Bite Me

A Touch Can Go A Long Way

I woke up the next morning feeling all refreshed. I felt a little fuzzy on things but I realized I had to have hit my head a little harder than I thought to have said all the things I did yesterday. I quickly got up out of bed and ran downstairs though when I heard screaming going on from the kitchen.

“What is it? What’s wrong?” I asked as I flew in the kitchen.

“Oh, Chrissy won us all backstage passes and tickets to see Fall Out Boy and Panic! At The Disco next month, here in L.A!” Erelin and Sam said jumping up and down in the kitchen with Bev smiling and laughing at them.

“Really? How did you do that Chrissy?” I asked.

“I waited all day for the special Fall Out Boy song to play on KROQ and be caller nine but never heard it yesterday. This morning as I am getting up to take my dog out, I turn the radio on and low and behold the song plays and I get through!” She squeals.

“Sorry to have waked you up like this but we wanted to surprise you. It definitely couldn’t wait and you get to meet Pete!” Sam said grabbing me and making me jump with her.

“Haha. You all are so silly.” I said all happy.

“That’s if I don’t steal Pete first!” Erelin said.

“I don’t think so. Back off! Pete’s mine.” I said playfully.

“And I get to meet Joe and you get Patrick, Sam, and Chrissy you get…” Bev was trying to say.

“I get Andy! Just wait until I get a hold of him.” Chrissy said with us all laughing at her. “Go ahead and laugh but remember who got you all tickets to meet them and see the show.” Chrissy said with a smirk.

“I don’t get anyone. Panic, isn’t doing a signing.” Erelin said.

“I bet I can sneak us in to where they will be.” I said.

“How so?” She asked.

“I have connections from Florida that work at the venues here now.” I said.
“Sweet.” She said smiling.

(A Month Later)
“I am so excited for this!” Erelin said all happy.

“Come on Bev! Get excited! We are in the pit.” Sam said.

“I know that is why I am not smiling right now.” She said.

“Oh at least you get to see Joe here in front of you soon.” I said as we stood in the line for the meet and greet.

Finally the boys came out and they all looked happy and healthy. Erelin, Bev, Sam, Chrissy and me all had our posters in our hands to be signed. When it came time to meet the boys, everyone was freaking out but me. I just stared at Pete for a second as Bev was in front of me having him sign her poster. She hadn’t gotten to Joe yet and she was already drooling of being in front of a celebrity which is funny because she waits on them at her job.
I looked at Pete as if I had met him somewhere before. Not just in a dream but could we now each other. No, how could that be?

I handed him my poster and he smiled his beautiful smile at me. “Hi.” I said.

“You look familiar.” Pete said. “But I see a lot of fans all the time.” He said.

“I was kind of thinking that maybe we met before but that can’t be.” I said smiling at Pete. I wanted to talk some more but war chief aka Charlie their bodyguard, shooed us along. Pete handed Andy my poster to sign.

After the signing was done we all had to line up again for pictures with the guys. Naturally we all wanted to stand with the guys we liked and Erelin said she would be in the middle. I walked over to Pete who smiled at me and said, “You again?”

“Yes, I guess you get stuck with me again.” I said laughing and watching Bev try to flirt with Joe the best she could.

Charlie had us go into some crazy poses but it was Pete and I who were the only ones touching each other. As soon as he touched my side to put his arm around me I jumped a bit and had a flood of memories I thought I dreamed up come flooding back. I quickly turned to him and said, “Pete?”

He just stared into my eyes and Charlie had had enough of us holding up the line and was yelling at my group. I didn’t know if Pete was having flashes like me or what but I wasn’t losing him again.

“Pete, talk to me.” I said grabbing his hand.

“Amanda.” He said looking deeper in my eyes like our connection was back. “I found you again. I knew I would.” He said smiling. Then he picked me up and swung me in front of all the impatient fans and a confused Charlie.

“Hold up a minute, Charlie. I need to talk to my girlfriend alone.” Pete said and led me out of the meet and greets room into a hallway.

“Is it really you? Did all that happen? My friends told me I dreamed it.” I said so surprised.

“Yes I am real. Yes, I am here. I don’t know how. I can’t explain it. But I did come into your dreams when you were on the cliff. I wanted to tell you I was ok.” Pete said.

“I knew it! I could hear your heartbeat in my dream. You didn’t die. You just went back to your normal self.” I said as Pete pulled me closer to him.

“This time you aren’t getting away from me.” He said tickling me and then pulling me into a kiss.

“Wait! What about the others? I am sure they are confused. Wait, we remember. How come they don’t?” I asked.

“I think it’s in their touch. I touched you. They didn’t hug or anything. Come on let’s make them remember.” Pete said dragging me.

“But what about your fans and Charlie?” I asked.

“They can deal. All I want to do is be with you at the moment.” Pete said leading me back into the meet and greets room.

“What is going on?” Charlie said over to Pete. “You have fans you need to take pictures with.” He said scolding Pete.

“Everyone, I would like your attention!” Pete said getting up on the table. “I love Amanda over there and she is my girlfriend and I love her more than the world so be nice to her.” Pete said getting back down.

“Bev, come here.” I said pulling her over to Joe.

“What is going on? You really know Pete?” She asked.

“Yeah, and you know Joe too. You just don’t remember him.” I said grabbing her hand and Joe’s. I pushed their hands together and their spark came back. Pete and I did it to Andy, Chrissy, Sam, and Patrick.

I looked over at Erelin who looked all dejected. She was hurt, confused at what was going on and scared. I walked over to her.

“Erelin you remember what I said about having connections?” I asked.

“Yes but what does this have to do with what is going on? I am so confused and I feel left out.” She said.

“Your necklace was given to you by someone you love. Your dad didn’t give it to you.” I said. “Pete, we need to see Brendon stat!” I said.

“Follow me.” He said leading us out of the room, down a hall, and into the room the Panic boys were resting in.

“Erelin, this is Brendon. Brendon, Erelin.” Pete said grabbing Brendon’s hand and forcing it against Erelin’s that I had.

It only took a second but their eyes said it. Brendon picked Erelin up and swung her around before tickling her. All the other members of the band just looked in shock at what just happened. Pete and I stepped outside of the room.

“Speaking of rings earlier, Amanda will you marry me?” Pete said pulling out a box and getting on one knee.

“Pete, how?” I asked.

“I bought it when we couldn’t get married. I had a feeling to keep it around. Will you be my wife?” He asked opening the box.

“Yes!” I exclaimed.
I was so happy and so were all my friends. I could hear Erelin screaming in a good way in the other room. I figured Brendon asked her to marry him with the ring he already gave her. Pete and I smiled.

The boys put on a great show. After it was done, Erelin and Brendon went back to his apartment as he called it and everyone else went their ways for the night. The boys had to leave in the morning but it didn’t matter to me. We were all together again.

Over the next couple of months, Erelin and Brendon were happily married, Bev and Joe married, and Sam and Chrissy got their guys to propose. As for me, Pete and I had a wedding to plan. This was going to be a huge event for us.