Chapter 2

I sat there on the bus, blankly staring at my front, also glancing at objects at my peripheral vision. There was never anything interesting in here, anyways. The same old thing always: people coming in, people laughing, people gossiping at the back about me and several others. Best never to let it get through you, really. Which is pretty hard when you don`t own an actual iPod.

It was raining today. I always looked forward to the next bus stop we were heading for. It was never lonely for me after that pause. "Hey, snickers," he knew I loved those. Casper was jabbing a 'snicker doodle' at my side like a sword. God, he`s such a kid at heart.

"Greetings, Manfesto," I grabbed the goods. "How`s pornoslavia treating you?"

"It`s good, It`s good." I smiled at his remark. "The horses taught me how to stuff an arse completely through, but that delema is in need of two male genetalias."

"Or a dildo." I took a huge bite.

"Yes, but my dad would go nuts on me if he ever found it," he stole it back. "Plus, I wouldn`t need one. My hands are perfectly made for wanking, if I do say so myself."

I almost chocked on the caramelized nuttiness, followed with a punch to his arm. "What you do with your peenal is knowledge I will never use or will ever want to know."

"Riiiight." He smirked, and I just smiled and looked out the window. Its going to be cold today, aye?

I took a peek at what Casper was doing. Algebra. Good luck to you, man. You`ve always had a problem with math. I would know. You see, he`s been my best friend ever pre-school. Quite inseparable. My eyes were heavy now. I closed them, and wandered at the story of how we really met...

Why is mommy leaving me with this person? She looks weird. She has soggy skin on her hands. Ew. Why`s everyone staring at me? What did I do? Pandy can`t protect me, they might hurt him. "Pandy, don`t let go of me."

Now, the old ugly lady is leaving me on this piece of wood with smelly ties going up on them. Its so loud. The grass is dirtying my shoes. Look! Its colder if I move my feet on the ground, so it would move. "Hold on, Pandy." The green wall in the big room has letters on them. R-E-C-E... uhm... Again. R-E-C-E-S..uh.. Recess! Whats that? Other kids are running around.. They seem happy..

"Hello." Who`s he talking to? "HELLO?"

"Oopsies. Sorry."

"We`re sitting there." A bunch of girls in pink dresses are around me, they look angry..

"Where?" I looked around. There`s no chair.

"THERE." Ow. Mud doesn`t taste good, Pandy. Pandy`s all dirty now. Me too.

"HEY." There a boy. He`s holding out his hand, to who? "Cmon, It`s not dirty." He seems nice. He helped me get back up. "Don`t do that." He`s looking at the mean girls now, like they were looking at me.

"Whatcha gonna do about it? HM?" The bigger girl said. "HMMM?" The others repeated. They could sing.

"MRS. DINK--" He shouted loud. Ow. My ears.

"OKAY. OKAY." They looked angrier. "Fine... go be with your girlfriend." The big one left. The others were singing ".. and Casper sitting on a tree. K-I-S-S-I-N---"

He got close to me, and picked leaves outta my hair. He was warm, and today was cold. "You okay? I`m Casper." He was smudging stuff off my face.

"Yeah. Calista." He went for Pand...

"CALISTA? Heeey?" I was being shook.

"What?" I was looking at him. I could imagine the question mark on my warm face. Or more of the still dream like state I was in.

"You were groaning in your sleep and you were grabbing for--"

"SHIT. Sorry." I brushed my hair out of my face. The bus went to a halt. The people started to pour out. Him and I stayed longer than most, like usual.

"You were right." He smiled this huge grin at me.


"You don`t need the knowledge about peenal." He stood up. "You already have it." He clicked his tongue, winked, and rushed out of the bus.

Ahh. My best friend. I snapped back into reality. "...what the fuck did I grab?"