In the End

He Cares, She Cares

We both walked into Tre's house, to see Mike on the couch playing some video game against Tre.

"You never seem to age, do you?" I laughed, walking in, Billie Joe behind me, each hand on my shoulders.

"Naaahh, there's no point" Said Tre.

"By the time you grow up, you die" Smirked Mike

"I refuse to grow up, then" I said, smiling

"Shit!" Yelled Tre, before slamming his control down, and walking out of the room, leaving Mike laughing his ass off at him

I walked over, and sat next to Mike, who smiled to himself. Mike and I were really good friends, if you hadn't noticed all ready...

"So... How's everything?" Asked Mike, running his hand through his hair, causing it to get more messed up.

"Fine" I said, biting my lip.

I decided telling Mike about before wasn't really that smart.

"You sure?"

"Yeah... We... Erm... Had our problems... But their sorted out" I said, looking up at him

Billie Joe walked over with a beer in his hand, and I scooted close to Mike, to let Billie Joe sit next to me. He gladly sat down, and put his arm around my neck, taking a swig of his beer.

I was happy Billie Joe and I were fine, but I felt bad because of Mike. Mike had been the one that I had ran to. Well when I couldn't go to Billie Joe.

Mike looked at Billie Joe for a moment, before settling back down. I knew he was pissed off at Billie Joe because I had been crying, and I knew Billie Joe was pissed off at Mike because he of the fact I was with him from himself. And yet, I was sitting in the middle... Literally.

Billie Joe put his head back on the couch, and slid down a little. I giggled at him, as he pulled me closer to him. Tre came back to the room, and looked at us.

"Have you all got to share one couch? I mean, really... And you leave me out?!" He smirked, before coming over and jumping up on the couch, falling over on top of Billie Joe and me.

"Trrreee!" I groaned, laughing, "You're killing me"

"I do that well"

I started laughing, and pushed him off the couch, him pulling on my leg, making me tumble off on top of him. Sounds like me and Billie Joe, doesn't it?

"Trrreee!" I laughed

"Now you've fucking killed me! Falling off the couch like that!"

"You're the retard that pulled me down!"

"Yes, but you're a girl. You're suppose to fall 'delicately'"

"Shows how much you know about me" I snorted

"Or how much I don't know about you" Said Tre, like he was trying to confuse me

"Tre, you just proved me right"

"Against my will"

"Admit it, Tre, you just got beat by a girl"


This set me off. I started laughing my ass off at the look on his face, while he started laughing at me laughing. We were two laughing maniac's on the floor. And with the thought of that, I started laughing harder. At one point, through the laughs I heard Tre suggest therapy.

"Me... Therapy? Your... The one... That needs... Therapy" I said, still laughing my ass off at him

"I don't need therapy! You're the one laughing!" He said, still laughing like an idiot

Once we had both finally shut up, and stopped laughing, I sat next to Billie Joe, talking to him while Mike was back to playing video games against Tre. The only one's who seemed to be getting tipsy were Billie Joe and Mike. Go fucking figure. Those two... The one's who were both pissed off at each other, because of none other than moi.

Billie Joe's words were beginning to slur a little bit, but none the less I could still understand him fine. I felt guilty for him getting drunk... It had been because of the past two days, between us.

"Wait, Billie Joe, what did you say?" I asked, realizing that I hadn't heard what he had just said.

Billie Joe looked at me, thoughtfully, trying to think.

"You just said it two minutes ago, Billie... It's not hard to remember" I said, not even realizing I had said it and then added, "But then again, we all forget at times"

The last thing I had wanted to do now was hurt his feelings. We had seemed to be doing a good job at that for the past days.

"I knows, I knows" He said, slurring a little bit, still trying to think

I giggled at the puzzled look on his face, and leaned on the back of the couch, still facing him.

