In the End

Mr. Smooth

Turns out we didn't get lost... Well... Not really. Billie Joe had been having enough of the cab driver, and the whole cab it's self, and ended up falling asleep with his head on my shoulder.

I smiled weakly to myself, and looked out the window, considering how little I could move since Billie Joe was asleep. I felt a pang of guilt, considering how I had been to him last night... Not that he didn't deserve it... But when he had thought that I was telling him I didn't think he loved me...

When I knew he did.

He had been innocent... It's how he was at times. Stuck in the middle. No matter what he did, he hurt someone...

Maybe that's what Adrienne had meant.

He hadn't meant to hurt someone, but he did. He meant well, but he hurt me by letting her stay there.

If only he knew how much of a bitch she was. But he didn't...

The cab came to a sudden stop outside the hotel. Billie Joe hadn't woken up, but only snored.

"Billie..." I muttered, pushing his shoulder gently, "Come on, we're here... And if you get up... You can go and sleep in a nice hotel bed"

Billie Joe muttered something, and started to wake up slowly.

"Hotel bed suck... Night"

"You sleep pretty well on them, the way you snore" I smirked

Billie Joe muttered something else, and shook his head.

"Come on, Armstrong. Get your lazy ass up and get in the hotel..." I said, managing to make myself sound annoyed



"I'm not getting up..."

I sighed, and swung the door to the cab open, and saw Mike and Tre waiting for us on the steps of the hotel.

"Billie Joe..." I muttered, "Get the fuck up. If you get up... Dunno what I'll do.. But I'll do somethin... And if you don't I'll pay the cab driver to drive you to fuckin Massachusetts"

"You wouldn't"

I got up, and stuck my head through the seats to where the cab driver was, "How much would it cost to send someone to-"

"All right! All right!" Billie Joe yelped, getting up, "I'm fuckin up! Just don't send me there!"

I rolled my eyes at him, and looked to the driver, "Never mind..."

Billie Joe grunted, and took out some money from his pocket, and threw it to the driver, "Keep the change" He muttered

I raised an eyebrow, and smirked before following him out.

"Sorry," I muttered to the driver and I climbed out, "He's a little grumpy... All the time"

The driver smirked, and nodded before leaving. I sighed, and followed Billie Joe, who now was going slower and slower until he almost fell, up the steps.

"Moove" I groaned, trying to push Billie Joe up the stairs, "Jeez, I know you're a tired guy and all, but think you could get up a couple more stairs!?"


"Billie," I grunted, "Come on..."

Billie Joe muttered something, before stumbling through the hotel doors.

I smirked, and followed in behind him, watching Mike and Tre talk to the lady... Both looking pissed off...

"Whats up?" I asked, walking over to them

Mike sighed, and Tre smirked slightly... That wasn't good.

"The fuckin asshole next to me... Booked one room..." Mike muttered

"So... Shit" I mumbled, "Can't you book another?"

Tre shook his head, "Last one was just booked!"

I went to say something when I felt someone lean against my back. I turned my head to see Billie Joe draping himself over me, burying his head in the crook of my neck.

"Mmm..." He hummed, moving his hands from my arms to my hips.

I smiled to myself, and turned back to Mike and Tre, who had been watching Billie Joe.

"So what do we do...?" I asked, "I mean... We have to share a suit... Oh crap..."

Tre smirked. "We have to share a suiiiittt wweee haavvee-"

"Shut up" I snapped, "It's too early to have you trying to sing"

"I can sing better than yooooooouuuuu"

Mike snorted, and rolled his eyes, "You two act like 5 year olds"

"Me?!" I asked, pretending to be offended, "Me?! Look at that retard standing it front of me!" I yelped, pointing at Tre

"Don't blame me!" Said Tre, holding his hands up as if to protect himself

Billie Joe muttered something, before snipping at my neck as if that would get me to shut up.

"Ow! You weirdo, you just bit my neck" I muttered, only being able to see Billie Joe's hair

"Ooh! Gettin-" Tre started

I held my hand up, "Don't even finish your sentence"

Tre burst out laughing, while Mike and I gave him a pathetic look. Billie Joe groaned, and lifted his head from my neck.

