In the End


I just sorta stood there, as Billie Joe raised an eyebrow watching my expression become blank.

"Babe?" He asked softly, standing up, "What's wrong? Who is it?"

"You're...where?" I asked.

"As of now, right in the Airport" Steph said.


"Ugh..." I rubbed my head, not knowing what to say, "Where are you going to go?"



"Why?" I asked stupidly/

Steph paused, confused by me, "Why...?"

"Why to Tre's!? Why!"

"Cuz Tre is the one I flew out to see/"

I sighed, "Thanks Steph..I can feel the love/"

Billie Joe cocked his head to the side, looking at me confused.

She laughed, "Hey...listen...I'll call you when I get to Tre's...kay?"


"Okay...Bye Steph"

I flipped my cell phone shut, and turned around to face a flustered looking Billie Joe. He raised an eyebrow, and shook his head slightly, as if to ask me what was going on.

"Aww shit," I squeaked, putting my face in my hands, "We're in so much shit."

Billie Joe licked his lip, "Eh heh....why?"

"Steph is here...well...going there...and Rachel is there...then they'll both be there."

He just looked at me, blinking. I sighed, aggravated and sunk down onto the couch.

"We need to get Rachel Steph and her don't meet."

"That's impossible," Billie Joe said, sitting next to me.

"And that is because...?"

"Rachel is staying at Tre's for the week."

"What?!" I snapped.

"Mhm...Tre told me...that's one of the reasons they left..he wanted to get her 'settled in."

"Fuck! Okay...shit...what do we do? What the fuck do we do? Oh my God what if they meet?!"

Billie Joe looked at me trying to figure out what I was saying.

"Rachel'll probably beet her," Billie Joe said nodding, "After all...she took karate...and if she could hurt me-"

"Which isn't hard," I cut him off?

He narrowed his eyes, "Not fuckin' funny."

"It wasn't supposed to be."

I sighed, and stood up.

"Maybe we should go over there...because I bet my life that Rachel is at Tre's."

Billie Joe puckered his lips, nearly pleading with me.

"Please? Can't we just stay home...let them handle their problems?"

"No...because when they have problems, everyone has problem" I said, pulling on a jacket.

"But it's cold out...and...I still wanna...'make up."

He wriggled his eyebrows, licking his lip.

"It's not real cold out"

"Then I still wanna make up..come on...plleeaassee?"

"There is gonna be problems, Billie...we can't stay have friends, in which are gonna need help."

Billie Joe grabbed a hoodie, and zippered it up, looking at me pissed off.

"God, I fucking hate having friends at times."

"Come on Mr. Lonely" I said, shaking my head.

"Isn't that a song? By Acorn?"


"Right" He muttered, "Acorn...Akon..whatever."

I snorted, "Acorn."

"Don't make fun of me!" He called out, "I just said it wrong."

"Sure Billie...You calling him Acorn is like me calling you Green Bay...Or Billie Joel Armstrong."

"You really wanna see me attack you?" He asked, climbing into the car.

"You do...every chance you get."

"Not like that," He snipped, "'s true...but I didn't mean it like that."

I laughed, and rested my hands on the steering wheel.

"Why are you driving, anyway?" He asked all of a sudden

"Because you're too busy trying to figure out Akon's name"

"I know its Acorn! SHIT! Akon!"

"And people say that I'M pathetic."

"You are."


Billie Joe smirked, and hit his head against the seat.

"Everyone will pay for this...everyone. When everyone is in their moods-"

I turned on the car, turning the radio up so I couldn't hear Billie Joe.

He groaned, and turned down the radio, before throwing me a rude look.

"That was mean."

"It's the only thing to get you to shut up," I said slowly, "I've even tried duct tape...that only shuts Tre up."

"Not for long," Billie Joe said, "he licks it off."

"Which is stupid..."

"Like him...fucking asshole. Gets me outta my nice fuckin house while I was making up with you cuz he's such a mother-"

"You need help!" I cut him off, "Jeez Billie"

He sighed, hitting his head against the window, "We could be home," He muttered, "but no."


I walked into Tre's house, Billie Joe almost asleep, leaving himself wrapped around me.

"Hello?" I called

Billie Joe snorted, waking up, "Murfehm."

I pushed Billie Joe off of me, making him fall back.

"Ow! Fuck..."

I turned around, and looked at Billie Joe raising an eyebrow.

"I was asleep," He mumbled, "you could have at least given me a wake up call."

"Consider that your wake up call," I said nodding.

He glared at me, before getting up.

"So where is he?"

I sighed, and went to walk before Billie Joe tripped, nearly falling on me.

"Mother...dammit cant fuckin walk without fucking falling...son of a bitch..."

I snorted, and rested on the back of the couch laughing.

"Don't laugh at me," He muttered, standing up, "That fuckin hurt."

"Come on, Billie Joel."




I spun around, and placed my hands on my hips with my mouth open. He smiled innocently, and waved at me like the dog on the cartoon Grinch did when they were going down on the huge hill.

I started laughing again, and helped him up, walking into the kitchen where Rachel and Tre sat. They both sat on the stools, watching the TV in the lounge.

