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Chucky 2: The Wrath Of Evil

Chapter 1

Previously on Chucky:

“Clara, we have been together for almost 4 years now, and I can't live without you. I know you are the one I want to be with for the rest of my life... Will you marry me?” Clara was shocked. She was not expecting this. The audience started to scream and shit like that.
“SHUT UP AND BE QUIET!” Amanda hollered in the microphone that she stole from Billie Joe.
“Amanda, you shut up. Let them scream if they want to.”
“Don’t tell me to shut up Billie Joe.”
“Fine. Shut up.” They just smiled.
The stadium went quiet after a few minutes. “I ask you again Clara... will you marry me?”
Clara turned and ran off stage looking as if she was going to start crying. Mike started to follow but then Clara came and ran out tackling him and knocking him over. She kissed him then started yelling “Yes! Yes! Yes!” the crowed stayed silent.
Amanda and Clara ran towards each other and gave one another a hug. Amanda her hands on Clara’s shoulders, looked at her, and together they started jumping up and down screaming which made the stadium go ballistic. Billie and Tré just shook their heads and started laughing as Mike went over to the two girls and started jumping up and down and screaming with them. Then he stopped and asked, “Why are we screaming?”
Amanda and Clara just stopped. Amanda looked at Mike and said, “Because we’re girls and we can do that. And because you joined us that makes you a girl, too.”
She punched him hard in the arm then laughed as he said, “Ouch that really hurt! You can really pack a punch can't you?”
She just smiled and gave him a hug, and whispered into his ear while still hugging him, “Congratulations Mike. You picked the right girl. If she knows what’s good for her, she’ll behave, most of the time...but you gotta watch out too. Without that balance, your marriage will fall before you can save it. Compromise my dearest friend. That’s what marriage is. Love and compromise. Have fun, and don’t ruin it. Yeah, you’ll have fights and crap, but deep down you know you don’t mean it and you love each other, ok? Just remember that and have fun with it.” She let go and smiled. She looked as if she was going to cry. She turned towards Clara and gave her a hug.
“You ok Amanda?” she asked.
“Yeah, I’m fine.” She stood back and started looking into the crowd. As she was looking at the first few rows, she spotted and old friend whom she hadn’t seen since school. It was Rustin. He had dirty blonde shaggy hair and lightning blue eyes. He loved Green Day and had waited for this concert for like, ever. Amanda got his attention. He waved. She decided to go over and talk to him while the crowd was going wild over Mike and Clara. Billie was wondering what she was doing and followed her. There was an orange headed doll observing what was happening from the lights above.
“How have you been Rustin?” she shouted over the crowd as they tried to get her attention.
“I’ve been doing well. Isn’t this concert a riot?” he shouted back.
“I’ll say.”
“Is that Clara? The one I know?”
“Sure is. She’ll want to talk to you.”
“Are they really getting married?”
“If nothing goes wrong!” she smiled.
He smiled back. “So how have you been? You don't look like the Amanda I know.Everything ok?” he asked as Billie Joe made his way to Amanda.
“It’s nothing. I’m ok. Oh, hey Billie Joe!” Amanda said cheerful.
“Hey there, what are you doing? You alright?” Billie asked Amanda as he came over next to her so Rustin couldn’t hear him. He sounded a little angry. All the fans around them were going nuts as usual.
“Talking... And I’m fine,” she replied to him so only he could hear.
“You sure?”
“Who’s your friend?”
“This is Rustin. We used to go to school together.” She spoke louder now so both of them could hear her. “Rustin this is Billie Joe, as I’m sure you know.”
“B...Billie Joe? Hi!!!” Rustin said excited.
“Yeah...he’s really excited to be here.” Amanda said.
“*laughing* I see.” Billie said. He was relieved to find out that she just didn’t go over to some random person she didn’t know and start talking to them. “Have him come back stage and you two can catch up there, k? I don’t want the crowd mauling you guys.”
“All three of us will. Clara, Rustin, and I. I want you guys to meet him, too, if you want. Is that alright? I think you’ll like him.”
“Yeah sure!”
“Come on Rustin!” she said as she helped him onto the stage.
The security dude came over. Billie stopped him and explained to him that Rustin was with us. Amanda lead him back stage. Luckily, nobody was paying attention to them because the crowd was chanting “Kiss her! Kiss her!” to Mike and Clara so they kissed of course, and Tré had set the stage on fire. Not his drums yet, that was for after the encore.
“Come on! Back here!” Amanda said. Rustin followed. Billie watched them disappear. “Right back here,” she said leading him off to the side. “You can watch from here. Just stay here. I’ll be right back. Don’t talk to anyone ok? I have to go out for the encore. That should be 5 minutes tops. I’ll be right back.”
“Alright, alright. See you in 5,” he said.
Amanda waved goodbye and went back onto the stage. Thank god she’s back. Billie Joe thought to himself. He didn’t know Rustin and didn’t want anything to happen to her.
