In the End

Spillers With Fillers

"Whatcha doing?"

I looked up from the floor, in which I had been cleaning, the opposite of what Billie Joe had wanted me to do.

"Cleaning, smart-ass" I said, blowing a piece of hair out of my eyes

Tre smirked, "You're so nice and welcoming"

"I am," I started, "When people don't ask the obvious"

Tre snorted, and shook his head.

"Where's Billie boy?"

"Still asleep"

Tre scrunched his nose up, "It's 2 in the afternoon"

"He's a late sleeper" I muttered

Tre sighed, "I know...but until 2?!"

I shrugged, "He stayed up late last night..."

Tre cocked his head to the side, "Why?"

"Dunno...we both did, just doing...nothing"

"Woo hoo!" Tre said sarcastically, "Fucking fun!"

I rolled my eyes, before sticking my hand under the faucet that I had turned on, and shaking them in Tre's face, getting him wet.

"Aww! Come on!" Tre whined, wiping his sleeve on his face, "That was mean!"

I stuck out my tongue, and hopped up on the counter, "You shouldn't have been there"

"You shouldn't have been there" Tre mocked angrily

I laughed, and swung my legs, "Ever been told you don't act your age?"

Tre nodded, "Mhm"

"It's true"

There was a silence between us.

"Did you-" Tre started


Tre looked at me, surprised by my answer, "You told him?"

I nodded, biting my lip, "Yes"

Tre's eyes widened, as he jumped up on the counter next to me.

"What happened?!"

I sighed, "He hates me"

Tre stared at me, his eyes wide, his mouth open.

We looked at each other for a moment, before I started laughing.

"You're so gullible, Tre" I snorted, "I'm just kidding"

Tre looked as if he had shit his pants.

"That wasn't funny!" Tre gasped, hitting my arm playfully, "I thought you were serious!"

I started laughing even harder, and turned to face him.

"He's happy," I said, nodding, "He really is. And you were right...he want's a little girl"

Tre grinned from ear to ear, "I told you!"

I sighed, and hopped down from the counter, "I know...but, y'know, you expect the worst"

He nodded, "True, true"

I looked down, and nodded.

"Hey, where's Rachel?" I asked, looking back up

Tre sighed, "I was on my way over to her house...but I thought I'd stop by here"

I nodded, "Aah..." I thought for a moment, "Hey...if you wanna get her, and come back over...that'd be cool"

Tre looked at me, "You sure"

"Mhm" I said nodding, "Yeah"

"All right," Tre picked his keys up from the counter, "I shall be back"

I laughed, "All right, see ya Tre"

The drummer walked out of the kitchen, making his way through the house and back to his car.


"I'm so fucked"

A pair of arms wrapped around my waist, and a head rest on my shoulder.

I looked behind me, only to meet black hair. I smiled softly, and raised an eyebrow.

"It's nearly 2:30"

Billie Joe groaned, rubbing his head on my shoulder, "I can't believe I slept this late...since when have you been up?"

I shrugged, causing his head to bob up and down.

"10 or 11" I guessed

Billie Joe yawned, " make me look like a get up at 10 and I get up at 3"

I started laughing, and ran my hand through his hair.

"Tre and Rachel are coming over"

"Hmmm?" He hummed

"Rachel and Tre...are coming over"

"When?" Billie Joe asked, his voice muffled because of my neck

"Now...but Tre is getting in a little"

Billie Joe sighed, nuzzling his nose in my neck, "Okay...well at least we have time to-"

"I'm back! And I have mah lady!"

Billie Joe groaned, "So much for that"

I laughed, and managed to swing my arm around his neck. Tre and Rachel walked into the kitchen, Rachel looking around amazed.

"You have such a nice house" Rachel said, looking around

"Thanks" Billie Joe muttered into my neck

"You're awake" Tre pointed out

"No fucking way" Billie Joe muttered bitterly

"Hey Mandy!" Tre started, "He has the same sense of humor that you had before!"

I started laughing again, and shook my head, "He's pissed off"

"He's right here" Billie Joe mumbled

Rachel laughed, now looking around the kitchen.

Billie Joe lifted his head from my neck, and looked at Tre, yawned, and then stumbled over to the table.

"Have a rough night?" Tre asked

Billie Joe muttered something into his arm, before lifting his head and looking at Freddie, while Freddie looked back at him.

"What's it like to be a fish?" Billie Joe mumbled, "Swim around all day, actually think your going somewhere"

"It's probably better than being you, and having no idea where your going" Tre said, sitting down

"I know where I'm going" Billie Joe protested

"Oh yeah?" Tre asked, "Where?"

