In the End

Pretend That You Don't Know, Nor Care Who They Are

I slipped out of the bed, looking at the clock.


How the hell do I get up at 6? Am I retarded or something?

I gripped my head before looking at the bed that I had been debating to sleep in or not.

Billie Joe lay where he had been laying practically all night.

I had sat there on the couch debating wether or not to sleep in the bed...and after falling off the couch, I decided to.

Billie Joe mumbled something in his sleep, before rolling over onto his other side, before sighing, and snoring.

I watched him for a moment, his mouth slightly open as he snored lightly, moving a little from the dream he was having, I guess...He looked so damn innocent.

I shook my head before heading into the lounge part of the suit, rubbing my eyes slowly and yawning.

It was only 6...Billie Joe would probably be asleep for another 6 hours...

So for 6 hours I had to entertain myself. I sighed, closing my eyes slowly, nearly falling asleep standing up.

The night before I had an...odd...dream.

Aliens had come from a different galaxy, and were trying to kill Billie Joe, Mike, and the faggot president.

It was just proof that I had been hanging out with Tre too much...

I opened my eyes realizing that falling asleep standing up probably wouldn't be that good of an idea.

I looked back in the bedroom, hearing Billie Joe snore again.

There was nothing to do at 6 in the morning...

I slowly walked around in a circle, bored as hell, before throwing the suit door open and walking into the hallway, fully aware that I was still in my pajamas that were sweat pants and a shirt.

"Hey Mike!" I whispered, knocking on the door, "Everyone's asleep but me, so I figured I'd wake you up"

I waited a moment, before knocking even more, before hearing a groan and someone walk to the door. The door swung open to show a pissed off looking Mike Dirnt.

"Hi" I whispered, waving innocently

He groaned, before shutting the door in my face.

"Mike!?! No!! Come back!"

I banged on the door again, getting his attention. The door swung open, to show him again.

"What are you doing here at 6 in the morning, Mandy?" He sighed

"I woke up...and I thought I'd bother you"

Mike stared at me, "You're doing a good job"

"Yay! You just made me a happy person, on the awards!"

He looked at me, one eye now half open as he slowly fell asleep in the doorway.

"Thanks...but...couldn't you have told me that in a decent hour?"

"I had a dream that an alien killed you"

"Tre has dreams like that all the time" He muttered

"I of the reasons why I think I'm hanging out with him too much"

"You definitely are....hey, any idea where Billie Joe is?"

I raised an eyebrow, "Why? You think I would know?"

"Uh...I don't know..but he left the after party early, so I figured he came back here"

"All I know is that he's sleeping" I said with a shrug of my shoulders, obviously not giving Mike the information he wanted

"Is he in his suit?" He asked

"Uh...I don't think so"

Mean, yet fun.

"Then where do you think he is?"

"Sleepin! I just told you, jeeezz Mike" I said, rolling my eyes

I was just doing this to get on his nerves. For one, I knew where the hell Billie Joe was, and I wasn't really this stupid.

Mike sighed, running a hand through his hair angrily.

"Mandy...go back to bed"

"I'm not tired"

"If I shove a sleeping pill down your throat you will be, now go back to sleep"

"Fine Mike...can't even get no love" I stuck out my bottom lip, walking away pretending to cry

Mike watched me, shaking his head and smiling knowing I was just trying to annoy him.

I swung open my suit door, before stepping inside and closing it gently.


But I couldn't...cuz Billie Joe was sleeping in it. And the couch sucked. It was like sleeping on a pile of fuckin bricks. I mean, for cryin out loud the floor was better than the stupid couch.

I slid in under the covers, staying as far away from Billie as I could..although it really didn't make sense.

I closed my eyes slowly, curling up under the covers letting myself fall asleep, still hearing the loud mouth on the other side of the bed snore. I rolled my eyes hearing him, hiding a laugh.

Billie Joe snored again, before rolling over and slinging his arm over my waist, still sound asleep.

My eyes snapped open whilst I lay there, before slowly moving my head to look at his hand.

It was like one of those funny movies where everything that the girl doesn't want to happen happens...except to me it wasn't that funny.

He hummed in his sleep, before turning on his other side, taking his arm from my waist, but pressing his back against mine.

I slowly slid out from under the duvet, mumbling to myself.

Helloooooo fucked up couch.


"Oh god..."

I lifted my head from where it rested on the arm of the couch, watching some real fucked cartoon that had a monkey trying to murder a least, I think it was a gorilla.

