In the End

Screw Up

"Ooof...Tre...Get the hell off me"

"You're fun to sit tell me..where have you been?"

"I already told you!" Billie Joe grunted trying to throw the drummer off him

"Yeah? Where"

"With your fucking mother!"

"Not the answer I was looking for!"

"Tre" I muttered, heaving him off of Billie Joe who had a pissed off look on his face, "If you want an answer from Billie Joe..don't sit on him"

"Yeah" Billie Joe snipped, brushing himself off, "Cuz that'll just really fuckin piss me off"

"Oh..I'm so scared Billie fuckin Joe. So scared that I'm shaking in the huge boots that I don't have"

"Grow up Tre" Billie Joe said looking at the drummer pathetically

"I am a grown up"

"Yeah? According to who?"

"My mom"

I started laughing at that, Billie Joe just blinking although a small smile crept onto his face, not being able to keep a straight face

"Jeez..You're..such a moron" Billie Joe sighed, resting his head in his hand

"What?!" Tre yelped, "She does!! If I were to ask her to move in she'd tell me that I'm a grown up"

"You're a un-certified grown up" Billie Joe muttered

"What's that mean?"

"It means you're a jackass"

"Like a donkey?" Tre asked stupidly

"No. Like a jackass"

I rolled my eyes at the two of them sitting next to Rachel who was also finding the two amusing.

"You know Mike," I said slowly, "I really do think you're the only sane one in the group"

Mike nodded, "I do, too"

Billie Joe lay sprawled out on the couch, his eyes somewhat open, the images on the tv reflecting in his eyes.

"What are yah doin?"

Billie Joe jumped up with a yelp, causing me to jump back, slamming my hand over my heart.

He breathed out, dropping the remote that had rested lazily in his hand on the floor.

"Jesus" He let out, "I didn't hear you"

I smiled innocently, dragging myself over to the T.v, while Billie Joe watched me.


Billie Joe sighed lightly, running a hand through his hair, "I think you love to scare the shit outta me"

"It is sorta fun"

Billie Joe groaned, sitting up, "For you"

I snorted, before crossing the room and leaning against the wall.

Billie Joe looked at me once again, before he lay back down, sprawled out over the couch again.

"You look like a bum" I snorted

"Whaat? I don't"

"Yeah, you do"

There was a silence once throughout the room, as Billie Joe looked at me with a confused look on his face.

I quirked an eyebrow as Billie Joe outstretched his arms.

"Come 'ere" He said, biting his lip, "Come to your sexy bum"

I let out a laugh before stumbling over to him, him slipping his finger through my belt loop and pulling me on his lap, pressing his chest against my back.

"I wouldn't go for a sexy bum..but you're better than the hobo"

Billie Joe laughed, shaking his head, "Thanks babe...I feel so special"

"Yeah, should" I murmured into his skin, "Not everyone is as good, or better than the hobo"

"What is it with you and the hobo?" He asked slowly

I sighed, "Mike and I were coming back..well..I think it was Mike...we were walkin home...and we had coffee's for everyone since Mike's is crazy about coffee...and then the hobo came up and started talking to us...and he ended up taking my..well..your coffee"

"But I still got a coffee" He said quirking an eyebrow

"No you didn' just shared mine"

"Oh" He let out licking his bottom lip, "Oh..well...I'll buy you a coffee later, then"

I giggled quietly kissing the side of his neck.

There was a silence before Billie Joe lifted his head up and sneezing.

I looked at Billie Joe holding back a laugh as he looked at me pathetically, shaking his head before laying back down..

Only to sit back as he sneezed again, groaning angrily in the process.

"You sneeze funny" I pointed out

"Thanks" He muttered in a bitter way, "No..really-"

He cut himself off as his head lurched forward as he sneezed again

"Dammit!" He cried out angrily before sneezing again

He sighed angrily before he lay back down, "I think..I think I'm allergic to you"

I scrunched up my nose, shaking my head in a childish way, "Nah"

"Mhm..I really do"

I shook my head again licking my lips, "I think you're allergic to yourself"

"Oh really?" He asked, tilting his head to the side and quirking an eyebrow

"Yeah...cuz, if you were allergic to me, I might have to leave" I said in a small voice, lifting myself off of him

"Noo" Billie Joe sat up, grabbing my arms and pulling me back on him, "I think I'm allergic to the dog"


There was silence before I lifted my head off Billie Joe's chest.

"Hey Billie?"


"We don't have a dog"




The 25 year old lifted his head slowly and smiled blowing a bubble with gum before lifting himself off the bench that he had been resting on.

Billie Joe sighed, looking away to Tre and Rachel who were laughing lightly at something.

He rummaged through his pockets to find something so he wouldn't have to look at the guy that, despite Billie Joe's wishes, was meeting up with them.

"Why don't you call Travis?" Tre suggested with a shrug of his shoulders, "He probably has nothing better to do now..and since we need someone who's knows this place, he'd be good"

Billie Joe glared at the drummer, muttering something under his breath.

"How 'bout not?" Billie Joe snapped causing people to look at him, "How 'bout that?"

I looked at Billie Joe quirking an eyebrow.

"What?" I asked slowly

Billie Joe looked at me, chewing on a piece of gum. He held his hands up in defense making a stupid face.

"I'm just sayin..."

"I thought you told me you don't mind him?" I cut him off tilting my head to the side

"I don't" He said with a nod of his head, "I'm just sayin..I don't know if he should come. Maybe he might freak out..cuz you know, he said he likes the band"

I rolled my eyes, "Oh yeah..and you know he just freaked when he met you"

Billie Joe sighed, shrugging again, "I don't know.."

