In the End


Within an hour I woke up... Yes, I had fell asleep. Billie Joe was still sound asleep. I slipped out of his arms, and went into the bathroom, grabbing a washcloth to put on his head. I ran it under cold water, and headed back into the bedroom.

I sat down on the bed next to Billie Joe, who had stopped snoring but was still sleeping. I took the washcloth and put it over his forehead, looking at him. He shook his head slowly, mumbling something.

"Sshh... Go back to sleep, it's just me" I whispered

"Mmm, that feels good" He mumbled

"I know... Nice and cold" I said, smiling

Billie Joe opened his eyes, and looked at me for a moment before smiling.

"You're an angel" He mumbled, smiling

I smiled. I didn't know how to respond to that.

I looked at Billie Joe, who's eyes were closed, but a smile still across his face. I giggled to myself, and closed my eyes, still sitting up.

"You're... My angel" He mumbled, putting his arm around my waist, and pulling me close to him.

I smiled to myself, and kissed him on his cheek, that was warm. Within a couple minutes, he had fallen asleep once again.


A couple hours later, Billie Joe woke back up. I was almost asleep... Yes, in that 2 hours I failed to fall asleep.

"You don't have to sit here, you know. You can go downstairs... Or something" He whispered, closing his eyes slowly

"No, it's okay... I'm fine" I said, opening my eyes.

"But if I am sick-"

"You are" I said, cutting him off

"Yeah, well, you could get infected"

"Billie Joe," I sighed, "If I were gonna get infected, it would probably be from kissing you. Oh, wait, I forgot... We already made out this morning"

Billie Joe smiled sheepishly. "Yeah... Well..."

I smiled, and kissed him on the cheek. "Awh, lil' Billie Joe is embarrassed"

"You sound like my brothers when I was a kid"

"Wow, that was a long time ago"

"Aren't you suppose to be nice to someone who's sick? Like not telling them their old"

"So because you're sick, I'm suppose to lie to you, and say your young?"

Billie Joe narrowed his eyes. "I'm not THAT old"

"Billie Joe's almost 40, Billie Joe's almost 40-"

"5 years!"

"Billie Joe-"

But I got cut off by Billie Joe taking the pillow out from under my head, and putting it over my face.

"Billie Joe! You're gonna suffocate me, and then I'm gonna die, and you're gonna get arrested. And then you're gonna go to jail and live as a 40 year old man in the cell!" I yelled, my voice muffled by the pillow

"I'm not 40!"

"You're a murderer! MURDERER! EVERYONE! BILLIE JOE IS A MURDERER! HE KILLS PEOPLE WITH PILLOWS!" I yelled, the pillow still over my face

"SSHH! We don't need people to know I'm a murderer! If you yell, I'm gonna have to kill you" He said


"Okay, that's it"

He took the pillow from off my face, and looked at me, grinning evily, before starting to tickle me... Yes, tickle me. He knew that was where I was weak.

"Billie Joe! - Stop- you... KILLING... ME!" I yelled, laughing

"Looks like my job is done here. Now if you don't mind I'm going back to bed"

I smiled, and starting laughing like I had been. Billie Joe looked back at me, raising an eyebrow. "I thought dead people don't laugh. Jesus, where the fuck have I been?"

"In your bed, laying there like an old 40 year old man"

He sat back on the bed, and put his head in his hand. "I'm not gonna hear the end of this..."

I smiled at him, and got up. "Not until you get better and can kick my ass"

"This sucks" He groaned laying back on the bed, "Now I have a fucking head ache apart from feeling like I'm gonna throw up"

I looked at him, and walked into the bathroom trying to see if he had anything that would at least make him feel better. But of course, when I took something out of the cabinet, everything fell over...

"Shit! You know what?! Fuck you!" I yelled at some bottle, after it fell over about 5 times.

"What? What are you doing?" Asked Billie Joe from his bedroom.


"Yeah... That sounds like notihng. I always yell fuck you at nothing"

"Listen Mr. Old-fat-headed-40-year-old-fart," I said, walking back into the room. Of course, Billie Joe burst out laughing when I said that, "One of your songs even has fuck you"

He slowly stopped laughing, and looked at me, trying to think.

