In the End

The Truth Can Kill

Mike and I dragged the suitcases outside of the airport. Rachel had gone ahead, to make sure that Billie Joe and Tre wouldn't kill each other.

On the way out we passed some of the people who had witnessed Billie Joe and Tre beating each other on the plane's stairs, and arguing on the plane. They glared at Mike and I, making us only walk faster.

Billie Joe and Tre sat outside. Rachel was sitting next to Tre, while Billie Joe wasn't looking at him.

"How ya doin?!" I asked in an annoying voice, "Beat each other yet?!"

"It's not my fault...that lady was a bitch" Billie Joe muttered standing up

I rolled my eyes, "Oh yeah...excuse her for kicking out the 2 idiots fighting with each other on the plane's stairs, blocking everyone"

"It wasn't my fault" Billie Joe said, "The asshole ran back up the steps and pushed me into someone"

"Into me" I muttered

Billie Joe smiled innocently, "Into yoou"

I sighed, and shook my head as he wrapped his arm around my waist.

I jumped slightly and he laughed, pulling me close against him.

It was killing me, hiding everything from him...and it was gonna start showing how I was lying.


Everything was calm. And I loved it.

Billie Joe lay on the couch next to me, holding me close to him and resting his head on my shoulder. He looked over at my profile, and smiled softly, just happy to be home and alone.

Rachel had actually gone back over Tre's for a while, considering how he wanted her to meet Claudia, and just to be with each other for a while. They had grown close in a short time...which probably just meant that they really liked each other.

Mike had gone back to his home, with the phone number from the girl he had met on the plane. He said he liked her after about 10 minutes of Billie Joe and Tre pestering him.

It seemed like things were working out for the 3 Green Day guys finally.

"Do I snore?" Billie Joe muttered into my ear

I started laughing at the question.

" do snore"




I snorted, and shook my head, "I don't know"

"Do I sleep talk?" He asked

I sighed, "Why are you asking?"

He shrugged, "I dunno.."

I smiled, and turned around to face him. He smiled softly at me, pressing his lips against mine.

"I'm so tired" He said after a moment

I nodded, "So am I"

He hummed, and buried his head in my neck, wrapping his arm around me tighter, and pulling me close to him.

"I'm so happy to be home now" He murmured into my neck, kissing it lightly, "I mean...I love being with the guys...their my fuckin family...but it's so nice to be home"

I nodded, "Mhm"

He kissed my neck again, moving his lips from my neck to my jaw line. He slowly shifted himself on top of me, resting his hands on my hips. He lifted my shirt up a little bit, resting his cold hands on the skin underneath it.

And for the oddest reason...I couldn't. I couldn't go on.

"Billie" I whispered

He lifted my shirt up a little more, before realizing I had said his name.

"Mmmm" He hummed

"I...can't" I managed to say

He opened his eyes, and looked at me.

"What?" He asked, tilting his head to the side

"I'm sorry..." I whispered, "I...just...can't"


He looked at me weirdly, and nodded. In my mind I could see him getting up and walking away. But instead, he just lay himself down on top of me, resting his head on my chest.

"Sorry" I whispered sadly

He looked up at me, and smiled softly. I knew he was confused at why all of a sudden I couldn't...maybe a little something else, but he just kept the smile on his face.

I ran my hand through his hair, while he sighed. He closed his eyes slowly, resting his hand on my stomach making me flinch. He was so innocent at the moment, yet he was scaring me...because it seemed that he knew so much.

"Hey, look" He said, lifting his arm lazily, "Re-run"

I looked over at the TV to see the TRl that they had been on only a few days ago. I laughed, looking at all three of them. Sure, it hadn't been funny at the time...but looking at the way they stood, all looking as if they hated each other did make me laugh.

"That was such a fucked up day" Billie Joe said with a light laugh, "Me and you fought...made up...made out...I punched drunk"

I laughed, "Not to mention you told me that you thought I smelt good"

Billie Joe turned a light shade of red, "Who knows...maybe you did"

I laughed, and shook my head, "That was one of the most fucked up trips I've ever taken," I said, "I mean..half the stuff that happened was good, the rest was fucked up"

"Mhm" He hummed, nodding.

