In the End

Billie, Meet the Man You Despise

There was snoring, muttering, and a soft breath on my neck, giving me the reason to jump awake the next morning.

The thoughts were scary at first, thinking about who the hell could be laying next to me...although I wasn't completely clueless. I knew, just didn't really want to believe.

Why? I dunno...

I stared at Billie Joe, feeling him move around under the duvet, while he sighed and draped his arm over my waist.

"Mhhmmm" He hummed softly in his sleep, keeping me close to him

I curled up closer to him, letting him wrap himself around me, as if he were scared I would leave.

But I couldn't leave...

I was amazed how I did in the first place.

I lost myself, deep in thought for a moment before I felt a soft kiss against my neck. I jumped, before looking at the back of Billie Joe's head, and smiled to myself.

He lifted his head slowly, one of his eyes closed. He looked around the room before me, his other eyes opening. We both just stared at each other for a moment, before Billie Joe pressed his lips against my neck lightly.

"Mornin" he whispered softly

I looked down at him, sliding down lower in the bed, him wrapping his arm around me again, kissing my neck gently, whispering in between each kiss.
"How'r you feeling?" He murmured, looking back up at me, tilting his head to the side

"Uhh...good" I said softly, "I think I ache a little, otherwise, good"

Billie Joe flashed me one of his oh-so-amazing smiles, lifting himself up a little.

"I make you ache" He said softly, yet the stupid smile still remained on his face

"Nahh" I said in a small voice, "I think it was just the way I slept"

Billie Joe shook his head, sticking out his bottom lip.

"Wrroonng answer"

"Uhh oohh" I murmured, making me sound like a kid

Billie Joe laughed, kissing my temple gently, pulling me closer to him.

We lay in silence for a while, my head now resting on his chest while Billie Joe stroked my hair.

"Ohh man" He whispered to himself after a moment


"My hand fell asleep, and now if feels like pins and needles are being stuck in it"

I smiled cheekily, sticking my tongue out playfully.

"It...tickles...that really annoying tickle" He muttered, shaking his hand now, "Aaah has to stop or I'm gonna go crazy"

I laughed lightly, watching Billie Joe frantically try to wake his hand up.

He sighed, before settling back down next to me, wrapping his arm around my waist while resting his head on my shoulder. He looked at me for a moment, studying me, before pressing his lips gently against my nose and smiling cutely.

"Did I mention how good of a morning it was?" He asked

"I dunno...did you?"

Billie Joe moved so he lay on his back, and so now my head was on his chest.

"I was asking you"

I hummed softly, tracing circles on his stomach.

"It's not fair" I murmured

"Hmm?" He hummed, "What isn't?"

"Your stomach gets to stay flat...I mean..I'm not really complaining...I just don't look forward to looking like a whale"

Billie Joe snorted, shaking his head, "You won't look like a whale"

"I will" I mumbled, "I know you're just saying that to stop me from thinking that, but I've been around pregnant woman...and most look like whales"

"Pretty ones"

I laughed softly, shaking my head.

We were both avoiding the one main subject that would be brought up later...
Where did we stand for a relationship now?

Before the night it was easy. We were ex's, who were becoming friends, and who were still attracted to each other while one of us was pregnant.

Now...we were...I dunno. Either we were still ex's, who got caught up in lust at one moment, or what?

Billie Joe stretched out, yawning.

"Mmm...what time is it?" He asked, half to himself half to me whilst turning his head around searching for a clock.

He sat up a little, resting a hand on my back in order to keep me from moving or sliding while he sat up.

"Uhh crap. Why do we sleep so late?" He asked, shaking his head

"Why? What time is it?"



He bit his lip, nodding.

"Yeh...we know how to sleep"

"We were up most of the night" I said smiling from the side of my mouth

Billie Joe made a noise sounding like a laugh, although I wasn't sure.

"That's true" He agreed, running his tongue over his teeth, "Very true"

"But...what a good night it was" I mumbled, "What a very, very good night it was"

Billie Joe looked down, again smiling his 'smile' twiddling his thumbs, glad as hell that it wasn't regretted..because that may have killed him.


Billie Joe ran a hand through his hair, only making it look more messed up before putting on his sunglasses, setting himself on the back of the couch while waiting for me.

"Come on" He called out to me, "When I said we should go out for a while, meaning around this place, I didn't think it would take you an hour to get dressed!"