He smiled, and looked down sheepishly. It was nice just to sit there next to him, smiling and laughing at each other, even if one of us is tipsy. Honestly, when he wasn't pissed off, he was the cutest acting drunk... If that makes sense...

Billie Joe leaned closer to me, dropping a soft kiss on the lips. How is it someone that is drunk, so they can barely speak right, but yet they can still muster up a breath taking kiss?

I still didn't really forgive Billie Joe... I couldn't... Every time I looked into his eyes I knew I couldn't exactly forgive him...

Billie Joe got up... Well... Stumbled... And went into the other room for a moment, while Tre took the chance to come over and sit next to me to ask me a few questions.


I looked up from my fingers, and jumped.

"Sorry, I didn't see you came over" I said, looking back down.

"Yeah, well... Ah, fuck it. What's goin on with you an lo-"

"You love to taunt us with names, don't you?"

"It's my job"

I laughed, and looked back down.

"So what is up with you and Billie?"

"What do you mean what's up?" I asked

"I'm not stupid... Every time you look at him, it's just... I don't know... Different"

"So you're telling me I look at Billie Joe different?"

"Yeah. Something's up. And it's got to Mike, too. Spill before I beg... And you don't wanna see me beg"

"Tre, I have seen you beg"

"That was only a practice"

I sighed, and laughed. But before I knew it... I was telling Tre while Mike and Billie Joe were somewhere else... Oh shit...

"So, Billie Joe said he loved Adie, and then fucking kissed her this morning?!" Said Tre, amazed

"Mhm... And I had ran to Mike'shouse... So now Billie Joe is pissed off at Mike because Mike didn't tell him I was there when Billie Joe had called, trying to find where I was. And Mike is pissed off at Billie Joe because of what he did, but I didn't tell Mike about Billie Joe almost kissing Adie"

Tre shook his head, looking down. "This is all bullshit, from them. Billie should know what the fuck not to do, and shouldn't be kissing his fucking x, while Mike... Well... I don't know about Mike... But Billie Joe needs to fucking grow up"

"I know... But I dunno... I mean, he still love-"

"Maybe he does. But even if he did, after every fucking thing now, he should stop being like that and face the fucking facts"

I nodded, smiling slightly. I looked down, and something popped into my head...



"I think Adrienne is engaged"

Tre looked up at me, his eyes a little wider.

"What the fuck?!"

"There was a ring on her finger. She wouldn't wear an engagement ring, especially the one with Billie after it was over... Would she?"

"No... I know she gave it back to him. I know because I walked in on him when he was wreck after she left..."

Oh god. I never really saw Billie Joe as a real wreck.

"What happened?" I asked, half wanting to know, half not.

Tre sighed, and looked to see if Billie Joe was anywhere, but he wasn't.

Tre got out of his car, and slowly shut it, trying not to make much noise. He was bored, so now everything he did had to be quite, and almost soundless... Some stupid made up rule thing you do when your bored.

He shut the door, and started up Billie Joe's driveway, looking to see if Adrienne's car was there. He knew that Billie Joe and her hadn't been getting along that well, so him and Mike tried not to bother them while they were alone, hoping it would somehow work out...

For a while that seemed like a pretty good idea, considering how much Billie Joe loved this woman. She had become pretty much like family to Tre and Mike.

"Wonder why she's not here" Tre whispered to himself, walking up to get into Billie Joe house.

He knocked on the door, waiting a moment before knocking again. No one answered. He looked around, to see Billie Joe's BMW there, which was weird considering if Billie Joe and her went out, they usually took his BMW. Who knows, after being friends with Billie Joe for years, he still found this guy to be unpredictable at times.

"Ah, fuck it" Tre whispered to himself, before using his spare key to walk into the lead guitarist's house.

"Yo! Billie Joe! Hey! That rhymed! SHIT! I'm not whispering anymore!" He yelled

He stood there, telling himself how he lost the bet with himself before hearing what sounded like something falling.

Without thinking twice, he ran to the stairs, skipping some of the steps, losing his balance, but not falling.

