In the End


"Mother...fucker" Billie Joe grunted, holding his hand to his leg that was bleeding

"I told you to stay away from the wall" Tre mumbled, scratching the back of his neck

"I didn't hit the wall!" Billie Joe snapped, "You fucking kicked me 13 fucking times!"

"You know what they say," Tre said stupidly, "13 is an unlucky number"

Billie Joe jumped up, nearly kicking me, and glared at Tre.

"Sorry babe," Billie Joe muttered looking down at me, "Did I kick you?"

I got up, and shook my head, "No"

He smiled softly, "All right"

There was silence, before he touched his leg again and smiled, "Thanks" He said, motioning to the cleaned cut that had now stopped bleeding

"No problem"

He looked back at Tre, "13 is an unlucky fucking number?! I'll show you a fucking unlucky number!"

Billie Joe took a step forward, making Tre take a step back.

"Billie...buddy?" Tre said smiling innocently

"I'll show you a fucking buddy"

"NO!" Tre yelled, taking off

"Get back here!" Billie Joe yelled, not moving though

There was silence, before Billie Joe sighed, "Asshole"


Billie Joe flicked me, trying to get me to pay attention.

"What?" I muttered, rubbing where he had flicked me

"Pay attention"

"To what?" I asked softly


I laughed softly, and stretched out on the couch, closing my eyes. There was a silence before I heard Billie Joe whisper "Boo"

My eyes snapped open, and I spun my head around to look at him. Billie Joe smiled one of his smiles that made me forgive him oh so easily.

"You have to learn how to be as innocent as your smiles are" I said slowly

Billie Joe smirked, "You have to learn how to not be innocent"

I raised an eyebrow, "Is that so?"

He nodded, "Mhm...don't worry...I can still teach you"

I laughed and shook my head, resting it on Billie Joe's shoulder.

It was a little past midnight, Mike was snoring on the recliner, while Tre and Rachel both lay on the couch asleep also.

Billie Joe and I sat awake, him having slept the whole day not tired, and well...I was never tired...sorta.

"I'm gonna end up nocturnal" Billie Joe mumbled, "Like one of those freaks"

"I knew a guy who was like that," I said, nodding, "He slept in the day and stayed awake all night"


I snorted, "Hey! He was nice! A good friend to the family," I sighed, and tilted my head to the side, "Guess that says a lot"

Billie Joe frowned, and gave me a sympathetic look.

"I don't need sympathy" I said, shaking my head, "I mean..."

Billie Joe just nodded, "I get it"

I sighed, "They were good to me in public, ya know? Wanted to look like the 'perfect parents'...but as soon as we got home from friends house or some shit place, it would be all 'Why the fuck did you do that, bitch' or 'fuck you!'..."

He looked at me for a moment, before kissing my cheek gently, and rubbing his nose against it.

I smiled softly, resting my head in his shoulder, "People noticed though," I said nodding, "People noticed how each time they saw me I turned more 'emo' and shit...Noticed how I was more bruised...they thought they were to sly, my parents. Did shit to me and thought it would be hidden"

Billie Joe didn't take his eyes off me, just listened.

I laughed to myself, "They were idiots...cuts don't go unnoticed. You get a deep cut in your arm that bleeds...people see it. You get bruises on your arms...people notices," I paused, "My teacher saw the shit on my arm...thought I was trying suicide so they sent me to the consoler...people thought I was nuts...complete assholes"

"They thought that you were the one hurting yourself?" Billie Joe asked slowly

"Mhm...they met my parents and didn't believe that they were the one's hurting me," I felt by eyes burning with tears, "No one but my few friends believed how my parents were"

"I'm sorry" Billie Joe whispered sadly, kissing my temple, "It's shit what they did to one deserves that...especially not you"

I smiled, and looked down, allowing Billie Joe to wipe away the few tears that managed to escape my eyelids and run down my cheek.

I shook my head, "Not like I was a perfect kid though...I mean, I normally did shit just to annoy them...see how far they would go. I knew they wouldn't kill me...they didn't want to go to jail"

Billie Joe gave me a sympathetic smile, furrowing his brow, "They deserve to be...They really do"

I shrugged, and sighed curling up closer to him, "What can ya do about it? Ya know?

"Mm...we can figure something out"

There was a silence, before Billie Joe gently nudged me.

