In the End


"I'm cold"

"You're always cold," Billie Joe muttered

"I know...I'm a New England girl, being cold is in my blood"

"So like you're cold blooded? Doesn't that mean you lay eggs? Like birds?"

I looked at Billie Joe before starting to laugh at the confused look on his face.

"You took that completely wrong" I laughed

Billie Joe chewed on his lip, smiling.

"What I was saying what that I'm always-" I sighed as Billie Joe raised an eyebrow tilting his head to the side, "You know what I mean"

"I do?" He asked

I nodded, "Mhm"


I laughed, and shook my head resting it on his chest as we just hung around the house.

But of course, as always...our 'moment' was interrupted by a doorbell.

Billie Joe raised an eyebrow, tapping his finger on my stomach lightly to a beat he had in his head.

"Who is that at..." He looked over my shoulder, and down at my watch, "I dunno how late it is...but who the hell is goin' around ringin doorbells now?"

I shrugged, going to get up, Billie Joe tagging along, now tapping my shoulders from the beat.

I pulled the door open to see a drunk figure leaning in the doorway. Billie Joe flicked on the light, only to show who the person was.

"Woah...the's too bright" They slurred, sticking their head out of the door so the light, which really wasn't bright at all

"Tre?" Billie Joe asked confused

"Turn the damned ligsh offff" Tre slurred

I pulled away from Billie Joe's arms, and went over to Tre, "Weren't you just drunk yesterday?"

Tre groaned, before hunching over and getting sick.

I winced at the sound, never being a fan of people throwin up. Billie Joe made a face, before nudging me to the side.

"Why are you here, Tre?" He sighed

Tre wiped his mouth on his arm, before standing up..well, the best he could.

"Claudia wouldn't lesh me in...she shaid Ish too drunk"

Billie Joe glared at his best friend, wanting to leave him outside...but the thing is they were best friends, and he couldn't do that.

Billie Joe sighed, before grabbing the drummers jacket and pulling him in the house by it.

He shoved Tre into the hallway, closing the door after him, and turned to face me. He gave me a lopsided smile, tilting his head to the side before lightly walking over to me.

"I'm beginning to think that privacy isn't an option with you and I" He mumbled into my hair

I nodded slowly, "Mhm...I know"

Billie Joe sighed once again, before we headed into the lounge, in which Tre was probably in.

Sure enough, Tre lay nearly passed out on the couch that Billie Joe and I had been on.

"Tre...?" Billie Joe muttered, "Helloo...?"

Tre groaned, swatting Billie Joe's hand.

Billie Joe scrunched his nose up, shoving Tre's arm to get him awake.

"Shop" Tre slurred angrily

"No..get up" Billie Joe mumbled


"Because, you ain't sleeping on the couch"

"Why..?" I dunwanna"

"I don't really care much, Tre. You're being a jackass getting yourself drunk...If Claudia won't take you in, doesn't that give you a hint in what you should stop doing?"

"Didn't you drink when you're wife left you?" Tre fired back

Billie Joe glared down at Tre, "I was depressed...And I didn't get drunk every night"

"That's because most of the time you stayed alone sulking about being left" Tre snipped, rolling his eyes

Billie Joe opened his mouth to say something, but only squeaked. It had always been somewhat of a sensitive subject to him.

"You know what? Stay on the fucking couch then" Billie Joe snarled, kicked the bottom of the couch, barely missing Tre's leg, before storming out of the room, and up the stairs.

I looked from the stairs to Tre, then back to the stairs.

"What'd Rachel say about me?" Tre asked after a moment

I folded my arms across my chest, "You shouldn't have said that" I mumbled, ignoring what he had said

"Said what?"

"About Billie Joe sulking..."

"It's true" Tre squeaked, "He did"

"Yeah, and he's also the one who allowed your drunk ass in this house. And you're not better"

Tre sighed, "I'm a fuck up"

I frowned looking down, "'re not. You just do fucked up things."

He shrugged, "I wanna talk to Rachel..."