"Sleep nice, sleeping beauty?" I asked, trying to hid my annoying smile

"Ohh god...I think I'm gonna fucking puke"

"You didn't even drink that much last night"

"I know...which only makes it worst...I feel moooore pain"



I sat up before picking 2 aspirins off the table and handing them to him, also allowing him to sit down next to me.

"Aoh..thank you..jezz, your like a fuckin angel" He said softly, swallowing the two pills and covering his eyes with his hand, "Oh...sorry...I took your bed last night..."

", it's no needed it more than I did" I said slowly, not including the part that I still slept in the bed

"Nah..I didn't..I woulda moved...but, I sorta.."

"Passed out" I finished for him with a smile

"Yeah...passed out..sorry" He paused, "You know...if I annoyed the shit outta you or anything"

You didn't annoy just kissed me

"Nah, you were fine" I said, shrugging

"Kay...good" He closed his eyes, slouching down farther on the couch, "If I did, you coulda whipped my ass" He added, winking

I laughed, looking away from him and shaking my head slowly. He laughed softly, also looking away.

"Oh yeah, guess what" He said after a moment


"Mike was the person who took my guitar"


"I remembering him knowing the lady at the shop, and at the awards he slipped me 50 bucks. The guy is fuckin cheap to me at times, and almost never gives me random money...and when I brought it up yesterday he acted stupid"

I just looked at him, while Billie Joe nodded to himself, biting his lip in thought.

"The lady wasn't gonna keep the guitar, that's the time it wasn't, but if you think 'bout it, it really is. I think Mike took the guitar, gave it to her, and told her some shit...that's how she knew what he looked like, and then waited for us to come. If we didn't go, he'd go get it"

I stared at Billie Joe with a blank expression on my face.

"Sneaky bastard" I muttered

"More like jackass"

I laughed nodding, "Yeah...I could agree with that"'


I closed the door to the suit slowly, against my own will leaving Billie Joe inside. He was good at wrecking things, and then putting them back together before anyone got back, making it look as if he did nothing bad.

Despite everyone's wishes, I was going out for a while just to at least say hi to Travis. The guy was nice, and while Billie Joe and I had been apart he was there for me to talk to.

What no one did understand, though, was that I didn't want a relationship with the guy. I just wanted him as a friend. I needed him as a friend. I had needed someone who didn't remind me of the guys from Green Day, or were the guys of Green Day for when I fought with them.

Sure, Travis was a little fucked up in the head like Tre, but other than that he was nothing like them...and I loved that.

I looked up from the floor, in which I had been watching as I walked, nearly slamming into Travis himself.

"Woaah, hey" He breathed out, steadying himself, "You kay?"

I smiled at him softly, nodding my head, "Actually...never better"

"That's goooood" He said in a small voice

"Uh huh" I agreed, stepping outside from where we were, him following, "I see you're not high on coffee today"

Travis laughed, shaking his head, "Actually...I'm sorta calm today. Yah know, one of those once in a while moods where your all calm...maybe you don't know, I don't know" He paused, "I just confused myself in a way"

I stared at him for a moment, before starting to laugh, "You're still talking a lot"

"Pfft. I ALWAYS talk a lot, it's like something I live to do. Talk"

"You talk more than I do" I said slowly, "And that's sorta scary"

Travis gave me a lopsided smile, "I talk more than most girls do"

"That really doesn't surprise me"

"Me neither"

I kept laughing, covering my mouth to stop a little as we continued talking.

"I'm thirsty" Travis muttered after a moment, "You want somethin to drink?"

"Sure" I shrugged

Travis smiled, and nodded before we made our way over to get something to drink.

I ended up picking out some off flavored water, making Travis give me an odd look.

"What?" I asked

"That stuff tastes weird"

"So does coffee..."

Travis's mouth flew open, as he stepped back.

"Ooohh nooo! You did NOT just insult coffee!!"

"Oh god..." I muttered, putting my head in my hand

"Coffee is better than colored water"

I looked up at him, before bursting out laughing.

"Colored water?! It's flavored water!!"

"Same difference!"

I kept laughing, while he sighed, paying for the drinks.

"I'm never going to live this I?" He asked pathetically

"No fucking way"


I kept laughing as we walked out of the place, before finally shutting up.

"Are you going to start laughing at me again?" Travis asked numbly

"Of course..just not now cuz my throat hurts"

"HA- I mean...are you okay?"

"You're such a loser!" I yelped, pretending to be offended

"My little sister tells me that a lot, too"

"I though you have an older sister?"

