In the End

The Good and the Bad

"Mand..he's gonna be okay. He's had this before"

I completely ignored the 'comforts'

Tre sighed, wrapping his arm around me, taking the big brother job.

"Oh my god" I whimpered, "He just passed out on me"

Tre rubbed my back, leaning over Billie Joe.

"Hey Mike...gemme some water"

Mike rolled his eyes, "I'm starting to think that you're findin this knowledge thing fun. I already have water, dumbass"

I smiled weakly, as Tre snapped back at him, before taking the water and pouring a small amount over Billie Joe. Billie Joe lay there for a moment, before moving his head slowly. I jumped up, leaning over him, tapping the side of his face.

"Billie?" I asked, my eyes wide, "Billie Joe?"


My mouth dropped open as I tapped the side of his face a little more, "Biilliiee??"

There was a silence, before Billie Joe's leg stretched out more, making me nearly freak out.

"Oh my god, wake up" I whimpered, trying my best to not freak out.

"Give him space" Tre said softly, trying to get me away from Billie Joe

"No!" I snapped, pushing Tre off me and stumbling to the couch, "Biiilliiee?"

He grunted, trying to lift his heavy eyelids. His eyes opened a little before snapping shut.

"Please don't tell me I'm dead" He muttered

I squealed like a pathetic teenager, before throwing my arms around him making him snort.

"If I wasn't, I am now" He mumbled, "Holey shit...Mandy...I can't're squeezing me"

I jumped off him, "Sorry, sorry"

"Hey, it's okay...don't freak. I was just sayin you were squeezing me"

I smiled, throwing my arms around him, "Oh my god" I whimpered

"Mandy...again..can't breath"


I looked at him, standing up while he just looked up at me. I wanted to curl up with him, let him hold me like he always would. I wanted everyone to leave the house, so Billie Joe and I could be alone. But we weren't alone...and we couldn't just cuddle up.

"Beej?" Tre asked slowly, "Beej? You okay?"

Billie Joe snapped his head, looking at Tre. Damn you Tre..damn you.

"Yeah...wicked head ache...but that's really all...besides from bein a little freaked out.."

Rachel came up, standing next to me. Billie Joe looked at her, raisin an eyebrow and moving his leg around.

"I'm so sorry" She whimpered, "Oh my god Billie Joe...I'm so fucking sorry"

Billie Joe stared at her, "'s okay-"

"No it's not," she shook her head, "That was such a shitty thing of me to do. I had no right...I'm so sorry"

"Rach, it's me, I've been beaten up a lot worst than that-"

"I swear I'll make it up to you, Billie" She said sadly

"You dun need to" He said simply, shrugging his shoulders, "'s okay" He paused, "You can pack a kick though.."

She smiled softly, licking her lip, "I use to be in karate"

"That makes sense"

Billie Joe got up slowly, clutching his head, slightly tugging on his hair.

"My fuckin head" He muttered, "God damn it hurts"

"You slammed your head against the wall" I said slowly, "I...think that's why"

He nodded, "Jesus this hurts"

"Do you need anything?" I asked quickly, feeling horrible.

I had made him have a panic attack...It had been my fault because I had made such a big deal about everything. I looked at Billie Joe, who was rubbing his head, sitting back down on the couch.

"I'm gonna go" Mike said nodding, "I erh...have a date"

Billie Joe looked up from the floor, still holding onto his head, "You have a date?"

"Yeh...Remember the girl from the plane?" Mike asked

He nodded, "Really? Her? That's cool"

Mike nodded, "Mhhmm...she's pretty cool"

Billie Joe dropped his head, running his hands through his hair trying to get his head to stop hurting.

"Bill" I asked softly, "Do you need anything?"

He looked up at me, and shook his head, "Nah..I just got a headache from before..but I'm good"

Mike sighed, "I' to you later"

It was obvious that Mike was pissed at Billie...but he had a right to be pissed...because Billie Joe or I should have told him.

"We...should get back...too...I actually talked Claudia into making me dinner again"

Billie Joe smirked, "All y'all"

Tre raised an eyebrow, "You comin from the south meh southern boy?"

