In the End

Hi, My Name is Travis

As soon as I got to Rachel's, she pulled me inside.

"You two split up?!" She squeaked

I nodded, falling against the wall, "We had a huge argument, a stupid one..and we split up"

"Oh my god" She whispered, hugging me, "God...I don't know what to say...shit...this was..unexpected"

"He thought I was cheating on him" I choked out, "And I got pissed off...because..I would NEVER cheat on him"

"What the hell? Why did he think you were cheating on him?"

"Because he heard me say 'it's a date' to someone"

"What the hell? Holey shit, that's so fuckin gay"

She helped me up, bringing me over to the couch where I just cried even more.

"God, Rach...that was so fucked up!"

"It sounds it...shit..Mandy...jeez..guys seriously suck"

I nodded, sobbing into the couch, "They really do"

"Shit...I was just about to call you to see if you and...Froto-"

"Froto?" I asked

"Billie Joe" She said simply

I cringed at his name, not wanting to hear his name.

She nodded, "Exactly why I'm calling him Froto...I was about to call you and him to see what was goin' on..."

I just cried into her shoulder, not saying anything.

"'s okay...really...okay, ignore I'm just being annoying. Mandy, seriously...he's an asshole, and you know that, kay? Don't let that fuck head bring you down. Everyone knows you wouldn't cheat on him, and that you love him"

I sobbed into my hands as Rachel tried to comfort me.

"2 years Rach" I whispered, trying to stop the tears, "2 years has just gone down the fuckin drain"

"No, no, no" She whispered softly, "Come on, those 2 years weren't wasted"

"They were" I whimpered, "I have no idea what to do, anymore..."

She sighed, "Be like me, and be single.."

"I shoulda told him he was engaged..."

Rachel raised an eyebrow, "Huh?"

"I should have told Billie that Brad was engaged..."

I buried my head in my hands, before standing up, "I'll be back"

"Where are you going?" Rachel asked slowly


"Mike?" She asked stupidly

"Mhm...long story short...I always talk to him"


"Mike?" I asked, knocking on the door, leaning on the house, "You in there dude?"

I heard footsteps before the door opened, to show a sleepy looking Mike.

I waved innocently, smiling stupidly.

"Woah..whatcha doin here?"

"Did I bother you?" I asked

He shook his head, ", come on in"

I stepped inside, Mike closing the door behind me, following me into the lounge.

"Okay, so whats up? Why are you here alone? not that I'm saying I mind..I'm just wonderin'. Fuck it, I'm rambling a little, aren't I?" Mike asked

I looked at for a moment, and nodded.

" are"

"Okay, well...ugh...-"

I sighed, cutting him off, "Do you think I'd cheat on Billie Joe?"

Mike looked at me, confused by my question, "No..."

"Good, can you tell him that?" I spat

"Eh huh...why...oh crap, you two are fighting?"

I looked down, before looking back up to him.

"No...not anymore"

Mike quirked an eyebrow, "Then why-"

"We're also not together anymore"

Mike stared at me, not saying anything.

"What...? Like you..." He stopped, his mouth open, "No split!?"

I shoved my hands in the pockets of my hoodie, and nodded.

"Yeah...cuz Billie thinks I was cheating on him with someone who is ENGAGED"

Mike blinked, again not saying anything.

"Is he braindead?" Mike finally muttered

"Probably," I shrugged, "But then again..I also tried to tell him how I do the hobo down the street"

"The hobo? The guy that stole your coffee and ran?"

I nodded, "Mhm...I told Billie Joe that I was cheating on him with the hobo"

Mike sighed, laughing softly at that comment, before opening his arms a little. I stumbled over to where he was, letting him wrap his arms around me, while I buried my head in his chest.

"The worst part is...we may not be together" I said softly, "But I'm pregnant...and it's not the hobo's kid"

"Did you really fuck the hobo?"

I gave Mike a pissed off look, "Please tell me your kidding"

He smiled innocently, "I am now"

I smiled, letting him hold me, trying to comfort me, just saying how Billie Joe was in a funk, and that he would try to make it up to me any time.

