyebrow, and got up.

"Okay... So... Are we going?" He asked

Billie Joe shook his head, "Flight's canceled... We have to go to a new hotel..."

"Fine... Fine" Muttered Mike

Billie Joe smiled weakly. None of us were thrilled to stay in New York City. All it had really done for us was get us all into fights... Well... Not Tre... But the rest of us.

We all went outside, trying to catch a cab. Billie Joe tried for what seemed forever, before I pushed him out of the way.

"Pfft, good luck" Snorted Billie Joe, crossing his arms.

I rolled my eyes, and stuck out my hand, trying to get a cab. Within a minute, the cab driver stopped to let me in. I turned around to Billie Joe, who's mouth was slightly open.

"I think it's YOU who needs the luck" I said, trying not to laugh

Billie Joe mumbled under his breath, and started to walk to the cab.

"Come on," He said, gesturing for Mike and Tre to get it.

"Naahh," Mike said, folding his arms while Tre went to get a cab, "We'll get another"

Billie Joe raised an eyebrow, "You sure?"

Mike nodded, "Mhm, positive"

"All right" Billie Joe said, resting an arm lazily around my shoulders, guiding me to the cab.

Tre and Mike climbed into the cab in front of us, while Billie Joe and I got into ours.

"Crap..." Billie Joe muttered

I looked at him confused, "What?"

"I have no fucking clue where we're going to go..."

At this, I started laughing. Billie Joe gave me a weird look, and sighed, before talking to the cab driver.

"Erm... Follow that cab... We're goin the same place" He muttered, pointing to the cab that Mike and Tre had just gone into.

The driver gave Billie Joe a dirty look, which Billie Joe caught. He looked at the driver for a moment, before the driver nodded.

"Okay... Sir" He said in a sarcastic way

Billie Joe shot the driver a dirty look, before sitting back in his seat.

"Not my fault I'm not as much of a fuckin smart ass as you" He grunted, but no so the driver could hear.

I laughed, and Billie Joe looked over at me.

"We're gonna get lost, you know that... Right?" I asked, laughing

Billie Joe sighed, and crossed his arms before nodding. "Of course I do," He muttered, "But it won't be my fuckin fault"