In the End

Shaving Cream in Your Hair, Love is in The Air


I groaned, and rolled onto my back, nearly laying on Billie Joe, who's head was buried under my pillow, while he layed on his stomach with his arm lazily resting on my stomach.


I opened one eye, and looked over to see Tre jumping up and down yelling for us to wake up.

"What the fuck Tre?!" I groaned

"You heard me!"

"The whole fucking city heard you" I growled, pissed off, "You're suppose to have a fuckin hangover, and still be laying on the floor where you passed out last night"

"Well, I'm fine. Oh, yeah, thanks for just leaving me there"

"Any fucking time"

"I thought girls weren't suppose to swear"

"You thought wrong"

Tre sighed, "As usual"

I laughed, and then took one of Billie Joe's pillows before throwing it at Tre. Tre fell, and hit the floor hard making me turn red from laughing my ass off. Billie Joe groaned, and lifted his head from where it was buried in my arm.

"What the fuck man?! Get out!" Billie Joe groaned, pissed off

"Wait! First I have to tell you something!" Tre yelled, getting up

Billie Joe sighed, and took his pillow before slamming it over his own head.

"What is it.. Tre?" I asked annoyed

"I just saved a bunch of money on car insurance by switching to gieco!"

I just stared at Tre, not being able to say anything. Billie Joe must have heard, by the way he jumped up, and pushed Tre out the bedroom door, muttering "You're gonna have to fucking use it when I crash your goddamn car"

"Not nice Mr. Billie Joe Armstrong!" Tre yelled, his voice muffled through the door

Billie Joe rolled his eyes, before falling onto the bed, on top of me. I laughed, and flicked the side of his head, making him shake his head, and swat my arm. I smirked, before flicking him again. He raised his head and looked at me, before grabbing my arm, and holding it down as he climbed over me to where he was laying before Tre had run in yelling.

"You realize you go to sleep every time you wake up?" I asked Billie Joe, nudging him with my foot

"Shit happens when you're tired" Billie Joe muttered, grabbing my foot so I couldn't kick him anymore

"Let go of my foot"


I sighed, "Billie... Let go of my foot"


"Let go of my foot you loser"

"Not gonna happen"

"It will if I kick you with the other"

"I'll kick you off the bed" Billie Joe muttered

I groaned, and tried to pull my foot out of his grasp, "Come ooonn!"

"If I let it go, will you promise not to kick me?" He asked


I pulled my foot out of his grasp, and smirked before kicking him off the bed. He landed with a thud on the floor, while everything went silent... Until I could hear "I'm gonna fucking kill you. Murder fucking you"

I started laughing my ass off, while Billie Joe climbed onto the bed. He glared at me, before grabbing my arms and legs, and pulling me off the bed. He pulled me completely off the bed, and smirked, holding me down.

"Geeettt ooff" I groaned, trying to push him away

"You tried that last time. I'm not lettin you go" He grunted, trying to keep my feet down

"Oh come oonn! You were practically beggin for me to kick you!"

Billie Joe raised an eyebrow, "I was telling you NOT to kick me. Hence the NOT in that sentence!"


Billie Joe groaned, pissed off. "You're not gonna let me sleep... Are you?"

"Of course I will!" Silence. "NOT! Ha! Hence the NOT in that sentence!"

Billie Joe just stared at me, while I tried not to laugh.

"Sometimes... You really make me wonder" He said slowly after a moment.

"That's impossible" I snorted


"Cuz you don't have a brain"

"I asked what... Not why"

"Yeah, well... I don't care" I muttered

"I bet you don't" Billie Joe mumbled, rubbing his head

I laughed softly, and pushed Billie Joe over, making him land on his back. He groaned, before sitting up, propping himself up on his arms. I smiled, and got up went to open the door, Billie Joe behind me.

We both walked out into the suit, where only Mike and Tre were. Mike was sleeping with his head on the table while Tre was watching something on the TV.

Billie Joe went back into the room for a shirt quickly, before following me back out. He wrapped his arm around my waste, before moving us over to the couch, where he sat down and moved me onto his lap. I smiled at him, before resting a hand on the back of his neck, while burying my head in it.

"Aw, their just soo cuute" Tre whined like a little kid, looking at Billie Joe and me.