"What the fuck is your problem now?" He snapped

I looked at Billie Joe, a slight smile playin on my lips, "Aww, someone wake Billie Joe up?" I asked, in an annoyin voice

"You and Tre... Now can we get the key and get to our room?" Billie Joe muttered, burying his head back into my neck.

"If I tell you... You have to promise not to bite me..." I said to Billie Joe

Billie Joe smirked, and raised his head from my neck to look at me, "Tell me what?"

"We... Ermm... Have to share a suit... With your two best friends" I said slowly, smiling innocently before pointing to Mike and Tre

Billie Joe stared at me for a moment. "What?" He finally asked

"Tre booked one room..."

Billie Joe snapped his neck to look at Tre.

"What?!" He snapped

"Oh come on!" Tre whined, "She gives me no justice!"

I burst out laughing, and probably would have fell if it weren't for Billie Joe who still had his hands on my waist, holding me close to him.

"Lemme get this strait..." Billie Joe mumbled, "All 4 of us have to share a suit?"


"Great.. Tre you asshole"

I finally got over my laughter, still being held by Billie Joe. He looked at me weirdly, and raised an eyebrow, "You having problems?" He asked

I nodded, "A lot"

Billie Joe laughed softly, "I thought so"

I smirked, and looked around for Tre and Mike.

"Where'd dumb and dumber go?" I asked Billie Joe

Billie Joe sighed, "Probably up to the room"

"They better not lock us out" I muttered

"I bet they already did"


Billie Joe laughed, and started to walk to the stairs, pulling me with him.

"41... 42... 43..."

I raised an eyebrow at Billie Joe, "What you counting?"

Billie Joe looked away from the doors, to me. "What?"

"What are you counting?" I asked again

"Oh. Doors..."


"I think we're like in room 57 or somethin..."

I nodded, "Aah"

We fell silent for a moment, until I started to whistle. Billie Joe laughed at me whistling, while trying to find the room.

"62..." He paused, "What the hell? Can't these people count?! It goes from 40 to 50, assholes..."

I sighed, "We passed the 50's..."

Billie Joe spun around to face me, "What? We did? No fucking way"

And with that, he went back to looking at the numbers of the doors.


I spun around from where I was standing in the middle of the hotel hallway to see Billie Joe standing in front of a door. He knocked on it a couple times, before someone answered...

Someone who wasn't Mike or Tre.

"Can I help you... Sir?" The woman asked, looking pissed off.

Billie Joe stared at the woman, not knowing what to say.

"Sorry... Erm... I think I have the wrong-"

"Oh my god! Mom! That's the lead singer from Green Day!" Some girl squealed from inside the suit, cutting Billie Joe off

I smirked, and leaned against the opposite wall folding my arms. The door next to where I was leaning flew open, and Tre appeared leaning in the doorway.

"Hey Billie... What would Mandy think of you runnin around and knocking on women hotel doors?"

I burst out laughing, while Billie Joe gave Tre the dirtiest look.

The girl from the room came to the front, and pushed her mom aside, smiling. She looked about 17, or older.

"Oh my god, you ARE Green Day... Just without Mike Dirnt"

I turned to Tre, "Where is Mike?"

Tre shrugged, "I don't know... I think he got lost on the way to the room"

I raised an eyebrow, "We're on the 2nd floor... How do you get lost by the second floor?"

Tre shrugged again, "You never know"

I laughed, and turned my attention back to the girl, who had a huge smile glued to her face.

And unlike Lizzie... I didn't hate her... She was real.

The girl walked over to Tre, and introduced herself, still smiling.

Much to Billie Joe's luck, the woman turned around and walked back into the suit, so he wouldn't have to ramble about why he had knocked on her suit door.

"You always manage to surprise me with how smooth you are" I smirked to Billie Joe

Billie Joe raised an eyebrow, "What's that suppose to mean?"

