In the End

Sydney Armstrong

Sydney Armstrong

Billie Joe stared at the small girl in my arms, his eyes glazed over.

"She's beautiful" He whispered, his hand shaking as he reached out to her.

The small infant looked up at her father with confused eyes, lifting a small hand so that she touched his finger, wrapping her small fist around it.

"Hi sweetie," Billie Joe murmured, waving to the small girl, a huge smile plastered to his face

He looked up at me, pressing his lips against my own.

"I love much" He whispered, "Oh god..I..I love you so much"

I grinned, blushing lightly.

"I love you, too, hun"

We sat there, staring at the small child in my arms before hearing the click of the hospital door. I looked up, smiling as a tall, lengthy man walked in, his hair sticking up in different directions, his blue eyes not as bright due to the fact that he was tired.

"Oh wow"

"Hey Mikey" I whispered

He walked over to the bed that Billie Joe and I sat in, peering at the small form of life in my arms, before looking up at Billie Joe and I.

"She's adorable" He murmured, pulling a chair over to the side of the bed, "Such a sweet little thing"

Sydney cooed up at the older man, letting go of her fathers finger to reach for him.

"Aww..hi to you too, hunny"

He looked up at us again, smiling as if he were the father himself.

"She looks just like you" He murmured gently, nudging me gently

"Mm" I hummed gently

Billie Joe stared at her, his lips parted as he took a sharp breath.

He had gotten his baby girl.

"Tre and Rachel are on their way," Mike murmured gently, "I told him Mandy had the kid after I made him promise he wouldn't run to the hospital to scare the poor thing"

I laughed lightly, shaking my head.

"Can..can I see her?" Billie Joe asked softly, outstretching his arms

I nodded my head slowly, handing over the infant to her father, who's eyes lit up as he stared down at her.

"I'm your daddy" He said softly, looking at his daughter, his eyes still glazed over with unshed tears.

Happy tears.

Just like the ones I had when he proposed.

Except, this time, it was him, and it was because he had helped bring another life into the world. Another innocent child to love.

Everyone looked up as the hospital door clicked open again, the drummer and his girl walking in quietly. Tre had a huge toothy grin on his face, leaving Rachel's side to see the baby that was curled up in Billie Joe's arms.

His mouth dropped open as he looked down at her, "Oh my god..she's so cuuute"

Rachel stepped over to me, a smile appearing on her face as she slid an arms around my neck, hugging me.

"What's her name?" Mike asked gently, everyone huddled around the bed

"Sydney" Billie Joe answered quietly, watching as the newborn's eyes closed.

"Aww..It matches her well," Rachel said softly, sitting down in a chair on the side of me, "She's beautiful, guys"

Billie Joe nodded, still looking at his daughter, watching her small chest move up and down as she took a breath.

She opened an eye slowly, looking up to Billie Joe. They stared at each other for a moment before she made a noise, reaching out once again to him.

"Hi sweetie" he murmured, bending down so he could kiss her forehead.

She watched her father carefully, a goofy smile appearing on her face.

Billie Joe laughed softly, watching her eyes slowly close again.

"She's got a green-blue eye color" Tre pointed out

"Mmhm" I hummed

"That's cool"

I smiled at him, everyone watching as the small child fell asleep in her father's arms.


I stepped down the stairs, my hand gliding along the wooden railing as I did. The steps creaked softly as I stepped on them, but otherwise the only sound in the house was a tv.

Sydney had been released from the hospital a few days ago, along with myself. Billie Joe had been insisting that I had rested, although I wasn't in the need of it.
I walked into the lounge quietly, the glow of the tv being the only light source.

Billie Joe lay on the couch, his legs crossed with his head turned to the side, his eyes closed. His hand lay on the back of the small child that lay on her fathers chest, her thumb pressed to her mouth as her eyes were also closed.

Kodak moment.

Billie Joe shifted slowly in his sleep, still holding onto Sydney. I smiled to myself, walking over to the smaller couch, laying down on it. I watched Billie Joe for a moment before closing my eyes, almost falling asleep once again.


I opened an eye, looking over to the other couch.

"Hmm?" I hummed lightly

Billie Joe sat up, picking Sydney up in his arms, her not waking up. He slid off the couch, stumbling over to where I was.

"Hey babe" He whispered, settling himself down on the floor, Sydney resting against his chest.

I hung a hand off of the couch I was on, Billie Joe taking it with his free one. He looked up at me, a small twinkle in his eyes.

"How's she doing?" I asked softly, pushing myself off the couch, so that I sat next to Billie Joe.