I rolled my eyes, even though he couldn't see while Billie Joe snorted.

"At least I don't go getting her drunk" He snorted

Tre groaned, "Don't remind me"

I lifted my head from Billie Joe's neck, "Why?"

"I feel bad enough about it... " He muttered

Billie Joe raised an eyebrow, "You feel bad?"

Tre nodded, "Course I do... I'm not THAT shallow"

I smirked, and buried my head back in Billie Joe's neck. Billie Joe smiled, and slouched down a little more on the couch, yawning.

The bedroom door swung open.. And a VERY hung over Rachel stepped out, rubbing her head. I glanced over at Tre, who had a guilty look.

"Morning" He said softly to her

"We are so gonna mess with them when she's off of her hangover" Billie Joe whispered to me

I laughed, and nodded, "Payback for ruining our 'moments"

Billie Joe just laughed, and rested his hand on my hip. Rachel smiled at Tre, and sat next to him in the chair. I made an annoying face to Tre, which Tre saw and glared at me.

"I wonder if Frankito ate your fish yet" He snapped

I raised an eyebrow and pretended to be offended, "You said he wouldn't!"

"It wouldn't be my fault!" Tre snorted

"If Frankito eats Freddie, I'm going to kill you"

"Why me?!"

"Cuz you're the one who said we could leave him with Frankito and Claudia!" I snapped, making Rachel and Billie Joe laugh

"You don't have to worry about Claudia eating him..." Tre muttered

"I never did!" I yelled, annoyed

"Well you'll never have to!" Tre said, trying not to laugh

I groaned annoyed, and shifted the way I sat, muttering to myself.

"What are you muttering?" Billie Joe asked raising an eyebrow, "cuz from here it sounds like some weird ass plan to get Tre back"

I lifted my head and looked at Billie Joe, "I'm always thinking about how to get back at him"

Billie Joe shrugged, "That makes the two of us"


"How come I'm the only one with the hangover?!" Rachel complained

Billie Joe sighed, "Mandy and I are fine cuz we're the smart ones that didn't get drunk-"

"Not that we're smart or anything" I interrupted him

Billie Joe rolled his eyes playfully, "Before I was interrupted-"

"By me" I interrupted him, again

"Yeah... By you" Billie muttered

I smiled proudly, making Mike laugh. Billie Joe covered my mouth with his hand, to stop me from talking while he went on..

"Are you fuckin kiddin me!?" Billie Joe grunted, taking his hand away from my mouth

Everyone looked at Billie Joe, who was studying his finger, "What is it with you and biting my finger?!"

I shrugged, "If you don't want me to bite your finger, don't put it over my mouth"

"It's the only way to get you to shut up!"

"Not true!" I argued

Billie Joe sighed, "Then plleeaasse tell me another way... Where I DON'T get bitten"


Billie Joe rolled his eyes again, "Exactly"

I laughed, and rested my head on his shoulder. Billie Joe smiled, and slouched down even more on the couch so it was like he was barely on it at all.

"Shit... Where's the aspirin" Mike muttered, sitting up a little more, holding his hand to his head

Rachel smirked, "Thank god. I'm not the ONLY one with the hangover"

"Tre should be the one with the hangover" Mike scoffed, "He's the reason we got drunk last night"

"Yeah, and you shoulda seen the things we did to you!" Billie Joe laughed

Tre stared at Billie Joe, "What did you do?"

I shrugged, "You'll never know"

"I hate both of you" Tre muttered

"Don't worry Tre, we love you too" I said, smiling innocently, before my cell phone belted out lines from 'Minority'

I sighed, and got up from Billie Joe's lap, before stumbling into the room with all my stuff in it, and pulling my cell phone out of my jacket.

"Hello?" I said into the phone, walking back into the room where everyone was.

"Hey Maandy!"

I looked up from my sweater, to Rachel and Tre.

"Hi Steph"

Tre's eyes widened, as he gulped, staring at me. If only she knew how he was sitting there with his arm around another girl...

The fact that I knew it made me feel horrible.

"Are you back in California?" She asked

I sighed, "Nope.. We're still in New York... Just in a different hotel"

"Really? Why?" She asked

"Cuz we went to catch the flight.. But it was canceled so we had to go to a new hotel" I muttered

"Aah... When are you goin back?" She asked

"I dunno... Hopefully soon..."