"Hey!" I said, getting their attention.

Tre jumped, and looked at me, before looking at his watch.

"What are you doing here?" He asked slowly, "At 11?"

Billie Joe shrugged, "Ask her..she dragged of the couch...when we-"

"Cuz someone called me," I said, interrupting Billie Joe who's eyes were now closed, his head slightly back. I nudged him, causing him to jump.

"You have a disturbing mind," I muttered.

He nodded, smiling stupidly, "I know."

"Yeah..keep it to yourself."

He sighed, and shrugged, "You know how I should have known when you dragged me outta the house."

"Okay Billie Joel."



Billie Joe groaned, and slapped his hand over his eyes. Rachel and Tre raised an eyebrow, watching us bicker.

"Acorn my ass," He muttered, narrowing his eyes.

I rolled my eyes at him, and turned back to Tre and Rachel.

"So when's Steph coming?" I asked Tre.

Tre stared at me, his eyes wide.

"Eh...umm...later this week."

"Steph?" Rachel asked, "The girl who hung up on you in New York?"

I nodded, "Mhm..."

Rachel looked at Tre, "She's coming here?"

Tre nodded slowly, glaring at me, " and her are...good....." He paused, "Friends."

Rachel nodded, "Cool, It'll be cool to meet her."

Tre nodded slowly, bowing his head.


I went to say something, when there was a knock at the door.

"No, Tre, don't worry!" Claudia yelled, "I got the door, it's okay!"

"Okay Claud...but I wasn't worrying," Tre yelled back.

She sighed, and pulled open the door brushing the hair out of her face.

"Um...hi?" She asked confused.

The girl smiled softly, "Hi...Is Tre here?"

"Unfortunately," Claudia muttered under her breath, "I mean, yeah, he is."

She smiled more widely, "Can I see him?"

Claudia raised an eyebrow, "Hun...who are you? Not to be rude...I mean...he's kinda busy right did you get his address?"

The girl sighed, "I know him...personally. We met in Connecticut, and he invited me out here"

She looked at the girl, before sighing, "FRANK!"

Tre grunted, and looked up at Billie Joe and I.

"What? Don't call me Frank!"

Rachel winced, "Ouch Tre...why don'tcha yell in my ears while your at it?"

Tre smirked, "Sorry."

"There's a girl here to see you," Claudia said, appearing in the kitchen.

"Who?" Tre asked, "Me?"

"No dumbass, Billie Joe," Claudia said sarcastically.

"Really?" Billie Joe asked, not noticing the sarcasm, "Who?"

Claudia sighed, "I don't get paid enough for living here...she's here for Tre, Billie Joe. I was being sarcastic."

"Right," Billie Joe said slowly, "so was I."

She rolled her eyes at him, and looked to me "How do you not kill him?"

"I try," I said simply.

She snorted, and shook her head, resting it in her hand.

" I let her in?"

Tre shrugged, "Eh...sure"

Claudia tilted her head to the side, "Was that so hard?"


She glared at Tre, before walking back to the door.

"Where's Frankito?" Billie Joe asked

Tre shrugged, "I think he's at his friend's house"

Billie Joe nodded, "Ahh..."

I sighed, knowing that within a couple minutes everything would be completely horrible, and as of now there was nothing I could do.

Except pray that the girl at the door wasn't Steph.

I would have checked, but I couldn't get up..considering Billie Joe had me sitting next to him, his arms around me, while I leaned against him.

I heard voices, and then Claudia say something, before someone heading upstairs.

Tre looked up from Rachel, his eyes immediately growing wide.

Billie Joe also looked up, and then at me.

"Mandy...I've got bad news-"

"I see her," I cut him off.

Steph stood in the doorway, looking at Tre, me, Billie Joe...and then Rachel...who had Tre's arm around her.

"Umm...hi?" She said, clearly confused

"Steph? What are you doing here?" Tre asked.

He let go of Rachel, and went over to Steph.

"Who's she?" Steph asked, motioning to Rachel.

"Oh..this is Rachel," Tre said softly.

Rachel stood up, "Hey."

Steph scrunched her nose up, "Hi..."

Billie Joe looked uneasily from Rachel to Steph.

"You remember saying that you don't think things will go too good?" He whispered in my ear

I nodded, "Yeh"

"I agree"

There was silence, in which Steph looked at Rachel, before looking back to Tre.

"I couldn't wait to come here," She said softly, yet happily, kissing him quickly.

"Hey!" Rachel squeaked.

Tre looked at Rachel, "It's nothing Rach...dun worry."

Rachel raised an eyebrow, and crossed her arms, "Fine..whatever."

I swallowed, and looked at Billie Joe.

"This isn't good" He said slowly.

"What gave you that idea?" I snipped.

He sighed, looking at me.

Steph glared at Rachel, not getting any of this.

"Why are you here?" Steph asked angrily, "I mean...are you friends with Claudia or something?"

"No," Rachel scoffed, "Although she's awesome...I'm-"

"Hey," Tre said slowly, "look...isn't Frankito home?"

Steph and Rachel glared at each other, eyes locked for a moment before Rachel looked away.