"Yo, Billie Joe. You okay? Are you here? Shit! What if there's a robber?! GET OUT OF-"

He stopped talking, while opening the door to see a curled up figure at the end of Billie Joe and Adie's bed. There was no doubt in his mind that it was Billie Joe.

"Billie Joe?" Said Tre, talking in a whisper again, "Are you okay? What's wrong?"

Tre stood there, looking at his friend, confused. There was silence, before a loud sob from the shaking lead guitarist.

He walked over, next to Billie Joe, and knelt down, trying to look at his friend in the face. As soon as he did, he looked away. Billie Joe looked horrible. His eyeliner had been smudged all over his face, and his eyes were full of tears. Besides from that... He just looked... Still horrible.

"Holey shit! Billie, what the fuck happened?!"

Tre pulled his friend into a much needed embrace, still wondering what happened.

"She left me... Tre... She fucking left me!" Billie Joe cried, more tears streaming down his cheeks.

"Oh... Shit... I'm so sorry BJ"

"She left me... She left me! She said I was never home, and I had been drinking too much... And she left... She took her ring off, handed it to me.. And left..."

Tre looked at Billie Joe, feeling a tear come to his own eye. He felt horrible for him. It wasn't Billie Joe's fault he had been on tour, he was a fucking musician! But he could have laid off the drinks... Tre felt a part guilty for that.

"Doesn't she know I love her?! I love her! And she left! But I loved her!" Billie Joe cried, repeating that over and over again, tears starting to soak through Tre's shirt.

"Come on dude... Let's get outta here... Let's go see Mike"

Billie Joe just shook his head, and leaned back on the bed, sitting on the floor.

"I can't do this, Tre... I can't... She left me... She's my life Tre... She's my fucking life! This was my fucking life!" He yelled, taking his ring off, and the other ring(obviously hers) and throwing them as hard as he could at the wall.

The two rings bounced off the wall, both breaking...

"Shit" muttered Tre

Billie Joe must have thrown them pretty hard, considering they broke... They were expensive, he'd known that since before the wedding..

"She was my life, Tre... She was my life!" He repeated, "Till' death do us part! TILL DEATH DO US PART!"

Billie Joe was losing it... And it was starting to scare Tre. Especially the 'Till death do us part' thing

Tre tried to help Billie Joe up, but Billie Joe just fell, his legs giving out from how weak he felt from crying. It killed Tre inside to see one of his best friends like this. Billie Joe had been one of those 'Fuck with me, and die' people, so seeing him hysterical like this was new... And heartbreaking.

"I can't live without her... I can't"

Tre looked at his best friend, scared. Most of time Billie Joe kept his word... He wouldn't kill himself over her... Would he?

"Bill, don't talk like that. That's crazy talk, like those bastards from the crazy ass homes"

"But I can't... I-"

"Don't say that, Billie. Don't fucking say that"

"I'll never love someone else, Tre... I never will"

"I'm sure you will... There's plenty of girls out there"

Hours and beers later, Billie Joe was trashed. He walked out of the bar, being held up by Mike and Tre.

"Jesh guysh, I'm fines" Slurred Billie Joe, barely being able to walk

Mike looked at him pathetically, and then looked at Tre who still felt horrible.

"Come on, Bill... A little farther"

"Ish a lil' fasher? Washt ish?"

Mike looked at Tre, and mouthed "God, he's fucking pissed"

Tre nodded, and looked back at a drunk Billie Joe, who's eyes were barely open.

"HEY! Looks! A bird!" Shouted Billie Joe, pointing at something

"It's a leafs... Billie, a leafs..." Mike sighed

Billie Joe started laughing hysterically, making the few people on the streets turn to look at him. They all raised their eyebrows at the sight of the drunken rockstar.

"Fuck off" Said Tre, "You've seen a fucking drunk person before"

They all turned away, whispering to each other.