Steph laughed, "Cool. I'm goin to see Tre next week!"

I didn't say anything... I just picked lint off of my pant leg, while sitting next to Billie Joe, who was listening to the conversation

"Mandy?" Steph said after a moment

"Yeah... Yeah I'm here" I managed to say

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah... I'm fine" I whispered

"Oh yeah, speaking of Tre... Where is he?"

"Why would I know?" I snapped, "What? You think I follow him around? I'm not his fuckin stalker!"

Steph became silent, while I rested my head in my hand. Billie Joe rested his hand on my shoulder, and smiled gently when I looked up at him.

"Shit.. Sorry Steph" I muttered into the phone

But I only heard the dial tone...

"Bitch" I snarled into the phone, before snapping it shut, and throwing it at the ground

"What happened?" Billie Joe asked softly, leaning forward to look at me

"She fuckin hung up on me!" I yelled, pissed off, "I mean what the fuck!?"

"Who's Steph?" Rachel asked after a moment

I sighed, and looked up at her, "She's... My friend... And... Yeah... My friend" I muttered

"Why'd she hang up?"

I sighed, and shook my head, "No reason... I guess I just got her mad with my attitude"

"That's stupid..." Rachel mumbled

I nodded, "Sure as hell is"

I looked over at Tre, who looked at me guiltily. He smiled weakly, as if to say sorry, but I just shook it off. It wasn't his fault that he liked Rachel... You can't help who you like.

And it wasn't like he liked someone like Lizzie, who was a bitch that found out how to spend a night near Billie Joe...

She was the complete opposite

Mike sighed, "She'll get over it. You're girls... You're suppose to snap at each other"

I raised an eyebrow, "Thanks Mike..."

"Why's she so mad though? It makes no sense," Rachel started, "I mean... All you did way say the truth... You're not his stalker..."

I laughed lightly, "True. But she get's pissed off with my attitude at times"

Rachel shrugged, "I just don't get why she's so pissed off... I mean, I know you said it was your attitude... But yeah... I'll leave it at that"

I smiled, and sat back against Billie Joe, "It was just pointless"

She nodded, "A lot of crap in this world is.."

"Crraapp" Tre groaned out of no where

"What?" Billie Joe asked

"I'm so fucking screwed"

Rachel looked over at Tre, "How?"

Tre shook his head, and looked at me. And he was right he WAS screwed for next week when Steph came for the time... Because during that time he was going to see Rachel... And during that time Steph was going to find out.

"Never mind" Tre whispered to Rachel, kissing her temple, "Nothin that concerns you"

Billie Joe sighed, and shook his head slowly, "Next week is gonna be one helluva ride" He muttered

I nodded, "It's gonna suck..."

"I feel bad for Steph" Billie Joe said to me, "I mean.. She's goin to Tre's expectin to get along great... And cuz Tre can be such an asshole... He's not gonna tell her anything about Rachel"

I sighed, and rested my head on Billie Joe's arm. "What would you have done...?"

"If what? If I were Tre and you were Steph?" Billie Joe asked

I nodded, "mhm"

"I would have told you at least... It's fucked up that he hasn't told her..."

I nodded, "But then again... It's not like he's exactly hiding anything from her. The man is allowed to have girlfriends..."

Billie Joe sighed, "True... But not more than one... We don't need Tre to become a fuckin Pimp..."

I started laughin my ass off, "I could see that. See Tre with huge fur coats, huge gold necklaces, gold teeth and huge pimp rings"

Billie Joe started laughing, "That would make my day"

I smirked, "The only thing funnier than that would be you dressed up like a pimp"

Billie Joe shook his head, "Don't get any ideas!"

I laughed evily, "You watch Mr. Billie Joe... You watch"

Billie Joe raised an eyebrow, "Watch what?"

I shrugged, "I dunno... But doesn't the villain usually say that?"

Billie Joe just stared at me, "I don't.. Know"

I rolled my eyes, "Do you know anything?"


I laughed, and looked at Tre and Rachel who were laughing quietly, while Tre hugged her close to him.

I didn't know what to think...

