In the End

A Tipsy Kiss

"Thats my fucking guitar!!"

I spun around in the shop, looking to where Billie Joe was.


"Thats. My. Guitar!"

I quirked an eyebrow, before looking at a guitar sitting on the counter.

"That is...isn't it?"


Billie Joe stumbled up to the counter, grabbing the guitar.

"Look! There's the chip in it when I dropped it in the kitchen after coming home! These bastards have my guitar!!"

I looked over the guitar, nodding...he was right. It WAS his guitar.

Billie Joe looked up from the guitar, and over to me as if to ask if he was right, or if he was just losing his mind.

"That's your guitar" I stated simply

He nodded, biting his lip.

"Hey dude! Dude!! Where did you get this guitar?!"

A lady stepped out from the back room.

"Oops...I meant ma'am" Billie Joe muttered, correcting himself

The lady sighed, "What do you need...?"

"You have my guitar that I need for tomorrow night"

The lady looked at the guitar, "Sir...that's not yours"

Billie Joe groaned, frustrated, "How would you know...who brought it here?"

"Some kid"

"What did he look like?"

"I can't give you that information"

"Oh come on lady...please. Someone stole my guitar...someone put it here...who?!"

"I can't give you the information-"

"This is my guitar!! Can't you tell me whole STOLE it, may I repeat that!? S-T-O-L-E my guitar!! I have a right to know!"


"Okay, whatever...can I have my guitar back?"

"Uhh...for a couple hundred"

Billie Joe stared at the lady, "You want me to pay for my own stolen guitar?! Are you nuts?! This is mine!! I'm suppose to have it now!! CAN-"

"Billie!" I squeaked, pushing him away from the poor lady, "Shuddup!"

He sighed angrily, "I just want my guitar..."

"It's expensive, sir"

"It's my guitar!!"



The lady sighed, "I got it from someone, who said it was Billie Joe Armstrong's guitar that he sold"

Billie Joe's mouth dropped open, "Okay...1....I AM Billie Joe fucking Armstrong, or well, that's what it says on my underwear every day. And 2? I never sold it!! It was stolen from the airport, and I need it for tomorrow for the awards!"

The lady just looked at him, "You don't look anything like Billie Joe"

"How is that?! I AM him!"

"No you're not...he's much taller than you, with I think either blonde or brown hair, and he has an earring"

"What? That's Mike!"

"I was told it's Billie Joe"

"It's not! Mandy! Oh my god, Mandy come here and tell her who I am"

Billie Joe grabbed onto my arm, pulling me over to him.

"Uhm.." I muttered, "Yeah...that is Billie Joe..."

"See?! Wait...can I make a deal with you?" He asked, wrapping his arm around me, not thinking about it, and moving in front of me, "If I can play this...tomorrow the will be more how about you let me borrow it, and I'll return it tomorrow!?"

The lady looked at him, as he stared back at her...

This was going to take a while...


"Are you really gonna return it?"


I sighed, shaking my head.

"This is why you're not a good example for little kids at times"

Billie Joe smiled stupidly, "The lady made me give her 50 bucks! I'm not returning it! Besides, it's MY gui-fucking-tar"

"You told her you were borrowing it..."

"And she was stupid enough to believe me"

"That is true"

Billie Joe smirked, looking back down at his guitar.

"Who the fuck stole it, though?" He asked looking back at me, who only shrugged, "I mean...who the fuck steals my guitar and sends it into a shop!? Wouldn't you keep it? I mean, if you didn't know me and you would steal"

I smiled, laughing softly, also nodding, "Yeh"

"Exactly! Jeez...assholes"

I laughed again, before pulling the doors to the hotel open, both of us stepping inside.

"Important thing is...I have my guitar back, and I can play tomorrow...which kinda sucks...sorta..."

I quirked an eyebrow, "You're confusing me"

Billie Joe smiled one of his 'smiles' again, before slinging the guitar case over his back as we made our way up the stairs and to our suits.

"I'm gonna practice" He said simply

"Good idea...not that you need it"

Billie Joe looked back at me as we both smiled at each other. I dug into my pocket, pulling out my key for my suit, hearing Billie Joe angrily mutter to himself.

" asshole...where the fuck did you put it?! Shit, you forgot your own key again, didn't you?"