"I do," He said with a nod of his head, "Older and younger. Older one is 27, younger is 11"

I nodded, "Ooh..I just have an older brother"

"Nice...lucky, I always wanted one" He shrugged, "But then I realized how much a pain in the ass and older sister was, and I regretted it"

I giggled, shaking my head, "My older brother and I get along, so it wasn't bad. He was the only one in my family who I liked"

Travis gave me a lopsided smile, "I get along pretty well with my little sister, cuz she still finds her older brother amusing," He smiled again, "She's not at the age where she hates her family and wants to be married to a celebrity"

I looked down, "I remember when I was like that...I wanted to grow up to marry some guy from a tv show that I watched when I was 5," I shrugged, "I was a disturbed little kid"

He laughed softly, shaking his head, "I use to want to marry the girl next door to my house.."

"What's the problem with that?"

"I figured out that she was a guy in drag"

I stared at him for a moment, having to bite my lip to keep from laughing.

"Are you serious?" I asked

"Uh huh..."

I placed my hand over my mouth as always, trying to stop myself from laughing. He shook his head, snorting at the thought of it before being poked in the head by something.

"Woah" He muttered, "Is it raining?"

I looked up at the sky, only to be hit with rain.

"I'd say so" I nodded

"I use to like the rain" Travis said, feeling more rain come down, "Right now I don't though"

I smiled, looking back down and not letting it bother me.

We kept talking for a little bit, until the rain started pouring.

"Ahh crap!" Travis cried out, "When the fuck did it start raining this hard?!"

I pulled my hood up over my head, looking around for the hotel, before finding it.

"Come on" I murmured, grabbing his hand and pulling him over to the hotel, meanwhile us getting soaked

I heaved the doors open, before stepping inside, draining the water from my hair in the lobby, getting dirty looks from the people there.

"That was...a very random rainstorm" He said slowly

I nodded, "Very random indeed" I paused, before starting to laugh, "We both look like drench rats"

Travis started laughing, looking at his reflection in the doors, agreeing, "We really do"

I sighed, pulling my sweater off of me. Travis quirked an eyebrow.

"Don't you get hot in a sweater here?"

"Nope" I said simply, throwing it over my arm

Travis shook his head, "I'd die if I wore a sweater right now"

I gave him a lopsided smile, "You don't know how many people tell me that"

"It's true!"

"For yoou, not meh"

"Okay...that's true, too"

I giggled, before digging in my pockets for my suit's key.

"You wanna come up?" I asked with a shrug, "I mean, your soaked to the bone"

As soon as I said that, I regretted it. Billie Joe had been to much of a lazy ass to get out of my suit, meaning he was probably still there.

"Nah," He shook his head, "But thanks. My sister needs me to watch my little sister, cuz she has to go out"

"Ahhk, got it"

Thank fuckin god.

"So I'll see yah round, kay?" He said, "When it doesn't rain so...randomly"


Travis laughed, repeating me, "Yesh"

"It's yes, with an h"

"Oohh, you're so smart" He mocked


Travis laughed, before heading over to the hotel doors, "See yah later!"

I waved slowly, "Uh huh...bye"

Travis smiled his 'smile' before dashing off in the rain. I sighed, before making my way up the stairs to my suit, and shoving the card into the slot, before pushing the door open.

The room was silent...which was always an odd thing. I looked around slowly, before my eyes lay on a sleeping Billie Joe who was on the couch. I plodded over to the couch, and looked down at him.

"You really do sleep a lot" I said slowly

Billie Joe's eyes snapped open, making me jump back and scream. I slammed my hand over my heart, breathing heavily.

"I thought you were sleeping!" I yelped

Billie Joe sat up, starting to laugh his ass off.


"I can see that now! Jesus, give me a heart attack why don't you?"

"I think I already did"

"You're such a freak!"

"Why thank you"

I sighed, running a hand through my hair, and pulling it before looking back at him.

"Did you take a shower...?" I asked, quirking an eyebrow

He nodded, "A lot hair just won't dry...and what happened to you?"

"What's that suppose to mean?"

"You're all wet..."


Billie Joe snorted, rolling his eyes playfully.

"Well, to point out the obvious Mr. Billie fuckin Joe, it's raining"


"No, I'm lying" I muttered lamely

"I actually thought you were for once"

"I wasn't lying, Billie Joe!"


I laughed softly, shaking my head.

"I' cold right now" I murmured, "Rain is cold, very,very cold"

He bit his lip, nodding, " should change. I mean, you..uh..don't want to catch a cold"

I shivered, also nodding.

"Okay...I'll be right back"

I stalked off to the bedroom, throwing open my suitcase and picking out something else to wear.

"Rain is random" I mumbled to myself, "I hate it"

I changed quickly, before stepping back into the lounge, Billie Joe now sorting through my mini bar. He bit his lip in thought, pushing some things out of the way.