"To sleep"


"If Billie Joe wakes up," I started, looking at Tre and shoving the marker in my pocket, "He's going to personally murder you"

Tre shrugged, "Let him try"

"He's gonna try" I said, nodding

Tre sighed, "I'll win"

"You'd hope so" Rachel said, nodding and also shoving a marker in his pocket, "But I'm sure he can do something"

"Hey" Tre pouted, "You're my girlfriend...your supposed to stick up for me"

Rachel smiled, "All right...well, if Billie Joe decides to beat your ass...I'm sure you'll do fine"

"Thanks" Tre muttered folding his arms

She laughed, and folded her arms also.

Billie Joe muttered something, before picking his head up off the table. I stared at his face, trying not to laugh at what Tre, Rachel, and I had done.

Fortunately, Rachel and I managed to not laugh. Unfortunately, Tre didn't.

Tre burst out laughing, nearly falling over. Billie Joe looked at him weirdly, raising an eyebrow.

"What's so funny...?" Billie Joe asked slowly

Tre shook his head, laughing his ass off ""

Billie Joe looked at Tre, before his mouth dropped open, "What the fuck did you do to my face?!"

Tre's eyes widened, "Nothing!" He squeaked

Billie Joe wiped his forehead on his arm, running his hands over his face.

"I can't believe you" Billie Joe snipped, before stuffing his hands in his pockets, and pulling out a sharpie.

"That can't be good" Rachel whispered to me

I nodded, "We should leave them alone"

We both backed out of the kitchen, and went into the lounge, both of us laughing.

Well...until there was a bang, and a crash and Tre yelling.

Rachel and I looked at each other, before both of us got up and walked to the kitchen door.

"What the hell?!" I nearly yelled, stepping inside of the kitchen, "What are you doing?!"

Billie Joe lay on top of Tre, his legs on either side of Tre's waist while he bent over Tre's face doing something.

"Woah...what the hell?" Rachel gasped, walking into the kitchen also

"Get off me!" Tre snapped, trying to push Billie Joe off

"No! I'm almost done!" Billie Joe grunted

I stood there next to Rachel with my eyes wide, watching them.


Billie Joe jumped off Tre, capped the sharpie and shoved it in his pocket before walking over to where Rachel and I stood.

"What was that about?" I asked, turning to Billie Joe

Billie Joe smirked, trying to wipe the marker off his face, "Payback"

I looked back to Tre, before doubling over in laughter.

"What the fuck did he write!?" Tre asked, rubbing his forehead

Rachel turned around, covering her mouth with her hands trying not to laugh...and failing.

"What did he write?!" Tre repeated, "In fucking sharpie!?"

I finally stood up, before clinging onto Billie Joe for support.

"Tre" I gasped, " may be proud of it," I hit my head against Billie Joe shoulder, still laughing my ass off, "But having 'I'm a wanker' on your forehead is taking it a little too far"

Billie Joe's smirk turned into a full grin before he started laughing his ass off, too.

"YOU WROTE WHAT?!" Tre yelled

Billie Joe stumbled back, laughing his ass off. Rachel and I were trying to catch our breaths as Tre freaked out.

"HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO GO INTO PUBLIC WITH THIS?!" He yelled, rubbing his forehead furiously.

Billie Joe shook his head, "I don't know...but look at the bright side...I don't"

Tre glared at Billie Joe, before making his way into the bathroom, where he sat and tried to get the marker off.


"Hey-" Mike stopped talking immediately as soon as he saw Tre, "What does that say?" He asked, squinting, "I'm a wanker?"

Tre gave Mike a "I'll-fucking-kill-you" look, "NO! It says your mother fucking mom!"

Mike looked at Tre's forehead again, " says I'm a wanker...why did you write that?" He paused, "And in stands out"

"Shut up, man!" Tre snapped, slapping his hand over his forehead, "I fucking know! Billie fucking Joe did it!"

Mike looked at Billie Joe, starting to laugh.

"You did that?"

Billie Joe nodded, "Mhm"

"Why?" Mike asked, amused, "And why didn't you call me to watch?"

Billie Joe smirked, "Dumbass over there decided to color all over my face when I fell asleep this afternoon, along with Mandy and I decided to get Tre back. Mandy would have done something to me tonight when I fell asleep"

I licked my lip, "'re beginning to realize what I'm capable of"

Billie Joe laughed, and nodded, "Yeah...I'm starting to smarten up"

I smiled to myself, curling up more on the couch next to Rachel. It had been cool to have another girl around...especially one that I got along perfectly with.