“Well everybody, now that we have all of our announcements made, I have some bad news for you guys,” Billie said. Mike and Clara were still kissing. “It’s time for the encore which means that our concert is almost over. So... What would you like us to play for our final song of the night?” The crowd went crazy shouting out names of songs. Billie Joe went over to Amanda and said, “Why don’t you go and pick someone in the front row and ask for a song?”
“Can I ask Rustin? He was in the front row.”
“Sure, what would he like?”
“Basket Case! It’s his favorite song.”
“Alright. We can do that,” he said.
“I have one more favor to ask...”
“And what’s that?”
“Can he play?”
Billie Joe was silent and looked doubtful.
“He knows it I know he does! By heart! You don’t understand how much he likes you guys.”
“Oh, and you do?” He sounded annoyed.
“Yes, I do. I went to school with him since 7th grade. He was one of mine and Clara’s best guy friends. So if anyone would know, we would.”
“*sighing and rubbing his hand over his face* Alright. Go get him,” Billie Joe said. Amanda ran back to Rustin and told him to come out on stage. He was confused but followed anyway.
“What are you doing?” he asked.
“Giving you the best birthday present in the world,” she replied.
“Huh? It’s not my birthday though.”
“Does it really matter?”
“Ladies and gentlemen, once again I have a surprise for you.” This got the attention of Mike, Clara, and Tré. “My girlfriend over here,” Billie Joe said because he looked at Amanda and saw that she was holding Rustin’s hand while leading him out, “found a friend earlier tonight and would like to have a song played for him. I am under the understanding that his favorite song is Basket Case, correct?” he asked Rustin.
“Sure is!” Rustin replied. Clara looked at the person Amanda had brought out with her. She didn’t even notice him at first. “Hi Rustin!!” she said to him as she waved, walked over to them, and they started talking.
“And, as an added bonus, Amanda and I have decided that we’re going to let him play guitar in this number,” Billie Joe said as he walked over and handed Rustin his beloved Blue (the remade one).
“OMG...Amanda, did you come up with this?”
“Yep. How’s that for 20 years of birthdays?”
“This... This is beyond anything I could ever imagine.”
“Go get ‘em killer!”
As Billie Joe went and grabbed another guitar(just in case amanda was lying and he didn't know how to play the song), Amanda and Clara went and stood off stage, and Mike, Tré, and Rustin got ready to play Basket Case. So they played the song when Billie got back, took their bows, set fire to Tré’s drum set, started a small riot, and went back stage.
As everyone sat down on the leather couches and chairs(the people who own the Tyson Event Center were rich so they could afford leather...ooo...leather. geeze...) Tré asked, “So...who are you and where did you learn to play guitar like that?! You were fucking awesome!”
Rustin just smiled.
“His name is Rustin. We used to go to school with him,” Amanda replied. Rustin was too star struck to do anything else but stand there and nod in agreement. “Anyway, he learned to play guitar like that in a band that he was in called UR: Unknown Revolution. Did that get anywhere Rustin?”
“Um... Huh?” Rustin asked.
“UR. Did it go anywhere?”
“The UR? Yeah it went somewhere. Garage to garage. That’s about it. But we rocked and we rocked hard.”
“We can tell,” Mike replied. “But where did you learn to play our songs so well?”
“Yeah, where did you learn that?” Billie asked.
“Well as you know, I’m a huge fan and stuff, so I took the time to figure out all of your songs by hearing and I kept playing them over and over until they were near perfect. Then I memorized them.”
“Whoa... Hold up. You mean to tell me that you had no music and you learned to play guitar for our songs from our CD’s?” Tré asked.
“Um... Yeah. I also played the drums, but couldn’t quite get it. I was close, but not perfect.”
Amanda and Clara were getting bored. The guys started talking about instruments and they couldn’t get over how Rustin learned the songs with out sheet music. Luckily, Amanda had hidden a jumbo sized bag of Skittles under the couch that they were on. She grabbed them and opened them up. Her and Clara took careful aim and threw a couple at Mike and Tré. It hit them, but they didn’t notice. They threw some more, this time hitting them in the face over and over again. After awhile, they spilled all of the skittles on the coffee table that was in there, and kept throwing them at Mike and Tré. Mike started to get annoyed, so he grabbed a handful of skittles off of the table and threw them at the girls. After that, it was an all out food fight, well in this case, Skittles fight...

...Back at the hotel after Rustin left to go home...
“OMG... I can’t believe you guys lost to two girls!!!” Clara laughed.
“Shut up... We just let you win,” Billie Joe replied.
“Oh really Billie. Was that why you were yelling ‘Stop it! Stop it! We surrender! You guys win! We’re getting hurt!’ over and over again until we did stop even though you guys were chucking the candy at us?” Amanda asked.
“But we did get hurt! See?” he said pointing to his arms. They were blotched with little round bruises the size of Skittles. Mike and Tré’s arms were the same. Amanda and Clara couldn’t stop laughing.
“Come on you guys, it was a good fight right?” Clara asked.
“Yeah it was,” Mike yawned. “I’m tired. Night everyone.”
“Yeah, me too,” Clara replied.
“Me three,” said Billie.
“Same here,” said Amanda and Tré at the same time. Mike and Clara got in one bed, Billie and Amanda in the other, and Tré slept on the futon.