In the End

They Lost My Guitar

"Am I still rambling?"

I looked up from my drink, starting to laugh.

"Afraid so"

"Crap...I gotta stop this. People may think I'm weird"

I kept laughing, shaking my head.

"It's cute...and funny"

He smiled cutely again, showing his damn near perfect teeth.

"Why did you drink 6 cups of coffee?" I asked

He sighed, "I was helping out my sister...shes making a coffee shop thing...I dunno...she just had me tryin coffee all morning"

I laughed, looking down and taking a sip before looking back at Travis who was still smiling.

I loved the smile. It was almost as good as Billie's...hell, maybe better.

"So, you live in Florida?" He asked, actually calmer

I shook my head, "California"

"Seriously? That's fuckin awesome...I love California, I wanna move there"

I hummed slightly, nodding.

"You's really nice"

He nodded, looking at me.

"So why yah in Florida?" He asked

"My friend...he wanted me to come," I rolled my eyes, "He's...trying to get me and my old boyfriend back together"


"Yeah," I shrugged, "Won't happen, though"

He quirked an eyebrow, "Why?"

"Cuz my old boyfriend is a jackass"

Travis laughed softly, shaking his head, "How long were you together? If you don't mind me asking.."

"Nah, I don't care. 2 years..that's all"

Travis looked at me, "That's all? Woah, 2 years is a long time. Think about it...okay, don't think about it...but it is"

I shrugged again, "I suppose..."

"Why did you break up?"

"It was stupid..."

He bit his lip, "'Nuff said"

I laughed, "Mhm"

I dipped my head, "It was a stupid was him sayin he didn't trust me..and I left..."

"Oh...that bites, seriously," He nodded slowly, "But usually if it's a stupid fight, it'll only be like a week before you get with them again"

I shook my head, "I don't want to be with him. I don't even want to look at him"

"What's his name?"

I bit my lip, recalling what he had said, "Ehm...Bob?"

For some reason I didn't want to go saying Billie as far as I was concerned, Bob was good enough.

Travis looked at me, quirking an eyebrow, "Eh huh...Bob?"
I sighed, "Bob, or you could call him fuck head. Either works...I choose fuck head"

Travis laughed, shaking his head, "You'll forgive him"

"In his dreams" I snipped, "I hate him. Hate is a strong word, I know...but he shoulda known better than to accuse me of that shit"

Travis nodded, "Well yeah, every guy who accuses his girlfriend is an asshole-"

"Fuck face"

He laughed, "Okay, fuck face"

I nodded, "That's more like it"


"Where did you go?"

I looked at Mike, folding my arms.


He looked at me confused, "I just want to know. You went off with that Travis kid?"

I nodded, "mhm"

Mike sighed, shaking his head.

"Billie Joe locked himself up in his suit.." He muttered

I rolled my eyes, "He needs to grow the fuck up"

"He loves you"

I groaned, before going to step out the suit, and go to mine.

"Come on, Mandy" Mike cooed, "Billie really is sorry...I mean, you both haven't spoken for 3 days"

"So?" Mike snipped, getting angry with me, "You're pregnant with his kid...for cryin out loud!"

"Really?" I asked, "I dunno...maybe it's the guys I'm cheatin' on him with"

"Why are you hanging out with this kid?" He asked, ignoring my last comment

"Cuz I like him"

"Yeah, but you love Billie Joe"

I sighed, before turning around and stepping out of his suit, not saying another word.


"I hate guys"

The poor person next to me looked up at me as I picked the grass.

"All of them. They suck. Each and every one of them"

The lady looked at me, before the ground.

"They're all loser," I said, standing up, "You're right...thanks lady!! I owe you!!"

Before the poor lady could even answer me, I jumped up and bounded up the stairs.

"Wooaahh...where's the fire?" Tre yelled, seeing me

I sighed, "I wanna call someone...and I wanna go hang out with them again...I can't get my mind off them"

Tre quirked an eyebrow, "Oh, I'm right here baby"

I started laughing my ass off as he rolled his eyes playfully, "Can't even get no lovin anymore..."

He laughed again, before I picked up the phone.



"Is this the police?"

I raised an eyebrow, "No..."

"Okay, then, yeah! This is he"

I started laughing, "You really are a crazy guy"

"Thank you!! Finally, somebody who tells me I'm crazy and doesn't ask how many times I was dropped on my head when I was little!"

