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Chucky 2: The Wrath Of Evil

Chapter 3

...The next morning...
Amanda woke up with a killer headache. ‘What happened last night? And where am I?’ she thought. It was then that she noticed there was someone’s arm around her. She looked over and saw it was Tré. ‘God damn it...What did we do?’ She got out of Tré’s bed and got dressed. She headed out to the kitchen and grabbed a cup of coffee and just sat at the table. In the other room, Tré started to wake up. He turned over to find an empty bedside. After awhile, he got up and got dressed. Then he went to look for Amanda, only to find her in the kitchen.
“Hey,” he said as he walked in grabbing himself a cup of coffee and sat down next to her.
“I’m so dead.”
“Why are you dead?”
“Are you stupid? I have a boyfriend! Billie’s going to fucking kill me!”
“Hey, now don’t-”
“What am I going to do? I’m so dead.”
“No just settle down”
“What’s he going to do if he finds out? What will I do? I’m so-”
“SETTLE DOWN!” She shut up looking slightly hurt. He sighed. “Ok... look, we both screwed up ok? We had too much to drink apparently, well, I know I did. I have a killer headache. And, by the way that I, well, wasn’t dressed and they way you’re acting, we must have done something.”
“Yeah, we slept together.”
“We did?” he asked, trying to sound stupid.
“You know we did.”
“Well, we still have 5 days before they’re back...”
“No, we only have 3 if they’re staying for 5 days.”
“Either way, we still got time. We’ll sort this out, ok? And if he does find out, we won’t lie; we’ll tell him the truth.”
“But... But what if he leaves me?”
“He won’t.”
“$10 says he will...,” she started to cry. “I love him so much...I’m such an IDIOT!” She hit her fist on the table. “Ow... That kinda hurt...”
“Hey, you’re not an idiot. And quit crying.”
“You don’t have anything to lose except maybe a job and a friend. In fact, you probably wont lose your job because they won’t be able to find someone as good as you nor as fun. Besides, you’re rich!! Billie will forgive you because you always go and fuck chicks! He won’t forgive me! I know it!”
“Now, settle down. And quit your crying.”
“DON’T TELL ME WHAT TO DO!” she yelled as she stood up.
“Quit it. You’re getting all worked up over stupid things.” He stood up too.
“You don’t get it!!” He leaned over and hugged her. “Don’t touch me!” She pushed him away from her. She had the coldest look on her face that you have ever seen.
“Hey, now come on.”
“I will hit you Tré, I will do it. Don’t make me kick your ass.”
“It’s alright, he won’t leave you.” He tried to hug her again.
“I’m warning you Tré. One step closer and you’re done.”
He went on anyway and tried to give her a hug. She waited until the right moment, then kicked him in the stomach and hit him square in the jaw, drawing blood. Within a matter of seconds, she had him pinned so he couldn’t move on the floor, her hand on his throat choking him, and the other poised to punch again. The doll in suspenders laughed quietly from behind the counter.
“I said, don’t touch me. I warned you Tré.”
He couldn’t talk. He was too stunned. He coughed a little, and she let up on his throat, and then stood up. Slowly, he began to stand. He coughed again. “Wow... Where did you learn to do that? You don’t look that strong. Nice punch by the way. That’s going to hurt later.”
“Sorry, Tré. I warned you though. Here, put some ice on it. It’ll make it feel better.” She grabbed some ice and they sat back down at the table.
“Thanks Amanda. But you never answered my question, where did you learn to do that?”
“I don’t know. I always did it to Jake when he would pick on me and he wouldn’t stop.”
“Man that really hurt. I didn’t know you could punch that hard.”
“Heh... Sorry Tré.”
“Billie better watch his back if he ever gets you pissed then, huh?” They laughed. “Anyway, you want to know why he won’t leave you? If it comes up all we have to do is just tell him the truth on what happened, then he won’t be as mad, or mad at all.”
“I don’t get it.”
“Mistakes happen, and I should have been smarter. We both should have. But hey, I’m the rock star of every girl’s dreams!” This made her laugh a little. He tucked her hair behind her ear. “Just trust me, k? I’ve known him longer than you have. I’m not supposed to tell you this, but, he’s done the same thing you just have, only, it wasn’t with me of course. It was with a chick.”
“When was this?”
“Do you really want to know?” He moved the ice on his lip.
“I guess.”
“Well, if you really want to. Remember when we were in Sioux City and you got all mad at him for kissing Clara? Well, you should have been even more pissed at him than what you were; because that’s not all that he did to her.”
“What are you saying?”
“Think about it.”
“No... He didn’t!” Tré just nodded his head. “He did? Why that no good rotten piece of shit! I’m gonnna kick his ass!” she paused. “Wait a minute... That’s perfect! He has to forgive me! Because he did it and I forgave him! Ha!”
“See? I told you he would forgive you.”
“Thanks Tré.”
“So... Now what?”
“I don’t know.” And with that she got up not knowing what else to say or do and left Tré sitting at the table alone.