In the End

You're Not Sick

"This was the most refreshing shower I think I've ever taken" Billie Joe muttered into my hair

I nodded slowly, "I can't say I disagree with you there"

"We have to remind Tre to be an asshole and put shaving cream in my hair more often"

Again I nodded, "That we do...That we do"

Billie Joe leaned up against the show wall, lifting a hand from my back and slowly turning the water off, before hesitating and turning it back on. I raised an eyebrow, and looked at him as he looked down at me.

"Their not even back yet," He whispered with a smile, "So why the hell are we in such a hurry?"


"Weell soommeeoonne fucked" Tre cooed, as he shifted on the couch next to me

Rachel and him had gotten back, and almost instantly she fell asleep. Mike had made his way back into the suit a while ago, and had also fallen asleep, just on a different couch, while Billie Joe had just gone into the bathroom. And I was the "Lucky" one sitting next to Tre getting pestered on why Billie Joe and I were no where to be found when everyone piled through the door before.

"Good for someone...even though they didn't..." I muttered, tearing my eyes away from the TV, where they had decided to play Bullet in a Bible.

"We can't even trust you two..." Tre said shaking his head ignoring my comment, "Nope...something we can't do"

"I've noticed by the way you always run in when Billie Joe and I are alone..." I muttered, looking back at the TV

"I just have good timing-"

"Oh, thats what you call it?!" I interrupted him, "Good timing?!"

Tre nodded, "Yup...but then again it's not that hard with you two"

I raised an eyebrow, "We're not you Tre..."

"I'll take that as a compliment" Tre said smiling stupidly

"That's great...even though it wasn't mean to be one"

"Aren't we a nice cheerful girl!"

I groaned, and looked at him, "You honestly don't shut you?"

Tre smiled, "Nope" He paused, "Now lets get back to our first two fucked!"

I sighed, and just turned back to the TV.

"Oh come on! You know you did!! It doesn't take a brain to figure that out!" Tre groaned

"Well that makes sense...considering how you don't have one"

"Ouch...that was cold" Tre muttered

I smiled, "Aww's okay"

Tre smiled, "I'm not fallin for it"

"Falling for what?" I asked, tilting my head to the side innocently

"You're little cute act"

I laughed, and shook my head, "You are the only person in this world that I will never understand"

The bathroom door opened and Billie Joe stepped out, running a hand through his hair. He looked at Tre and I, before sitting next to me, moving Tre and Rachel over. I sighed, and curled up against Billie Joe, "accidently" kicking Tre in the side.

"Not cool! You're weird girlfriend just kicked me, Billie!" Tre whined like a little kid, grabbing the side of his leg like it was the end of the world

I rolled my eyes, and Billie Joe sighed, "Mandy...don't kick Tre even though he probably deserved it...and Tre...I dunno...just don't act like a little kid"

"But I am a kid" Tre muttered

I sighed, and just looked away...there was no way to respond to that.

It was silent for a moment, except for the TV in which Billie Joe was now watching, as Bullet in a Bible still played.

Tre on the other hand, found that poking me was another way to have fun. He sat staring at the TV, poking my leg until I hit his hand.

"Stop poking me" I snapped

"But it's fun"

"For you," I sighed, "Not me"

"You know it is" Tre muttered, "Poking is always fun"

"For the poker" I started, "Not for the poke-ie"

Tre raised an eyebrow, "Pokie? Like the Hokie Pokie?"

I went to say something, as Tre jumped up, and started to sing the "Hokie Pokie" and dancing to it right in front of the TV.

"This is...disturbing" Billie Joe said after a moment to me

I nodded, "I'm starting to feel bad for me and you...having to sit here and watch this"

Billie Joe sighed, "I already feel bad for us"

"But you know...this shows that we're strong"


"That we can sit here and watch Tre try to do a song that not even 5 year olds like"

Billie Joe snorted, as Tre stumbled on his own foot, tripped, and fell...

Landing on poor Mike, who was sleeping.

Mike jumped awake, hitting Tre, who stumbled back, landing on Rachel's legs, making her jump awake.

They both looked at each other, before glaring at Tre.

"Morning ladies" Tre said with a sheepish smile

I jumped up, and grabbed Billie Joe's hand.

"And this is the part where me and you go to bed and leave Rachel and Mike to kill Tre"

"Thanks Mandy..." Muttered Tre

I smirked, and looked back at Billie Joe who started laughing, while nodding.

