Status: Completed. =)

The Love Triangle Factor

Once upon a time there were 3 totally normal small town girls with big dreams. Brittney, Anna, and Aimee each had they're own story, and beginnings. They have been best friends for a while. They have become super close and depend on each other to function. But they still became 3 totally different people. One day during a diabetes fundraiser walk each of their lives change drastically, when the Jonas Brothers come into town. Then everything got flipped upside down.
  1. Brittney
    Brittney is a pretty smart girl, but sometimes her mom pushes her just a little too hard.
  2. Suprises, and more suprises.
    Anna looks a little different than the normal, and a special friend pops up for once.
  3. Super Boyfriend-Sensing Powers
    Blake has managed, once again, to let everyone down. And then the unpredictable happens when someone shows up.
  4. Crushes and Embarrassing Glances
    Brittney has gotten a look at her celebrity crush at the diabetes walk flipping out with Anna, and Nick forms a crush on one of the two girls.
  5. Trouble in Paradise
    Kevin wonders how Joe's plan will end, and whether it's worth the heart break it may cause. His mind wanders to think about what happened last time Nick dated.
  6. The Game of Love
    Nick tries to decide whether it's safe to try to love someone again. And Joe in an attempt to put his plan into action meets a beautiful blonde named Aimee.
  7. The Lock-Down
    After working things out with Mrs. Jonas, Joe learns a few new things about Aimee. Joe is also introduced to Nick's crush.
  8. Smiles, Winks, Kisses, and Pet Rocks
    Joe puts his plan into action to get Nick and Brittney, and he manages to put another plan into action as well. Getting Aimee to be his girlfriend.
  9. Jaimee.
    Joe and Aimee decided to take a new step in their relationship, which makes everyone nervous. Since they've only known each other for a day.
  10. Thinking of You
    Nick reveals his crush on Brittney, while Joe and Aimee contemplate what they're going to do while Joe goes back on tour.
  11. You Stupid Bug-Eyed Jerk
    An old friend comes back into town breaking one heart, another heart is broken in a way everyone but her saw coming.
  12. Falling in Love.
    Nick and Brittney get some alone time, Kevin finally makes his move, and Aimee finally tells Joe how she feels about the 'L' word.
  13. Playing in the Park
    The Jonas boys along with their favorite girls decide to go to the park. Nick finds something out about Brittney and Joe finally breaks the news to Aimee.
  14. Exciting News To Drive Away The Blues
    Aimee learns some overly exciting news while preparing for her date with Joe. It is going to be one night she will never forget.
  15. My Girl Always Gets What She Wants
    Aimee finally gets her first date with Joe, but when she arrives home she is met with two big surprises.
  16. Life Works In Mysterious Ways.
    Aimee finds out about what went on between Brittney, Blake, and Nick while she was on her date with Joe. And Brittney tries her hardest to fix things, and to stop the pain.
  17. I'll Get You No Matter What It Takes
    Brittney starts her mission to get Nick to forgive her completely, and then they all decide to go on a shopping trip for a good time which ends a little different then they had planned.
  18. A Little Girl's Fairy-tale Wish
    Joe has his anticipated dinner with Aimee and her family. And Aimee bonds with her Step-Mom.
  19. All Guys Are Exactly The Same
    Aimee thinks things are finally going her way when she is let down back-to-back by the one guy she thinks is different. Joseph Adam Jonas.
  20. Burnin' Up For You Baby
    The truth unravels about Joe's lies and is finally figured out by Aimee. Meanwhile, both Aimee McAdams and the Jonas Brothers are recording CD's.
  21. I Wish I Was 'Crazy In Love'
    Brittney and Nick finally hit it off, while Aimee begins to realize that her relationship with Joe might be headed in a downward spiral.
  22. Watch As Everything Goes Down The Tubes
    Brittney and Nick run into troubles concerning Selena Gomez. And Jaimee doesn't seem to be on the road to happiness either.
  23. My Ex-Boyfriend Is A Famous Rock-Star, Lucky Me
    Brittney reaches her limit with Selena and Nick's flirting, while being approached by her newly engaged father. Aimee finds out about an amazing offer, while Kevin and Anna only seem to be getting closer.
  24. Strong Heads, Strong Hearts, Collide
    Joe and Aimee finally get to the end of their patience with each other. And Nick learns what happened to Brittney after she saw him with Selena.