"It hasn't been an hour" I muttered bitterly, stepping out of the room, "It's been like 10 minutes"

"You looked fine wearing what you had on yesterday" He sighed, standing up and folding his arms

"But that shit's dirty"

"So is this" He said in a matter-of-fact tone, "And it doesn't bother me"

"But you're a guy" I countered in a small voice, "You can get away with that"

"So can you"

"No I can't" I squeaked, "Clothes smell weird after a day"

"No they don't..."

"Mhm" I said nodding, "They do...if you don't wash them, that is"

"I don't wash my clothes every day to wear them the next"

"Is that why you always smell?"

Billie Joe sighed, shaking his head, "I don't just have bad..smell...buds"

"Smell buds?" I snorted, "Like taste buds but with smell?"

"Yeah. I think so." He paused, "I don't knooow"

I laughed, scrunching up my nose in amusement, before grabbing the key off the table, Billie Joe hopping off the couch and walking close behind me, his hand resting on my back.

We began to walk down the hallway, when Billie Joe had to stop and pull the vibrating cell phone out of his pocket.

"I don't even know why I keep it on vibrate" He muttered, "All it does is annoy the shit outta me"

I laughed softly, watching him turn the cell phone on.


"Dirnt!!" Billie Joe mocked, pressing 'speaker' on the phone

"Finally, someone picks up their damned cellphone!! Where are you? Where have you been?"

"Well, mother," Billie Joe started in an annoying yet nerd voice, "First I went-"

"Knock it off, seriously, where have you been?"

"In Florida"

"You're in your smart ass mood...aren't you?"

"That's the only mood I have" Billie Joe said stupidly

Mike sighed into the phone, "Okay...where are you standing right now?"

"On the ground"

Mike groaned, "Come on, Billie fucking Joe! We lost you, and Mandy, and Tre"

"You lost Tre?"

"Yeah...but we'll find him, we always do"

"I know...He's like a dog. A big, obnoxious dog that you'd just like to kick in the
ass" Billie Joe said with a slight nod of his head, making me laugh

Mike also laughed, not being able to help it. Billie Joe smirked, now leaning against the wall while cradling the cell phone in his hand, looking over at me.
He smiled at me, tilting his head to the side, holding his arm out as if he was asking for a hug.

I looked down, before plodding over to where he was, letting him wrap his arm around me and hug me close.

"If you lost Tre," Billie Joe said slowly, "Where's Rachel?"

"With Megan" Mike answered

"Which is....?"

"Rachel and Tre's suit"


"Where are you?" Mike asked again


"Are you with anyone?"

Billie Joe sighed, hating it when people asked him those questions.

"What do you mean with anyone?" Billie Joe asked

"Like...around anyone?"


Mike fell silent, debating wether or not to ask who.

Billie Joe looked over at me, giving me a lopsided smile.

"Hey...Mike, listen..I gotta go, kay dude? But as soon as I get back to this stupid hotel I'll let you know that I'm alive, kay?" Billie Joe said after a moment of silence

"Uhh..yeah, sure bud. I'll talk to you later"

"Cya Mr. Mike fuckin Dirnt"

He flipped the phone shut, rolling his eyes before looking at me.
"The phone is going off right now" He muttered, "No more people can call and get an answer"

I stood up straight from leaning on Billie Joe, smiling happily.

"Good...and I left my cell phone in the unless they go hunting for us" I didn't need to finish the sentence for Billie Joe to get what I was talking about.

"Are you hungry?" He asked tucking the phone back in his pocket

"Uh..." I paused, "I don't really know"

"We didn't eat this morning" He said softly, " probably are"

"Stop that" I muttered


"Reading me like a book or know when I'm's creepy"

Billie Joe flashed me one of his stoopid smiles, making me smile back at him.

He pressed his lips against my cheek, making my heart swell.

It was little kisses like that that made me go wild inside. I looked at him for a moment, still not understanding how I managed to get through nearly a week without him...

Which sounded pretty pathetic, but it was his fault. He made me pathetic.

Although, I didn't feel as pathetic as I was towards him.

"Oh yeah," He said after a moment or two, "What's with the flavored water?"

"That stuff is good"

"The one you had tasted weird"

I quirked an eyebrow, folding my arms, "You tasted it?"

"No...I...just...It really does taste weird"

I looked at him, making him smile sheepishly.

"If it tasted weird, why did you drink it?"

"Cuz it was addicting" He said nodding stupidly, "Like cigarettes"

"Except water doesn't kill your lungs, and make you cough 24/7, and slowly murder you"

Billie Joe looked away, muttering words under his breath making me laugh.