"You asleep?" He asked

"Not now..." I muttered

Billie Joe smirked, nudging me again.

"Billie," I mumbled, "I'm tired"

"I'm not"

"That's cuz you slept all day"

Billie Joe fell silent.

"Are you asleep again?" He asked

I groaned, and curled up even more trying to block him out.

"I'll sing" He said as if it were a threat

"So?" I asked, raising my head, "That's your job..."

He sighed, trying to think, "Okay...I'll sing badly..."

"You'll be tired tomorrow" I said my temper shortening


"Go to sleep" I snipped, burying my head in the couch cushion

"Dooonnn'tttt lleeaavvee meee"

"Shuut upp" I groaned, putting my hands over my ears

"Dddoonnn'ttt lleeaaavveee-Ow!"

I raised an eyebrow, and took my head from the cushion. Billie Joe was sitting on the floor, rubbing his head.

"Oh, I'm sorry...did you fall off the couch?" I asked in an innocent tone

"That was mean..." He mumbled, standing up

"Not my problem"

"It will be," He said raising his eyebrows


"What's the meanest way to wake them up?" Billie Joe asked, looking at Mike and Tre, "We gotta think of some way to get them back"

I bit my lip, "But Mike didn't do anything"

Billie Joe shrugged, "Well...I don't wanna leave him out"

I snorted, and shook my head, "I'm sure he wouldn't mind if you did"

Billie Joe smirked, "And that's exactly why I'm not"

I laughed, and looked as Billie Joe looked around the kitchen. We had both woken up an hour before, whilst Rachel, Tre, and Mike were still asleep...

"If we pour water on Mike..." Billie Joe muttered, "Then we can't on Tre. So we'll just do something worse to Tre"

"I still don't know why they hang around with you" I said slowly

Billie Joe smiled stupidly, "Neither do I"

We both looked at each other, before going into the lounge.

"Hey...where's your iPod?" Billie Joe asked

I raised an eyebrow, "You're not going to try to break it again...are you?"

He snorted, "No"



I took my iPod off the kitchen counter, and handed it to Billie Joe. Billie Joe nodded, and smiled before walking over to Tre. He stuck the headphones in Tre's ears without waking him up.

"Okay, can you turn the volume up?" He asked

I rolled my eyes playfully, and took the iPod and turned it on, turning the volume up.

"Thanks" He said, taking the iPod back. He looked at Tre for a moment, before searching through the music library for the loudest song he could find...before turning it on.


Tre jumped up, screaming waking Mike and Rachel up.

"Woah" Billie Joe said to me from the side of his mouth, "That went better than expected"


"Or not" Billie Joe mumbled


Mike sighed, watching Tre scream at Billie Joe, who was trying his best not to start laughing his ass off.

"Tre" Rachel muttered, "Shut up"

"Asshole" Tre snapped in Billie Joe's face

Billie Joe shrugged, "That I am...but it's hard you know...trying - Ow! Fuck!"

I looked at Billie Joe, who had completely wiped out and was now on the floor.

"Nice one, Armstrong"

Billie Joe jumped up, and threw the pillow at Tre, who stumbled back landing on Rachel.

"Get off!" She grunted, pushing him off

Tre turned around and looked at Rachel, "Oh...I'm offended"


He looked at her stupidly, pretended to be offended.

"Bee niicceee!" He slurred

Rachel rolled her eyes and sat up, "You two better not go after each other again today" She said, motioning to Billie Joe and Tre

Billie Joe smiled, "Us? Naah"

"Yeah! We're best friends!" Tre squeaked, throwing his arm around Billie Joe and smiling

There was a silence while both men smiled.

"Tre, stop pinching my ass" Billie Joe said still smiling

"Sorry dude"

Rachel and I both fell over laughing our asses off.

"You both are so fucking wrong" I gasped, still laughing

"Brotherly love" Tre said

"Only brothers don't pinch each other in the ass and we're not brothers"

Tre turned to Billie Joe, "I thought we had something man...I thought we were family! You just crashed my dreams!"

Tre looked at Billie Joe, pretending to cry before storming away...and locking himself in the closet...

"Trree!!" Billie Joe yelled, also pretending to cry, "I'm soorryyy!!"

He ran over to the closet, before slamming himself against it, "I'M SO SORRY BUDDY!"

Rachel and I just watched as Billie Joe begged Tre to let him in.

