In the End

They Know

"Aaah..I think I got it now"

I sighed pathetically, watching Billie Joe who was muttering to himself angrily.

"Mother..fucker" He grunted

I quirked an eyebrow, watching him hunch over before sitting up, before finally throwing a notepad and and pen on the table with a final grunt.

He looked down, before looking back up at the notebook, and grabbing it.

It was one of those times that I knew not to bother him. He was in his little 'mode' where he didn't like to talk to anyone.

Billie Joe mumbled something, before chucking the notebook at the door and settling himself back on the couch.

"C'mere" He cooed, not even looking at me

I looked at him, confused for a moment, not knowing if he was talking to me.

Billie Joe looked back at me, biting his lip.

"Hey you" He tried again, "C'mere"

"Hey you?" I asked with an amused smile on my face

Billie Joe smiled stupidly, "Yeah, you. As in yourself. As in Mandy. As"

I giggled lightly at that, making my way over to the couch, sitting down next to Billie Joe who lay down, his head on my lap.

"I feel like I'm drunk" He said quietly, "Yet I know I'm sober"

I looked at Billie Joe weirdly, "You're so weird" I snorted, rolling my eyes playfully

Billie Joe smiled stupidly again, looking up at me, "You know..if nothing're a really good pillow"

I placed my hand overmy heart, giving him a sad look, "What are you saying? I'm just a good pillow?"

Billie Joe grinned, looking at the reflection of himself in my gray/blue eyes.

"What color are your eyes?" He asked lightly

I took my hand from my chest, resting my arms on his chest now.

"Uhh" I let out in thought, "I don't know..why?"

"I think they're gray"

"I think you're weird"

"No...actually they're blue"

I quirked an eyebrow, looking at Billie Joe pathetically.

"I've been by your side for two years...and just now you're wondering what color my eyes are?"

Billie Joe shifted the way he lay, tilting his head to the side, "Y...yeaah..."

"Glad to see your observant"

Billie Joe laughed, shaking his head slowly.

"You know...they coulda changed" He pointed out

"But they didn't"

"But they could have"

"Too bad...considering they didn't"

Billie Joe sighed lightly, "Can you just agree with me for once?"


He groaned before pressing his ears against my stomach, lifting his hand to poke it.

"You just had to poke me, didn't you?" I asked with a soft laugh

Billie Joe nodded like a little kid, "Yeah's just what I do"

I rolled my eyes playfully once again, Billie Joe eyeing my shirt.

"Is that my shirt?" He asked, now poking my shirt

I shrugged, "I don't know"

"You're wearing my shirt!"

"Big whoop" I mutterd in a sarcastic way

"I was looking for that shirt!"

"You found another"

"But still! You're wearing a guys clothing. Oooh, cross dresser!!"

I gave Billie Joe a funny look, scrunching my nose up in amusement.

"One, asshole, it wouldn't be crossdressing...It's a t-shirt. Two, asshole, I think this is my shirt to begin with, so really you took one of my shirts and claimed it as your own, and then told me I'm wearing your shirt"

Billie Joe stared up at me, "Woah" He breathed out, "Now I'm really fuckin confused"

"That's your usual mental state"

"I think you just made fun of me..."

"Awwh...I think you're right"

Billie Joe muttered under his breath, before looking up at me, poking me in the chest.

"You hurt my feelings"

I stifiled a laugh, "Oh I did, really?"

Billie Joe nodded slowly, "Yeah huh...I'm hurt"

"Awwh...any way I can make it up to you?"

Billie Joe licked his lips, before giving me a goofy smile.

"You can kiss me"

I put my hand to my chin as if I were thinking, "I dunno...would that make you feel better?"

"Uh huh" He said as if he were a child

"You sure?"

"Yup" He said still nodding

"Nah," I said, shaking my head, "I don't think so"

Billie Joe groaned, poking my nose now, "Playing hard to get doesn't work with me"

"Well" I started, "I guess it'll have to start to"



Billie Joe sighed, leaning over and muttering something in my ear making me laugh lightly to myself, nodding back to him.

Tre quirked an eyebrow, "What? You tellin her a secret, Armstrong?"

"What's the deal with people calling me by my last name?" Billie Joe asked looking at me


Billie Joe shrugged, ignoring Tre now.

"I don't know..I forgot"

I just laughed quietly as we walked farther into the suit that held Tre, Mike, Megan, and Rachel who was giving Tre an annoyed look.

"Stop fucking pinching" She spat

Tre smiled innocently, pinching her arm once again, only to recieve a hit on the arm.

"Oww" He wined, "Come oon..that hurt"

"And pinching doesn't!?"


Billie Joe shook his head, rolling his eyes at Tre. Mike looked at the both of us, a slightly confused look on his face.

"Hey Armstrong!" Tre yelled out

Billie Joe snapped his head up, mumbling something about his neck before giving Tre a look as if to ask 'what?'