I shrugged, "Nothing... Nothing... Mr... Smooth"

Billie Joe smirked, before going over to where I was, and jabbing two fingers into the side of my stomach, causing me to squeal, and double over in laughter. I am one of the most ticklish girls you could ever find... And people took advantage of that.

Tre and the girl looked over at me, who was still laughing. The girl giggled, while Tre gave me a retarded look.

"That... Was... Mean" I gasped

Billie Joe started laughin, "I didn't know you'd start freakin out!"

"You know I freak OUT" I cried, yelling the last word since Billie Joe jabbed me in the side again

Billie Joe started laughing at me again, while I hunched over, grabbing my side.

"See what I have to live with?" Tre asked the girl

"Oh puh-lease" I said, tryin not to laugh, "He's 100% worst than Billie Joe and I" I said to the girl, motioning to Tre

The girl laughed, "I don't doubt that one bit"

I smirked, and stuck my tongue out at Tre, before turning back to Billie Joe, who was still laughing at me. I rolled my eyes at him, and moved to go into the suit.

"Are you coming?" I asked, poking my head out of the door a couple minutes later

"What? Oh, yeah" Billie Joe said, nodding and walking into the suit.

I laughed, and looked at Tre and the girl, "Come oonn, is the hallway that fun?"

Tre laughed, "Stop your whining"

I smirked, and turned to the girl, "You wanna come in?"

She smiled, "Sure"

I closed the door behind her, but as soon as I closed it, someone pushed it open.

"Don't close it on me" They grunted

I jumped back from the door, to see Mike squeeze his way into the room. I laughed softly, and turned around to see Tre and the girl still talking, and Billie Joe plopped down on the couch watching Tv.

I smiled to myself, and went over to the couch before sitting next to Billie Joe.

"I think he likes her" Billie Joe said after a moment, looking at me

"Huh?" I asked, confused

"Tre... I think he likes Rachel"

I raised an eyebrow, "Rachel?"

Billie Joe sighed, and laughed, before placing both his hands on my cheeks, and turning my head to look at Tre and the girl, whom I'm guessing was Rachel.

I shrugged, "What's not to like? She's nice unlike that little fuckin bitch who should- Yeah... She's nice" I muttered, stopping myself from "describing" Lizzie anymore.

Billie Joe laughed quietly, before sighing, "I mean I think Tre has a little 'manly' crush on someone"

I scrunched up my nose, "Eww, no offense to either of them... But did you just say you think Tre has a crush on Mike?"

Billie Joe stared at me, before starting to laugh his ass off.

"No.." laugh "I meant..." Laugh "I think Tre..." Laugh "Has a crush on Rachel..."

"You said that... Wait... How old is she?" I asked, confused

Billie Joe kept laughing, until I shoved him, so he fell off the couch. Tre and Rachel looked over at me and Billie Joe, and I just smiled innocently, making both of them laugh.

Billie Joe sat up from the floor, and grabbed my hand, pulling me off of the couch, making me scream. Tre and Rachel once again looked over at us, Rachel not being able to not laugh.

"Are you two okay?" She asked

"We're FINE!" I said, yelling the last part as Billie Joe jabbed his fingers into the side of my stomach like before, making me scream and laugh again

Mike stepped out of the room he was in, and looked over the side of the couch, confused at what the yelling was about.

"You two sure your okay?" He asked, laughing as I tried to get up, but Billie Joe pulled me back down before continuing to jab his fingers into my side, making me squeal again

"Billie Joe!" I squealed, trying to jump away "Stop poking ME"

Billie Joe pulled me down again, laughing his ass off while I freaked out.

"I... Can't... Breath!" I managed to say in between laughs, "I'm... Laughing... Too hard!"

Billie Joe didn't even try to talk, considering how hard he was laughing.

"Holey shit you two! You're like fucking killing each other!" Tre yelled, laughing to himself from watching us.

"It's not my fault!" I yelled, gasping for breath

I jumped up all of a sudden, losing my balance, before bounding past Rachel and the guys, and into the bedroom, still laughing. Billie Joe jumped up after me, and ran after me, leaving Tre, Rachel, and Mike laughing at us.

