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Chucky 2: The Wrath Of Evil

Chapter 6

“Thanks Tré, thanks,” said Billie.
“You built your own bed now you sleep in it,” replied Tré.
“Just shut the fuck up, ok? I don’t need your shit too.” With that he walked out the door to find Amanda, but he couldn’t find her anywhere. He started to get worried. Everyone was in bed now but he still couldn’t find her.
He found Mike and Clara and woke them up.
“Huh? What’s going on?” said Mike.
“Did you guys happen to see Mandy come in here?”
“No, why would she? I thought she was sleeping.”
“No, I can’t find her.”
“What did you do?” asked Clara.
“Nothing, we just had a fight that’s all and I can’t find her. Please you guys, help me find her.”
“What time is it?” she asked.
“Um... It’s about 2:15. Why?” replied Mike.
“Well, all the bars are closed so she can’t be there.”
“She’s only been gone for 30 minutes. The closest bar is an hour away. I had already thought of that,” added Billie
“Alright, we’ll help you.” They got out of bed and split up looking on every level. Still, they couldn’t find her. They had woken up Tré to help too. All while they were looking, he just sat at the table in the kitchen and drank some Mt. Dew. Chucky, the doll watching it all, hid behind the plant.
“What are you doing? You should be helping us find her Tré. It’s been almost an hour she’s been gone and we still can’t find her,” said Clara.
“You’re not going to find her,” he replied.
“Do you know where she’s at then?”
“Yeah, and your never going to find her.”
“Then why won’t you tell us where she’s at?” asked Mike as he came in to the kitchen, followed by Billie.
“Because she asked me not to tell. So I don’t plan on it. Don’t worry, she’s safe, but I’ll tell you this, you need to look higher than what you are.”
“God-damn-it Tré, you tell us where she is right now!” demanded Billie.
Tré just took a drink from his Mt. Dew. “I can’t do that. Just look up high-top.”
“What’s that supposed to mean?”
Tré just shrugged his shoulders. “She said one of you would figure it out sooner or later.”
“Ugh! Quit playing games.”
“I’m not she is. I put five bucks on Clara finding her first already. She put 5 on you but I don’t think so.”
With that, Billie and Mike went to go and look for her. Clara asked Tré one more question. “How do you know where she’s at?”
“Because while you were gone, she hid in the same place 3 times when she wanted to be left alone. I found her the second time and looked for her in the same spot the third time, too. It’s not that hard once you look up. Way up high on the top high-top.”
Clara stood there, thinking to herself when she finally realized what he was telling her. She knew where Amanda was. She ran outside and looked up. Sure enough, she was up there, high-tops visible over the ledge. She ran back inside and found Tré.