"Plleeaassee I'm soo soorrryyy" He cried

"This is pathetic" I muttered to her, and she nodded

Billie Joe stopped, and pulled the closet door open, "TRE! YOU UNLOCKED IT!"

"No I didn't..." Tre muttered, "I just forgot to lock it in the first place"

"I knew I could count on you, buddy!"

I started laughing again, apparently offending Billie Joe.

"Oh real mature! Laugh at us!" He said, pushing Tre off of him and on the ground.

"Ow!" Tre yelped

Rachel and I were both laughing our asses off once again, watching Billie Joe and Tre act like complete idiots.






"Shut up, Tre" Billie Joe muttered, trying to figure out what color he was looking at, "That's not a color"

"Ever realize how the word fucker sounds like fuck her?"


"I bet you did"

"I bet I didn't"

There was a silence between them as Mike looked at the color of the 'mysterious colorful spot'

"It's blue"


"Shut up, Tre" Billie Joe muttered

"What are you doing?" I asked, peering over the guys shoulders

Billie Joe stood up, "There's a blue spot there" He pointed to some weird spot in the grass

"The little kid from down the street has blue paint's probably from him"

"That's nice"

I shrugged, "You wanted to know"

"Who shoots at the ground, though?" He asked, "I mean...if that's a target for you...then you must suck at it"

"He tried to shoot your car...but missed and shot the garage"


"Nothing" I muttered quickly

"That kid is so not on my good list anymore"

I rolled my eyes at him, and laughed placing my hand on my hip.

"I don't think he really cared...I mean, your car was a target"

"Good thing he sucks at the stupid thing"

"Not nice"

"It's true" Billie Joe said simply, "The kid can't shoot. I've seen him. He tries to shoot at his basketball hoop...he misses by a mile"

I started laugh, and shake my head.

"You watch." Billie Joe said, "Next time he tries you should watch him...I've seen the kid try to shoot his basketball hoop like I just said, and hit his mom"

"He hit his mom?!" I asked my eyes wide

"Mhm...that's why you didn't hear him with the paint balls for the next weeks and months...she broke it in front of him"

I started laughing my ass off, "Wasn't the lady old?"

He nodded, "She's like...hey! Fuck off, she's my age!"

I made a face, and shrugged, "So she is old"

He narrowed his eyes and crossed his arms, "Oh, real mature"

"You would know!" I snorted, "'re an old man, Billie...get over it"

"I am not!"

"You're the oldest out of everyone in this house right now"

Billie Joe made a face, mocking me "You're the oldest in this house...yadada. Oldest my ass"


He looked at me, scrunching his nose up, "Don't use my words against me"

I raised an eyebrow, "It's your own fault"

Billie Joe glared at me, "There's a difference between maturity and being mature"

"No there isn't!"

"Yes there is! Just act stupid for once and agree with me"

I sighed, "So be like you in other words"

"Smart-ass" He mumbled under his breath

"And should I be offended if I took that literally?"

Billie Joe stared at me, before catching on to what I was saying.

"I give up"

"Bout time" I said rolling my eyes

Billie Joe looked at me evilly, and went to say something before Tre ran over pushing him.

"Fuck off, man!" Billie Joe snapped, standing up

"Come on! We're going out! No girls allowed!"

I sighed, "thanks Tre"

Tre smirked, "No problem! Leeettsss goo!"

I laughed, and watched Tre run over to his car, Mike following...just not running like a lunatic.

"All right," Billie Joe sighed, "Random of him...yet I was expecting him to ruin our day"

I giggled, and kissed his cheek, "I'll see ya later"

"Mhm" He hummed, "I shall return"

He hesitated, arguing with himself weather to go or not...before making his way to the car as I turned around and went back inside to where Rachel was.


Billie Joe stumbled through the door, cradling a beer bottle in his hand. His eyes were barely open as he scanned the room, his eyes landing on my figure. He smiled mischievously to himself, running his tongue over his teeth.

He stumbled over to where I was, placing the beer bottle on the table having enough sense to not make it spill.

"Heyshhh baabe" He slurred

I looked up at him from the top of my eyes.

So much for not getting drunk...

I sighed, and raised an eyebrow, "Hi Billie"

"How yash doin?" He squeaked, his voice raising a pitch

"Better than you are" I said, standing up, "C'mon...we'll get you to bed"

I placed my hands on his shoulders to guide him to the stairs, but he didn't move. He spun around uneasily

"Who shed bed?" He said, wriggling his eyebrow

I bit my lip, "I did"

He wet his lips, "Why sho early?"

