Bite Me

Amanda moves from Florida to L.A. in search of a better life and to escape her past. Her past has a way of catching up to her as she is shocked and surprised to learn in L.A. She meets a vampire named Pete Wentz who she falls in love with but she may or may not be torn by an ex love. Who will protect her heart and can she save her friends from a strong enemy?

Has the gang from Fall Out Boy, Brendon from Panic! at the disco, William Beckett of The Academy Is and some friends of hers.
  1. The Beginning
  2. The Friday Evening That Started It All
  3. The Meeting
  4. Living A Lie
  5. Memory Flash
  6. Saturday Part One
  7. Saturday Part Two
  8. Breaking and Entering
  9. Pardon Me
  10. The Cover Up
  11. Close to Home
  12. Close But No Cigar
  13. Daggers and Knives
  14. A Kiss of Hope
  15. New Enemy?
  16. An Awkward Silence
  17. Look At What The Cat Dragged In
  18. To Tell Or Not To Tell That Is The Question
  19. A Window Visitor
  20. No Promise Guaranteed
  21. Miss Congeniality
  22. No Pressure, Right?
  23. Life of The Party
  24. Better Late Than Never
  25. Surprise Encounter
  26. Brendon vs Pete
  27. Brendon's Guilt
  28. Apologies Accepted
  29. A Bed Built For Two
  30. The Things You Find
  31. Can't Resist The Passion
  32. What Are You Doing In My Bed?
  33. You Are The Dream, I Am The Dreamer
  34. Home At Last
  35. To Be The Better Man
  36. Conflicted
  37. Anyone Up For A Guy's Night Out?
  38. Now Hiring
  39. Don't Chicken Out Now
  40. Add Two More To The Scooby Gang
  41. Erelin and Brendon?
  42. In the Moonlight
  43. My Mother The Slayer
  44. Have Heart Will Travel
  45. A Slayer In Love
  46. Out To Lunch
  47. Your Heart Beats For Me
  48. I Surrender, I Think Not
  49. To Be Noticed
  50. Is Your Name Patrick?
  51. Jason vs Pete
  52. Pete's Jealousy
  53. There's A Time To Play And A Time To Slay
  54. The Boy With A Jealous Side
  55. Surprise, Surprise
  56. Lookout Point Home of Broken Hearts
  57. Beckett's Message
  58. Brendon, My Hero
  59. Home Is Where I Long To Be
  60. If It Weren't For Amanda I'd Kick Your Sorry Ass
  61. Message Recieved
  62. Should I Stay Or Should I Go
  63. A New Day
  64. All I Have Is A Memory Of What Was
  65. I Know It Feels Like We're Never Coming Back
  66. Kissed By A Dead Guy
  67. No Biting, Kissing, Hugging, Or Making Out
  68. As Close To Being Normal As I Will Ever Be
  69. This Is Who We Are
  70. A Little Dazed And Confused
  71. We Are So Last Year
  72. Bev And Joe
  73. Boys, Boys, Boys
  74. The Rival
  75. Checking Out The Competition
  76. The Perfect Date
  77. My Heart Is The Worst Kind Of Weapon
  78. It's The Little Things That Count
  79. Decisions Made
  80. The Scooby Gang
  81. The Secrets Out
  82. Close Call
  83. Did He Say Love?
  84. The Hurt And Confused
  85. I Can See Clearly Now
  86. Little Miss Supervisor
  87. The Plan
  88. Meet The New Girl
  89. Graduation Day Part One
  90. Graduation Day Part Two
  91. Graduation Day Part Three
  92. Erelin's Party
  93. Everything According To Plan
  94. Last Chance, Don't Blow It Pete
  95. Where Is Your Boy
  96. The Party's Over
  97. Starbucks, Colorado, And You
  98. Welcome To Chicago
  99. Vampires And The Sun Don't Mix
  100. You Got To Have Trust
  101. In Your Dreams
  102. This Dream Of Mine
  103. A Boost of Energy Goes A Long Way
  104. Boys Will Be Boys
  105. Enroute To Pete's Parents' House We Go
  106. The Dinner Party
  107. Time With Mom
  108. A Long Walk Never Hurt Anything
  109. Accepted
  110. The Good News Is...
  111. Prom Night
  112. French Toast
  113. That's My Date
  114. So Many Questions, So Little Time
  115. Search For Answers Begins
  116. You Can't Save Her
  117. An Unexpected Surprise
  118. The Ultimate Betrayal
  119. Daddy Dearest
  120. Please Don't Go Because Of Me
  121. Poor Patrick
  122. To Clear My Head
  123. He Better Appreciate This
  124. Postcards From The Beach
  125. To Tampa I Go
  126. The Scooby Gang And A Little Dream
  127. Sneaking In Is Half The Fun
  128. The Nick Factor
  129. Three Is A Crowd
  130. Nick and I
  131. Dreams Can Be Funny Things
  132. These Thoughts Of Mine
  133. A Chat With Brian
  134. Anticipation For Tonight
  135. Pete, Who?
  136. A Kiss That Could Change Everything
  137. Running From The Truth
  138. Best Friends Till The End
  139. You've Got A Friend In Me
  140. Jet Lag And Time For Friends
  141. Long Live The Car Crash Hearts
  142. I Love You Too
  143. It Was Ice Cream Headaches And Sweet Avalanche
  144. A Surprise Engagement
  145. Me And You Setting In A Honeymoon
    If I Woke Up Next To You
  146. The Calm Before The Storm
  147. Round Up The Gang
  148. The Scooby Gang Together
  149. With One Last Breath
  150. Fight Hard
  151. Between My Head And My Heart
  152. I Promised I Will Not Leave Her
  153. Just To Hear You Breathing
  154. The Safest Place To Hide
  155. She's A Survivor
  156. I'm Like A Bad Habit You Can't Get Rid Of
  157. If I Could Turn Back Time
  158. My Mother's Killer
  159. All Will Be Revealed Soon
  160. Three's A Crowd
  161. In A Dracula Mood
  162. All My Worst Fears
  163. On Pins And Needles
  164. You Can't Blame Yourself For A Mistake Not Yours
  165. Craving For Blood
  166. Friends Who Stick Together
  167. Sleep Surely Needed
  168. Delirious
  169. So Distant We Have Become
    On Borrowed Time
  170. Something Cryptic Is Coming Our Way
  171. A Traitor Among Us
  172. The Closer We Are
  173. A Coward Who Hides
  174. Erelin And Brendon Together Forever
  175. Another One Bites The Dust
  176. Me, Myself, The Enemy
  177. This Is A Theraputic Chain Of Events
  178. For You To Be Close
  179. Sleep Sleep Little Darling
  180. We Do It In The Dark With Smiles On Our Faces
  181. Every Little Thing You Do Is Magic
  182. No, No, No, You Know It Will Always Just Be Me
  183. Cut It Loose, Watch You Work The Room
  184. I Know I'm Supposed To Love You
  185. Big Plans For The Scooby Gang
  186. Out Of My Mind
  187. Because I Love You
  188. Trust Us
  189. I'm Holding On To Love To Save My Life
  190. Dance To This Beat And Hold Your Lover Close
  191. I Know What The Future Holds
  192. Dangerous Waters
  193. Once More With Feeling
  194. Who Hates The Waiting Game?
  195. The Plan To Escape
  196. Dracula's Defeat But All Is Not Well As It Seems
  197. Saying Goodbye Is Never Easy
  198. What If The World Was Crazy And I Was Sane
  199. A Touch Can Go A Long Way
  200. You Are Cordially Invited To Pete And Amanda's