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Chucky 2: The Wrath Of Evil

Chaper 2

... Couple weeks later in California at Tré’s house...
Let me set the setting. Clara, Mike, and Billie are gone. They are out of town at the moment because Mike’s adopted “parents” (they were really just the people who kinda raised him even though they weren’t his real parents) called and they wanted to meet the lovely bride and will be gone for 5-7 days. Billie got shanghaied into going as a designated driver if they drink at his “parents” house. Amanda stayed with Tré to watch Mike and Billie’s houses. Amanda and Tré are in Tré’s living room after getting some more beer and popcorn for the horror movie they were watching. Not to mention, they were already half drunk.

Tré puckered his face up and Amanda was laughing her head off. He just ate a piece of sour popcorn. “WTF!! The last one wasn’t sour! What did you do to the popcorn!?”
“Um.... Nothing! I just put some gag popcorn in it that’s really sour! OMG, you should see your face!” she laughed.
“That’s not funny!” Tré laughed. Amanda opened her beer and was going to pour it into her glass, but Tré stole it from her.
“Hey, give that back!”
“Paybacks,” he poured the beer in the glass so that it got all foamy.
“Tré! Now it’ll taste like crap!”
“So!” he laughed. She just took her glass back and took a drink from it anyway.
There was popcorn laying everywhere and a few cans of empty beer. The room was a mess. Tré was sitting next to Amanda on the couch. Amanda put her beer down and watched the TV again. They were watching What Lies Beneath. Amanda didn’t really like horror flicks, but Tré chose and if she watched it with him, then she got to choose tomorrow’s movie. The movie was almost over. It was at the part where the girl is trying to escape the guy, but he comes up behinds her and tries to stab her. Amanda wasn’t expecting it and she jumped and grabbed Tré around his shoulders and buried her face in his shoulder. An orange headed doll hid beneath the coffee table, secretly spiking their drinks.
“You alright there?” he asked. “Hey, look at me.” She looked up.
“You alright?”
“It just scared me, that’s all. I hate horror flicks.”
“Well, you just might wanna stay where your at then, cause it’s about to get even scarier.” He reached for both of their beers beer. “Here, have a drink.” She looked at it and chugged it down as he did the same. He poured them both a couple more beers and they drank that too. He noticed her eyes were getting glazed, as he knew his were. The movie was almost over.
“Hey... Hey... Can I sl-sleep with you in your room?” she stuttered.
He smelled the alcohol on her breath. “You-you scared?” he stuttered back.
She smelled the alcohol on his breath also. “Uh huh.”
“Well, movie’s o-over. Come on.” They stood up, grabbed their beers, and stumbled down the hall to his room running into the walls. Halfway there she ran into him. Both of their beers were almost gone.
“Sorry,” she laughed.
He pulled her in closer to him and whispered, “Can I kiss you?”, and without waiting for an answer, he kissed her.
“Jack, I don’t think I’m entirely drunk enough for that behavior,” she stuttered, quoting a movie she seen as a child. She finished what was left of her drink, kissed him back, and took off his shirt. The doll watched as his plan fell into motion.
“What were you saying?”
“I don’t know.” She started working on his jeans, but gave up.
They got into Tré’s room and fell on his bed. Amanda crawled under the covers and Tré followed her. He took off her shirt and kissed her down her neck as he worked on her jeans.
“I love you Amanda. I really do. You mean the world to me,” he got them off.
“If you love me like you say you do, then show me. Love me, right here, right now.” They were both wasted, forgetting that she had a boyfriend and not realizing what they were doing (in case you couldn’t tell).
“I’ve waited so long for you to say that. I’ve wanted to fuck you the minute I laid eyes upon you.” He crawled on top of her.
“Then fuck me Tré, fuck me with everything you got. I want you... I want you...”
“Don’t swear. You’re too beautiful for that. Now you’ve been naughty haven’t you?”
“Then punish me....”