"I'll go see," she said quietly, "After all...he's my new little buddy"

Steph watched her leave, and looked at Tre.

"What's up her ass?" She snipped angrily.

"Nothing" Tre said, "She's...just....tired."

Billie Joe and I sat in the back of the kitchen, not wanting to get involved with everything. Billie Joe curled up behind me, his chest to my back while his head rested on my shoulder.

"10 bucks that Rachel'll win if they get into a cat fight," He whispered.


"All right...all right...20"

I sighed, and shook my head, "You're unbelievable."

"And that's why you love me"

"Sure Billie..."


"No, Billie."

"Okay...if she loses you don't have to pay me...but-"

"I'm not betting on my 2 friends!"

"Fine...I'll keep the money...your loss."

I rolled my eyes, and sighed looking back to Tre and Steph who stood in the kitchen.

"Hey...c'mere dog...I'll be you 30 bucks that you're owners girlfriend wins the cat fight."

I turned my head to see Tre's dog sitting next to Billie Joe, who was now betting with him.

"Billie...don't bet with the dog"

"He's actually"

"He's got the same brain size as you...that's why he's willing."

"That was cold."

"Uh-huh," I mumbled.

Billie Joe turned back to the dog, tapping it's head..causing it to freak out.


I groaned, and got up, "You are a complete idiot."

Steph looked over at us, "Mandy?"

The dog howled, yipping after Billie Joe, who was trying to step away. It jumped up, grabbing onto his pants leg.

"LET GO!!"

"Oh my God...Billie Joe...stop it with the dog"

"The dog is attacking me!"

I bent down, "Come here boy..." I cooed to the dog.

The dog let go of Billie Joe's leg, and came happily over to me.

Billie Joe glared at me, "Fucking stupid bitch dog"

"Be nice, Billie"

Billie Joe narrowed his eyes at me, "Sure...take his side."

I rolled my eyes, and stood up holding the dog, who showed his teeth to Billie Joe who backed away.

"What are you doing here?" Steph asked, looking at me.

"Billie Joe dragged me over," I said.

"What?! No, I didn't! I wanted to stay home! You dragged me out of the house...all because you had issues and didn't understand the meaning of 'making up.' So ooooh no! This is NOT my fault!"

I raised an eyebrow, looking at Billie Joe.

"Making up?" Steph asked, "Huh?"

"Nothing," I said softly.

Billie Joe bowed his head, shutting up.

I looked at him sympathetically, kissing his cheek. He looked up and smiled weakly. He still felt horrible for what had happened, and that fact that it had almost been brought up again wasn't helping the situation.

"So who's she?" Steph asked avoiding the subject that we were on, and pointing towards the door, "I mean..why is she here?"

"Steph," I said slowly, "That's...sorta...Tre's-"


I looked away, to see Tre coming into the kitchen Rachel next to him.

"Huh?" I asked slowly.

Tre sighed, "I said night to Claudia..."

I nodded, "Ooh."

Rachel yawned, "I think I'm gonna go to bed," She said slowly, nodding, "Kay?"

Tre nodded, "Right"

She smiled, "Night everyone," She raised an eyebrow at Billie Joe and the dog, but decided not to say anything.

At least she would be out of the picture for the night.

"No," Steph said, "Wait...don't go yet"

Great. Good job Steph.

Rachel looked at her, "Why?"

"Because...I wanna know...why are you staying here?"

Rachel raised an eyebrow, "Is that your business? I don't really think so."

My mouth dropped open as I watched Steph turn red, angry at Rachel's comment. Billie Joe actually giggled, making me jab him in the side.

"Rach.." Tre tried.

"No," Rachel said slowly, "Ya know...I've noticed that she's had a bitchy attitude to me the whole time she's been here..which is..I dunno...10 minutes? I don't even know her, she COULD lighten up."

Steph looked at her, not knowing what to say.

"I've been a bitch?" Steph snapped, "You've got this 'I'm a fuckin princess' attitude, treating me like I'm shit!"

"I don't even know you!" Rachel argued, "So how can I treat you like shit!?"

"Ooohhh boy," Billie Joe said as if he were five

"Shut up" I snipped at him

"This can't be good"

"Shut up!" I snipped.

"Not to mention," Rachel continued, "You kissed my boyfriend in front of me"

Steph raised an eyebrow, "Your boyfriend...?"

"Ooohhh boy"

"Billie!" I snapped, "Shut up!"

Billie Joe snorted, and watched as Steph looked from Tre to Rachel.

"He isn't your boyfriend" Steph said slowly.

"Really?" Rachel asked, placing her hands on her hips, "Ask him."

Steph looked at Tre, "Well...?"

Tre looked between both of them, not knowing what to say.

Rachel sighed, "Can I please go to bed?"

"No," Steph snapped, "Tre...tell me something."

Rachel sighed, and looked at them.

"What?" Tre asked slowly.

"How you going out with her if your with me?"

My mouth dropped open along with Billie Joe's.

"What?!" Rachel snipped.

"How the hell are you with Rachel if you're with me?" Steph asked again.

Tre looked down, not saying anything..

"Lemme get this straight" I said, looking to Tre, " put it into're cheating on them?"