I fell onto the bed, trying to catch my breath when I heard the door close behind me. I stood up, and turned around to see Billie Joe. I smirked, and folded my arms across my chest.

"I'd say our plan worked pretty well" He said with a soft laugh

I raised an eyebrow, "Plan?"

Billie Joe nodded, "Of course"

He took a step closer to me, and placed his hands on my hip before spinning me around and backing me up against the wall.

"I think I like this plan you speak of" I whispered, smiling

Billie Joe laughed, and pressed his lips against mine, bringing us into a slow kiss, getting deeper by what felt the second.

Billie Joe pulled away for a second, smiling.

"I definitely like this plan" I smirked

Billie Joe let out another soft laugh, and went back for another kiss.

"Yo! You two, we have people out here! And I dunno what you're doing... But all I know is that you two in a room... Don't forget about the three people out here!" Yelled Tre, knocking on the door.

Billie Joe glared at the door, "Damn you Tre" He whispered

I smiled, "You say that a lot"

"It always manages to fit in"

I laughed, and buried my head into the crook of Billie Joe's neck like he had done with me before. Billie Joe smiled, and placed his hand on my back, before there was an roar of laughter from the other side of the door. I lifted my head and looked at Billie Joe, who sighed.

"I don't know if I want to know..." He mumbled

I smirked, and placed one last kiss on his lips before moving away from him, and went to open the door.

"You watch" Billie Joe muttered, "I'll get Tre back for this later"

I laughed, and flung open the door before stepping out into the room. Tre, Mike, and Rachel looked up at me, laughing.

"Both of you need to grow up" I muttered, pointing to Mike and Tre, "And you need to end up nothing like them" I added, pointing to Rachel.

All three of them laughed, as I blew a piece of hair off my head. Billie Joe came out behind me, and looked at all 3 of them.


"Don't be scared... I'm scared too"

I groaned, and looked behind me to see Billie Joe with an amused smile on his face.

"Scared that they put this on TV" He added

I sighed, "I was never the one with scary movies"

"I've found that out a long time ago" Billie Joe laughed

I rolled my eyes playfully, before turning my head to watch what was on the TV. Mike, Tre, and Rachel had gone out earlier in the day, but Billie Joe and I decided to stay back in the suit.

It was now dark out, while the room had no lights on. Billie Joe and I laid on the couch watching some movie, out of boredom... Billie Joe having the time of his life scaring the crap outta me every other minute.

Billie Joe shifted the way he was laying behind me, and stared at his arm. I turned to look at him, and raised an eyebrow, "What are you doing?" I asked

Billie Joe sighed, "My fuckin arm is asleep"

I smirked, and stuck out my tongue, "Haha"

"At least mine is asleep, telling you how I could be"


"I could fall asleep through this"

"You're a loser" I mumbled

Billie Joe smirked, "You're just jealous cuz I can survive a movie"

"I can, too!" I protested

"You jump every time I put my hand on your shoulder or waist!" He snorted

"Cuz I didn't expect it" I muttered

Billie Joe raised an eyebrow, "You've been with me for 2 years... And you still don't expect me to put my hand on you? That's pathetic"

"Thanks Billie"

Billie Joe laughed, "Any time"

"I'm gonna kill you tonight"

"Oh please, be my guest" He whispered

I snorted, "I think your almost as bad as Tre"

Billie Joe sighed, "It's your fault"

"MY fault?!" I squealed, laughing

"Mhm, I would have been your normal every day un-horny guy if it weren't for you"

I started laughing again, "You would have never have been normal"

Billie Joe let out a soft laugh, "Yeah, well, I would have been normal-er"

I raised an eyebrow, "Is that even a word?"

Billie Joe shrugged, "Hell if I know"

I rolled my eyes playfully, and turned around to face him before jabbing him in the side like we had been doing to each other practically all day... Well... What Billie Joe had been doin to me.

Billie Joe started laughing, grabbing onto his side so I couldn't jab him in the side again.

Billie Joe jumped up, and then pinned me down with one hand before replacing his hand with his knee gently, before jabbing both of his hands into both sides of me at the same time.