"I dunno, Tre" Rachel said, pulling her knees up to her chin, "I least your starting to admit everything"

Tre looked at Rachel, narrowing his eyes, "I didn't admit ANYTHING! The jackass over there who calls himself Billie Joe wrote it on me!"

I raised an eyebrow, "Don't blame everything on Billie Joe"

Billie Joe snickered, watching Tre get even more pissed off. He turned to Billie Joe on the couch, before tackling him.

Billie Joe yelled, falling back on the couch as Tre tore the marker out of Billie Joe's pocket.

"Get your hand outta my pocket you fucker!!" Billie Joe yelled, trying to push Tre off of him

"Not until I get the damned marker and write on you" Tre groaned

"GET OFF!" Billie Joe yelled, shoving Tre off of him

Tre fell off the couch, the uncapped sharpie in his hand. I looked at Billie Joe, my mouth dropping open.

Tre had managed to draw a messed up line going from Billie Joe's forehead to his chin.

"Oh no" Billie Joe muttered, seeing the look on my face, "What?!"

"Line" I managed to say, tracing where the red marker line covered his face on my own

Billie Joe stared back at me, before jumping up, going after Tre.

Mike sat there watching Billie Joe and Tre, before starting to laugh his ass off.

"Get fucking back here!" Billie Joe called after Tre, slipping on the floor, losing his balance before starting to run after him again.

"They're gonna break everything" I muttered, shaking my head, "And then Billie Joe is only gonna get more mad"

Mike went to say something, but was interrupted by a crash, a bang and the sound of glass breaking.

"GOD DAMMIT!" Billie Joe yelled

I sighed, "Told you"


"I think I have glass in my finger" Billie Joe muttered, looking at his finger, "Do you see anything?"

He put his finger close to my eyes, hoping I would give him the right answer.

"Billie...I dunno" I mumbled, looking at his finger, "You shouldn't have tried to pick up glass with your hand"

"I wanted to throw it at Tre"

"Oh yeah," I said sarcastically, "And that makes it so much better"

I heard Tre laugh at Billie Joe, causing Billie Joe to look away from me and glare at Tre.

"You had to knock that over dumbass, didn't you?" Billie Joe asked angrily

Tre stared at him, "I didn't knock it over! You pushed me into it!"

I rolled my eyes at both of them, as Rachel also did.

"You two make yourselves look pathetic"

"It's natural for him" Tre smirked

Billie Joe pretended to be shocked, "Oh no you fuckin didn't"

"Oh no," I muttered, "Here we go...again"

Rachel nodded, agreeing with me.

Tre and Billie Joe jumped up again, looking at each other.

"Billie Joe...give it up"


"Fine" I mumbled, crossing my arms, "Fucking fight him until he beats you to a pulp"

"If you say so" Billie Joe said, winking at me

I licked my lip, before standing up and going to where Rachel was.

"I got 15 bucks on saying Tre will win" I said, loud enough for Billie Joe to hear

"Hey!" Billie Joe squeaked, "I heard that!"

I pretended to be shocked, "Damn...I told you to keep it down"

Rachel snorted, "Fine. I bet Billie Joe will win"

Billie Joe smiled stupidly, "Ha"

I smirked, and sat down next to her. Tre sighed, "Where's Mike?"

"Cell phone" I answered simply, pointing to the door, "Where he's been for a while"

"Really?" Billie Joe asked, sitting back down, beckoning me over

I nodded, and got up crossing Tre's path and sitting down on the couch next to Billie Joe, who draped his arm around my shoulder, putting his legs up on the table.

Tre sat down next to Rachel, doing the same except there was no table for his feet to go up on.

"Maybe he really like that girl" Billie Joe said after a moment

I pulled my knees up to my chin, and looked at Billie Joe raising an eyebrow.

"Geee" I slurred, "Ya think?"

Billie Joe nodded, "Mhm"

I laughed, and shook my head, resting it on his chest.

"Mikey boy gots himself a giirrllfrieend" Billie Joe cooed

Tre cocked his head to the side, "New York planes did a good thing for us"

"Huh?" Billie Joe asked

Tre hugged Rachel to him, "Mike met a girl on a plane...You met her...and well...Not on a plane, but in New York I bet this freak"

Rachel's mouth dropped open, "Hey!"

Tre looked at Rachel, and smiled stupidly, "Hi"

She sighed, and shoved Tre over, "You're lucky that I'm not in the mood to argue with you"

Tre smiled again, "Mhm"

"He should take her to the awards" Tre said after a moment, nodding, "Yeah...that would be good...then none of us would have to stand there looking at the others who are with their dates like usual"

I snorted, and shook my head.