He took his hand from mine, wrapping it around my waist that was now smaller.

"Sound asleep," He murmured, pressing his lips to my cheek, "She started crying before..but it was all good..just wanted somethin to drink and some attention"

I smiled lazily at him, resting my head on his shoulder.

"That sounds like you on a regular basis"

Billie Joe smiled, before frowning.


I giggled, pressing my lips to his neck.

He flashed a trademark smile, shifting Sydney in his arms. We both looked over to her, her making a small snorting sound, lifting her tiny hands to her eyes and rubbing them, before moving around in her fathers arms, and once again falling asleep.

"God..she's so cute" He whispered, looking over her, "So cute"

I nodded my head, "Yeah"

Billie Joe looked over at me, pressing his lips to my own.

"How are you feelin?" He asked softly, resting his head on my shoulder now, moving Sydney so that she wouldn't fall.

"I'm gonna go put her to bed," He said gently, "Kay, babe? I'll be right back"

"Mmk" I said softly, biting my bottom lip

Billie Joe pushed himself off the floor, holding Sydney close to his chest as he brought her upstairs to the room we had had done during the 9 months.

He smiled gently, placing her softly in the crib, looking around for something to cover her small body. He watched her for a moment, his fingers walking down her back as she curled herself up.

"G'night, babe" He murmured softly, bending down and kissing her head sweetly before walking out of the room, going to go back downstairs where I was.

He slowly walked down the stairs, pulling his shirt over his head, throwing it to the bottom step, telling himself he'd pick it up the next day before I realized it was there.

I lay on the longer couch, watching some show that was on tv that Billie had on. Billie Joe stumbled through the doorway, wearing no shirt, and sliding out of his pants, leaving him in boxers as he made his way to where I was.

I looked up at him, laughing lightly.

"What was that? My own little strip show?" I asked

Billie Joe grinned, winking at me, "You know it, babe"

I giggled, Billie Joe walking over to me, climbing on top of me, resting his head on my shoulder.

"Why'd you have the Disney channel on?" I asked him after a moment

"Hmm?" He hummed

"You had the Disney channel on"

"Oh..cuz Sydney was awake..and I know the Disney channel is safe to watch with kids..Joey and Jakob use to watch it all the time"

I could feel myself smile, before I pressed my lips to Billie's.

"You're so cute"

Billie Joe looked back at me, "So are you"

We looked at each other for a moment, Billie Joe staring down at me. He pressed his lips to mine once again, closing his eyes slowly.

He shifted his body on top of mine, his hands on my hips.

"Fuck," He mumbled, "I don't think I've been in this position like this since we broke up," He paused, "That's too long of a dry spell for me.."

I snorted, swatting at his arm.
"You're such a pervert"

Billie Joe smiled stupidly.

"Yeah..well..that's why you love me"


My eyes snapped open, hearing a crying echo run throughout the house.

I lifted my head, looking to see if Billie Joe was next to me.

He was.

I sighed, sitting up in the bed, rubbing my eyes. I went to get up when I was pulled back onto the bed.

"Go to sleep, babe" Billie Joe mumbled

"But Sydney's-"

"I know..I'll take care of it..I've got insomnia when it comes to takin care of kids.."

I nodded my head slowly, Billie Joe lifting himself from the bed, sliding out from under the duvet, pulling on a t-shirt quickly.

"I mean, whatcha think 'Brain Stew' was 'bout?" He rambled, pretty much just to keep himself awake, "Is about Joey..when he was born..I had to stay up..And I stayed up because I'm a good man like it?"

"Yes, Billie"

"'ll be back"

I heard his footsteps echo down the hall before I pulled myself out of the bed, gathering my stuff before walking to where Billie Joe and Sydney were.

"What's up, little girl?" Billie Joe asked, settling himself back down in chair in the room, "Why you crying, huh?"

He leant down, kissing the small child's head gently, cuddling her against his chest.

"Your mommy and I were sleeping," He murmured, "That means you shoulda been, too. Although you're my first daughter..the rules don't change..You have to be at least a teenager before you can stay up past midnight."

I smiled to myself, watching him.

"That's what I told Joey when he was born," He nodded his head, "He's your brother..who's a lot older than you..but anyway..that's what I told him when I sat up at night and talked to him like..but you know what? He didn't listen. By the time the kid was 10 he stayed up til 1 on weekends" He chuckled, "When you're 10, hun, you better not be like that..he's a bad influence"

She looked up at her dad, a small giggle escaping her lips.