I jumped up, screaming and laughing, as Billie Joe nearly fell over in laughter.

"BILLIE!" I yelled, gasping for a breath from laughing

"See what pokin me does?! Smaart move Mandy, real smart" He said, trying not to laugh as I kept laughin my ass off

The door flew open, as three drunk people stumbled through it, leaving Billie Joe and I to stop what we were doing and look up at them.

"Woah... You three looked pissed" Billie Joe pointed out, standing up

"Way to go, shmart ash" Tre slurred

Billie Joe raised an eyebrow, "If you're gonna insult me, make it so I can understand you 'shmart ash"

I smirked, and sat up looked at all three of them.

"HaHa" Muttered Tre

"My mom ish gonna kill me" Rachel muttered, "She thinks I'm still a little girl..."

I sighed, and got up off the couch, "You can stay here tonight... I think we owe it to you... Well... Tre does. You can sleep in his room" I said, guiding her to Tre's room, but stopping suddenly.

"She's gonna barf... So she can take Billie Joe and my room..." I muttered after a moment

Billie Joe looked at me as if I was crazy, "What about us?!"

I smirked, "We'll take Tre's room"

Tre gaped at me, "No! Fine I take the-"

"I get the couch!" Mike yelled, stumbling over to the couch Billie Joe and I had been laying on before was, and laying down.

Tre grunted, "Fuckin asshole!"

Billie Joe snorted, "You gotta remind me to stay sober more often, and watch you two be drunk"

I started laughing, "Yeah. Right! Like anyone could keep you sober"

Billie Joe raised an eyebrow, "I'd insult you about being drunk-"

"But you can't.. I'm never drunk" I smirked, sticking out my tongue

"Aah... But you have been. Like the time you got drunk at Tre's and barfed on my car-"

"Or the time YOU got drunk and made out with me" I retorted, cutting him off

"Oh! I wanna hear this!" Tre slurred excitedly, sitting down on Mike, making Mike yell, and jump

"Or the time you got drunk and tried to fuck me" Billie Joe smirked

"This is getting exciting!" Tre yelled

I rolled my eyes at Tre, "Or the time you just got drunk and told me I smelt good"

Tre started laughing uncontrollably, "You told her she smelt good?! Ha! Creep"

Billie Joe glared at Tre, "Tre, you've told me I smell good when you've been sober"

Now I started laughing my ass off, before leading Rachel to the bedroom, hearing Billie Joe and Tre bicker.

"The bathroom is right over there," I said to Rachel, pointing to a door, "If you need it... Wait no... Scratch that. When you need it"

She laughed, and plopped down on the bed.

I went to say something, but realized that she had already passed out..

I sighed, and walked out of the bedroom closing the door behind me, before glaring at Tre.

"What?" He asked, once noticing I was glaring at him

"You didn't even know her for a day, and you went to a bar and got her drunk... You're un-fuckin-believable Tre"

"I didn't try to! Mike was begging us to go to a bar!"

I raised an eyebrow, and looked over to the couch where I only saw Mike flipping off Tre, making Billie Joe laugh.

"I didn't beg, hell, I didn't even WANT to go to a bar! Rachel and I were walking, and we lost you and then 15 fuckin minutes later you call my cell phone telling me to go to the bar!" Mike snapped

I looked over at Tre, who was smiling sheepishly, "I have no idea what your talking about..."

I rolled my eyes, and sighed, "Getting the girl you like isn't a good first impression," I muttered

Mike and Billie Joe started laughing, as Tre try to argue with me... But wasn't doing a good job.

"Mr. Smooth" I muttered

Billie Joe raised an eyebrow, "I thought that was MY nickname?"


I burst out laughing, while Billie Joe just blinked, staring at Tre.

"Umm... Yeah..." Billie Joe said after a moment, folding his arms across his chest and leaning against the wall, "But you don't need help at all" He added slowly, and sarcastically

Mike grunted, "No therapy would be able to help him"

I smirked, "I couldn't agree with you more"