In the End

The Story Behind it All

"I'm so sorry"

Travis looked up at me, the ice pack on his eye as he took a sip from his water bottle.

"Hmm?" He hummed lightly looking up at me

"Oh god, Travis...I'm so fucking sorry" I whimpered resting my head in my hands

Travis looked at me, moving closer to me and resting his arm on my back, hugging me closer to him

"Hey..hey..don't say sorry" He paused with a short laugh, "Not like this is my first fight"

"But..but he shouldn't have punched you or anything" I hiccupped, "I don't understand why he did...god..he's such a jackass"

"Nah..don't say're just mad at the moment"

"Travis," I started taking my head from my hands, "This man just beat you up..and you're not mad!?"

"No," He said softly, "No..I'm definitely mad..confused and shit...but I don't know what was goin on in his head so I can't freak out..."

"Yes you can" I said weakly

He shook his head, "I punched him as hard as he punched I can't"

"But he's bigger than you...and older...and he punched you so hard...oh my god Travis I'm so sorry"

I began to sob into his shoulder, feeling as if him getting beat up by Billie Joe was my fault.

"Mandy" Travis cooed, "Come on..don't're too pretty to cry"

I sobbed into his shirt, Travis gently patting my back.

"Guys are assholes" He murmured, "We fight all the need to get upset. It's no one's fault except for the ones who started the fight and fought in it"

"I just...I..he..he's such a" I paused, hiccupping, "Such a jerk..he shouldn't have punched you..."hiccup"You did n...nothing wrong"

"Obviously I did" He said softly nodding, "I mean...I've grown up liking Green Day...I've never heard of one of them randomly punching someone"

I nodded slowly before looking up hearing footsteps.

Rachel looked down at Travis and I, a sympathetic smile on her face.

"Hey" She spoke softly

Travis smiled lightly as if to greet her.

"Hey Mand?" She spoke softly, "Uhh...He..he really wants to talk to you"

I took my head from Travis's shoulder, "Tell him to go fuck himself"

Rachel sighed, "Mand-"

"No" I spat angrily, "No..there's nothing that I want to hear from him. Everything was fine until he did this"

Travis looked down at me, nudging me, "Just go talk to him"

I hesitated, looking at Travis before standing up and turning back to Rachel.

"Where is the asshole?"

She gave me a lopsided smile, happy that I wasn't going to be completely stubborn about talking to Billie Joe.

"" She said pointing to where he apparently was

I sighed, wiping my eyes on my sleeve before heading off to where Rachel was saying he was.

Billie Joe lay against the wall, cradling his bruised and bloodied face whimpering softly to himself.

I decided not say anything but just watch him as he sat there his eyes closed.

"Ow" He whimpered opening one of his eyes, gently poking his cheek that was all messed up, "Ow..that hurts"

I wasn't sure if he knew I was right behind him or not, but it sure seemed like it.

"How hard were you hit?" I asked him gently

"Hard" He muttered, not recognizing my voice, "Hard..."

He opened his other eye before turning his head slowly to see me standing there, my arms crossed as I quirked an eyebrow watching his every move.

"Mandy.." He began, his voice weak, "Mandy.."

I held my hand up to silence him, him stopping almost immediately.

"I don't really know if I want to know why you punched him... all I know is that it was a really fucked up move made by you, Billie"

He bowed his head before looking back at me from the top of his eyes.

"Are you mad at me?" He asked

I sighed pathetically, "Of course I'm mad at you, Billie Joe. I'm so pissed off at you that I really didn't want to talk to you in the first be sure to thank Rachel and the kid you punched for making me"

"I'm sorry"

I perched myself next to Billie Joe, before standing up and grabbing a towel, running it under warm water.

"If only sorry was good for everything" I sighed, pressing the towel against his face

Billie Joe winced, jerking his head back only to groan from the pain in his neck.

"'t" He said, breathing out shakily

"Bill..I have to"

I pressed my free hand against the back of his neck, pulling him closer as I wiped his face with the towel.

"Where does it hurt?" I asked after a moment of silence


I just looked at him, pressing the towel on his other cheek.



"Why did you punch him?"

Billie Joe groaned, pushing my hand from his cheek while tilting his head back so it was resting on my hand.


"Hmm?" He hummed lightly, his eyes now closed again

"You never answered my question"

He opened his eyes and looked at me, licking his swollen lips.

" does crazy things"


I hadn't done anything stupid.

As in, I hadn't left Billie Joe.