"What about Steph?" I asked

"Apparently she switched her cell phone number, so I can't call her"


"Yeah...I need you to help me"

I raised an eyebrow, "Ugh"

"Can you at least get Rachel to talk to me?" He asked, his barely open

"Not tonight"

Tre snorted, changing the subject, "I'm so drunk"

"That I know," I said nodding

"You can to shleep" He said slowly, "No need to stay up and be annoyed by me"

I laughed softly, shaking my head, "Do you want to go upstairs...?"

Tre shook his head, "I'm good here on the couch..."

"You sure?"


"Okaay," I sighed, "Night Mr. Cool"


I looked at him, taking a pillow from the other couch, and putting it under his head before heading up the stairs to do more talking..just now to Billie Joe.

I stepped into the bedroom to see Billie Joe laying down his eyes wide awake. I gave him a lopsided smile, slowly padding over to the bed and sitting on it. Billie Joe looked at me, before sighing and beckoning me next to him.

I lay down, facing him, who returned the lopsided smile.

"I really do hate that guy at times..." Billie Joe mumbled, burying his nose in my neck

"He's drunk-"

"He's a fuck face"

"And if he wasn't, he wouldn't be Tre"

"He should learn to shut the fuck up about some things, though" Billie Joe snipped angrily, "He's the fuck head drunk on our couch right now, because he CHEATED. Cheated, okay? He deserves this shit"


"No," He cut me off, "I'm just rambling on because I'm pissed off...just block me out"

I smiled, "You make that sound easy"

I felt him smile against my neck, barely shaking his head.

"Instead of being a drunk he should get his ass up and try to talk to one of the two"

"He can't talk to Steph.."

"So talk to Rachel," He snapped, "He knows where she lives, he should be a smart fucker, buy her something that will make it's way to her heart, and show up at her house! He has to stop being so god damned helpless!"

I sighed, closing my eyes slowly as Billie Joe continued to get himself fired up.

"And he talks about me being a fucking asshole," Billie Joe muttered, "Yeah well, look who the fuck is fucking talking"

"Billie..." I said softly


"Go to sleep..."

He sighed into my neck, kissing it gently, "Fine...night babe"

"Night Billie"


"I hate mornings at times" Billie Joe mumbled to himself, nudging the side of my face with his nose

"Hmm..?" I hummed

"I hate mornings" He repeated nodding, obviously in a better mood

"So why don't you go back to sleep until noon?" I asked bluntly, rolling over

"It is noon"


I sighed, sitting up. I looked at Billie Joe who smiled innocently, before yawning. I laughed, scooting closer to him. Billie Joe smiled again, falling back onto his pillow...before the doorbell rung.

"Fuck disconnecting the phone," Billie Joe muttered, "I'm about to fucking disconnect the fuckin doorbell"

I laughed softly, before slowly getting off the bed.

"Noooo" Billie Joe groaned, "You don't' HAVE to answer the door. Let Tre..."

I raised an eyebrow, looking at Billie Joe who on his knees, reaching for my hand.

I pulled away from him trying not to laugh.

"Na,na,na na, can't touch this!" I 'sung', backing away

Billie Joe laughed softly, dragging himself off the bed, wriggling his eyebrows, making me laugh. He took a step forward, making me take a step back until I hit the wall making him smirk, and walk closer to me.

I tilted my head to the side, licking the side of my mouth while Billie Joe got closer to me, now resting his arms on my hips...until the doorbell rung again.

"I give up!" He nearly yelled, "Fucking doorbell...whoever the fuck is ringing it can go to fucking hell...assholes..jeez"

I looked at him, not being able to control my laughter because of his mutters.

Billie Joe continued muttering to himself, pulling a shirt over his head, not bothering to put on a pair of trousers before disappearing down the stairs. I raised an eyebrow, laughing to myself because of him before following him.

He got downstairs, not looking at Tre who was still sound asleep on the couch before making his way to the door. I leaned against the wall, folding my arms across my chest, watching him.