"Where you been?" Tre asked, sitting up

Billie Joe shrugged, "Around"

"I'm starting to think you're avoiding me" Tre said, sticking out his bottom lip

"I always avoide you" Billie Joe said bitterly

"Not called for, Armstrong"

Billie Joe smiled like a kid, running his tongue over his teeth.

"Where have both have you been!?"

I went to say something before Billie Joe slung his arm around my shoulders, pulling my body closer to his.

"With your mother" Billie Joe answered simply

Tre sighed, aggravated with Billie Joe's answer.

"Oh yeah? Well then where is she?" Tre

"Wherever the fuck she wants to be"

Tre groaned, saying something to himself before looking to me, noticing Billie Joe's arm around my neck.

"Ooohh...gettin cozy?" Tre cooed

"What?" Billie Joe asked stupidly, looking to me as if he were asking me the question

I shrugged, "I don't know...this is Tre your askin about"

Billie Joe chuckled, pressing his lips gently against my cheek.

The two other Green Day members glanced at each other with questioning looks as Billie Joe whispered something into my ear making me giggle.

"You're so weird" I said with a laugh, making Billie Joe smile wider

"I know..but that's what you love so damn much about me"

"Suure Billie" I said in a small voice

Tre coughed..well..pretended to cough whilst saying 'flirts'.

Billie Joe looked over at the drummer, rolling his eyes before cocking his head to the side, leaning on me.

"Hey Tre," Billie Joe started


"You know if I look at look sorta like a bird?"

"Oh yeah?" Tre snipped back, "Well if I look at you this way, you sorta look like a-"

"Hey, hey,hey!" Billie Joe interrupted, wagging a finger in front of his face, "Play nice now. I like birds"

Tre went to say something but Billie Joe continued.

"Which really doesn't help you..considering you only look like one"

I snorted, trying to hide my laugh as Tre threw Billie Joe an unimpressed look.

"Not fucking cool" Tre repeated, folding his arm pretending to pout

Mike turned his head, laughing into Megan's shoulder as Tre looked back at us.

"Actually..." Billie Joe started, "It's tré cool"

"Oh yeah? Since when did you of all people know french!?"

"You underestimate me" Billie Joe said nodding his hair

"No...I do the opposite"

"Thanks Tre"

"No problem asshole"

Billie Joe shot the drummer a 'look' before looking back to me biting his lip.

"What?" I asked noticing he was looking at me

Billie Joe didn't say anything, just proceded to look at me before going crosseyed. I stared at him biting my lower lip to keep me from laughing.

"You really do look like a maniac when you do that"

Billie Joe laughed pressing his lips against my neck gently.

" love my maniacness"

"I thought I loved you because you're weird?" I pointed out in a small voice

Billie Joe smiled lazily, " love me for that, too"

"You sure about that?" I asked tilting my head to the side

"Mmhmm" He hummed, "Positive"

Everyone in the room didn't really need to be told anything. Our body language said it all.

Billie Joe leaned over on me, his arm slung around my neck as his chin hovering my shoulder, his nose and mouth pressed against my cheek, letting him kiss my cheek whilst he talked with an innocent smile plasterd on his face.

Tre and Mike both glanced at each other once again before looking at the frontman who was still smiling like an idiot.

"Is there something we don't know?" Tre spoke up after a moment

Of course he knew.

He just wanted Billie Joe or myself to admit that we were wrong to split up and that everyone was right when we were wrong.

"You don't know a lot of things" Billie Joe mumbled, now looking at Tre

"Oh yeah?" Tre challenged


"Like what?"

"Like the fact that if I tilt my head to the side you look like a bird"

"Shut up, man!" Tre groaned, "I don't look like a bird!!"

"...In a creepy way you do"

"Creepy?! How is it creepy!?"

Billie Joe shrugged, "I just don't think it's right that you resemble a bird. And it's not one of those smart's a stupid a seagull"

Tre just blinked, looking at his band mate, no expression on his face.

"Seagulls aren't stupid" He said slowly after a moment his brow furrowed in confusion, "They at least know how to live"

"Yeah" Billie Joe snorted, "By eating people's food on the beach"

"At least they survived unlike the dodo birds"

Billie Joe started laughing, making Tre give him a rude look complete with the rude gesture.

"Shut up, Armstrong" Tre snapped

"That was like..the worst comeback" Billie Joe laughed out, still using my shoulder for support

"Shut the fuck up!"

"You're such a moron" Billie Joe laughed lightly now shaking his head

"I really don't like you at times"

I looked over at Rachel who was laughing at Tre, shaking her head.

Tre looked pathetically at Rachel, before back to us.

"You know..."

"No, I don't think I know"

"Shut the hell up, Armstrong"

Billie Joe smiled once again, looking at me, "See?"

"See what?" I asked looking at Billie Joe

"It really is fun to get Tre mad"