"We met people there...which was good...Well...except for Lizzie"

Billie Joe frowned, "She caused a huge rift in our relationship for a while..."

"Yeah," I muttered, "We got over it...but I just really fucking hate her"

He nodded again.

"But there were bright sides of New York City...I mean, Tre found someone...Mike might have..."

Once again...he nodded.

"We got to get away...and I found that-" My eyes widened as I cut myself off

Billie Joe raised his head to look at me, "What?"

"Nothing" I said quickly

He shook his head, " found out what?"


He looked at me weirdly, "Why won't you tell me?" He asked, "I've been...hiding things from me...and I try to shrug it off, ya know? I know you need to have some things to yourself...but you're not lettin me in on whats wrong anymore"

I looked at him sadly, feeling my heart drop. He just kinda looked at me sadly...

"I'm sorry..." I whispered looking away

He shook his head, "Don't be sorry...I kinda hurts..." He mumbled, "That you feel like you can't tell me anything anymore...or well, that's how it seems"

He got up off me, and stretched, "I'm gonna go to bed...I'm tired" He bent down and kissed me quickly, "Night babe"

I watched him slowly walk up the stairs, and sat up feeling horrible. I really had hurt Billie Joe.

Within a few minutes I heard the shower running from upstairs, before I heard the bathroom door close.

It had been what seemed forever...and he was still in the shower. I went to get up, to go see if he was okay...but as soon as I did the water turned off, and a couple minutes later I heard the bathroom door open.

I sighed, and slid down lower on the couch. This sucked.

And he was right. Why couldn't I tell him anything lately?

I heard footsteps before Billie Joe called my name.

"What?" I yelled back

He came down the steps with a towel wrapped around his waist tightly. Part of me thought that he had done that on purpose..he knew my weakness when it came to him.

"Why ya still down here?" He asked, gripping the towel, "It's already 12..."

I raised an eyebrow, "Really..?"

He nodded, licking his lip.

"I guess..I was just watching Tv"

He nodded, "Aah"

I knew that wasn't the real reason he had come downstairs.

He stood there, looking at me while I looked back at him in an awkward silence.

He nodded, and smiled softly, "All right...well...ugh...night"

I watched him walk upstairs, and found myself getting up, shutting off the tv and following him up the stairs.

Damn him.


I rolled over, hitting Billie Joe, making him swat me in his sleep angrily. I pushed him, making him annoyed again. He pushed me back, before rolling over.

"You're so nice" I muttered, sitting up.

He grunted, and pushed me over again.

I smirked, and got up from the bed, rubbing my eyes and yawning.

Billie Joe yawned, and muttered something, before rolling over and throwing a pillow on top of his head.

"Mrrrr gggrruummmpp" I slurred, rolling my eyes playfully

He muttered something else, lifted his head, grabbed a pillow and threw it at me.

I fell over, being as I wasn't exactly balanced at the moment.

I got up, threw the pillow back at Billie Joe, who groaned again, and sat up.

"I'm fucking up...okay?" He snapped


Billie Joe glared at me, before getting up. I stared at him, my mouth opened while I started to laugh my ass off.

"What?" He asked, looking at me

"" I breathed out, still laughing my ass off


"The nude!" I finished, nearly falling over in laughter

Billie Joe looked at me, before looking at himself.

"You I always say" He muttered, trying to think, "I rather sleep in the nude than clothed?"

I kept laughing, "I guess so"

He looked around, before finding the towel from last night and wrapping it around himself.

"And besides," Billie Joe said, "You know you like it"

He wriggled his eyebrows, making me nearly fall over in laughter.

Billie Joe laughed, and looked around the room before grabbing some clothes and slipping them on quickly. He smirked, and stuck out his tongue at the look on my face.

I laughed, and stuck out my tongue, too.

"I'll race you" Billie Joe said after a moment

I rased an eyebrow, "Hmm?"

"Down to the kitchen" He said, "We have waffles"

I tried to look at him without laughing, but it was impossible.