"Were you dropped on your head when you were little...?"

"No! Well...I don't think so"

I smirked, sitting back as Tre got a beer out of my mini fridge, sitting next to me.

"Privacy is not an option, is it?" I snipped to him

Tre smiled, shaking his head stupidly, "Nope"

I sighed, shaking my head before turning back to the phone and Travis, who was now still talking.



"I don't know one thing you just said"

"...I don't either"

"How do you not remember?" I asked, laughing, "You were just talking"

"I talk to hear myself talk..for all I know I was rambling on about...ehh...I dunno"

I laughed, before getting off the couch, not liking anyone..especially Tre, listening to my phone conversation.

"I'm amazingly bored," I mumbled

Travis hummed in agreement, " too"

"And hungry"

"I never went ice skating before"

There was a long silence, in which I started to laugh.

"That was completely random"

"True..but it's true! Woah..that's confusing" He said slowly, trying to think

I laughed again, looking down and scuffing my socks against the wooden floor.

"I'm so pissed off at everyone here" I mumbled, "Their annoying"

"Hmmm?" He hummed, "How so?"

"They wanted me to come here...and yet, now their annoying me about's confusing"

"Hey, don't worry...everything is pretty much confusing, but shit'll brighten up"

I smiled softly to myself, bowing my head, "Thanks Travis"

I knew he was smiling that smile.

"Holey crap! This bird!! It like...flew into my window!"

I fell silent, "Travis...?"


"What are you talkin 'bout?"

"A just...flew at my window...and crashed"


"It did!! And it was ugly too, it deserved to crash"


"My mom always told me to be truthful"

I snorted, shaking my head once again.

"Okay, I'm bored as hell..and thirsty...where'd my soda go? Do we have any more coffee?"

"NO! Travis, no more coffee!"

"But it tastes good....."

I sighed, "You can't handle more coffee. It's bad for you"

"Ooohh......but most things are bad for you, hence the reason we eat them. We don't eat..uh...I dunno, chips cuz their healthy"

"They aren't healthy"

"But do you still eat them?"


"There!" Travis yelped, "That's my point!"

"You had a point?" I asked

Travis fell silent, "I think so"

I smiled, looking down.

", you wanna meet up in a little...since we're both bored"

"Suuurree, sounds good"


I sighed, pulling close my suit door and stepping into the hallway.

Someone sat across from Mike's door, their head buried in their arms, shaking a little.
Normally, I wouldn't get involved...I mean, it wasn't my business.

"Uhm...sir...are you okay?" I bent down across the person, my eyes widening when I noticed who it was

Billie Joe took his head from his arms, and stared at me, his eyes red.

"The airport lost my guitar" He said softly, "When we were at the airport they said they couldn't find it; and they would call me if they did. They just called me, saying they couldn't find it after searching. They lost my guitar..The one for tomorrow night. They LOST my GUITAR. And they say they're sorry...they're not sorry"

I just stared at him in shock, feeling horrible for him. It was as if nothing in his world would go right.

"Bill...I'm so sorry...can't you like," I started trying to think, "I..they lost it?"

He nodded slowly, whimpering into his arms, "They lost the guitar in its case that had MY fucking name on it. They lost my fucking guitar...They lost my guitar!!"

I sat down next to him, letting him turn to me and break down.

"This is shit...complete shit" He whimpered, "Everything is going fucking wrong"

I had never felt so bad for him..well, okay, I did...but not in the past week.

"'s kay...can't you just, I don't know, use someone else's?"

"Course I can" He said softly, "But the point is they lost my fucking guitar. It was a gift from someone, too..I thought I'd be safe bringing it for the fuckin awards when we played"

I placed my hand on Billie Joe's back, forgetting the fact that we were in the middle of the hallway, forgetting that we hadn't talked in the past 4 days, and that I was suppose to be leaving to meet Travis.


I looked back to Billie Joe, who was still being supported by me.

"Maybe...maybe we could go see if some shop has one, you know? I dunno...I'm trying to think" I murmured pulling my legs up close to me

"Huh?" He asked, slightly confused

"I...don't know..."

I sighed softly, before standing up, and giving him my hand. Billie Joe looked at my hand to my face, before taking it and standing up.

"Stay here...okay? I'm just gonna go get something...and then...we can at least try to help the guitar"

He nodded slowly, looking down the hall before I disappeared into my suit, pulling my cell phone out of my pocket.