"Whosh drunk?" Slurred Billie Joe, after his laughing attack

"Just some guy around us, being carried by his friends" Muttered Mike

"Oh, well, he'sh shoulds knows not to gets drunk!" Scolded Billie Joe, making no sense, and then laughing again...

"Yeah, well, he's had some problems"

"Oh... Maybes I could help!" Slurred Billie Joe, almost falling on his face

"Yeah... I think not"

Billie Joe turned silent again, before going into another fit of laughter.

When they had gotten Billie Joe back to his house, Mike and Tre lifted Billie Joe up the stairs, and dropped him onto his bed, where he started laughing again, until he slowly fell asleep.

Mike looked at Tre, and sighed. "I feel horrible for him... This isn't the real Billie Joe..."

Tre nodded, and looked at the now sleeping Billie Joe. "I know... But who knows how long it'll take till he becomes the real Billie Joe, again..."

Tre finished telling me that day, and looked up at me. There were tears in my eyes, just picturing Billie Joe like that. Part of me was glad I had never seen him like that, but the other part just wanted to have been there to help him. But before I could even say anything to Tre, there was a yelling... And it was coming from Billie Joe.

"Fuck" Mumbled Tre, before we both got up to go see what was going on.

We both walked into the other room, to see a drunk Billie Joe, and drunk Mike arguing... Shit...

"Try to keep your fucking self away from her! Cuz she's fucking mine, you bastard!" Snarled Billie Joe, slurring his words.

Oh no...

"Well, if she's fucking yours then why did you fucking say you loved Adie?! And then why did you kiss her?!"

How did he know?!

"I don't know, you ass hole! But because me and her had a fight doesn't mean you have to be 'Mike to the fucking rescue!"

"Well someone needs to give a shit about her! And it's obviously not you!" Snarled Mike, his lip curling into a smile that would make anyone cringe... Which scared me, because Mike was definitely not the person who would make you cringe.

"Fuck off!"

"You fuck off!"

"I don't need to! You're the fucking idiot who's trying to get MY fucking girlfriend!"

"I'm not TRYIN to get anyone!"

"Whatever you're fucking doing, back off, she's fucking mine" Billie Joe snarled

I wasn't liking this one bit...

"And I could beat the shit outta you right now you fucking ass" Billie Joe threatened

"I'd like to see you try!" Snorted Mike

Billie Joe took a unsteady step forward, and lifted his fist. Shit! Tre looked at me, and told me to sit on the couch... The last thing we needed was for both of us to get in the way of two drunk guys. I nodded, and walked over to the couch, laying down, but still looking back over at the three of them.

Tre ran up to Billie Joe, grabbing his arm, and pulling him backwards, making Billie Joe fall back. If there was anything I hated, it was fighting... I had had enough of it. Now, the worst part seemed to be it was between Mike and Billie Joe...

"You both are assholes! BOTH OF YOU!" Yelled Tre, pushing Billie Joe away from Mike, "God! Billie Fuckin' Joe, she isn't 'yours' she's you girlfriend, dammit! Don't fucking claim her like an object! Mike, shut the fuck up! She is Billie Joe's girlfriend, don't get pissed off with him about it! And Billie Joe, if you really wanna fucking show how you fucking care about her, you would be over there sitting on the couch with her, no matter how drunk you fucking are, instead of yelling at Mike about how she is yours!"

I quickly turned around, and laid on my back, closing my eyes. Billie Joe stared at Tre, and then stumbled over to the couch, where I was. He looked down at me, and sighed loudly. And then it was quite for a moment.

I had thought Billie Joe had gone away, but I learned that I was wrong as I felt someone climb on top of me. I tried to hide my smile, as I felt Billie Joe put his head on my stomach.

"Mandy... Wake up..." He whispered, slurring still a little bit, and shaking my shoulder

I opened my eyes, to see Billie Joe looking at me.

