Bite Me

What If The World Was Crazy And I Was Sane

It was daylight and I decided to drive up to Lookout Point. I had never seen what the city looks like from the cliff Pete had taken me before; the one where Beckett ambushed me on it seems long ago now. I pulled up and parked the car, carefully getting out and stepping up to the ledge.

I looked down to see the long drop below. Then I looked out to see the city landscape. It was much prettier at night but I wanted to see it during the day.

“You are here.” I said smiling as I felt two arms wrap around me tight.

“Of course I am here. You thought I wouldn’t find you here?” Pete asked me.

I turned my head to the right to find his head resting over my shoulder as I was leaning into him. Then I kissed him. He finally turned me around to face him and I saw he was wearing one of his hoodies of course. It was one I had borrowed before.

“I told you I would find you again.” He said.

“And that you did.” I said. “Don’t ever leave me again. Promise?” I said pouting.

“You know this can’t last.” Pete said pulling me close and giving me his grin.

“We can try.” I said getting goose bumps from his touch on my arm. “Only you can make me weak in the knees.” I said placing my head on his chest. “I can hear your heartbeat. It sounds wonderful, Pete.” I said.

“It beats for you.” He said raising my chin up to kiss me.

“Amanda we are going to be late!” I heard a voice say.

“Pete?” I asked confused as he pulled away from our kiss.

“You might want to answer them.” Pete said.

“I don’t want to.” I said as Pete was pulling away from me. I grabbed his hand to keep him from slipping from me. “Five more minutes!” I mumbled.

“Amanda we only have an hour.” The voice said again.

“I can’t lose you again, Pete.” I said as he walked to me again.

“Here, before I go.” He said placing a red ribbon around my neck. Then he kissed my neck and lips again. Then he pulled away and said, “I will find you again. You better answer the one calling for you.”

“Amanda, get up.” Bev said as I was being shaken awake. “We are going to be late.” She added.

“Pete?” I asked groggily and slowly opening my eyes.

“Pete? Were you dreaming again? You know he is in a band and on tour somewhere probably. Now come on or Jackie is going to have a fit. We have to go and replace her for work.” Bev said on the end of my bed.

“Wait, so Pete is not dead?” I asked confused.

“Honey, you must have hit your head pretty hard last night after your fall.” She said.

“I fell?” I asked.

“Yes. I think you fell down our steps here.” She replied. Then I saw a vague flash of me falling from a balcony and onto a hard floor.

“Earth to Amanda? Are you sure you are alright?” Bev asked concerned.

“I think, so wait, Pete isn’t dead but we are together?” I asked confused.

“Girl, you really hit your head. No, Pete and you aren’t together. He has like tons of other girls who dream about him as you do.” Bev said rolling her eyes.

“What about Joe? You two were engaged.” I replied.

“Oh, Amanda I hope you start to feel better. What kind of dream did you have; because I want to join. You know I don’t have time to date let alone a celebrity and one I find cute at that. No, I do not know Joe and no we are not engaged.” She said laughing.

“Ok so is Nick alive?” I asked.

“Honey, Nick has been dead a long time. I’m getting worried now. Do I need to call a doctor?” She asked.

“No! I will be fine. It’s just uh, yeah I had to dream this up from hitting my head right?” I asked smiling at Bev to get her off my back.

“You and your dreams. Now hurry up and get ready. We have to leave in an hour. Oh, and by the way I love the ribbon on your neck. Is it a new fashion statement?” She asked leaving the room.

I sat there in shock and grabbed my neck. I felt a ribbon and took it off my neck. It was red just like the one Pete tied on me in my dreams. This was very strange. I couldn’t remember things but I thought I was with Pete and I killed Dracula which killed Pete who was a good vampire. But then Pete appeared in my dreams. Why did I not have any memories of us though just a dream and how did I end up with the ribbon on my neck?

Was I losing my mind? Did I dream this whole Pete and vampire thing up as Bev said? Did I hit my head too hard?

I got up out of bed and got ready for work. Maybe Erelin and Sam could shed some light on the situation at work. When I finished getting ready, I ran down and grabbed Bev and we then headed to work to relieve Jackie.

“Amanda! How are you after your fall?” Erelin asked when I arrived at work.

“Um, how did I fall? Because Bev thinks it was steps but I think I fell from a balcony.” I said to Erelin.

“I don’t remember.” She replied.

“Don’t you think that is odd?” I asked.

“What’s odd? Sam said coming over to me.

“Amanda hit her head and she doesn’t remember how. I told her I didn’t remember but you know Bev said you fell down the steps.” Erelin said to me.

“So how is Brendon?” I asked seeing if I wasn’t crazy.

“He’s fine I guess.” She replied.

“Oh, so Brendon came back to you in the apartment that you two share?” I asked.

“Amanda what are you smoking?” Sam asked.

“Is Amanda acting weird again?” Bev asked switching out the cash register tills where we were.

“I think she has lost it just a bit.” Sam said laughing.

“Amanda I live at home at my dad’s. You know that and Brendon is on tour with Fall Out Boy somewhere. Chrissy is trying to win us tickets to the L.A. show. I don’t know Brendon although I’d like to.” She said laughing.

“If you don’t then how did you get that ring on my chain around your neck?” I asked noticing her necklace. Everything was fuzzy for me but I remembered some things.

“Amanda you gave me this chain to put the ring my dad gave me on here. Maybe you need to go home and rest.” Erelin said getting worried.

“I’m not crazy! We fought off vampires.” I said loudly to where customers could hear.

“Amanda you need some rest after your fall it has left you a little crazy.” Sam said. “Bev, I think you need to send Amanda home early.” Sam said as she walked over to where Bev was.

“Amanda you should leave around eight tonight. Erelin can help me close. You get some rest tonight.” She said.

“Fine.” I sighed giving up. I have to be losing my mind. That has to be it. I fell and it has affected me somehow. Yeah, that’s it.

Eight came around and I left the store. As I walked to my car, however, it felt so eerie outside. I turned to look around like I was to be on guard for something. It is only my imagination playing tricks on me. Get a grip. It is dark. Nothing can hurt me. Then why do I feel like I am being watched?

I made it home and grabbed me some food. Then I got my pajamas on and turned on my computer. I just wanted to research vampires but instead came up empty.

I got up from my desk and climbed into bed. My head was hurting. Sleep sounded good after all. At least I didn’t feel like I had any broken ribs but maybe that was all in my head too.
Tomorrow is another day and one to know if I dreamed everything up and is crazy or that I am sane and everyone else is crazy.