Billie Joe laughed softly, "You wish"

Tre snorted, "I dunno...that would by a sucky wish"

"Most wishes are"


Billie Joe lay on his back, his arms resting crossed over his chest as he slowly dozed off.

There was a crash, a bang, and a bunch of swearing from upstairs.

"She's cleaning again" He muttered to himself, licking his lips and turning onto his side on the couch, "Probably my closet"

There was silence, in which Billie Joe whimpered to himself, taking a pillow, and wrapping his arms around it as if it were me.

"Hmm hmm" He hummed, pulling it against him, burying his nose in it before throwing it, "Fuckin pillow"

I stumbled down the stairs, trying my best to pull my hoodie over my head muttering angrily to myself. Billie Joe's head snapped up, as he looked at me, smiling.

I pulled it off, throwing it on the floor, before kicking it to the couch...until realizing that I was cold in just my t-shirt.

"Oh for fuck sakes" I grunted, grabbing my sweater in which I had just kicked, "I give fucking up"

Billie Joe raised an eyebrow, "You having trouble?"

I jumped up, dropping my sweater and spun around to look at him.

"Jeez...I didn't know that you were awake" I mumbled

"I am," He said slowly, "Barely...but I am"

"Why don't you go to bed?" I asked, blowing the hair off my forehead, "I is late"

" late?"



There was a silence, in which I just watched Billie Joe, as he turned to his other side so that he was facing me. He smiled to himself, watching as I now tried to get my zipper on my hoodie up.

"That's it" I muttered, "I'll get another fuckin sweat..jeez"

Billie Joe snorted, looking down. I sighed, before running upstairs, grabbing another sweater, and running back down.

"HA!" I yelled, putting it on, "I got it!!!"

Billie Joe raised an eyebrow, and nodded before closing his eyes.

"You really should go to bed" I said slowly, lookin at him, "You dun look that good"

"I'm still not feeling like a happy person after today"

I frowned, looking down, "I'm sorry about...all of today"

He shrugged, "S' didn't do anything"

There was a silence, before Billie Joe got up running a hand through his hair, "But the bed really is starting to welcome me..."

I smiled softly, "All right...but...I thought you said you felt okay?"

He started up the stairs, before looking back at me simply muttering, "I lied"

I watched him go upstairs, a little confused at his all of a sudden pissed off attitude, before settling myself down on the couch.


"Stop it" Billie Joe muttered, grabbing the sponge out of my hand, "Stop cleaning...for one minute, just please stop"

"Why?" I asked, trying to get it back, "Huh? Huh? Why...Gimme the sponge"

"No" He said, taking a step back from me, "I'm not giving it to need to learn how to stop cleaning"

"No, Billie...give it to me"


"Fine" I snipped, "I'll get a new one"

"NO!" He yelled, making it so that he was standing in front of where the sponges were, "Give it up! Stop cleaning!"

I gave Billie Joe a pissed off look, "Give me it"

He sighed, "I'll sit here and argue with you about it the whole day, don't think I won't"

"Why do you want me to stop cleaning?" I asked feeling myself get red, "I's not like you do"

"Ouch," He muttered, "That was cold...but you really do. You've been cleaning for the past 3 days...okay? Give it a rest"

I just stared at him, before sighing, "Fine"

He rolled his eyes, "Finally"

"Why does it bother you so much?" I asked, placing my hands on my hips

"Cuz it's all you do...well...when I'm around it's all you do"

I looked down, not really knowing what to say.

"I'm gonna go downstairs," He said after a moment, "If you need anything, holler"

I nodded

"And please, please, don't clean"

I glared at him, before sighing, "Fine"

Billie Joe went to walk out of the kitchen, before walking back, grabbing the sponge, and walking down the stairs.

"Bastard" I said angrily to myself, "Could have at least left the fucking sponge"


I walked through the door, flicking the lights on. It had been completely silent in the house, except for the sound a guitar, and something ripping.

I sighed, and shook my head not even caring what Billie Joe had been doing. I heard a slam, and more ripping from downstairs.

"If the house burns down," I said to myself, "I will officially have to kill you"

The door that I was standing next to flew open, and Billie Joe poked his head out looking around.

"Hey" He said cooly, before slamming the door shut and walking into the kitchen.