"You never know" He started while we walked, "Flavored water could kill yah"

"Doubt it"

"It could"

I snorted, shaking my head as Billie Joe gave up trying to make his point.

"What are you hungry for?" He asked, placing his hand on my back again and walking behind me

I shrugged, turning to look at him, "Uhh..I don't really know"

He sighed, tilting his head to the side.

"I say we just walk around and whatever we find, we eat"

Billie Joe nodded, "Sounds good"

We kept walking for a while, Billie Joe telling me about the awards, making me laugh again.

"I sat there the whole time watching the people" He muttered, "Mike took my cell phone away, and Tre and Rachel took everything else in my pockets away so I would have no excuse to miss everything..."

I laughed softly, "Your like a little kid, Billie Joe. You always have to have something to play around with"

Billie Joe smiled stupidly, nodding, "I know..I'm proud of it. I'm an annoying little brat at heart"

I snorted, "I agree"

He laughed in a cute way, rolling his eyes playfully whilst looking around.

After a while we did manage to satisfy ourselves, before taking off again.

I noticed the looks I was getting from Billie Joe. A cross of constipated, and confusion..or..that's what it looked like.

"What's up?" I asked softly

"Hmm?" He hummed, quirking an eyebrow

"You suddenly became're never quite"

Billie Joe sighed, giving me a lopsided smile.

"Just thinking" He said with a slight shrug of his shoulders

"About meee?" I asked in a kid voice, trying to get him to smile more



"Oh..uh..sorry" I murmured, feeling slightly embarrassed

Billie Joe laughed softly, "It's kay..but I wanna know something"

"Know what?" I asked, tucking my hands in my pockets

He sorta bit his tongue, before his lip, before shoving his hands in his pockets and fidgeting with everything in there, before stuttering an answer.

"Where..uh...where do we stand? Like, I mean, I know we're in know..I mean and me"

I stared at him for a moment, having no idea what he had just said before understanding.

"I know it's probably not the best time to bring it up" He muttered sheepishly

I shrugged, "I was the one who wanted to know in the first place..I just, I dunno"

I looked back up at him, looking into his hollow looking eyes. He looked down at me, searching my eyes to see if he could get an answer that way.

" know," He paused, "I mean...we sorta forgave each other, right? After last night..and" He stopped himself from talking, now fidgeting with this hair and scratching the back of his neck, two of the things he ALWAYS did when he was nervous, "Cuz you know I'm sorry" He said more softly, "For being a dick and accusing you of cheating when I knew you weren't"

"I know" I said softly

He looked away, still scratching his neck.

"Stop bein nervous, Bill" I said softly, a slight laugh in my voice

"What?" He asked, confused

"You always scratch your neck when your nervous, or play with your hair"


"Don't be sorry"

He sighed, taking his hand away from his neck and hair, now fidgeting with his belt loop.

"Billie..stop fidgeting around with everything"

I grabbed his hands, clapin them together and holding them like that...

He started tapping his foot.

I sighed, ignoring his foot.

"If you trust me" I said softly, "Then I'll be yours again"

He went to talk, before looking down at me.

"Really?" He asked smiling, "No more fighting?"

I smiled back at him, "No more fighting"

"No more being apart?"

"No more"

Billie Joe smiled as if he were a 2 year old, leaning forward and pressing his lips against mine.

"I fucking love you" He said softly, sliding his hands out from mine and wiping them on his pants, before slinging his arm around my waist, "And I swear...I won't screw up anymore like that"

"'s kay...I over reacted"

"No, no, was me...I'm sorry babe"

I knew he was just being the way he was because of the fact that we made up, and were back together. Otherwise, he would have been stubborn about it.

"It's kay really is"
He kissed my temple, keeping his arm wrapped around me, rubbing his nose against my cheek sweetly

"I don't wanna be alone" He murmured, "I hate being alone. I hate knowing that there's no one next to me when I wake up. Hate the fact that someone could have taken you away from me even more..I hate it all. You don't know how damn happy I am right now knowing that no one can take you away from me..cuz you're mine again"

I smiled softly, nodding to him.

"Sucks being away from you" I muttered, "There's nothing to laugh at"

Billie Joe smiled cutely, hugging me close to him, happy that all the shit we were going through was over.

We started walking, Billie Joe saying small things to me, making me smile when someone slammed into by accident, them falling before picking themselves up after barely a second.

Billie Joe let go of me for a second, me going to help the poor guy out..nearly screaming at who it was.

