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Chucky 2: The Wrath Of Evil

Chapter 8

...6 or 7 months later, 2 days before Mike and Clara’s wedding...
“OMG, I can’t believe I’m getting married in two days!” said Clara.
“I know! It’s so exciting. Even if I do have to wear a dress,” replied Amanda.
“Get over it. You look pretty!” Clara and Amanda were walking over to Mike’s house for dinner. Billie Joe and Tré were going to be there too along with friends and family, which meant Jacob, was going to be there.
They walked up the driveway and into the mansion Mike called home. They walked in and found everybody in the dining room. There was a large mahogany table with high backed matching chairs; the carpet was a red wine color with beige colored walls.
“Hey girls! ‘Bout time you got here,” said Tré.
“Yeah, we were getting worried,” said Mike. He got up from his chair and kissed his fiancé. “Everyone else is out back by the pool.”
The back yard was huge there was a humongous in-ground pool that was at least 20 feet deep in which people were swimming in. The pool was surrounded by a wooden deck. Beyond the pool was a yard of the most luscious green grass and was topped off with a 10 foot high privacy white gothic styled fence surrounding the estate.
All of them went out onto the deck and talked to people for most of the afternoon. Clara went inside for some more alcohol. She was in the kitchen getting some off of the marble counter when all of a sudden some one grabbed her from behind, covering her mouth.
“Don’t move,” they whispered, “otherwise, I’ll give you a wet willie.”
They uncovered her mouth and she said, “Jacob! Don’t do that! You scared me.”
“That was my plan!” he laughed. “You wanna come with me for awhile? I got a new car. We could go for a ride.”
“Alright. That sounds like fun. As long as I’m not gone too long.”
“Heh heh heh. This should do the trick...,” evilly laughed Chucky. He was under Jake’s car, tampering with the brakes using a knife and a vice grip. He also loosened all the bolts on one tire so by the time the brakes failed, the tire would fall off. “Shit... Here they come. I really wish I could see it happen. Oh well,” he laughed as he ran to hide behind the bushes.
Clara and Jake snuck out of the house and got into Jake’s dream car. He turned it over and burned out, racing off dripping brake fluid as he went.
As they sped around a corner, they lost control. He slammed on the brakes but nothing happened. He pulled the emergency brake, but that just made it worse. They spun out of control, Clara screaming as Jake tried his best to regain the car. Sadly, the car rolled, caught into flames, and both of them were thrown from the car, killing them instantly.
“Hey Amanda, where’s Clara at?” asked Mike.
“Um... I don’t know. I thought she went inside to go and get some water or something,” replied Amanda.
“yeah, she did, but that was over an hour ago.”
“well, everyone is pretty much gone, so let’s get Billie, Tré, and Jake to go and look for her.”
“That’s another thing; I don’t know where he’s at either.”
“He should be here.” he said as he looked around trying to find him.
“But his car isn’t here though.”
“Hmm... Well, let’s get Billie and Tré then and go find them.”
They went and found Billie and Tré, kicked what was left of the people out, and got into Billie’s car and went to go look for them. Amanda got in the front with Billie and mike and Tré got in the back.
They drove along for awhile and after about an hour of searching, they found Jake’s car. It was at the bottom of a riverbed, up in flames with two bodies close to it. Billie pulled over on the side of the road as Amanda and mike jumped out of the car. Billie and Tré were close behind.
“Jacob? Clara?” Amanda whispered as she walked slowly towards the bank. Mike was following her, yelling out “Clara! Clara!” but nobody was answering him.
“Jacob? Clara? Jacob!? JAKE!!” she yelled. She started to run towards the bank. “CLARA! CLARA! JAKE! NO!!” Billie ran up behind her and caught her around her waist before she fell off the bank. Mike got to the bank, fell to his knees and yelled, “CLARA! CLARA!” He broke down there and cried. Tré came up behind Mike and tried to comfort him as Billie Joe struggled with Amanda.
“Amanda, come away from there! You’re going to fall in!” Billie said as he struggled to get her away from the ledge.
“NO! They can’t be dead! JACOB! JAKE! ELMO!” she screamed as she tried to go to the ledge and down to the accident.
“they’re gone!”
“Billie got her away from the ruined barrier and held her close to him. “shh...,” he said. she cried and cried as he held her there. A silent tear slid down his face.
Tré helped mike get up. He was still crying. When Tré went to help him back to the car, Mike yelled, “DON’T TOUCH ME! GET AWAY FROM ME!” and he sat down again, his head between his knees as he cried some more. Tré got out his cell and called 911 and told them where to come. Soon, the police, ambulance, and fire department arrived. The four of them were asked questions and were finally allowed to go home. They got back into Billie’s car and went to mike’s house again. During the drive there, they sat in silence as both mike and Amanda wept over their losses and both Tré and Billie Joe not knowing what to do or say.