"You watch" He mumbled, "At the awards he'll make it up to Florida he will"

I looked at Mike, my mouth opened a little, "Mike...I'm not going to Florida"

He nodded, "Yeah, you are"

I quirked an eyebrow, "With who? I'm not going with him...kay? I don't want to go near him"

"Aww, come love Florida, just say your comin to Florida with me" He said slowly, trying to think

"With you?" I asked stupidly, "That would work well...with your girlfriend"

"Hey" He paused, "I'm allowed to have friends...I want you to come, leavin you back here...I don't like the idea, I feel bad..."

"Don't worry, Mikey...I can stay back here with the hobo"

"What is it with you and that damn hobo?"

"What can I say?" I asked, "He's earned my heart by taking my 5 dollar coffee..."

Mike sighed, "That's great, Mand...really, it is..."

"I guess, if you like to waste 5 bucks on a coffee for a hobo"

Mike just looked at me, laughing to himself, shaking his head.

" should come to Florida"

"I'll just stay back with Rachel" I murmured

"She's probably going, too...Tre's...trying to make it up to her"

I sighed, "I love Florida..."

"Exactly, come on...we're leaving in 3 days"

I raised an eyebrow, "I thought it was 2 days.."

Mike shook his head, "Nah...there's no reason to go another day earlier"

I looked down, "True..."

"Plleeaasse?" He begged softly

I looked down once again, "I'm not going to the awards"


"And you do realize the only reason I'm going is because I know you won't stop bothering me until I do"

"Of course"

I sighed, "Only if Rachel goes"

Mike gave me a lopsided smile, "If Tre does what he says...she will"

I raised an eyebrow, "What's he gonna do?"

Mike sighed, "What Billie Joe should be doing"


I pulled the door open, coming face to face with Tre.


Tre looked at me, "Mandy? Whatcha doin here?"

"I'm staying with Rachel..."

"This is where you're staying?" He asked

"What do you mean 'this is where you're staying'...?" I asked

"I talked to Beej...he told me everything"

"Oh" I said simply, stepping away from the door

"He said he's sorry" He called after me

"That's great, Tre. Ask him if he got his coffee back from the hobo"


"The hobo Tre," I explained, "The stupid hobo who I guess I fucked"

"You fucked a hobo!?"

I sighed, "No, Tre..."


"What, Tre?"

"Why don't you pick up his phone calls?"

"Because he's an asshole"

"He misses you"


Tre sighed, frustrated, "Come on...Mandy-"

I spun around, looking at Tre.

"No, you know what? After the whole cheating thing with you and Rachel, he still had the balls to accuse me of cheating on him with a friend I have, who called and told me how he was getting married, Tre. That's bull shit. He should know how to fucking think before he fucking talks. Now he's playing the 'poor me' shit, which I can't stand. If HE wants to tell me how sorry he is, then he can come face to face with me and tell me, kay?"

Tre stared at me, "Yes ma'am"

"I'm one of those people who think a relationship is based on trust. If there's no trust in a relationship, then either you don't have one, or it's shit. I chose to not have to sit around and not be trusted. If he really is THAT stupid to think that I'm fucking someone else, while I'm gonna have HIS kid..then fuck him, got it?"

Tre nodded, "Okay. But-"

"There's really nothing else to say, Tre" I muttered angrily, before disappearing up the stairs, slamming the door to the room I was staying in, closed.

I slid against the wall, pulling my legs up to my chin. I pulled out my cellphone, pressing Mike's cell phone number.

"Yeah huh? I mean, hello?"

I laughed softly at how he answered.


"Mandy? Hey. Whaddup?"



I laughed again, shaking my head.

"So how you doin?"

"Good..." I mumbled, "As good as I could do sitting in my room..."

"You want to come over?"

I wiped my eyes, "No,'s k...I'm gonna pack..."

"Okay sweety..I'll talk to you later, kay?"

"Yeah Mike..Bye"


I hung up my cell phone, shaking my head.