Travis bounced up to his feet, picking up his hat and flinging it onto his head. Billie Joe stared at the kid across from him, mouth slightly open at the fact that it was him.

To Billie Joe, Travis was just a kid that 1. he couldn't stand, and 2. could have made it so he never got back with me..making reason one stick out in his head.

"Mandy?" Travis asked, brushing himself off, "Shit..sorry! I didn't mean to run into you like that"

I licked my lips slowly, feeling Billie Joe's eyes on Travis, as if hoping it would burn a hole in him.

"It's kay" I said with a soft smile, "What are you doing, anyway?"

He sighed, rubbing his eyes with his thumb, "Running after someone"

After saying that, his head spun around looking for the person before sighing again, "Lost them now I think"

"Oh..uh..sorry" I murmured

He shrugged, "'s okay...I don't really care how you doin? Happy it finally stopped raining?"

Although it killed Billie Joe, he had to admit that the guy was cute...

Only making him dislike him more.

Travis looked at me, before noticing Billie Joe, although not noticing the look from him.

"Holey shit" Travis let out, "'re Billie Joe Armstrong" He held out his hand "I love your band, you guys kick major fuckin ass"

Billie Joe looked at his hand, before hesitating it and shaking his hand.

If you're a jackass she'll murder you he thought bitterly to himself, smiling to Travis.

"Uhh..thanks man" Billie Joe let out, holding his breath

Travis smiled, " do. Congrats on the awards the other night, by the way!"


Billie Joe looked at me, still smiling, although the look in his eyes told me that he wasn't thrilled about meeting the guy.

Travis nodded thoughtfully, before sliding his hand from Billie Joe's still smiling.

" don't know how cool it is to meet you. Green Day is pretty much my favorite band...since uh...since I was like 5 and I heard one of your songs for the first time. You guys are fuckin amazing. A-may-zing!"

Billie Joe smiled more easily, "Thanks man..means a lot to me"

Travis smiled, nodding, "I relate to some of your songs, yah know? well...maybe you don't...but I've got this step dad, my parents are divorced, and he liked to beat up on me when I lived back in a way I get what you say about yours, and how not a lot of people except you at times...all that stuff"

Billie Joe opened his mouth to say something, not knowing how to respond to something like that.

" to hear about your stepdad...parents," He said slowly to

Travis, who just shrugged, slightly shaking his head

"Yeah...he's out a lot, so I don't really have to worry about him...but its all good," he nodded

Billie Joe looked at Travis, despite the fact that he didn't really like all...he felt sympathy, knowing what it was like to grow up with a shit head for a step father

Travis looked up at Billie Joe grinning widely, before looking back to me. He
looked from me to Billie Joe for a moment, before realizing that him and I were both probably walking together before he crashed into us.

"Oh shit...sorry...I probably interrupted you from something" He said slowly, as if trying to think, "Really, I'm sorry...I'll leave you two alone and try to find what I lost"

I looked at him, confused by what he had said along with Billie Joe. The way he said it made us both get somewhat bothered.

"Eh...are you sure?" I asked softly, Billie Joe looking from me to Travis.

Travis nodded stupidly, "Uh hum, positive," he looked back to Billie Joe, smiling to him, "It was really cool to meet you, dude"

Billie Joe forced a weak smile back to Travis, giving him a nod of his head, "Same to you"

Travis turned to me, "See yah later..kay?"

I nodded, "See you Trav"

He gave me one of amazing smiles before running off.

Billie Joe looked at me, biting his lip. I sighed, confused, before turning to look at him. Once noticing that I was looking at him, he smiled as if he were a small kid on Christmas, his eyes lighting up.

He cocked his head to the side, outstretching one of his arms, placing a hand on my arm. He knew that I somewhat had Small feelings for Travis. Probably just feelings like a friend.

"Poor kid" He said softly with a nod, having trouble admitting that he felt bad for the guy he had disliked for honestly no reason, "How old is he?"

I leant against Billie Joe, "Like 25"

Billie Joe's eye's widened, "Holey shit...he looks like he's fucking 15"

I laughed softly, nodding, letting Billie Joe pull me against him.

"Tell me the you still hate the guy?"

Billie Joe shook his head, "Hate is a fucked up word. I don't hate someone cuz they've got too much charm, and cuz my girlfriend hangs out with him..."

I nodded slowly, "Good...Good answer"

Billie Joe laughed lightly, "If he makes a move on you though," He nodded to himself, "I'll have to beat him shitless"

I let out a laugh, "He'd probably kick your ass"

Billie Joe sighed pathetically, "Probably..."