Kiwi Sented Lotion with a pinch of Sex

Chapter Five:

Pete woke up drenched in sweat after a bad dream about a giant banana.
He looked to his side and saw andy, joe, and patrick having a 3-some. He
giggled uncontrolably and asked to join. They said no so pete went to go
tell on them to his kewi. On his way he bumped into michael jackson who
asked him if he had a kid brother. Pete said yes and gave him directons
to andrew's house. Pete jumped like a frog and had outercorse with his
dog. Patrick in the mean time was poking his blubber and trying to push
it down so he could see his feet. He cried because the fat was too
blubbery. Andy licked patrick's big ,fat, meaty, hairy... Toe. And
patrick poked joe's small unnoticedable hairless penis. Joe cried and
went to go wash his hair. The naked Patrick went to go look for pete but
bumped into pete's unactacttive naked mom and acciedntly had sex. Pete's
dad noticed and he made patrick fuck him too and pete's dad became