"Exactly" I snipped before turning to Tre, "That's actually a good idea"

I ignored the un-impressed look coming from Billie Joe who folded his arms, looking away like a child.

"Grow up, Armstrong" I muttered, not bothering to look at him.

He just grunted, not happy that he'd have to see Travis again.

Sure, he didn't mind him the first time..but that's because he didn't think he'd have to see him again.

Thought he was out of the picture.

Until Tre had to bring him up.

"I'm..gonna have a cigarette" He mumbled before turning on his heel and heading out of the room as I flipped open my cell phone

"Hey" Travis said with a sweet smile

Rachel looked at me, her eyes wide leaning towards me and whispering in my ear.

"Holey shit..he is a cutie"

I laughed at that, hugging Travis quickly as Billie Joe looked on, rolling his eyes.

Mike stepped forward, sticking his hand out.

"Hey man..Travis, right?" He asked smiling his own special smile

Travis grinned, nodding his head slowly, "Yeah...Travis..Nice to meet yah..Mr..Mike Dirnt"

Mike laughed softly, "Take the Mr. outta the sentence, and it's nice to meet yah, too"

Everyone was cool about Travis.

They knew he was just a kid in Florida that I got along with.

Everyone except Billie Joe.

"So really," Tre started, "How long have you lived in Florida?"

Travis just sort of shrugged, "My whole life"

"Ever been out of it?"

Travis smirked, "I'm not a hermit with it. Truthfully, I don't really like this place..I rather move somewhere else. But I can't..yet"

"Why?" Tre asked tilting his head to the side

"Family," Travis nodded, "My family needs me back here even though none of them live in this place. It's sorta pointless, really," He rolled his eyes, "I think it's just I'll be the first family member out of Florida..the rest of them love it here"

Tre snorted, "Now that stupid. In fact, that more stupid than stupid! HELL! That's more stupid than stupid stupid!! That-"

"Tre" Rachel muttered lightly, placing her hand on his arm what was outstretched towards the sky, "We..we sorta get it now"

"Right..sorry..Got a little, you know..outta hand"

Travis snorted, shaking his head at Tre.

Billie Joe looked away before lifting his eyes to mine and slowly snaking an arm around my waist and placing his lips against my cheek, his eyes moving to one side to see if Travis was looking so he could get his message across:

I was his and only his.

"Stop it" I said lightly brushing his face away from mine, "We all get it now, Bill"

He looked at me, his eyes showing that he was slightly hurt by my actions before he brushed it off.

"Yeah? Obviously he doesn't" He spoke softly yet angrily

"Get over yourself" I spat before wriggling out of his arms and heading to where Travis was

Billie Joe glared at me, before shaking his head with a pained expression on his face.

He couldn't screw up.

He just couldn't.

"I'm thirsty" Rachel said after a long moment, "Anyone else?"

I nodded slowly, "Yeah..I am, too"

"Anywhere to get somethin to drink?" Rachel asked looking at Travis

Travis shook his head, " gotta starve..only without water"

" really" She said with a smile on her lips

Travis laughed, "Yeah..there's a store up here"

We all walked along until we found the store.

"I'm gonna get colored water" I said looking at Travis who sighed

"I meant flavored!"

I giggled, shaking my head, "But you said colored. Does it come in red?"

Travis looked down, shaking his head, "Yeah..sure..sure it does"

"Good...we shall return"

With a last minute decision, Billie Joe decided to stay outside with Travis, saying he wasn't thirsty.

I gave Billie Joe a skeptical look before slowly heading inside.

He wouldn't do anything.

He wasn't that stupid.

We all walked through the store, me taking my time looking for something to drink.

Well, looking as if I was looking for something.

Inside, I felt my heartbeat quicken as I let thoughts get to my head.

He's not that stupid. He's NOT that stupid

I looked down before my eyes widened hearing a yell come from outside the door.

Oh my god. He is that stupid

I looked around quickly to see if Rachel, Tre, Mike, or Megan were inside before hearing the door to the store open and close quickly.

There were people who entered the store, shaking their head and muttering to themselves.

"What's going on outside?" I asked them quickly

One of the men looked up at me, shaking his head, "2 grown men fighting"

I pushed the door open to the store, stepping outside.

It wasn't exactly hard to miss.

He is that stupid

"Billie!" Mike yelled out, trying to get his best friend off the younger man who's face was bloody, "Billie Joe get away!"

Mike went forward, trying to grab the older man off of the younger one, Billie Joe throwing another punch.

"Get OFF"Mike yelled, Tre trying to help the other man

Billie Joe grunted, shoving the bassist off of him.

Travis groaned, trying to push himself away from the crazed man that had freaked out for what seemed no reason.

With one final heave, Mike pulled Billie Joe from Travis's body, throwing him back on the gravel.

"What the fuck is wrong with you?!" Mike yelled at him

Billie Joe breathed out, spitting next to him, not being able to feel anything.

His arms were shaking as he hung his head, lifting a hand to his nose that was also bloody.

"Fuck..Fuck off" He managed

Travis was pulled upward by two strong hands, immediately having Rachel all over him, trying to help him as I stood there.

He looked more messed up than Billie Joe, not being able to see straight.

Besides that he was completely confused.

What the hell had he done to deserve that?

Billie Joe looked down, his chin resting on his now wrecked shirt, closing his eyes for a moment before remember something.


His head shot up, causing him to groan from the pain. He looked around, not moving his head before seeing my figure standing there in complete shock.

My mouth hung wide open, my eyes full of anger and disbelief.

And he knew he had screwed up...