"What the fuck do you fucking want!?!" Billie Joe yelled at the poor person, causing me to giggle

"You're so nice, Billie Joe" I called to him from where I was standing

He swirled around to face me, and raised an eyebrow, "I know, I'm just amazing, right?"

I shrugged, "In your own ways"

He laughed, and shook his head before turning around.

"Mike? Oh..heh..Hi"

I started laughing my ass off, knowing that Billie Joe was silently telling me to shut up.

"Real nice, Armstrong!" I laughed

He groaned, letting Mike in, who was followed by a girl.

"Shuddup" Billie Joe muttered, flicking me

"Ow!" I squeaked, "you loser!"

"Awww, I'm sorry, did that hurt?"

"I dunno" I snipped, "You tell me"

With that, I reached out and flicked his forehead.

"Owww" He muttered, "That does hurt"

"No fucking way, really?" I asked, flicking him again

"Stop that!"

"Stop what? This?" I went to flick him again, but Billie Joe jumped outta the way, slamming into Mike

"Oh..ugh...sorry" Billie Joe muttered, "'re tall"

Mike raised an eyebrow as his best friend, not knowing how to respond to that.

"Hey Mandy," Mike said after a moment

I smiled softly, "Hey Mike"

"Erm..This is Megan, she's the girl I told ya 'bout"

I smiled at her, "Hey"

She smiled shyly, "Hi"

Billie Joe smirked, "Welcome to the dark side, Megan"

She looked at Billie Joe, confused, "Huh...?"

He nodded, "Yep...Welcome to the dark side"

I rolled my eyes at Billie Joe, who was now terrorizing the girl.

"What's up with Tre?" Mike asked me

"Hmm?" I hummed, biting the inside of my cheek

"I called his house, and Claudia said he wasn't home...and that he was out drinking...and a load of crap"

I sighed, "You missed alotta shit"

"Like what? In the past two days?"

"Steph came..."

Mike's face went blank, not remembering who she was.

"The girl who Tre liked, my friend?"

"Aah" He nodded, got it

"Yeah...she came...and then Billie Joe, Rachel, and I were at Tre's with him...she showed up...and we all found out that Tre was cheating on Rachel and Steph with each other"

Mike's eyes went wide, "Seriously?"

I nodded, " now he's been getting drunk, and as of now he's over on the couch...still asleep"

"What a jackass"

I nodded, biting my lip "Mhm"

Mike looked over at the couch to see a sleeping Tre. He shook his head, sighing.

"I've been friend's with that guy for a lot of my life...and I STILL don't understand him"

I sighed, "Same with me..even though it's only been 2 years"

Mike smiled softly, looking back to me, "So how have you been doin?"

I shrugged, "Sam ol' shit...but I'm good. You?"

He nodded, "Good, good"

I smiled softly, looking at Billie Joe who was still scaring Megan.

"Billie..." I muttered, "Stop scaring her"

He stopped talking in mid sentence, before starting to talk to me, "But it's fun!"

Megan laughed softly, while Billie Joe nudged me to get my attention.

"What?" I asked

"I dunno," He shrugged, before looking down at himself, "I'm gonna go change," He muttered quickly

"MMmk" I said, biting my lip

"And you're changing, too"

I looked up from my hand to see Billie Joe grab my wrist, pulling me with him up the stairs.

"Billie...what are you doing?" I asked once we had gotten upstairs

Billie Joe smiled mischievously, gently pushing me against the wall.

"We'll change in a minute...but right now, I wanna finish where we started off"

My mouth dropped open a little, "There are people downstairs"

"And you think I would care...why?" Billie Joe asked sarcastically, "They don't HAVE to be there...and I figure since every time I TRY to kiss you, we're interrupted by someone showing up, I'll just..." He cut himself off by gently pressing his lips against mine.

I stood stiff for a moment, before realizing what was going on and returning the kiss. He pressed his body up against mine, pressing me up against the wall gently, his arms wrapped around my waist, pulling me against him.

He pulled away for a moment, running his tongue over his teeth as if to say 'I told you that you couldn't resist'

Too bad he was right...I couldn't resist him..

I pressed my lips against his, not letting him pull away like he was trying to, wanting to tease me.