"No way" I said my eyes wide, "We have...waffles?"

He nodded slowly, his eyes also wide, biting his bottom lip, "Yeah...waffles"

"No way"


The scary thing is we both managed to not laugh at how pathetic we were.

"You'll lose" Billie Joe said, biting his lip again

"Nah ugh" I said, holding up my finger and standing up

He nodded, "Yeah huh"

"Nah ugh"

"Yeah huh"

"Nah ugh" Billie Joe shoved me, and took off

I got up from the bed, and ran after him, catching up, and nearly sending him flying down the stairs. He stumbled down the rest of them, laughing his ass off.

"You're such a loser!" I squealed, pushing him

I walked into the kitchen, and turned around to show off that I had made it first.

"Oh yeah" Billie Joe muttered, scratching the back of his neck, "I forgot to mention that whoever makes it in here first has to make breakfast"

I glared at him, "Loser"

He smirked, "And that's why I don't have to cook"

I gave him a look, and rolled my eyes, walking back into the kitchen.


"I have syrup in my hair" I muttered, angrily

Billie Joe smiled stupidly, "The fish did it"

I looked over at Freddie, who we had picked up from Tre's yesterday...and much to Tre's despite Frankito didn't eat him.

"No, unlike you the fish is normal"

"Yeah," Billie Joe snorted, "And that's only cuz he's not smart"

"Ooh look" I said, poking his chest, "You and the fish have something common. Lack of intelligence"


I laughed, and took the plate from Billie Joe who was now pretending to be hurt.

"I'm more smart than that cat-fish"

I raised an eyebrow, "Cat fish?"

"No...I called the fish a cat, but it's not a cat so I corrected myself"

I looked at Billie Joe for a moment, "What?"


"Fish..." I repeated, "Like go fish? Holey shit...I lost that game every time when I was little. And then I'd get up, kick the person I was playing against, throw the cards at them and walk away"

Billie Joe stared at me for a moment, before laughing his ass off once again.

"You'd kick the poor person?"

I nodded, "At least I wouldn't get drunk and throw a baseball at them"

Billie Joe groaned, "Not this again"

"It's true! You hit your own kid with a about child abuse"

"I'll show you abuse" He muttered

I rolled my eyes, "You already do"

Billie Joe nearly spit out the water that he had just taken a sip of. I started laughing at the sour look on his face, whilst he was trying not to laugh even harder than he had.

"Smooth, Billie Joe" I said, shaking my head, "Choke on your own water..brilliant"

Billie Joe gave me a 'Shut-the-fuck-up-loser" look, now coughing on the water.

He stopped coughing, and took another sip of water making me laugh.

"You choke on water..and then drink more-" But I cut myself off, "Ew! Billie Joe!"

Billie Joe smirked, putting the glass down and swallowing the water he hadn't spit out at me on purpose.

"That was mean" I muttered, looking at my shirt, "Spitting your water out at me...loser"

He looked at me, trying not to choke again on the water that he had took another sip of.

"It's even on my face...that's...odd"

Billie Joe snorted, and bent over.

I looked at him, "Did that just come out of your nose...?"

He started shaking from laughing, and nodded, standing up straight, " did"

"That happened to me once!" I said, nodding, "Mhm...I was drinking soda hurt....only cuz soda is like bubbly..."

Billie Joe started laughing his ass off again, coughing again.

"Yeah...and I was laughing because my toaster in my house started a fire"

"Oh my god" Billie Joe managed to say, "And you tell me that I'M a fuckin wack job"

"You are" I stated simply

"At least I don't watch my house burn down"

I shrugged, "Not like it was gonna be a big lost...I hated that house"

"So you set it on fire with the toaster?!" He asked

"Hey, I didn't try to...I was 11"

"So you were evil when you 11?"

"Yuh huh" I said, nodding


I laughed, and hopped up on a stool in the kitchen, "I was a nice kid, Billie"

"I'm not sayin you weren't...I'm just sayin you also weren't innocent"

I looked hard at him, and shrugged, "You're right..."

He nodded, "Mhm"

I jumped up off the stool, going upstairs to change, "And you know what the worst part was about the toaster fire?!"