"But you think it's cute, don't you?" Billie Joe asked, tilting his head to the side and smiling the smile that made most people melt

I snapped out of thought, "Huh?"

"You think it's cute how I don't know anything"

I laughed softly, "Of course Billie"

Billie Joe smiled again, "That's a good thing"

I smiled, and stretched out a little on the couch, resting my head on Billie Joe's lap.

"You're short" I muttered randomly to Billie Joe

Billie Joe raised an eyebrow, "Thanks babe... I feel the love..." He muttered sarcastically

I started laughing, and then sighed.

"But then again... You called yourself short" Billie Joe pointed out, "Considering you're shorter than me"

"Yeah... And the pathetic thing about that is all my family is tall"

Billie Joe stuck out his tongue, making me laugh even more.

"You are the only person I know who laughs this much" Billie Joe said, shaking his head, "I don't get how the hell you laugh so much"

"Cuz I'm a happy soul! Like frosty the snow man!" I paused, and then started singing, "And if you ever saw it/ you would even say it glows! All of the other reindeer/ use to laugh and call him names/ They never let poor Rudolph/ Join in any reindeer games!"

Billie Joe stared at me, before laughing his ass off.

"First of all, you're singing Rudolph" Billie Joe started, "And 2nd... Why the fuck are you singing Rudolph?!"

"Tsk Tsk" I said, wagging my finger in front of his face, "It's called Rudolph the red nosed reindeer!"

Billie Joe raised an eyebrow, "Well exccuuuusee me"

"Excuuussee you" I mocked

Billie Joe laughed, and ran a hand through my hair, while we continued to talk..


"Thank you" I said smiling, before heading out of the store with Rachel next to me

"That was a nice lady... I've come here before and their have been real bitches working at the counter" Rachel laughed, "They'd practically throw your coffee at you"

I started laughing, "That happened to me once... Only with Tre... He threw it at me when I wasn't looking"

Rachel choked on her coffee, laughing, "He threw your coffee at you?!"

I nodded, "mhm... And some of it hit Billie Joe who was already pissed off... Mike and I were betting each other in how long it would take for Billie to kill him"

"If I was Billie Joe I woulda killed him" Rachel said, still laughing

I smiled, "There have been many times where Mike and I have had to keep Billie Joe away from Tre for pretty much the day"

She laughed again, "That doesn't surprise me"

I nodded, taking a sip of my coffee, and bringing my jacket tighter around me, "I think Tre is one of the most threatened guys in the world... By Billie Joe alone"

"When has Billie Joe threatened him?"

I sighed, "On tour once, Tre went into Billie Joe's bunk, after waking me up to watch... It was like April somethin, and Tre took this huge thing of water, and put some fizz things before pouring it on Billie Joe," I paused, "After he yelled 'April fools' even though it wasn't April fools day... Billie Joe threatened to run over his face with the tour bus, and to beat the shit outta him"

Rachel burst out laughing, nearly spitting out her coffee, making me laugh.

"He had foam all over his face, and all in his hair... Meanwhile Tre locked the bathroom on the tour bus so Billie couldn't take a shower..." I laughed, "He was sticky all day... And then right before the concert that night Tre unlocked the door... But they had to leave, so Billie couldn't take a shower..."

"Did Billie Joe do anything to get him back?" She asked, after laughing

I nodded, "He locked him outta the tour bus that night... After pouring some sick crap on him... I don't even wanna know what it is"

Rachel started laughing again, "Those two are gonna end up killing each other"

I nodded, "I'm surprised they haven't"

We laughed, and kept walking down the sidewalks of New York City, leaving the guys back in the suit arguing over the remote... Billie Joe saying he should be able to pick what he wanted to watch because he was older, and Mike and Tre rubbing it in.

"Can I ask you something?" Rachel asked after a moment

I nodded, "Mhm, shoot"

"Will... Some people.. Really not like me?" She asked, trying to think of her words

I raised an eyebrow, "Why? Like, why wouldn't they like you?" I asked slowly

She sighed, "Cuz of Tre..."