"You're crushing me..." I whispered, laughing a little

"I'm Sorry"

He said, that, but didn't move at all. He just laid his head down back on my stomach.

"Billie Joe..." I whispered, trying to move

I looked at him, tapping him on his cheek, but he didn't move. He had passed out for the night...

I rested my head back down on the arm of the couch. There was nothing I could do about him being passed out on top of me except to try to ignore it.

Tre walked into the room, looked at me, Billie Joe, and then smirked. I tried to slide out from underneath Billie Joe, but there was no use.

"Erm... Mind if I stay the night?" I asked, smiling

Tre started laughing, and sat on the couch, turning on the Tv. Within a little while, he ended up falling asleep... This was fun. Me being the only one in the house awake, with someone passed out on top of me...

By the time I started to sing the stupid bottle of beer song to myself, and got down to 20 I fell asleep. The whole time I had been running my hand through Billie Joe's hair... It was drenched with sweat for some reason... I hadn't found it real hot in Tre's house... In fact, it had been perfect. I never understood how Billie Joe managed to look so innocent when he was asleep... Right then he could have fooled anyone into thinking he was innocent.


I slowly woke up the next morning, still on the couch. Billie Joe was moving, also waking up. He opened his eyes, clutching his head, and then looking down to see he was laying on someone. He looked confused, and then looked up at me.

"Aww, shit. Sorry. I probably fucking crushed you..." He said, and then put his other hand on his head, "I think I'm gonna be fucking sick"

He jumped up off me, losing his balance at first, and then going to find the bathroom. I got up, and slowly followed him upstairs. When I got up there, I walked into the bathroom to find Billie Joe hunched over, getting sick, while an unconsious Mike laid on the floor behind him. I winced at the sound, and walked over to Mike, tapping him on the cheek to wake him up.

With a small groan, Mike woke up, looking as if he had just been in a fight. I smiled, and helped him up. He stood up, and I motioned over to Billie Joe who was still hunched over. Mike walked out of the bathroom, without saying anything, and I went over and sat down near Billie Joe, rubbing his back... I remember one time I had gotten sick, someone rubbed my back and holey crap it made me feel better.

Billie Joe wiped his mouth on his arm, and looked over at me, smiling weakly.

"Thanks... But... You don't have to do that... I've been a complete dickhead to you the past couple days... There's not reason you have to help me"

I hated it when he said stuff like that, even if it was true.

"I... Know... But just because we've been at it for the past days. Doesn't mean I'm gonna stop caring"

He smiled, and looked down in embarrassment. "I would kiss you right now... But... Erm... You know"

I giggled, and smiled, "Yeah, cuz your too busy gettin sick"

He smiled, obviously embarrassed. "I... Didn't do anything... Last night... Did I?"

"Erm... Apart from screaming at Mike, almost punching if it wasn't for Tre, and then coming over and passing out on top of me on the couch... No"

Billie Joe's eyes widened. "Shit!"

I shrugged, "You an Mike were going at it... In a way. He was yelling at you for what had been happening between you and me, and you were yelling at him that I was yours... And yeah... Whatever"

I stopped once I had noticed the look on Billie Joe's face.

"Shit Mandy, I'm sorry... I mean... I promised... Just... Shit... Sorry. I've been so fucked up for the past days"

I shook my head. "It's okay... And you're not fucked up-"

"Yeah, I really am. I've been acting like a fucking ass hole... To you... And shit, I'm so sorry. I can't even fucking keep a promise in not yelling at someone!"

"Billie Joe! It's okay..."

"No, it's not..." He said, shaking his head, "I've been a fucking asshole to you..."

"Billie, please. I'm not mad at you-"

"But that makes me feel ever worst, because I've been a fucking asshole, and your not mad at me. Christ, it would have been fucking better if you beat the shit outta me!"

"Billie Joe-"

"I'm sorry..."

"Listen to me!" I said, raising my voice, "I'm not mad at you! I'm disappointed... Even hurt... But I'm not mad at you!"