"Too much too soon" I sighed, looking at him like he was an idiot

"Right, right. I knew that"

"Just because your 40-"

"Stop tormenting me! I'm barely past 35!"

"But I can, because your older than me... But ANYWAY... I'm gonna go get something for you to have so you at least feel better..."

"You mean that stuff that taste like shit called medicine?" He asked, sarcastically

"Yeah, Billie Joe. That stuff that makes you feel better."

"Oh, yeah! I threw up from that stuff once..."

I didn't know how to respond to that. I just started laughing.

"I'll be back in a little bit, Mr. 40-year-old-medicine-puker"

"Just wait til' I'm better"

I smiled, and kissed him on the cheek. "I will... Oh, and I'm taking you're BMW"

Billie Joe went to say something, but I quickly ran out of the room, grabbing his car keys.

I slipped on one of my old Green Day hoodie's over a ramones t-shirt, and a pair of jeans.

"Bye Billie!" I yelled, and shut the door behind me

Within a couple minutes, my cell phone rung.



"Tre?" I asked, confused.

"Yeah, guess what"

"Oh no" I groaned, "The last time we played that game you asked me that for an hour, and then said you forgot. I'm not fallin for it again"

"No! Really!"

"Okay, what?"

"Oh... I forgot"


I heard him chuckle on the other end of the phone, making me smile. "Okay, well, really. Guess who's comin out to California?"

"Your long lost-"

"Whatever you're gonna say, it's wrong" He said, cutting me off

"Hey, you're the one who told me to guess"

Tre sighed, "Act normal for once"

I started laughing. "Tre Cool is telling me to act normal!?"

"Oh, ha ha. But really, it's someone you know"

"I don't know anyone. In fact, I don't even know who you are. Aren't you that homeless creep that shows up at our house every once in a while?"

"You're humor is killing me..."

I started laughing, and then sighed. "Okay, so, who?"


I pulled into some parking place, and turned off the car before realizing what he had just said.

"What?! Steph?!"


"Holey crap! That's awesome! I haven't seen her in two years! When is she coming?"

"Erm... I think..." I heard a crash behind him, and a 'God damnit' making me laugh, "Yeah, next week. She's gonna come for a week."

"That's awesome Tre. Listen, I gotta go... I'm gonna try to find something to help Billie Joe get better, he got some random illness" I said, stepping out of the car, and closing the door.

"Billie Joe's sick?"

"Yeah. When we got home... Yeah... He's sick"

"That's sucks for ol' Billie boy" Tre said, with a small laugh

I started laughing a little. "Billie Joe is now officially 40 years old, stuck in jail cell" I laughed

"I knew he had been hiding something from me and Mike!"

I started laughing, and walked on the sidewalk, still talking to Tre. When he had to go because Frankito and Claudia were home, we said bye, and hung up. I walked into the store, and looked around. I was never the best person at shopping.

"Green Day sucks!"

I turned around to see two teenage guys, who looked like they were tryin to look like Eminem.

"Dude! I think that's the chick that's goin out with that lead singer dude!"

"No way! She's that chick?!"

I sighed, and rolled my eyes... Pathetic, really...

As if on que my cell phone rung. I took it out of my pocket, and answered it.


"Yellow? Yeeeeellloowww?" Said the person at the other end of the phone

I started laughing at the Billie Joe, who was now saying "YYY eee lll ooo www"

"YyeeeeeellllllOOooooo" He sung, like he did "hey-o" at the concerts

"I didn't realize you being sick makes you go insane..."

"It doesn't-"

"I could tell by the way your singing yellow"

"Cuz you got me going"

I started laughing, and sighed, looking at something.

"Dude! There she is!"

I looked over at where I had heard someone, and rolled my eyes. It was the two teenagers.

"Oh great, it's my stalkers" I mumbled into the phone

"Stalkers? What?" Asked Billie Joe, confused

"Nothing" I mumbled, walking away from where the guys were

"Are you okay? What's goin on? Who's stalking you? Why the fuck am I so confused?!"