I bit my lip, "umm... Yeah..." I said quietly

Rachel nodded, "I thought so"

I sighed, "Yeah... But... It's not like everyone hates you... Majority of Green Day fans won't... Wait, lemme re-phrase that" I paused, "ALL of the Green Day fans won't HATE you... It just the teenies you have to look out for," I laughed, "I've had... Odd experiences with teenies"

She laughed lightly, "I bet... With the crazy people out there wanting him"

I nodded slightly, "It get's pathetic at times... I still don't get how Adrienne handled them so well"

Rachel smiled, "Same here"

I shrugged, "She's really the nicest person I've ever met"

"You met her?" Rachel asked

I laughed, "Yeah... When Joey and Jakob would go over Billie's... And then a little while ago we went shopping together, since we were the only ones home"

She nodded, "That's awesome"

"Sure is"

We continued to walk and talk about all different crap... I ended up finding out a lot about her... Like for instance, she really did live in the California Bay area... She just came back to New York City for a 'family gathering' with her mother...

And the fact that she was older than me amazed me.

Instead of being the teenager she looked, she was 27... Yeah... 7 years older than me.

"You don't seem older than me" I said with a laugh

Rachel smiled, "I'm sure I'll be happy with this 'under-age' look when I'm 60 and look 40"

I laughed again, "I bet you will"

She shrugged, "You don't look your age"

I raised an eyebrow, "I probably look older... Don't I?"

Rachel nodded, "Mhm... But look at the bright side.."

"When I'm 60 I'll look 90?" I asked sarcastically

She laughed, "If you want to count that as a bright side, sure"

I laughed, and shook my head, "People don't believe me. I told someone at a gig that the guys were at last year that I was 19... And then ended up saying how I shouldn't tell people how I'm younger than I am," I paused and shrugged, "So then I told them that I was like 25 and they believed me"

She laughed again, and shook her head, "Some people are pathetic"

I nodded, "Only they don't know it"

We both laughed, and started to head back to the hotel... Not being able to trust Billie Joe or Tre, considering Mike would have probably left them to kill each other already.

In no time, we both made it back to the suit to here nothing except for the TV... Which usualy meant either they killed each other, or passed out drunk.

I pushed the door open, to see Tre sitting on the couch watching TV, while Billie Joe lay asleep on the floor... Probably on the floor because of Tre.

But it wasn't the fact that Billie Joe was on the floor that got me... It was the white foam that covered his hair. I stared at him for a moment, before looking at Rachel who had the same look on her face...

"Back so soon girls?" Tre asked from the sofa

I nodded slowly, and took a step further into the suit, "Yeah.." I paused, and went over to Billie Joe before running my hand through the white stuff on his head.

"Tre...?" I muttered, wiping it on my jeans


"Why is there shaving cream on Billie Joe's head?" I asked slowly

"It's his own fault" He grunted


"Cuz he actually let me see where he put it before! Anyone who lets me see shaving cream and where it is should have the word 'IDIOT' slapped on their back"

"You didn't"

Tre laughed evily, "Oh, I did"

I sighed, "I'm friends with a maniac"

"Really?" Tre asked, "Well... When you see him next time, I wanna meet him"

"Yeah, meet yourself" I grunted

Tre smirked, and turned around to watch TV, while Rachel went over and sat next to him. I nudged Billie Joe in the side with my foot, trying to wake him up.


I rolled my eyes, and nudged him again as he kept muttering.

"Get up Billie," I whispered, "You're drooling on the floor"

Billie Joe muttered something else, before his eyes fluttered open. I smiled, and helped him up while Tre burst into an uncontrollable laughter...

"What?" Billie Joe asked, raising an eyebrow

I looked down, and ran my hand through my hair, "Your... Erm... Hair" I mumbled

Billie Joe shot Tre an evil look, before slowly raising his hand to his hair, when his mouth dropped open.

"You stupid son of a bitch" Billie Joe groaned, pulling his hand out of his hair, and looking at the shaving cream, "You fuckin asshole"

Tre sat there trying not to laugh, before standing up and dragging Rachel with him.

"Let's leave shaving cream boy and Mandy alone... Come on... We'll go.. Shopping!" He paused, putting his arm around her and nodded, "Yeah! And maybe if your nice enough, I'll let you buy me something"

I laughed softly, and rolled my eyes at Tre before him and Rachel walking out of the suit leaving just Billie Joe and me.