"Er...hey?" I mumbled, not sure what to say

Billie Joe poured himself a cup of coffee, before leaning on the counter. He looked at me, before the cup, before looking around as if he were clueless.

"Have you been drinking that all day?" I asked

Billie Joe shook his head quickly, "Nah..No. Nope. I don't even like coffee that much..but it wakes ya up. So really, nope I haven't"

I sighed, "When you're not drunk, you're coffee crazy"

Billie Joe laughed stupidly, before taking a sip from the cup, and setting it down his hand shaking from the caffeine.

"I'm gonna go back down" He said, pointing to the door, "Okay? That okay with you? Is it? Heellooo??"

I looked at him amused, not knowing what to say.

"How much coffee have you had today?" I asked leaning on the doorway with my arms crossed

Billie Joe shrugged, "Dunno..5 or 6 cups? I was falling asleep. But I'm awake now, so I'm good. Hey! Want a cup of coffee? Do ya? Isn't that a song? Ya know, do ya? Do ya, do ya do ya?"

"Billie...shut up"

He yawned, "I'm gonna make more know which one is good? I do...I've been trying them AALL day..but that's okay," He twitched, trying to make more coffee, "This stuff grows on's amazing. And you know what? I bet you don't...but I do"

"Oh my god"

"Just guess" He said, nodding

"Guess what?" I asked confused

"No, that's what I'm suppose to say to you. Okay, fine, I'll guess"

"I never..." I sighed, giving up, "Okay, fine"

"Don't give up" He said nodding, " here. Want coffee? If you don't I'll have it. Don't feel bad. No really, want it? You sure-"

"Shut up!" I cut him off, "Jeez! I've been begging myself to hear you talk for the past 2 days...and now I just want you to shut up"

He wagged his finger in front of my face, "Nooott niiicceee"

I groaned, and walked out of the kitchen not sure if I could take him at the moment.

Billie Joe came into the room, sitting down on the couch across from me...with more coffee. He looked at me over the rim of the cup, tapping his foot on the ground to keep him from freaking out from the caffeine.

I bit my lip, in order to not go over and stomp on his foot to make it stop from tapping.

'I'm gonna kill him' I thought angrily, 'I'm gonna fuckin kill him'

"Where's the tv changer thingy? Clicker? Yeh...that. You know where it is? Hello? Jeez your slow. HA! I FOUND IT!"

I just looked at him with a blank expression on my face as he picked up the remote, turned the tv on, dropped it from shaking too much because of the caffeine, and picked it up.

"There's nothin on" He said, nodding, "Nope...nothing"

I looked away, shaking my head before getting up leaving him to talk to himself as if I were still there.

"What were you doin down here?" I asked myself, looking around the downstairs.

Billie Joe's guitar lay down on the floor, looking as if it were thrown. Little papers lay around the room all ripped up, and a chair was backwards.

"I can't write anything"

I spun around to see Billie Joe standing there, running a hand through his hair.

"So...I sorta got pissed off"

Sorta? about an understatement.

He stuck his hands in his pockets, before pulling them out with holding ripped up papers.

"I can't think right" He muttered, shaking his head.

Billie Joe really was an odd minute he was bouncing off the walls, laughing his ass off because of caffeine, the next he was standing there looking like a dog that had just seen its owner being shot.

"I finally just gave up for the night," He shrugged, "Easiest thing to do before I actually do break my guitar"

He sighed, shaking his head before walking past me and picking up his guitar.

Him and I had still yet to 'officially' make up. We talked and shit, but besides that we were still avoiding each other.

"I really is all shit" He added, picking up some more papers

"Nothin you write is shit" I said, shaking my head

He nodded, "Yeah, I do. Like all this" He held up a piece of paper

I grabbed it, running my eyes over it before looking at him, "This is amazing, Billie"

He shook his head, "It's shit...complete shit"

"No it's not...Billie, take my word for's amazing. I can't even write like this"

"So?" He asked, "It's not's just some odd shit I wrote when I was bored"

"When I'm bored," I started, "I might write...but nothin like this...seriously, Bill..."