It was a sigh of relief for everyone, because if I had decided that I was fed up with him again, they'd have to go through the whole break up scene when they were just starting to get over it.

However, Billie Joe wasn't just forgiven.

Instead of kicking him out of the suit that had started off with just me in it, and instead of yelling at him I just decided not to talk to him.

Still living in the same suit for the next days, it was practically silent.

Billie Joe was receiving the silent treatment

As soon as he realized that I was giving him the silent treatment he automatically started to ask questions, hoping I'd answer.

...But I didn't.

I'd just look at him and look away.

For the first couple days after the fight Billie Joe just rested, feeling like complete shit.

Even though I was pissed off at him, I still tried to help him and he gratefully accepted my help.

He had refused to let anyone talk to him, except for Tre and I because he knew we weren't going to kill him with our words.

Tre wouldn't because of the fact that he didn't know what to think of anything, and me because at the end of the day..he was still my boyfriend, and I still loved him.

As soon as Billie Joe was back on his feet, not 100% better...but able to see straight, and able to feel the pain instead of being numb..

Which he could have lived without...but non-the-less..he was better than he was.

He made sure to prove his point about it, too, knowing that bringing him to a doctor or something was an option at the moment...and that was the last place he wanted to go.

"Are you giving me the silent treatment?" Billie Joe asked, sinking down on the opposite couch

I looked at him, before looking back to what I was doing.

He sighed lightly, looking down, nodding his head.

"...Guess that means yes"

I continued what I was doing while Billie Joe sighed.

" you plan to talk to my anytime soon?"

I shook my head.

"'re gonna be a mute...maybe even a mime?" He continued a slight smirk on his face

I shot him a dirty look, rolling my eyes.

"Paint your face white except for painted red cheeks...pretend your in a box"

I looked back at him angrily, not saying anything as he continued to wear the same smirk.

I looked back down before lifting a hand and flipping him off, making him start to laugh.

He was in his obnoxious mood, one of the moods I would usually end up kicking him out.

I sighed, pushing myself up before walking away from him, who was still laughing.

It pissed me off that he wasn't taking what I was doing serious.

It just meant I'd give him a longer silent treatment.


He sat on the bed looking down, his lips puckered in thought. The whole suit was silent, not even the television making much noise.

Since when had silence been so loud?

He was pretty sure that I had left a while ago..but he wasn't positive considering I hadn't told him anything considering I wasn't even talking to him.

Billie Joe muttered out a curse, looking down at his bruised chest before angrily pulling a t-shirt over his head.

He wasn't too sure why he was pissed off at the moment considering he was alone.

That Travis kid fucked it all up

He wasn't sure if he had spoken the words, or if he just thought them..either way, he heard his voice spit the words out.

And he knew he wasn't all correct.

You fucked a lot up, too you asshole

He groaned, laying back on the bed, his arms spread out as he closed his eyes, swallowing hard wishing he was at home, with his girl...alone.

"You sure you're not coming?" Rachel asked as he just nodded his head

"Yeah..I'm not real thirsty..and if I am, I'll just share Mandy's drink"

She rolled her eyes laughing lightly before stepping into the store after Mike.

"You sure? Why don't you just come in"

Billie Joe lifted his head to look at her.

His girl.

"Not thirsty" He said simply, "And uh..just wanna get the Florida air"

That earned him a skeptical look.

"Seriously" He said nodding his head, "I'll stay out here"

He got one more look before he was left alone with Travis.

The 25 year old was searching his pockets for something, noticing Billie Joe's eyes on him.

He lifted his head and smiled at the guitarist, Billie Joe looking at him, forcing a fake smile.

He hated the kid.

But hated was a strong word...

So he strongly disliked the kid.

Billie Joe took a cigarette out, lighting it up before looking at some couples walking by. He muttered something to himself, taking a long drag.

He looked over to Travis who was picking at something on his shoes now.

"You like her?" Billie Joe asked randomly

Travis looked up from his shoes, "Uhh..what?"

"Do.You.Like.Her?" He asked slowly, in a sarcastic way

"Who?" Travis asked, quirking an eyebrow, completely confused

"Don't gimme that" Billie Joe spat angrily ,"Don't ask me who"

"Dude...I really don't know who you're talking about...are you talking about-"

"My girlfriend!" He snapped, grabbing a few passing people's attention, "Do you fucking like my mother fucking girlfriend!?"