"Because you're drunk...unfortunately"

"Drunk?" He laughed stupidly, "No...Ish jusht a lil' tipshy"

I shrugged, "Whatever you say Billie Joe...come on"

I pushed him forward, but he stopped again.

"Come on" I muttered, feeling myself grow a little more angry

He shook his head, "Why go to bed when I could be wit you?"

I just looked at him, before tightening my grip on his shoulders, "I'll be to bed soon...please...just come on"

But what I was saying went in one ear and out the other.

"Baby baby" He cooed, "You sho perty"

I rolled my eyes, and looked away.

"Sho sho peerrtty" He licked his lips again, before pressing them against mine roughly, knocking me back on the couch.

"Billie" I snipped, "Get the hell off me"

"Whysh? Shont yoush love me?" He slurred

"I love you...not the drunk you" I whispered

Billie Joe rolled his eyes, "Theresh noshin different"

"Yes...there is" I grunted, pushing himself off me, "I said get the fuck off"

He swallowed, before getting angry.

"Like what?" He snapped, standing up and stumbling over to me, laying his hands on my shoulders and sticking his face right next to mine.

"Let go of me" I said softly, wincing because of the pressure he put on my shoulders

"Tell me whash sho bad!" He snarled

"This!" I nearly yelled, "Look at how the fuck your acting!"

"Hmm?" He hummed, the fire leaving his eyes as soon as it came.

He pressed his lips up against mine again, this time harder. He moved his hands from my shoulders to my sides, lifting up my shirt with his thumb.

He was trying to force me into it...something that has always scared me would happen.

I pulled my head away from his, but he only followed not letting our lips disconnect.

Billie Joe pressed his tongue against my lips, trying to pry my lips open.

I put my hands against his chest, before pushing him back with all the energy I did have.

He stumbled back, sticking his hands out to gain balance.

"What the fuck are you doing?" I asked, my voice squeaking

He touched his lip, feeling where I had bit down causing it to bleed.

"You fucking bit me" He whispered angrily

I stood up, "There's a lot worst things I could fucking do to you, Armstrong" I sneered, "I'll be damned if I were to let you fucking over power me, you jackass"

He laughed, and raised his eyebrow, "That's how you wanna be?"

"That's how I am," I snapped, "Now go to bed before you do some shit you'll regret"

He just glared at me, not saying anything.

"Go to fucking bed, Billie Joe" I repeated, my voice cracking, yet bold


"Do you remember what you just told me...what? 2 fucking days ago?!" I asked angrily, "How you promised not to get drunk!?"

"I don't remember"

"Of course you don't!" I yelled, feeling myself go red, "Cuz you're a fucking drunk who doesn't understand anything!"

He looked taken back by my comment...but shook it off.

Billie Joe stumbled towards me, laying his hands on my shoulders making me wince.

"You're hurting me" I finally said

But he didn't care.

"Billie" I whispered, "'re hurting me"

"Is it nice being you?" He snarled, "Thinking you can go around telling me what the fuck to do?" He paused, holding onto my shoulders tighter

"Billie" I said again, "Please...let go of me"

"Thought so" He snarled, "Well guess fucking what? I don't give a damn in what you have to say"

I raised my eyes to look at him, "Let go of me"

"Make me"

My eyes widened in fear, as I just stared at him.

"You're scaring me" I whimpered, "And hurting promised you wouldn't be like this"

Billie Joe didn't say anything, just held onto my shoulders.

"You can't always get what you want," Billie Joe said scarily calm

I felt a tear come to my eye, as I looked at him feeling my heart break. I had never been so scared of the guy...

"Why are you hurting me?" I asked, "Make you feel strong? Strong drunk ass? You're hurting your girlfriend...woah Billie Joe. Fucking tough guy we got here. You know...if Mike or Tre were to walk in, what would they think? I betcha they wouldn't think your as tough as you think you are"

Billie Joe looked at me, before throwing me back on the couch. I instantly put my hand on my shoulder, rubbing it.

"I'm going to fucking bed," He said staring at me

I swallowed, and nodded, still looking at him.

"Okay" I whimpered

Without another word he turned around, and stumbled across the lounge and up the stairs...

Leaving me to cry.