Billie Joe looked at me. His face pale, and his eyes no longer as beautiful... It was like he was dead...

He looked down, and went to say something but I stopped him.

"Don't argue with me, Billie Joe. I know how I feel. You can't tell me I'm mad at you, cuz I'm not. So honestly, stop being such an asshole in thinking I am, and realize I'm not!" I snapped

Billie Joe looked up at me, and smiled half heartedly.

"God, I feel like shit" He mumbled, resting his head on his arm, and turning to face me.

I smiled, and leaned against the wall to the bathroom. "You look dead"

"I feel dead"

I rested my head on the wall and sighed.

"So tell me the truth," He said, "How badly did I crush you last night?"

I started laughing. "You came over, after Tre yelled at you, and climbed on top of me"

Billie Joe looked down sheepishly.

"And then you said sorry, and passed out... But you weren't bad"

"I would believe that if I weren't puking" He said, sarcastically

"As in you weren't bad when you passed out" I smirked

Billie Joe lifted his head from his arm, and looked at me, making me smile.

"Although, you were sweating..." I pointed out

"I was?"


Billie Joe went to say something, but ended up going back to being sick again...

After Billie Joe had taken care of his... Erm..." illness" we went back downstairs to see Tre still sleeping, and Mike lazily laying on the couch flipping through the channels.

"News... News... Nooze... Nooze... News... Snooze..." He said, as he went through the channels, just mumbling things

I smiled, and turned around to Billie Joe. He was leaning on the door frame, his arms crossed and eyes slowly closing. I smiled to myself, and walked over to him, sliding my arms around his neck, resting my head on his chest.

His eyes snapped open, and he looked down to see me. He smiled, and put his arm around my shoulder, closing his eyes once again.

"If you fall over, you're not gonna be comfortable"

I opened my eyes to see Tre standing there, smiling.

I smiled, "I'll be sure to have you break our fall"

"You mean like yesterday?"

"Yesterday you didn't break my fall, you broke my back"

Tre started laughing, and walked into another room. I let go of Billie Joe, and looked back at Mike who was now slowly getting up. He must have one hell of a hang over, too.

Billie Joe pushed himself off the doorframe, and walked outside, probably to have a smoke. I followed him out, to see that I was right.

He lit his cigarette, and then looked over at me, raising an eyebrow.

"I thought you didn't like to see me smoke?" He asked, even though it sounded more like a statement

It was true, I really didn't like it... But After two years, I have gotten over it.

I shrugged, and walked closer to him, "I don't like it, but I don't go pissin and moanin about it"

Billie Joe smiled, and put his arm around me pulling me close to him.

"Billie Joe?"


"Um... Did you know... Never mind" I said, quickly changing my mind

"No, did I know what?" He asked, taking a drag of his cigarette

"Never mind..."

Billie Joe looked down at me, raising an eyebrow. "What?"

"Did you know... If Adie is getting married?" I asked, looking down.

Billie Joe flicked the cigarette onto the ground, and sighed. "Yeah... I knew... That Anthony guy asked her..."

"Oh.. Are you... Mad?"

Billie Joe shrugged, "I can only be happy for her" he paused, "And why would you even think that I would be... I've got you here"

As soon as he said that, I think my heart exploded. It had been one of the least things I had expected him to say, and it made it's way to my heart.

He smiled at the look on my face, and put his arm around me. "You... Are the only one I want... The only one I need"

I smiled again, feeling like I was going to die from being happy. It was perfect... After the drama for the past couple days, it just seemed to end up perfect for the time being.

Billie Joe smiled, and put his arm around me, sitting down on the step. I put my head on his shoulder and sighed.

"Everything is gonna be fine between us... Right?" I asked him, almost in a whisper.

Billie Joe tightened his grip around me, and smiled yet again. "Yeah," He whispered, "Everything is gonna be fine"