"You make the easiest thing sound horrible" I said

Tre smirked, "I knoooww"

I looked over at Billie Joe, who's head was down, his eyes closed with his mouth open.

I went to wake him up, when the door flew open banging against the outside and Mike walked in. Billie Joe jumped up from the noise nearly giving himself a heart attack.

"What the fuck man!?" He yelled at Mike

Mike looked at him "What...?"

"You coulda given me a fucking heart attack!" Billie Joe yelled, "Fuckin cryin out loud!"

I looked at Mike, who just blinked. It took me every bit of will power not to laugh at that moment.


"Sure you didn't!" Billie Joe cut off Mike, "Probably wanted to fucking give me a heart attack!"

"Ugh...sure" Mike muttered

Billie Joe grunted, and sat back down, "Thought who were you talking to for the past hour?"

"Are you bipolar?" Mike asked raising an eyebrow

Billie Joe shrugged, "I don't know"

Mike nodded, " should get that checked"

"Sure thing"

Mike looked at Billie Joe for a moment, before sitting down in the recliner.

"Remember the girl from the-"


Everyone looked at Tre who had suddenly jumped up, cutting Mike off.

"What?" Mike asked, confused


Billie Joe looked at me, moving closer to me and trying to get away from Tre.

"Tre...?" Rachel said slowly


"Freak" Billie Joe coughed

"Heard that, Armstrong" Tre said, looking at Billie Joe who smiled innocently

"Only telling the truth" Billie Joe said with a nod of his head

"Anyway!" Tre nearly yelled, "I told all 4 of you that he liked the girl from the plane"

"Thanks Tre" Mike mumbled

Tre looked at Mike, "Oh crap..You're here"

Mike sighed, and rolled his eyes.


Billie Joe smirked, watching the two argue as Rachel sat there shaking her head at Tre.

He moved his arm from around my shoulders to my stomach where he patted it lightly absent-mindedly. I smiled softly, closing my eyes hearing Mike and Tre bicker.

Billie Joe started to close his eyes, when there was another crash. Mike gasped, and Tre became silent.

"If I open my I going to kill anyone?" Billie Joe asked calmly

Before Tre could say anything, Mike interrupted, "You'll kill Tre"


I opened my eyes to see Tre standing next to the coffee table that Billie Joe had his feet up on. The glass in it on one side was smashed. My mouth dropped open, as I looked from the table to Tre.


I looked at Billie Joe, who had unraveled himself from me, and jumped up on the couch.

"WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO?!" Billie Joe yelled, looking at the table

"I tripped...and fell...on your table"

"That's fucking expensive fuckhead!"


"You're gonna be fucking sorry!"

Billie Joe jumped off the couch, and went to go after Tre when I grabbed him by the shirt, pulling him back on the couch.

"Last time you two freaked out on each other you got glass in your finger...not smart"

"He'll fucking deserve it this time!" Billie Joe struggled against my grip trying to go after Tre

"Down boy, down" I teased, still holding him by his shirt

"Ha! You have to be held back!" Tre laughed, making faces at Billie Joe

Billie Joe glared at Tre, still struggling against my grip

"Lemme fucking goo!" He groaned, nearly pulling me off the couch

Tre started laughing his ass off, getting Billie Joe even more mad.

He looked at me angrily, as I held him back...still.

"Fuck this" He muttered angrily, before pulling the shirt over his head, and getting up.

Tre's laughter suddenly stopped as he looked at Billie Joe, his eyes wide.

"Ugh oh"

"I'll give you a fucking oh!" Billie Joe growled

"Billie..." I said slowly, "Don't-"

Tre ran off screaming, whilst Billie Joe stared at him, "I'LL GIVE YOU 10 FUCKING SECONDS"

"Billie!" I squeaked, "If you knock anything-"

"The only thing that's gonna be knocked on is his fucking my fist!"

"Billie...don't hurt Tre" I muttered

Tre came running into the room, and stopped right in front of Billie Joe.

"Shit! How'd I get in here?!"

Billie Joe stared at him, before scrambling over the table, and pushing him back. Tre stumbled back, before pushing Billie Joe, kicking him in the shins, and running off.

"Asshole!" Billie Joe yelped, bending down and rubbing where he was kicked, before standing up, and running after Tre.

I watched Billie Joe run after Tre, and just went over sitting next to Rachel.

"We just watch?" Mike asked after a moment

I nodded, "And pray that they don't burn down the house"