"What the hell am I getting myself into?"


I didn't WANT to be on the plane. The fact that I hated flying wasn't even a part of that. It was the fact that I was sitting 2 seats away from Billie Joe that bothered me.

Originally, I had to sit next to him..but Rachel switched her ticket with me, making her sit next to me, while I sat next to Tre.

"Look, look at this...see this? That is fuckin beautiful..I could fuck her right now"

I looked at the magazine pathetically, before Tre.

"It's a drum set, Tre..."

"It's a beautiful one"

"How can you tell?" I asked stupidly, grabbing the magazine, "The picture is as big as the nail on my pinky"

"I'm smart like that"

I shrugged, "If you say so"

I looked away, playing Mike's ipod, which he gave up easily, wanting me to relax on the plane. His seat was in back of me, him leaning forward a lot.

"Look at this one! Holey crap...that is beautiful"

"Tre, I don't care about the drum set"

"It's not a drum set!!" He argued, "Look!"

I turned my head, frowning.

"It's a guitar..."

I could swear Billie Joe had that one....

"Yeah! It's perrty"

"Am I gonna have to tell Rachel that you're dreaming of being with a guitar?"

Tre snorted, "I'll murder you"

"You'll go to jail"

"I'll annoy the shit outta the jail people"

"They'll beat you up"

"I'll laugh"

I looked at Tre, starting to laugh.

"You'll laugh when they beat you up?" I asked, " really are a lunatic"

Tre laughed, "You're not the first one to tell me that"

"And not the last"

He nodded slowly, "True..."

I shook my head, turning the ipod back on, closing my eyes.

"Wake me up when we're there..kay?"


I never actually fell asleep. I dozed off, but I couldn't fall asleep...there was too much shit on my mind.

"We is we are. Are...far...we are far! Far from a car!"

I opened my eye and looked at Tre, who was now trying to rhyme like Dr. Suess.

"Shuddup, Tre"

"Shuddup Tre, Tre you say. Please shuddup Tre"

"Tre" I mumbled, "shut up"

Tre snorted, before grabbing my hand and helping me up.

I stood up, now wanting to sleep. I looked over to where Rachel was, Billie Joe standing behind her..his...well, MY ipod on. His head bopped a little to the music, him looking down at his shoes.

Rachel sighed, turning around to face him. He looked up at her, quirking an eyebrow.

"Huh?" He asked, turning off the ipod

"That battery is still running?" She asked

He nodded, "Uh huh"

"What song?"

"What, what song?"



Billie Joe and he stared at each other, blinking. I looked away, not liking that I was near him at all.

"Shuddup Billie" She muttered, "Stop confusing me"


"Shut up"


She groaned, taking a step.

3 days...3 days since I had seen him.

Tre went after her, pulling me with him.

"Tre! My hand, oh my god..I can't feel my hand!" I whined


I groaned, pulling my hand from his.

"Oww..fuck head...that hurt"

"Haha...where'd Rachel go...?"

"I dunno..." I mumbled, "Where'd Mike go?"

"He's still back on the plane"

"Okay then..." I said slowly, "I'm gonna wait for Mike, kay?"

"Mhm, see ya later alligator"

I laughed, before waiting for Mike to come out.

Within a couple minutes, he stepped out from the gate to where I was, Megan and Billie Joe following.

I dropped my sunglasses onto the bridge of my nose, shielding my eyes.

"I need new sunglasses..." I muttered, "These aren't doing much"

"I like those" Mike said cooly, "They look good on yah"

I smiled, "'s just...their old"

Billie Joe muttered something under his breath, leaning against the wall.

"I'll probably get another pair" I said, looking at them

Mike nodded, "Cool...we should all go out later...I don't wanna stay in the hotel when we get there"

"Same here"

Rachel took my sunglasses, looking at them.

"Woah...these are awesome...Where did you get them?"