"It's not my fault you can't do the hokie pokie and not fall" I laughed, shrugging before disappearing into the bedroom , Billie Joe after me.

"Are you worried what their gonna do to him? I mean...Mike isn't the happiest guy when you wake him up...And the look on Rachel's face pretty looked like I do when you wake me up" Billie Joe said, pulling his shirt off

I shrugged, "Whatever he gets he deserves...I mean...come on..." I paused and looked at Billie Joe, who was looking back at me with an eyebrow raised, "Seriously...what idiot does the hokie pokie...and then screws up?!"

Billie Joe laughed, and watched me start to do the hokie pokie on the bed.

Well, that is until I got my foot caught in the sheets, and stumbled back. Billie Joe caught me when I fell, making me laugh.

"That would have been perfect if it was caught on tape"

He laughed, "If there was a tape on I probably wouldn't have caught you"

I laughed, and messed up his hair before jumping away from him.

"Why is that you have to do EVERYTHING I don't want you to do?" Billie Joe muttered, messing up his hair the way 'it was suppose to be done'

"Cuz it gets you annoyed" I said simply, "And we all know how I love to do that"

Billie Joe sighed, "Sad enough...we do know that"

I laughed softly, and slid off my shoes when the door to the bedroom flew open. Billie Joe and I both spun around and looked at the door to see Tre standing there.

"Their gonna kill me!" He yelled

I rolled my eyes, and took off my other shoe, "when they sure to get me so I can watch"

"Rachel is strong," Tre muttered, looking around, "And so is Mike...I can't take the both of them"

I held up a finger, "Keep annoying the hell outta Billie Joe and I, and we'll also team up on you"

"That's not fair! There's 4 people against me!" Tre protested

I sighed, "That's your problem...if you didn't wake poor Rachel or Mike up, and didn't annoy us two" I said, pointing to Billie Joe and myself, "You may have had a chance to live"

Tre went to say something before I heard Mike yell Tré, making Tre panic. I smirked, before pushing Tre out the door, and jumping onto the bed, Billie Joe laughing his ass off, opening the door a little to see what was going on with Tre.

"What are they doing?" I asked him after a moment

Billie Joe turned around "Damn...she IS strong"

I laughed, and raised an eyebrow, "Rachel? How?"

"she's taking Tre by herself..."He paused, "You don't have that 'inner-strength' that you could kick my ass you?"

I started laughing again at Billie Joe, "You never know..."


I grunted to myself, lightly pushing Billie Joe's arm off of me, allowing myself to move around. Billie Joe muttered something, before moving his other arm on top of me, and pulling me against him not letting me move.

"Fine" I pouted, "Don't let me get up"

He just muttered again...before shifting how he was laying once again, only to put me in more of a death trap. I sighed, and just continued to lay there, while Billie Joe moved every couple of seconds so it ended up with him practically on top of me.

The bedroom fell silent for a moment before Billie Joe started to sleep talk...

"The nice thing would be to wake you up right now..." I said softly, "But instead I'm going to sit here and listen to you..."


I sighed, "This is entertaining"

Billie Joe fell silent before letting out a loud snore.

I laughed, and 'accidently' hit Billie Joe making him jump up.

"Fuck off Tre!"

I raised an eyebrow, "Ookay...."

Billie Joe just stared at me, " was YOU"

I laughed, "Yeah...ME"

He stared at me, before pushing me. I laughed, and pushed him back, making him fall off the bed.

"You fall too easily"

"What can I say? I'm an easy falling guy"

I snorted, and rolled off the bed before standing up.

"Where are you going?" He asked, getting up on the bed, before jumping off it and landing next to me

I shrugged again, "I dunno...Other side of the door..."

Billie Joe raised an eyebrow, "If I weren't so slow I'd say that you were being sarcastic"

I smirked, "Then it's a good thing your slow"

"It almost kills me at times at how nice you are"

"Don't die BJ," I said turning around, "Cuz people will think I murdered you.."

Billie Joe gave me a blank stare, "I'd make sure you're blamed"

I sighed, "Thought so"

He laughed, and opened the door to the lounge area of the suit.

Mike was sitting watching TV, with Rachel next to him. I almost asked where Tre was before I noticed someone sitting duck-taped to a chair. Billie Joe must have noticed by the way he burst out laughing his ass off. I however, just stared at Tre.