I leaned against the couch, folding my arms. Feeling my eyes on him, he straightened up, and smiled sheepishly.

"Are you like anorexic or something?" He asked, thumbing through some of the things in my mini bar again, "Looks like you barely eat anything from here, babe...not that it's unexpected..some of the stuff in here can be pretty shitty"

I chewed on my lip for a moment, looking at whatever he was looking at.

"You...shouldn't call me babe" I muttered bitterly, "Since..uh, you know...we're not together"

Billie Joe turned his head looking at me as I bit onto my tongue hard, regretting what I had just said, knowing I sounded like a complete bitch.

"Oh..uhm, yeah, sorry. I didn't realize I said it" He murmured softly, before coming quite and stepping away from the min bar

I watched him sadly, feeling bad for what I had said.


Billie Joe looked up at me and smiled weakly, "'re right, I didn't notice I called you babe"

"It's really not a big deal, Billie. I'm just a bitch"

He laughed lightly, shaking his head.

He walked over to me, leaning on the couch next to me. He nudged me, before looking away and whistling. I narrowed my eyes, nudging him back.

"Hey" He squeaked, "that hurts my feelings"

"Aww, poor baby"

"Uh hum, I am"

I smiled, before pushing him gently. He looked at me, pushing me back.

"You're not suppose to push giirrllss, Billie"

"You're not a girl"

"Yes I am...I mean, last time I checked I was"

"I think you're wrong"

"Of course Billie...of course"

Billie Joe snorted, shaking his head.

"Hey Billie?"


I sighed, before continuing, "Do you remember anything from last night?"

"When I was tipsy? No...why? Should I?"

I knew it. It really was just a kiss because of the fact that he was tipsy.

"No reason..."

"No, there has to be a reason" He said in a small voice

"No there doesn't"

"Then why did you just ask?" He asked

"Cuz I wanted to know, that's all"

"Why did you want to know...?"

"Will you stop being so annoying?" I snipped, "I just asked a question"

"That's all I'm doing"

I groaned, before walking away...But, Billie Joe being Billie Joe...he followed.

"What happened?" He asked


"Last night"

"Nothing" I said simply, "I don't get why you think something did"

"Why don't you tell me anything?" He asked

"Why should I?"

"Because I'd like to think that even though we split up we could still talk to each other. I mean, don't we have to? You're carrying my - our kid"

I looked at him for a moment, before sitting down on the couch.

"We don't HAVE to do anything" I said, feeling some fucked up mood swing come in

Billie Joe raised his eyebrows, "Okay, well...we should then, kay? Make you happy?"


He stared at me hard for a moment, before walking over to the other couch, and sitting down.

"Why did you leave me?"

My head snapped up as I stared at him.

"Why did I leave you?" I repeated, "Why did you accuse of me cheating on you with an engaged guy, who called to tell me that he was getting married?"

"I didn't know he was getting married..."

"You didn't know shit" I spat, "Which is one of the reasons I get so fucking pissed off with you, Billie Joe. You jump to conclusions, and as soon as you get your own fucked up idea in your head, you take it out on the people around you"

Billie Joe swallowed, looking down before back up at me.

"Don't I always have fucked up ideas in my head?" He asked, "I know I jump to fuckin conclusions...but you still left me-"

"You never TRIED to talk to me!"

"You never had your cellphone on!" He cried out angrily, "And if you did you ignored my voice mails from every fuckin moment of every fuckin day TRYING to talk to you! So don't give me that shit!"

I glared at him, not saying anything as he stared back at me, a pissed off look on his face.

"I tried, okay?!" He cried out, "I tried to apologize! I tried to talk to you, I tried to get Mike to tell me where you were, but he wouldn't tell me-"

"It doesn't take a genius to figure out where I was" I snapped

"Well I am no fuckin genius, according to you and everyone else. I'm not Albert fucking Eienstein. I racked my brains out, trying to figure out where the hell you ran off to, after you fucking freaked out and left me. God dammit, Mandy, I fucking tried!"

He stood up, running his hands over his face.

"I didn't think you would come to Florida" He spoke more softly, "When I saw you on that plane, I nearly shit myself"

"Why?" I asked, crossing my arms

"Because!" He nearly yelled, "I hadn't heard from or of you for the past 3 fuckin days, and all of a sudden your on the same plane as me?"

"Mike wanted me to come...."

"I" He said as if he were correcting me, "Wanted you to come"

"Hmm? Why?"