"Nope..what?" He asked

"It didn't even work!"


"And so you came here..." I muttered

Tre nodded, "Mhm"

Billie Joe groaned, and slid down farther on the couch. Tre had been kicked out of the house that morning because he had been yelling for Claudia, meanwhile waking up Frankito, waking up Claudia, and the dog who decided to bark for an hour straight...

So she kicked him out of the house, telling him to go out for at least 3 hours so everyone could sleep in peace.

Rachel had gone back to her home late the night before, saying how she hadn't been there forever..and when he called her to annoy the hell out of her she chose not to pick up, and just to continue to sleep.

"Why didn't you bother Mike?" I asked

"Cuz he told me that he would kill me"

"Smart guy..." Billie Joe muttered

Tre nodded, "Mhm"

I sighed, and got up, "I'll be back...I'm cold"

Billie Joe nodded, "Okay"

Tre smiled, "I'm cold, too"

"Pervert" I muttered

I walked up the stairs slowly, looking down at my feet. I felt a hand on my back push me up the stairs, making me stumble.

And for once I was hoping that it was Billie Joe in one of his 'moods' again.

"You tell him?" Tre asked

I sighed, angry, of course it was Tre...


"Why not?" Tre asked

"It's really not that simple Tre" I mumbled, "Did you even get kicked out?! Or did you just want to come over here and bug me about telling him?"

Tre shrugged, "Both"

"I hate you" I muttered

"Aww don't worry, I love you, too"


Tre laughed, "Soo...did you?"

"You already asked"

"You didn't give me the answer I wanna hear" Tre said back

I looked at him, "What do you want me to do, Tre?!"

Tre sat down on the bed, "I really thought that was kinda obvious..."

I ran my hand through my hair, and looked down before grabbing a sweater out of my closet.

"If you tell him tonight I'll give you a dollar" Tre cooed

I couldn't help but laugh at that.

"Wow Tre...a whole dollar"

He shrugged, "It works on Frankito. I tell him that if he goes to get the mail, or let out the dog I'll give him a dollar and he does it"

"Poor kid"

"He gets a dollar...I lose a dollar...consider him lucky"

I laughed again, and pulled my sweatshirt over my t-shirt before leaving the room, Tre following me.

Billie Joe lay down on the couch, staring at the ceiling. He was humming to himself out of boredom.

"Careful, Billie" I mumbled, "People may think your weird if you keep doing that"

Billie Joe looked at me, and smirked. I laughed, and sat down next to him as Tre dragged his feet against the ground.

"I'm gonna go and annoy the hell outta Rachel..." He muttered, "Bye all"

"Bye Tre" Billie Joe and I both said

Billie Joe and I looked at each other, and smiled.

"What did Tre want?" Billie Joe asked, sitting up and allowing me to sit down

I shrugged, "Nothing"

Billie Joe raised an eyebrow, "What is it that he wants you to tell me?"

I felt the knot in my throat grow larger.

"That..." I shrugged, "I don't know"

Billie Joe looked at me, before looking away, "Here we go again."

"What?" I asked, confused

"You not telling me...You won't tell me anything again"

I looked sadly at him, before getting up.

"You're just gonna walk away?" Billie Joe asked, "Just walk away and pretend everything is fine?"

I looked at him again, "I wanna tell you-"

"So tell me," Billie Joe said, edging closer to me, "Tell me like you use to so that I wouldn't feel like you're scared of telling me know I'd understand whatever you're gonna say."

I looked down, not knowing what to say.

"If it was only that simple-"

"It is," Billie Joe cut in, standing up in front of me

My bottom lip quivered as I rested my head on his chest.

"You have to promise me that you won't hate me-"

"Promise" He mumbled, cutting me off, and wrapping his arms around me

And before I could even stop myself, the words flew out of my mouth.

"I'm pregnant"

Everything went still, and it was as if both of us stopped breathing. Billie Joe stared down at me his eyes wide with his mouth slightly open. His arms fell from around my waist, so they were at his side. Except for expression was shown on his face what-so-ever.