"Mike..." I said slowly

Mike looked away from the TV, "Morning"

"Yeah...Morning" I muttered, kicking Tre in the leg to get him to wake up

Tre's eyes opened, and narrowed when they saw me. I started laughing, still staring at him, while I could hear him saying things, although they didn't make sense because of the duck-tape.

"Mike..." I said slowly again


"Can I ask you something?"


I turned and looked at him.

"Where did you get the duck-tape?"

I heard Tre yell into the tape, trying to jump up after me..making Billie Joe crease over in laughter.

"Turns out Rachel's mom is a duct tape freak"


" mom has always had issues with duct we just asked her to use some...and she gave it up...I think it's cuz she like's Mike" Rachel said

Mike laughed, "To think I was one of the lucky people who got duct tape"

"Yeah...well...what can I say? My dad tries to stay at work as long as he can for a reason"

I started laughing, until I felt someone kick me. I turned around to see Tre staring at me, before he kicked me again.

"Knock it off, duct tape boy" I snipped

"Woo dis nok jut stay tat" Tre said, still not making sense because of the duct tape.

"What?" I asked raising an eyebrow

"Woo dis nok jut stay tat!!"

"Stay? Stay where?" I asked, clearly getting Tre annoyed


I just stared at him, "What?"

Billie Joe was now only standing because of the door, because of how hard he was laughing.


"Now?" I repeated

Tre starting freaking out in the chair, yelling.

"Woah...Careful Tre...don't wanna get your duct tape up in a bunch" I muttered, trying not to laugh


I just stared blankly at him, "What the hell Tre? Asidkf? That's not even a word"


I blinked, still staring at him, "You know...I WAS gonna help you...but now I think I'm gonna leave you there"

Tre stopped moving, and sighed, "I duh cahr"

I raised an eyebrow, "Okay to whatever you just said..."

Billie Joe was now sitting on the ground laughing his ass off, while Tre started to yell at him for laughing.


"If we go back anytime soon...what will happen to you and Tre?" I asked Rachel, laying across a now sleeping Billie Joe on the couch

"I'll probably leave soon for home...I've been here for a long while" She sighed, moving Tre's hand(yes...he was 'un-duct taped')

"That's can come back with us. Save Mike from the misery of sitting next to Tre on the plane"

Rachel laughed, playing his Tre's hand, as he was asleep, too. All three of the guys were asleep. Mike was asleep on the floor because Tre had pushed him off the couch before, Billie Joe was asleep on one couch with me, and Tre was asleep on another with Rachel. So that left Rachel and I to be the only ones awake.

"Do you live anywhere near the guys?" I asked

"Yeah...I live in Oakland...I've seen Mike walking down the sidewalk with Estelle before..."

I smiled, "She's such an awesome girl...I'd pray to have a kid like her" I said, shaking my head slightly, "She loves Mike to death"

Rachel smiled sweetly, "From the time I saw him he looked like such a good dad"

I laughed quietly, "They all are. Tre is the crazy father that kids grow up to be embarrassed with, Mike is the sweet father who's life is his daughter, and Billie Joe is the crazy, embarrassing, yet cool dad who is gonna end up ripping out his hair someday because of his kids"

Rachel started laughing, while I nodded to myself.

"He's also the kinda person who when he comes home drunk, he's fun to mess with"

Rachel raised an eyebrow, "You've done something to him when he's drunk?"

I laughed evily, and looked up at Billie Joe, "He makes me feel bad though in the morning..."I paused, "Sorta"

She started laughing again, "How so?"

I sighed, "He seems so sweet the morning after...sometimes" I paused like before, "Like when he can't find the aspirin he kisses up to me and asks me where it is," I sighed once again, "Otherwise he gets pissed off easily, and usually throws me out of the room cuz he says I'm annoying him too much"

She started laughing again, as Billie Joe started to wake up. He took his hand from mine, before rubbing the tiredness out of his eyes, and placing it back in mine. I smiled softly, before looking back to Rachel who was looking at Billie Joe and I, smiling.

"How long has everyone been asleep?" Billie Joe asked

I shrugged, "Dunno...hour?"

"Shit," He muttered, "I've been asleep that long?"

I nodded, "mhm"

Billie Joe scrunched up his nose, "I'm beginning to think your right"

I raised an eyebrow, "Huh?"