"Not cool," I whispered, making him smile wider.

I took another step, this time to the side. Billie Joe went to follow me, before tripping on a shirt.

I snorted, helping him stay balanced.

He smiled sheepishly at me, embarrassed, "Thanks"

I smiled, kissing him quickly before grabbing a sweater from the floor, one of the one's that had probably come out of the closet when Billie Joe had opened it.

"Can I wear this?" I asked, holding it up

Billie Joe shrugged, "I don't's probably yours anyway"

"Why would my sweater be...never mind" I mumbled, shaking my head, "You probably wear it"

He snorted, before stalking over to me and grabbing it from me.

"Hey!" I squeaked, "Billie, give it back!"

"I don't really need a sweater...but I think I like this one" He said nodding

"That was my sweater!"

"And it still is"

"Then give it!"

"Nah ugh" He said, sticking out his tongue

"But I'm cold.." I mumbled pretending to pout

"Here...wear this"

He picked up a sweater, and threw it to me. I sighed, before pulling it over my head, my mouth open.

"Holey crap...this is huge!"

Billie Joe raised an eyebrow, "It is..isn't it?"

I nodded slowly, " this yours?!"


"How is it that you fit into my sweater..which is odd alone...but yours are waay too big?!"

He shrugged, "I dunno"

"I'm gonna fall and break my neck! This thing is down to my legs!!"

"I'll catch you" He said stupidly, winking at me

I snorted, "Sure Billie...You'll TRY to catch me, but you'll end up falling"

He started laughing at that, "You'll also fall"

I rested my hands on my hips, "Not cool"

He smirked, puckering his lips up in a sarcastic way.

I rolled my eyes playfully as he kept his lips puckered.

"Hey, is Tre awake yet?" I asked

Billie Joe looked at me, his eyes narrowed.

"Maybe...I dunno. If you kiss me I'll tell you"

"I think I'll just go see..." I started

"No! Come oonnn!" He groaned, stepping closer

I raised an eyebrow, "Remember 3 minutes ago...?"

"Yes..." He said slowly


With that I disappeared down the stairs. Billie Joe muttered angrily to himself before following me down the stairs trying to give me the top 101 reasons why I should have just kissed him...only being able to get to #5.

"Okay...fine" I said, turning around to face him

"Really?" He asked, stopping mid-sentence

"If you give me my sweater-"

"Nope!" He snipped, cutting me off, "It's miine...well...for now it is"

"Come on, Billie. This sweater is too big!"

"You said you liked big sweaters" He mumbled

"I do!! Just not ones that'll send me to my grave!"

"How? It's gonna come to life and like...I dunno...personally fuck you up, and then drop you in a grave? Holey shit...if the sweater can do that..."

I rolled my eyes at him, cutting him off, "That's pathetic"

He shrugged, "You said take you to your grave..."

"I wasn't speaking literally"

"I was"

"Obviously..." I muttered

Billie Joe smiled stupidly, following me into the kitchen, him now trying to get on my nerves.

"I like big sweaters, Billie!" I snapped, turning around to face him, "But this is practically a dress on me!"

"Or a skirt...cuz...dresses go down to your feet, don't they?"

"I don't care!!"

"I think you do"

"Shut up, Billie!"

"I don't wanna"

I groaned, before going into the kitchen where Mike and Megan sat, Tre sitting at the counter with his head on it. He looked up from the counter to Billie Joe and I.

"Can you pleeeeeeaasee be quiet? My head feels so shitty right now. I think it's gonna literally explode." He said placing it back on the counter.

"Well what did you expect?" I said. "You were really drunk last night."

"But I didn't want a major hangover. I just wanted to feel good."

"Well, maybe this hangover is a sign from god that drinking a lot to forget your problems doesn't get you anywhere."

"Since when have you become some professional smart...person?"

"Doesn't take a genius to know this."

Tre looked up again and then once again put his head on the counter. I looked at Billie Joe rolling my eyes as if to say 'What do we do with him?' Billie Joe shrugged his shoulders.