I looked at him, watching him angrily search his pockets.

"Fuuuck" He groaned angrily, "God dammit"

I snorted, causing Billie Joe's head to shoot up, and for him to look at me.

"Forgot your key?"

He nodded slowly, "Don't I always?"

I laughed, opening the door to my suit, and looked at him who was still checking his pockets furiously.

"Billie, you could...come here" I said slowly

He shook his head, "'s kay...I probably have it somewhere in my pocket...I coulda sworn I put it in my pocket"

"You sure?"

He nodded, "Mhm, positive"


I shut the door, not being able to stop smiling. We were actually talking again, and it wasn't as awkward as I thought it would be.

I pushed myself off the door, biting my lip and walking over to the couch when there was a knock at my door. I turned around, tucking my hands in my pockets before walking over to the door and swinging it open.

"It's useless" Billie Joe sighed, "I can't find my key"

I smirked, wiping the stupid smile off my face from before and letting him in. He turned back, grabbing his guitar case with his guitar before shuffling inside the suit.

"Okay," He sighed, "'re suit is a lot nicer than mine"

"That's cuz I know what the word 'clean' means"

"What word?"



I narrowed my eyes, putting my hand on my hip, "That's pathetic, Billie"

Billie Joe laughed, leaning on the back of the couch.

"You want anything?" I asked with a slight shrug of my shoulders, "I, to drink or eat?"

"Uhh...depends...what is there?"

"Hell if I know" I said walking over to the mini fridge

"I think Tre ate all my food from my mini fridge when he was at mine, cuz you're fridge looks a lot fuller than mine" Billie mumbled, "Asshole...eats MY things"

I snorted, "That's cuz you don't"

"Yeah I do!! I love to eat, you know that! I just can't cuz fuck head comes over and eats everything!!"

"So lock him out...oh do that"

"Exactly! That's why I change the locks on the house every time I can...but he still manages to find his way in"

"So just get him back," I said slowly, "I that Rachel is gonna be'll be easy"

Billie Joe smiled in a creepy way, "We both owe him that favor"

I laughed, nodding.

"Poor Rachel will have to live with me and you getting payback...just calling their house randomly when we know Claudia isn't there and other shit" He continued smiling, "Now I can't wait"

I snorted, leaning on the couch next to him, "And if he asks what the fuck we're doing-"

Billie Joe shrugged, "We just tell him we were bored"

I kept laughing, falling over the back of the couch so my feet were hanging over the top while the head lay off where you sat.

"All the blood in your head will rush to your brain...believe me...I've tried it. It reeaally-woah!"

I sat up, pulling Billie Joe back on the couch next to me.

"Oof" He grunted, "Oh man...that was not cool"

I laughed, poking him in the side of the head. He glared at me, swatting my hand away.

"Stop that" He muttered

I giggled, before picking up the remote from on the side of me.


Billie Joe looked at me before starting to crack up.

"What?!" I asked innocently

"You sounded like a fuckin drunk cat"

I looked at him saying nothing as he continued to laugh his ass off, before also cracking up.

"How would you know?!" I asked, still laughing my ass off, "You've heard one before?"

"Now I have"


We both sat there, cracking up over each if nothing was wrong, as if we hadn't been trying to stay away from each other for the past 4 days.

"You're a drunk cat" He gasped, "Teeevveeeeeee" He added, mocking me

"You're such a loser!"

"At least I'm not...a...drunk cat" He continued, nearly rolling off the couch from laughing.

"Neither am I!!"

"You sound like one!"

I pushed Billie Joe over, shoving him off the couch. He landed with a thud, still laughing his ass off.


"Shuddup! No I'm not!"

Billie Joe kept laughing his ass off as I rolled off the couch, landing on top of him.

"Gett ooff you drunk cat!!"

"I'm not a drunk cat!!"

Billie Joe pushed me off him, still laughing his ass off.


"how does that sounds like a drunk cat?!"


"You suck, Billie!"

"Nah uh...but..."

I moved towards him, slamming my hand over his mouth.

He fell back, pulling me down with him as he continued to laugh his ass off with his mouth covered by my hand.

The door to the suit opened, and Rachel stepped inside, looking around for me.

"Mandy?" She asked, before noticing the two laughing idiots by the tv, that now had a camel walking on it from some show.