"Oh," Travis let out, shrugging his shoulders, "Well..yeah..she's really cool-"

"I don't mean like that! God dammit" Billie Joe groaned, taking another drag, "I know what I fucking mean!"

Travis stared at Billie Joe, his eyes widened.

" you like her-"

"I love her" He snarled, cutting Travis off, "And she loves me"

"Uhh..that's great man..I'm really happy for you.." Travis said, stumbling over his words, "'m not trying to get in the way if that's what your-"

"You are" Billie Joe snipped, cutting him off, once again

"Hey, listen man" Travis countered, "I haven't done anything wrong as far as I concerned. I'm only trying to provide friendship to your girlfriend, because I find she's fun to hang out with..doesn't mean I want to fuck her and take her away from you"

Billie Joe glared at the younger man, his eyes narrowed.

It wasn't the best time for Travis to get a backbone.

"You showed up when we were broken up," He muttered angrily, "You probably wanted to take advantage of that-"

"What do you mean take advantage?! I didn't anything! Damn, man..I think you're a little paranoid about other guys"

"I'm not" Billie Joe grunted, taking one final drag of his cigarette before flicking it on the ground, "It's you I'm paranoid with"

"Me?" Travis asked, "Why me? Do you treat her bad or somethin?"

Billie Joe's eyes went wide as his mouth went dry, "Excuse me?"

"If you're so fucking paranoid that I'm gonna be with your girl, you probably have a reason. I asked a simple question. Do.You.Treat.Her.Bad?"

He was using sarcasm like Billie Joe had.

And it wasn't helping the situation.

Billie Joe stared at Travis for a moment, going to walk away before turning around angrily.

"I do NOT treat her fucking bad your mother fucking asshole!"

Travis looked at Billie Joe quirking an eyebrow once again.

"Then why are you so paranoid?"

"I'm not fucking paranoid!"

"Then why are you yelling at me?" Travis asked, his voice calm, "Getting all these people's attention"

Billie Joe groaned, stepping towards Travis.

"Your mother ever hit you when your were a kid?" Billie Joe asked angrily

Travis shook his head slowly, "No"

Billie Joe nodded, biting his lip before going to walk away once again..only to turn around, slamming the younger kid in the nose with his fist.

Travis stumbled back, immediately lifting his hands to cup his nose, hunching over.

"What the fuck, man!?" Travis cried out, wiping his bloodied hands on his shorts

"That," Billie Joe started, "Was for you from you mother for being such a little bastard"

Travis groaned, wiping the blood from his nose on the back of his hand, reaching out and pushing Billie Joe back.

Billie Joe stumbled back a little, not expecting Travis to push him as hard as he did.

He took another step back before tripping over his own shoes, falling back.

"Fuck" He muttered, "Fuck that hurt"

He looked up to see Travis after him, hitting him hard in the chest, making the wind get knocked out of him.

"Get the fuck off me" Billie Joe groaned, trying to shove the smaller man off him, "I swear to god-"

"Swear what?" Travis spat, "That you'll punch me again? That didn't end up too well," He paused, hitting Billie Joe again, "And that was from your girlfriend for being a bastard"

Billie Joe breathed out, pushing Travis off of him, punching him once again.

"You don't bring her into this you fucker," He spat angrily, " have no right in saying that"

Travis groaned now, getting another hit from Billie Joe.

There was some lady yelling at the both of them, watching as the two men now did everything they could to beat the shit out of each other.

Someone was now yelling Billie Joe's name, and he felt two arms trying to pull him off Travis.

"Get the fuck off me" Billie Joe spat, throwing another punch at Travis

"Get off him!" Someone who Billie Joe realized was Mike, yelled

He shook Mike off, going back to Travis.

Mike looked around at Tre and Rachel who were staring, their eyes wide, Tre looking as if he were trying to protect Rachel.

He reached out one more time, hooking his arms under Billie Joe's, throwing him off of Travis.

Billie Joe breathed out, spitting next to him, cradling his head not being able to think straight.

That was probably not the smarted move..

He closed his eyes for a moment, not thinking about the reason of the fight.

He whimpered to himself, opening his eyes and looking at Travis who was being taken care of by Rachel.

It finally hit him why he had been so pissed off in the first place.

He snapped his head up, groaning from the pain before his eyes cast over on the figure of the one person he was fighting about.

His eyes met ones that were full of anger and disbelief.

Billie Joe opened his eyes slowly, sprawled out over the bed.

He sat up, looking down once again.