"Travis?" I asked, running my hand through my hair

"Yeah huh" He answered

"Are you still at your house?"

"Yeah huh...I was gonna leave in a couple minutes"

I sighed, "Okay...good...listen, right now I need to help"

"mmmmk, gotcha. All right, so call me later then"

I nodded to myself, happy, "Sure thing"

"All riighhtt, see yah"

"Bye Trav"

I closed my cell phone, tucking it into my pocket. I looked in the mirror quickly, before grabbing another key, and stepping out of the suit to see Billie Joe leaning against the wall, his forehead resting in the palm of his hand.

"You sure they lost it?" I asked him, tucking my hands in my pockets

Billie Joe snapped out of thought, glancing at me, nodding.

"The assholes called and told me"

I looked down, feeling bad for Billie Joe. Nothing was going right for him. Things hadn't even been that bad for me, but Billie Joe kept having shitty luck..hell, would you even call what he had luck?

We headed down the stairs, Billie Joe with his head down, his hands also tucked in his pockets.

"Think someone would take it?" I asked, breaking the silence

"What?" He asked lifting his head, "Oh..uh...probably...there are weird people out there who take my things..."

I nodded, now looking down.

" should like, hide your name? Put something else on the case so no one can see your name"

Billie Joe shrugged, "I guess. It's a good idea, though"

I smiled softly, scratching my ear, before looking at him. I gulped, staring at him. Billie Joe must have noticed, because he looked back at me and smiled softly with a nod of his head.

Oh shit...

Okay, keep focused.

We kept walking, down the stairs and out the door to the city.

"I love Florida" I sighed softly, looking towards him

"Mhm" He hummed, "'s nice I suppose"

"Especially the water" I said softly, "It looks so pretty"

Billie Joe smiled, running a hand through his hair.

" does"

I looked at him, watching him take in the scenery.

"Mhm...very pretty" He hummed

I smiled as Billie Joe walked a little closer to me, digging in his pockets for his cell phone that had started ringing. He pulled it out of his pocket, stared at the screen for a moment before shoving it back in.

"Fuck it" He muttered to himself, shaking his head
I quirked an eyebrow, watching him. He looked back up at me, and then down.

"Just Mike..."


He shrugged, "Has he been getting on your case about being...single, too?"

I nodded, "Eh huh. Every chance he gets...the only one who isn't is Tre, and that's cuz he's clueless"

Billie Joe laughed, "True..and same"

Billie Joe sighed, "It's starting to get annoying...every time I leave my suit I'm asked where I go, what I've been doing...I swear, their fucking worse than my mom was"

I ran a hand through my hair, "Exact same with me. Except, not worse than my mom," I paused, not wanting the conversation to get anymore awkward, "But wherever I go I'm asked questions"

Billie Joe gave me a lopsided smile, shaking his head, "It's pathetic"

"Mhhmmm, VERY"

I looked back at him, before looking around.

"So...where do we look..or..."

Billie Joe looked at the stores, "I dunno..never had my guitar 'misplaced' here"

"I'm really sorry, Beej"

He looked at me, raising an eyebrow and tilting his head slowly, "What?"

"About them losing your guitar"

"Oh...right" He mumbled, looking down at his fingers

And for not being together at the moment.

"Are they positive it can't be found...I mean, have they actually searched?"

He shook his head, "I doubt it. I seriously do. They say that it was never checked into the airport or something like that. I know they never looked," He sighed, "And it was a damned good guitar, too. You should remember it"

"What did it look like?" I asked


"I think I know," I said cutting him off, "Was it pretty much always in the lounge?"

Billie Joe smiled one of his 'smiles', "Yeah"

In a way I hated that smile...yet I loved it. And in a way, it made Travis's smiles look like nothing.

Okay...keep focused.

"I remember" I said smiling softly, before frowning, "They Lost that one!?"

He nodded, "Yeah...well...that's what they say"

"That was a really nice guitar..."

"Hmhm..I know"

"You really think someone would walk off with it?"

"Yeah, remember when someone stole my toothbrush?"

I snorted, "Yeah...I actually do remember that"

", if someone was crazy enough to steal my fuckin toothbrush, who knows what could happen with my guitar"

"That...really sucks..."

Billie Joe looked at me, biting his lip, "Yeh. It does"