"You find that funny, hmm?" He asked lightly

She giggled at her dad again, finally stopping the crying.

"Aww..come on..don't laugh at'll make me sad"

She giggled once again, making Billie Joe smile.

"Okay..maybe it won't make me cry" He said in a small voice, "I lied..but it's only because you're so adorable..I was blinded by your charm, little lady"

Sydney looked up at him, tilting her head to the side. Billie Joe stuck his tongue out to the side, mirroring her move.

She slowly lifted her arm up, poking her father in the nose, nearly sticking her finger up his nostril.

"No, hun" He said softly, "There's no gold up me...I found that out when I was 5"

She smiled happily at her dad, moving around on his lap.

"You understand what I'm sayin, babe?" He asked, smiling a toothy smile, "You understand that your daddy's a little out there?"

Sydney smiled again, making a small happy noise.

He sighed lightly, "Yeah..we all know your daddy's out there..but that's why everyone is so in love with me," He nodded, "Cuz I'm out there.."

There was a silence.

"Although..I'm not sure why your mom loves me..there's always a different reason.." He paused, "Like tonight, it was because I was perverted"

Billie Joe made an 'O' with his mouth, covering it, making the infant laugh.

"Shh..don't tell her I said that" He smiled lightly

Sydney opened her mouth, sticking her tiny tongue out of it.

"I'll grab that tongue," He said, a lopsided smile on his face, "Don't think I won't..I grab your Uncle Tre's tongue when I have to..and you don't even want to know what's been on it.." He paused, "Come to think about it..neither do I"

Billie Joe looked up, his eyes closing as he yawned, before he looked down at his daughter, who also yawned.

He laughed softly, "Silly goose"

He poked her stomach, before moving finger to her hip, poking her there a few times, making her laugh.

He snorted, shaking his head.

"You're a ticklish little one, aren't you?"

Sydney smiled, squirming in her fathers grip.

"Mm..careful..if I let you'll fall" He yawned, closing his eyes for a moment, "And then you'll go splat..."

Her eye's widened as she looked up at her dad, who widened his eyes just to imitate her.

"I'm just kidding, sweetie. I'm like superman..I'll save you..'cept I won't have to fly, although that would be cool"

She looked up at Billie, giving him the 'lost' look, making him chuckle.

"You don't know who superman is,'re too young to watch cartoons and understand. But superman is a big guy with big muscles..and he works like a normal guy..'til someone needs help..then he gets in this really cool, tight suit..cape 'n all..and fly's off to save them"

He shrugged, " me he's pretty cool..ask your Uncle Tre 'bout him some day..he would know..he lives on cartoons..I swear..every day, when I was on tour" There was a slight pause, "Tour..well..that's when I have to leave for a case you're wondering..I'm not too sure if you are..but I'm a musician..which means I can sing..which means people like me, so I go away for a little while to sing to them" He paused once again, thinking of how to word everything, "But I I don't go away forever..and I call..every night, just so I can talk to you and mommy..because I miss you. But that won't happen any time soon, you won't have to worry..daddy won't leave for a long until then, I'm here to sing to you..and only you"

The little girl looked up at him, making him give her a lopsided smile, saddened about the thought of tour..even though the guys hadn't been into the studio yet.

"What were we talking about, again?" He asked, as if expecting her to answer, "Oh..yeah..right..your Uncle Tre..when I was on tour, every Saturday your Uncle Mike and I would have to sit there and listen to Sponge bob, and his little annoying nasal voice," He shuddered, "Promise me you'll never watch him..his voice scares me"

She giggled.

"Yes, sweetie..I am saying he scares me"

He yawned once again, before lifting himself up off the chair, holding Sydney in his arms.

"I told your mom I was an insomniac..But I'm really not..I mean, I am when I wanna be..but right now, as much as I love yah, hun, I'm I'm gonna put you back in your crib, and go into mommy's and my bedroom and sleep, okay?"

She didn't say anything.

"I'll take that as a yes, just because I can"

Billie Joe stumbled over to the crib through darkness, leaning down inside and placing her there gently, rubbing her back like he had before.

"Kay, sweetie? Go to sleep now..."

He bent down, kissing the back of his daughter's bald head before stumbling over to the doorway, where I stood, a smile on my lips.

" long have you been here?" He asked, confused

I laughed sweetly, kissing his cheek.

"Sydney get's her charm from you,'re so cute"

Billie Joe blushed, leading me back to the bedroom.

"What can I say?" He murmured, "I've got a way with little kids..I guess it's because I'm still one at heart"