Even he agreed at the moment that the silent treatment was fair.

He shook his head before pulling a pair of shorts on and grabbing the key to the suit.

He was going to get trashed tonight


It was another broken promise.

He was pissed.

Completely pissed as drunk, not being able to walk even close to a straight line.

Billie Joe looked down at his cell phone, trying his best to read the three little digits on it.


It was about midnight.

Or, that's what it looked like.

Billie Joe mumbled something, slurring all his words before dumping money on the counter and stumbling out of the bar, needing to cling onto walls and random people to be able to walk right.

After what seemed forever he finally(not having a clue how) made it to the suit.

Our suit

He stuck the card key in what felt 50 times before he was able to make it into the suit, closing the door behind him as quite as he could.

Billie Joe looked around, not being able to see straight before following his instincts, somehow stumbling into the bedroom.

He sat down on the bed, sticking his two hands out to steady himself, un-tying his shoes, dropping them on the floor.

"SSshhhh" He slurred, pressing his finger to his lips

He shook his head in a drunken way, peeling his shirt off of him and throwing it on the ground, doing the same with his shorts.

Billie Joe looked back at me over his shoulder, nodding his head to himself before pulling his legs onto the bed, pulling the duvet up to his waist and sliding over to where I was, half asleep.

He held onto my arm trying to steady himself out as he moved over to where I was.

My eyes lay barely open, me having been deep in thought for the past hour..half of the time wondering where Billie Joe had been.

Billie Joe moved his hand from my arm to his pillow that he had pulled over, him looking down at me smiling drunkenly.

He pressed him lips gently against my cheek, not knowing that I was awake.

I felt my heart flutter making it hard for me to not smile. I didn't mind him as a drunk when he was like this.

It was that one time that had been violent that bothered me.

But at the moment I was fine.

Billie Joe slid down more on the bed, his body curled up against me, one of his arms lightly snaked over my waist positioned on my un-flat stomach.

He kept his head up, looking at me, still thinking I was asleep. He pressed his lips against my cheek one more time before dropping head on the pillow whispering a slurred 'good night'.


"I'm gonna take a wild guess and say you need aspirin?"

Billie Joe lifted his head from the pillow, looking up at me. He blinked a few times, trying to see straight.

I giggled lightly, perching myself at the end of the bed.

"Ohh...morning" He breathed out, rubbing his head

I handed him aspirin, smiling softly.

"How'r you?" He asked gently

"Good," I answered simply, "I don't feel like crap this morning"

" never had bad thing with the morning sickness..did you?"

I shook my head, "Nope"

"That's..that's a beautiful thing"

I laughed softly, "My brother always said that"

"What can I say?" Billie Joe said, shrugging, "Great minds think alike"

" are you feeling?" I asked him

Billie Joe sat up a little, looking over at me.

"Great" He said, giving me one of his amazing smiles

He was happy as hell that the silent treatment was over.

The last few days with it was torture to him.

"You sure?" I asked tilting my head to the side, "You look like shit"

Billie Joe smiled from the side of his mouth, "Yeah..thanks"

I laughed once again, cuddling up against Billie Joe.

"You know I love you, right?" He asked after a moment

"Course," I said, nodding my head, "If I didn't think you did I probably wouldn't be carrying your little kid right now"

Billie Joe gave me one of his smiles once again, kissing the side of my head.

"I want to start thinking of names" He said, nodding his head

"I already have"

"Oh....right....thanks for leaving me out of that, babe"

I snorted, shaking my head.

"I'm sorry"

I looked up at Billie Joe's face as he looked straight ahead.

"What?" I asked softly

"I'm sorry" He repeated, "For screwing up so badly again"


I honestly didn't want this subject brought up.

"At the time..punching him seemed like..such a good idea"

"Violence doesn't solve anything" I mumbled in a knowing tone

"Yeah, yeah, yeah..I know mother" He muttered

I shook my head with a smug look on my face.

"But..really..I am..and I'm lucky that you stayed with me"

I looked down at his hand that rested lightly on my stomach like the night before, him mindlessly rubbing it.

"That would have..sucked...if I didn't" I said, nodding


"It was such a stupid decision Billie..and I really did want to hit you at the moment.."

"I'm happy you gave me the silent treatment, then"

I sighed, "Yeah..but it was hard"

Billie Joe rolled onto his side, looking at me.

" I forgiven?"

I looked down before back at him, "For uh..for the time being"

"Thank the lord"