"I think I DO sleep too much"

I laughed softly, before shaking my head, "Whatddya except from a punk rocker who's running around all the time?"

He smiled, and laughed softly, "Him not to be falling asleep during the day"

I smiled, "Doesn't matter...I mean, the two hobo's who follow us around all the time like they know us are also asleep"

Billie Joe raised an eyebrow, "Really? Mike and Tre fell asleep?"

I laughed again, "I could have been talking about my imaginary friends..."

He sighed, "Right....I forgot about them..."

"I was being sarcastic" I muttered

"Oh...I wasn't"

I rolled my eyes and playfully swatted his arm making him laugh.

Billie Joe licked his lips, "I use to have an imaginary friend..."

I started laughing, "Really?"

"Mhm..." He paused, "His name was Sam"

"No way"

Billie Joe nodded, "mhm...and we were best friends..."

I raised an eyebrow, "Until...?"

He sighed, "Until my brother came in and told me how he sold Sam to some place that hacked him up for people to eat..."

I started laughing my ass off, almost falling off the couch.

"Hey, not cool...Sam was the best imaginary guy around" Billie Joe protested

" you he had him hacked up!?" I asked, gasping for breath

Billie Joe nodded, "Yeah...told me he had him hacked up to little pieces and that meant he would never live again..."

"You cried...didn't you?" I asked

Billie Joe nodded, "I was only 5 or 6! My brother got busted for saying that..."

I started laughing again, shaking my head, "That's so funny, and mean..yet cute"

Billie Joe snorted, "Yeah, it's real cute for a 6 year old to have images of their friend getting hacked up..."

"Not that part!"

He started laughing, shaking his head, "You're just trying to cover yourself up"

I sighed, "Fine..."

"You gave in easily," He said raising an eyebrow

I shrugged, "There is no point in arguing with you. You start out with the arguing, and then you beat me to death...or until I give up"

Billie Joe started laughing again, "That's what happens when you argue your whole life"

I sighed, "I didn't know that arguing with yourself prepared you for life"

"I think I was just insulted"

I laughed, "I think you were, too"

I heard a giggle on the other side of the room, and tried my best to sit up, also hitting Billie Joe's head with my own.


I looked at Billie Joe weirdly, "You are an odd little man"


"Ouchyafuckinmama?" I repeated, "What the hell is that?"

"Tre says it a lot"

I sighed, "Oh Joy"

I heard another laugh from across the room and sighed.

"You're awake?" Billie Joe asked looking over at Rachel

"Yeah...who else do you think Mandy was talkin to when you guys were sleeping?"

Billie Joe sighed, "She's been known to talk to herself"

I swatted at Billie Joe's arm, and turned to Rachel, "Not true...I talk to Billie Joe...he just doesn't listen"

"Yes I do"

I looked back at Billie Joe, "No you don' have selective hearing"

"What the fuck is that?"

I sighed, "You only hear the things you wanna hear..."

"No I don't" He muttered

I nodded, " do. It's pathetic in a way" I turned to Rachel, "I'll ask him to help me with something, like the laundry...cuz this guy goes through like 50 fuckin pairs of pants a week-"

"No I don't!" Billie Joe interrupted, "How do you figure that!?"

"You throw you're pants all over the floor, looking for one pair...and when you find them you kick the other to where the dirty clothes are cuz you're too lazy to put them back! Same with your shirts"

"I don't do that"

"You did it the other day..."

Rachel started laughing again, watching Billie Joe and I.

"Not my point" Billie Joe muttered

I looked at him weirdly, "You didn't have a point in the first place!"

"Yes I did!" He argued

"Oh really? What was it then?"

"I...forgot" He muttered looking away

"You forgot in the past 3 minutes?!"


"Billie...that's pathetic...even for you"

"You're just jealous"

I raised an eyebrow, "Sure Billie..."

"Is this what you do when I'm asleep?" I heard someone say

I sat up again, much to Billie Joe's dismay, and looked over at Tre.

"Yesh..." I muttered, laying back down


"It's yes with an h...yesh"

"Hey! That's what Billie Joe says when he's drunk"

Billie Joe glared at Tre, "How would you know?! Every time I'm drunk you are too"

"Am Not"

"Are to"

I groaned, and got up off Billie Joe, "Don't argue with Tre, Billie Joe...he'll beat the shit outta you to win"

Billie Joe sighed, "Trust me...I know"

I laughed, and shook my head, "It makes me wonder how I live with you 2..."