He groaned, before picking up his jacket, "Never mind...forget it. I'm not gonna sit here an be questioned by you over how I feel and's not worth my time"

I quirked an eyebrow, "Really? What else could you be doing?" I asked, "Finding a new thing to accuse me about"

He didn't say anything, just stared at me, shaking his head.

"You really wanna beat me down?" He asked softly, "You really wanna make me feel like even more of a bigger dick for screwing up my second relationship? Then keep going"

I looked at him, finding myself speechless.

"How's Travis, by the way?" He asked in a sarcastic tone

"Don't bring him into it" I snarled

"Why? According to everyone he's your new buddy...guy that's apparently there for you when I'm not"

"He is"

Billie Joe once again didn't say anything for a moment. He licked his lips, nodding.

"I'm always there for you" He said smoothly, "Since the day I met you on that fucking plane to this day, I have been there for you"

"I thought that, too" I snipped

"No, you didn't"


"What happens when we go back to California? Is he gonna be there to watch you?"

"Are you?"

"Of fucking course!" He cried, "Aren't I always!? I fucking watch over you, and make sure nothing happens. If something does, who's the first person everyone calls?!"

I hesitated, "You..."

"Well there we go. If I'm not there when something bad happens, I get there within 10 minutes"

"Weren't you leaving?" I asked abruptly

Billie Joe looked down, his eyes scanning the floor.

"Yeah, I guess"

He bent down, picking up the jacket that he had thrown angrily on the ground. He looked back at me, before stumbling over to me, and laying his hands on my arms, pulling me up. I stared at him in the eyes for a moment, before I felt his lips press against mine, my heart pouding in the process.

He pulled away after a moment, folding his arms.

"When one of your friends can beat that, then come tell me I don't care about you"

He turned around, ready to walk away, leaving me standing there.

I felt like I was in one of those crappy love sick movies that made me gag.


He quirked an eyebrow, turning around to look at me.

"Hmm?" He hummed

I shook my head, "Don't leave right now"

He placed his jacket back on the back of the couch, waiting for me to make a move.

I slowly walked over to him, staring at him in the eyes for a moment before pressing my lips against his, leaving him to stare at me in surprise, before returning the kiss.

We stood there for a moment, before he started to back me up against the door, us hitting the table on the way and knocking everything off. He rested his hand against my neck, pressing his lips against mine. He pulled away after a long moment, looking me in the eyes, as if to ask if what he was doing was okay.

I let out a shaky breath, surprising myself at what had happened.

He looked at me, breathing heavily, before I pressed my lips roughly back against his. He pulled away for a second, also letting out a shaky breath before pushing himself back against me.

I tripped back over the rug, falling back onto the floor hard, Billie Joe falling on top of me.

"Are you...okay?" He whispered

I winced, moving around slowly before nodding.

"Yeah" I murmured, "Are you?"

He smiled at me, "Mm...Never...Never better"

I stared at him, watching him smile, before he lifted himself up over me. I looked up at him, his eyes pouring into mine as he breathed out heavily.

"How the fuck do we get ourselves into this shit?" He breathed out

He dipped his head down, leaving his nose barely an inch away from mine, before pressing his lips against mine. Everything became silent throughout the suit, except for the echo of footsteps trailing down the hallway and us moving around.

Billie Joe moved upwards, throwing his leg over my hips, staring down at me. His breaths became shorter as his eyes scanned over my face, as if he was clueless about what was going on, although he loved it.

He licked his lips slowly, before he lay himself down on top of me again, resting his hands on my hips. He sighed slowly, pressing his lips against my neck, resting his hands on my shoulders as he slowly dragged the zipper of my sweater down, shaking his head at the fact that I was actually wearing a sweater.

There was a sound of footsteps, and some mumbling. I strained my hearing, trying to see if it would be anyone who would end up stopping us.

Billie Joe lifted his head from my shoulder, also hearing people talking before ignoring it. He tilted his head to the side, leaving a small trail of kisses down my neck again, pinning me against the ground.

There was another silence, in which was interrupted by a knock at the door.

"Mand? You in there?"

Billie Joe cried out, aggravated.

"No" Billie Joe whispered angrily, "No, no no..."

"Bill..." I started slowly

He shook his head angrily, reaching up and locking the door.

"No" He whispered again, "For the past 2 years we've had to survived being interrupted every fuckin time when we're alone," Once again he shook his head, "Not this time...They can go fuck themselves if they'd like...but I'm not letting anyone interrupting and stopping us...They can fuckin survive one fuckin time without a fuckin answer"

With that, he pushed me back down gently, breathing heavily. He looked up back at the door one more time, then back at me.

"Just pretend...for one night..that you don' t know, nor care who they are"