"Oh my god...camel" Billie Joe laughed out, "It looks"

"I'm not a camel! It looks like your face!!"

"It's dead!"

"So is your face!"

Billie Joe stopped laughing for a moment, before starting to laugh his ass off, not knowing why it was so damn funny, along with me

"Oh my god...I can't breath...I'm laughing...too hard" He managed to say, slamming his fist on the ground, trying to push himself up, "Okay...I'm good...I'm..."

He didn't finish sentence, because of the fact that he fell down laughing again.

Rachel stared at us, confused, amused, and in a way in awe. Confused why the hell we were laughing so hard, amused in how we were laughing so hard, and in awe that it was US who was laughing so hard...the two people that hadn't been talking and shit.

"This is why you two made a good couple, "She muttered, forgetting what she was going to ask me, "You both are clinically insane..."


"You know my guitar was stolen?" Billie Joe asked Mike

Mike looked up from his shoes in which he was getting aggravated with.


"Yeah," Billie Joe nodded, "The airport fucking lost it"

Mike looked at his best friend, before looking back down at his shoes.


Billie Joe shrugged, not bothering to hear what his best was going to say.

"Mandy...actually helped me find it"

Mike's head shot up from his shoes.


"Yeah...we're...actually...Really getting along...remember the first time you met her? Kinda like that, except no one is just meeting"

Mike smiled, not caring about his shoes.

"That's...fucking wonderful. You two are talking?"

Billie Joe nodded, "Mhm...a lot actually" He smiled, looking down, "So...yeah...Florida isn't being that bad to me"

Mike smiled again, "Thank fuck...we can't have you two apart..but hey...where did you find your guitar? Was it a little store?"

Billie Joe looked at Mike, his eyes narrowed suspicious, " was...."

"Oh...right. Hey you know where my bass is? Where's Megan? Bye!"

Billie Joe watched Mike run off, his eyes still narrowed, "You jackass..."


There was a pause.

"And the winner is...."

Another pause.


I smiled, looking down at the ice cream I had been eating.

I folded my legs, taking another thing of ice cream, watching Billie Joe, Mike, and Tre make their way onto the stage, Tre running over to the mic.

I laughed looking at him with the crazy look in his eyes, saying a bunch of shit and pointing to people in the crowd.

Billie Joe stood behind Tre, smiling and talking to Mike. I looked down, before turning the Tv off, and getting up.

Travis had called earlier.

But I didn't pick up...

I don't know why, but I couldn't pick it up as stupid as that sounds. If I was getting along with Billie Joe, I couldn't talk to Travis. If I was getting along with Travis, I couldn't talk to Billie Joe.

I turned the TV back on, smiling at remembering Billie Joe freak out over the camel...he really wasn't all there in the head at times.

I laughed to myself thinking about that before having more ice cream.

I swear..the ice cream was turning into my best fuckin friend.

Not that that was too much of a problem...Billie Joe had always told me to eat more...not that I never didn't eat, if that makes sense.

There was silence in the suit(which really was a rare thing with me) before I padded over to the couch, and lay down on it. I didn't really want to watch the awards. In a way it was a reminder to me of where I couldn't be because of the most shittiest break up I think there was in history, and there really was no point...all there was to them was some fuck heads dancing around on the stages like monkeys on crack and trying to 'sing'.

I turned the Tv back on, flicking through the channels...

With my ice cream...

Stupid ice cream.


My eyes snapped open, and I bolted up.

"Aah head" I murmured, placing my hand on my head before slipping off the couch, "Who's there?"

I looked over at the clock, quirking an eyebrow. Who the fuck would be knocking on my door at 12? What are they, stupid?


I sighed, debating wether or not to open the door, before pulling it open, surprised at who was there.

"Should I feel special for this special visit?" I ask, leaning on the door

Billie Joe shook his head, smiling, slightly tipsy.

"I..uh...oh shit...uhh..oh yeah, I wanted to say Hi"

I smile, scrunching my nose up in amusement, "Hi?"


I quirked an eyebrow again, opening the door up a little more.

"What are you doing here at 12? Needless to say on an awards night, when you can be at the after party?"