"Who knows how much you could miss in 2 days." Mike said looking at me then Tre and then me again.

"Yeah..Who knew." Billie Joe said sitting next to Tre at the counter.

He motioned for me to sit next to him. I smiled and sat down next to Billie Joe. Billie Joe looked at Tre whose head was still on the counter. He slowly moved his hand towards Tre's head and flicked his ear. Tre swat at Billie's hand.

"What the hell do you want?" Tre said, his voice muffled from the counter.

"I want a billion-bajillion-fafillion dollars." Billie Joe said in a weird voice.

He flicked Tre's ear again.

"Stop it Billie!"

We all laughed except for Tre of course. He sat up and looked at Billie Joe, and then at me.

"Mandy, I'm sorry."

I raised an eyebrow, "Sorry? Why..?"

"I'm sorry that your boyfriend is an complete fucking idiot! I don't know how you live with him!"

I laughed and shook my head. Billie Joe once again flicked Tre's ear. Tre's head wasn't on the counter this time so Tre was able to try and block Billie Joe's finger. However, he failed as Billie did it again. But this time Tre bit Billie's finger.

"Ah! What the fuck dude?! What are you doing?!" Billie Joe said grabbing his finger.

"I could ask you the same thing!" Tre yelled.

"All I did was flick your ear. Biting my finger is a little extreme for doing something like that, don't you think?"


"So you don't think?"

"What?! No! I mean... Shut the fuck up!"

Tre got up to walk away and Billie Joe followed right after, with his finger. Mike, Megan, and me all laughed.

"Are they always like this?" Megan asked.

"Whatcha mean?" I asked.

"I mean like, arguing about weird things."

"Yes. And that's the sad part."

Mike laughed along with Megan before Tre came back in the room, Billie Joe now nagging him.

"I can see bite marks in my finger" Billie Joe muttered

"What? No you cant! where?!" Tre asked

"Here" Billie Joe put his finger in front of Tre's eyes

"I don't see any-mother fucker!" Tre yelled, falling off the stool, his hands over his eye

"Did ya see the bite marks?" Billie Joe asked innocently

"That hurt!" Tre yelled angrily. "You fuckin poked me, man!!"

" way.."

"Shut up, Billie Joe!" Tre snapped angrily, "I have a hangover-"

"That's givin me more motivation to talk" Billie Joe said, cutting Tre off

"Shut up, fuck face"

"Ewwww" Billie Joe whined in a little voice, "There is so many wrong images I could get from that sentence"

Tre groaned, looking at Billie Joe, "I'm suppose to be the perverted one!!"

"Too bad Sasquatch...I am!"

"Sasquatch?" Tre repeated slowly

"Big foot, fuck face"

"You just took my words!!" Tre yelled jumping up

"No I didn't!" Billie Joe argued



I groaned, resting my head on the counter while Mike and Megan watched Tre and argue.

"Do you two have to argue every day?" I asked angrily


"Shut up Billie Joe"

"You wanted an answer..." He mumbled, pretending to pout

"Do you act your age?" I asked

"Nope. Cuz that'd be stooopid"

I sighed, before Billie Joe and Tre went back to arguing over some other fucked up thing.


"I'm hungry"

"Hi hungry!"

"Shut the hell up" Billie Joe snapped at Tre who was smiling innocently

"You said you were hungry...."

"And you're a jackass, happy?"

"No...not really"

Billie Joe sighed, ignoring Tre. He looked down at me, who was cuddled up against him with my eyes closed, half asleep.

"Are yooou hungry?"

"Tired" I mumbled

"Mmm" He hummed, biting his lip, " you wanna go up to bed?"

I shook my head, "If I do Tre and you will burn down the house"

"No we won't!" He protested

"You almost did before..." I sighed

Billie Joe bit his lip trying to think, "Oh...yeh...That wasn't my fault"

"You were the one who started it!"

"Tre was" Billie Joe said slowly, "It was his fault...he tried to cook, but he hit the wrong button"

"Sure Billie Joe...Blame Tre for trying to burn the house down"