He sighed, and gave me a lopsided smile, "Thanks"

I smiled gently, tucking the piece of a song in my pocket. Billie Joe looked at me, raisin an eyebrow, "What are you doing?"

"Me?" I asked

He nodded, "Mhm"

"I...wanted to keep it"

Billie Joe smiled one of his 'smiles' which made me bite my lip.

He yawned, shaking his head, "This is what I did all day...write it up, throw my guitar, and then do it again"

I frowned, feeling bad for him.

"You really gotta stop bein hard on yourself with that..the stuff you write it awesome Billie"

He sighed, looking up at me, "I'm not hard on myself...I'm just puttin myself in the people who have to listen to it's point of view"

"Everyone loves what you write"

He shook his head, "Not really...Look at Shenanigans"

"Hey!" I squeaked, "I loved that cd"

Billie Joe laughed, and shook his head, "Yeah...but you have to say that to make me feel better"

"No I don't" I argued, "If I hated your music, I would tell you...I'm that type of person. I get it from my brother"

Billie Joe snorted, looking down.

"Come on, coffee man...let's get upstairs"

He nodded, and we both made our way up the stairs to the lounge. Billie Joe sat down on the couch, and looked up at me, putting his arm on the back of it, tapping the back where he wanted me to sit.

I hesitated, before slowly walking over and sitting next to him. He smiled as if he were a little 5 year old, before dropping his arm to around my shoulders.

I looked up at him, as he nuzzled his nose into my neck innocently. God, I hated it when he was so innocent. He mumbled something into my neck, before he pressed his lips against it.

"I want us to be back to how we were right before I got drunk" He mumbled, now looking at me, "I don't want everything to be weird with us"

I sighed, looking at him.

"You do realize how bad you scared me with that panic attack...don't you?"

He looked down, "Scared myself"

"I' sorry that you had one...I mean...I made everythin outta proportion"

He shook his head, rubbing his nose against my cheek, "S'okay...I deserved the shit I got from everyone-"

"No you didn't" I cut him off, "You didn't deserve any of that"

"I did," He muttered, "I did...because it wasn't only that I hurt you. I got drunk when I promised I wouldn't, and I acted like a complete were just trying to help me and I flipped"

There was silence, in which Billie Joe looked at me, rubbing his nose against my cheek. He kissed my neck again, before looking up at me. I could easily push him away...but that would be stupid.

Billie Joe looked at me, as if to ask what next?

And for the answer, I pressed my lips against his.

He looked at me, surprised, before going along with me. I pressed my hand to the back of his head, pulling him closer to me.

I pressed my hand against his chest, pushing him back onto the couch and climbing over him. He pulled away for a moment, looking up at me licking his lip before resting his hand on the back of my neck, and pulling me down.

"I know," He whispered, "That I've probably said this thousands of times," He pressed his lips against mine, "But for cryin out fuckin loud...I'm so sick of fighting"'

I nodded against his lips, "Mhhhmmm"

"Although" He pulled away again, "I was the asshole who started this fight"

I sighed, getting annoyed at the fact that he kept pulling away.

"Billie," I mumbled


"Stop talking"

Billie Joe laughed softly, " that way"

I smirked as he rested his hands on my waist, pressing his lips against mine again.

" sorry" He mumbled against my lips, "So sorry"

"Don't be"

Billie Joe smiled against my lips, pulling me down on him...

When the phone rang.

"Oh come on" He muttered bitterly, "Just leave it...they can call back later"


Both of us ignored 'Minority' which was now echoing the house...until it finally stopped.

"See?" He said softly, "I told ya so"

I shut him up by pressing my lips against his again, making him laugh softly...

Until the phone rang...again.

"Told ya so?" I mocked

He sighed, biting his lip.

"Just answer it...and tell them your busy..."

I smirked, and nodded, reaching for the phone, and climbing off him.

"Hello?" I muttered




I really wasn't in the mood to talk on the phone.

"Yeh...Hi Steph..listen-"

"Guess what!?"

I sighed, trying not to hang up, "Whhhaattt?"


I don't want to fucking guess...

"I dunno.." I said biting my lip, "But Steph, listen...can I call you back? I'm sorta busy right-"

"I'm in California! Right near Tre's"