I jumped back, almost falling and looked at Tre.

"What the fuck was that about!? Don't yell like that! You'll wake Mike up"

"I'm already up..."

I turned away from Tre to look at Mike, "Nice Tre...real Nice"

Tre giggled in an annoying way, making me give him a dirty look and just sit on Billie Joe again, while Mike got up.

"How'd I get on the floor?" Mike asked

Before Tre could answer I jumped up, "Tre pushed you off the couch"

"No! Mandy did!" Tre argued

I raised an eyebrow, "I was sitting with Billie Joe...what desire would I have to run over and push Mike off the couch?"

"What desire would you have to push ME off the couch?" Tre asked slowly

I just looked at him, "I don't have one..."

"I knew it!"

I blinked and shook my head, "You're gonna give me a headache"

Tre pretended to look offended, "I'm surprised I haven't already"

I glared at him, and pressed my hand to my temple, rubbing it slightly.

"It's official, Tre..." I muttered

"What is?"

"You are your own little freak show"

Tre was silent for a moment before jumping up, "I AM MY OWN LITTLE FUCKIN FREAK SHOW!"

"Shut up!" I yelled angrily, "You're giving me a fucking headache! I already feel like shit!"

Billie Joe raised an eyebrow, "You don't feel well?"

I shook my head, "No..."

And it was the truth...for a while I had been feeling like shit.

He stuck out his lower lip, pretending to pout making me smile. He laughed softly, and opened his arms as if to tell me to go to him. I smiled again, and sat down with Billie Joe, laying my head on his chest while he gently placed his arms around my back.

There was a short silence, interrupted by someone's cell phone ringing. I lifted my head from Billie Joe's chest to see Billie Joe himself dig his cell phone out of his pocket.

"Sorry" He muttered, kissing my forehead

I smiled softly, and dropped my head back on his chest.

"Hello?..." Billie Joe sighed, "Hey Rob....New York City....Yes still...we're suppose to catch a flight tonight..." He paused, "I don't know...the flights are all fucked up...but Tre called this morning..." He sighed, "Their fucked up cuz it was snowing here"

They kept talking for another 5 minutes before Billie Joe hung up. He sighed, and looked at Tre and Mike.

"Our flight leaves in a couple hours..." He muttered scratching the back of his neck


"We could always re-schedule the flight" Billie Joe said, gently placing his hand on the back of my neck, nodding to himself, "Yeah...I think it's best if we do that"

I shook my head, taking it from his chest, "I can last Billie Joe...I think it's better if we just get home...I'll be more comfortable there"

Mike sighed, "I think Billie Joe's right, Mandy..."

I shrugged, "I'm telling you..I'll be fine," I rolled my eyes and their faces, "I just got sick, all right? It may have been something I ate"

Billie Joe shook his head, "'s better if we stay in New York least until you get better"

"I'm not sick!" I barked, pulling away from Billie Joe, "I don't know why you think that I am! If anything I'm fuckin home sick!"

Both guys looked at each other, and then at me.

"Well you sure as hell aint well" Billie Joe snipped, "You don't just puke outta no where for no reason"

I rolled my eyes again, "Doesn't mean I'm sick"

"Chill out Mandy," Mike started, "We're just tryin to help"

I wrapped my arms around myself, "I didn't ask for fuckin help" I muttered bitterly

"Why are you being so harsh?" Billie Joe asked, confused, and a little hurt, "I's not like we're bein total assholes"

I glared at him, "Stop being so concerned"

He hesitated, before gently wrapping his arm around my waist, "I can't help but be concerned..." He whispered into my ear

Damn him. Damn fucking him. Him and his fucking charm...Asshole.

I sighed, and turned to look at him, only for our eyes to meet. He had that certain look in his eyes between begging, pleading, and concern.

"Just tonight" He said into my ear, "We'll stay at least just tonight..."

I went to say something, but he shook his head.

" at least make me feel better...stay tonight...and you might feel better in the morning"

"Our flight leaves in an hour Billie...we could be home in 5 hours"

He shook his head, "You're sick-"

"I'm not sick" I snapped, annoyed

He sighed, before gently kissing my cheek, "Fine're not sick"