"Cuz your and old man"

"Damn you..." He mumbled, making me laugh

"You walked yourself right into that one" I laughed

"Yo baby, why don't you come here and give me some suga" One of the teenagers yelled

By this I was gettin a little freaked out. I turned to them, and gave them the finger before going somewhere else.

"What the fuck is goin on? What did I miss?" Billie Joe asked, confused

"Just two teenagers saying shit to me" I mumbled

"Like what? Who the fuck is sayin shit to you?"

"Billie Joe, it's nothin..."

I grabbed what I had needed for him, and headed to the counter to pay for it.

"Yo baby! No one can resist me!" One of the guys yelled

"I may be sick, but I'm not sick enough to stop me from coming down and beaten the crap outta whoever those guys are" Billie Joe snarled

"Down boy, down" I smirked

"Amusing... Really... It is" He said, sarcastically

"Maybe to a 40 year old"

"I'm gonna get you fucking back for this! 40 year old! Yeah... In your dreams... Stupid fucking 40 year old" He mumbled

I laughed, and took the thing I had gotten for Billie Joe, and shoved it in my pocket(I had already paid)

"I need a cigarette..." Billie Joe mumbled to himself

"Stay in bed, your sick... You can handle a little while without one" I said, walking down the sidewalk.

"I'm sick, but I managed to get up this morning. And I got here from Tre's this morning-"

"As soon as we got home you puked, so that won't work... And you only made it cuz you slept most of the way"

"I still made it"

"You're like a little kid at times, you really are" I sighed

"Better than being 40... Which I'm not"

"Ah, but if you round 35 up, since the rule is 5 and up it is really-"

"Never was good at math" He said, and I could tell by the way he said it he was smirking

I walked by some pet store, and stopped at the window to see the animals.

"Think animals like being locked in cages?"

Billie Joe didn't say anything for a moment. "If I say no... Are you gonna bring something home?" He asked

I started laughing, and continued to look in the window. "Yes... Or no..."

"I'm not liking this game..."

"In time you will" I said, letting out a small laugh, and walking inside the pet store.

"No, you see, I'll never like this game. It will always suck" He muttered, going back inside, "And I made it outside and in without getting sick"

"Aww, this dog is so cute!" I said, smiling and looking at a god, ignoring whatever he had just said

"What?! No, no no no no no!" I heard him yell at the other side of the phone, "Not a dog, not now! Don't fall for it! They look cute, until they go and shit on you"

I started laughing. "Well, I dunno what dog shit on you.. But I've never had that happen to me. Usually it doesn't. Y'know, when you walk them?"

"I did walk it... Dog hated me..."

"Awh, not everyone is a fan lil' ity bity-"

"That's creepy. Always know that that's creepy" Billie Joe mumbled

I laughed, and talked to him for another 5 minutes before hanging up, saying I'd be back soon. I walked to the back of the store to see the fish, and immediately one caught my eye. Billie Joe had said no dogs... Right? He never said no fish...

"Excuse me, Erm... Sir?" I asked, going up to some guy that worked there.

"Yeees?" He said, in some french accent

"Can I get a fish?" I asked, knowing Billie Joe wouldn't have been to happy if he was hearing this

"Yees, which one?" The guy asked, walking to the back of the store

"Erm... That one" I said, pointing to a fish in one of the tanks.

"Of course" He said.

After he had gotten the fish, and put it in the bag with water, he handed it to me. I picked out some fish bowl for the fish and some other things, and then paid for him.

"Freddie" I muttered to myself, walking out of the store. "Yeah, you're name is Freddie..."

I got into the car, and started it up, still holding the bag with Freddie in it. I pulled up to the house, and got out of the car. I took out my key, and opened the door, pulling the medicine I had gotten out of my pocket, and yelling "BACK!"

I went up the stairs quickly, and walked into the bedroom to see Billie Joe laying down, his eyes closed... Obviously sleeping.

"Come on, Freddie, lets go put you in your fish bowl" I said, looking at Freddie.

I went down the stairs, quietly. I got Freddie all settled into his fish bowl, and rested my chin in the palm of my hand.

"Welcome to the family, little fish dude"