I shrugged, "Back in New York City when I was like 17"

"Wooah...that was like a year before you met us" Tre pointed out

"Way to go, genius" I said rolling my eyes playfully, "These things were expensive, though...they were like 30 bucks"

"Ha! And you call me stupid!" Tre snorted, "At least I don't spend 30 bucks on sunglasses!"

"At least I don't say how I wanna fuck a drum set!"

Rachel raised an eyebrow, "Tre...?"

"Nothing! Mandy is a liar! In fact, she wanted to fuck the guitar!"

"No I didn't!" I argued

"Yeah, she did! Rach, she told me that she wants to fuck the guitar!! I swear!"

I grabbed Tre's shirt, slamming my hand over his mouth.

"He told me that when people beat him up, he laughs"

"She called me a lunatic!"

"You are a lunatic!"

Tre stared at me, "Okay...that's true..."

I rolled my eyes, turning back to Mike who was talking to Megan. Billie Joe still stood against the wall, the ipod back on.


"I like these" I said holding up a pair of sunglasses to Mike. Mike looked at them, nodding and making a weird face.

"I like, their cool"

"You like them as much as my old ones?"

He nodded again, "Yeah,"

"Good...I'll get them then"

He nodded, biting the inside of his lip.

"Rach?" I called out in the store, "Where are you?"

"Heeerrreee" She called out, coming over to me, "I'm riiiigghhtt hheerree"

I raised an eyebrow, "You are such a freak"

She smiled innocently, "Eh what?"

"Like these? Mike does"

She took the sunglasses from me, studying them.

"These are hot" She said nodding, before screwing her face up in a disgusted look, "Eww...I just sounded like Paris Hilton"

I snorted, shaking my head, and taking them from her.

"Are there anymore?" She asked

"Eh huh...I think so"

"Sweet" She mumbled, before going to see

I laughed, rolling my eyes at her, before going up to pay for them.

I handed the person the money, before looking around, putting my new sunglasses on.

Billie Joe stood looking at some little glass thing, before putting it back on the shelf, his hand shaking. I felt bad for was like when he wasn't acting as if the world hated him, he acted as if he could break at any moment.

As he put the thing back, he knocked other things over, making him curse angrily, picking the other stuff up.

"Don't break" He snapped angrily, "I don't wanna pay 15 bucks for 5 of the same thing."

I stared at him, wanting to go over and talk to him. Wanting to go over and have him wrap me in his arms, kiss my head gently and tell me that everything was fine.

The breakup was a mess up...and it shouldn't have happened.

I went to take a step toward him, before getting slammed into by someone, and stumbling back.

"Woah," The person yelped, "Crap! I'm so fucking sorry! Shit, are you okay?!"

Someone helped me up, their hands on my shoulder.

"Seriously...I never meant to hit you. Miss?"

I looked at the kid, feeling my breath hitch...damn..he was cute.

He had brown short hair, being blocked by a Yankees baseball cap, although they did show his bright blue eyes...he really was cute.

"Ugh yeah...I'm fine" I stuttered

He smiled. Oh god...the only person with a smile like that was Billie Joe.

"I'm so sorry, I just had about 6 cups of coffee cause of my sister...she was testing coffee on me. My name's Travis," He stuck out his hand, still smiling.

I looked at Billie Joe, who was staring at Travis, his mouth slightly open.

"No problem," I said softly to Travis, "Names Mandy."

"OOhh," He cooed, "That's a pretty matches you. Oh shit, sorry. I'm not hitting on you, I know that's creepy...anyone ever tell you that you have pretty eyes? You do. HEY! I like your sunglasses! Did you just buy them?"

I started giggling at Travis, watching him talk.

"Ugh yeah..I did, and thanks," I said slowly

He nodded, "No problem. I also like your shirt, Green Day fuckin rocks, man! Even though your not a girl. Shit..I really gotta shut up."

I giggled again, hating myself for it.

Billie Joe stared at Travis in disgust, before looking at me with a hurt expression on his face.

And even though the look practically killed me inside..I couldn't help but smile at Travis.

I didn't know much about the kid...

But I did know that I wanted to see a lot more of him.