Billie Joe shrugged, looking down the hallway, "Mike disappeared with Megan, Tre disappeared with Rachel, and I was stuck talking to a drunk girl who managed to get in, and was telling me how I'm a sexy biatch. I mean, at first it was But after the 19th time or so, it started to get a little freaky"

I started laughing, moving out of the way so Billie Joe could stumble into the suit, which was exactly what he did.

"How come you didn't go get yourself totally pissed?" I asked

Billie Joe looked around, before at me, "Don't know...didn't feel like it"

I gave him a lopsided smile, folding my arms.

"How much drinks did you have?"

"Uhhhh" He ran a hand through his hair, "I think 3...or 4"

As if to prove that he wasn't drunk, he held up 3 fingers, then 4.

"Okay," I said smiling and pushing myself from the table in which I had been leaning on, "I'm done annoying the hell out of you by quizzing you"

Billie Joe laughed, "About fuckin time"

I smirked, running a hand through my hair, "Oh yeah. Congrats on the awards!" I said happily, with a nod of my head, although I barely watched the awards

Billie Joe smiled, "Thanks" He paused, "How many awards did you see us win before you fell asleep?"

My mouth dropped open as I pretended to be offended, "What are you talking about?"

"I fell asleep at the awards for 15 I know you fell asleep here"

I laughed, shaking my head, "Uh...2"

Billie Joe started laughing again, "I knneeww it, and at the beginning of the show"

"Billie, I couldn't watch it. There were people that were starting to scare me"

"They scared me, too. I hate the awards" He muttered, "Hence the reason I get so drunk after...I don't know how some people don't"

"True...very true"

"I wish you woulda came" He mumbled softly, shaking his head, "Cuz...uhh...I coulda...bothered you"

I smiled softly, "I would have killed you by the end of tonight"

Billie Joe laughed, "I knows"

We continued talking for a little while, his words often becoming a little slurred as the drinks took more affect on him.

"Bill" I murmured, "You okay...or are you falling asleep?"

He shrugged, "Just tipshy"

I sighed, wrapping my arm around him and leading him over to the couch, where he sat down. He looked up at me, and smiled.

"You belly ish getting bigger"

I looked at him for a moment, watching his eyes look up at my face, before back to my stomach.

"Just a little" He said, after a moment

I looked back up at him, before my stomach.

"Uhh..yeah" I muttered

"Mhm" He hummed, before rocking back and forth until he was on the edge of the couch

I watched him, amused before feeling his hand against my stomach. I jumped slightly, before looking at Billie Joe who smiled from the side of his mouth.

"It ish a little bigger...hmm...gonna have a little baby"

I didn't do anything, I just sorta...froze. Billie Joe looked up at me from the top of his eyes, smiling happily.

"Mhm" He hummed, "Me 'n yours"

I smiled back at him, still not doing much, frozen by his touch.

"Yeah" I murmured softly

He stood up, looking around the suit, moving his head so he could see my bed. He looked back at me, nodding slowly, biting the inside of his cheek.

"I'm tired" He mumbled, "what time is it?"

"Probably like one" I answered simply, "In the morning"


I looked back at Billie Joe, shaking my head slowly as if to say 'what are you doing'?

"I'm...gonna bed" He said slowly, nodding to himself

"Okay" I said softly

He looked back at me, taking an uneasy step closer to me, his hand still resting on my stomach. He smiled to himself looking at me.

"Probably sleep 'till 2" He said with a soft laugh

I laughed lightly, " do that at times"

He smirked, "At least it meant for me to leave you alone"

"Yeah, actually, that's true"


I grinned, looking at the window in the suit, before back at Billie Joe.

"Hmm...night" He mumbled, before staring at me one last time

I looked back at him, going to say night back, only to get cut off by him.

Billie Joe pressed his lips softly against mine, before pulling away slowly, and looking down.

I stared at him, my eyes wider than before.

It might have been nothing, being the fact that he had been drinking before. Hell, it could have been because of the alcohol. But it still made me feel like my heart was going to jump out of my chest.

"Night" He murmured again, before stalking off the bed...

My bed.

My eyes fallowed him for a moment, not being able to say anything.

"N..ight" I croaked, before noticing what bed he was on.

I walked over to the bed, staring at him who had pretty much already passed out.

"Billie...that's...uh..that's my bed" I said softly


I sighed, running a hand through my hair, "Okay...night..."