Bite Me

You Are Cordially Invited To Pete And Amanda's

It was now two days before our wedding. I was so excited. Pete wasn’t happy that I was going to be away from him tomorrow and that he had to wait to see me on our wedding day until I walked down the aisle. The girls were throwing me a bachelorette party tomorrow night and Bev was picking me up for breakfast tomorrow morning. The guys were taking Pete away for a big bachelor party somewhere too.

Pete and I had bought a house after their tour ended in the Hollywood Hills. It was nice and big enough for us to start a family in. We were even thinking about getting a dog. I sold Joe my half of the apartment Bev and I shared before they got married and moved into the boys’ place with Pete until we found us a home of our own. I was going to miss sneaking in and out of his bedroom window of that place he shared.

“Hey, are you going to come back to bed?” Pete asked as I was up typing some things on our computer.

“Yes.” I said finishing up my new journal entries. I went and retyped all of my adventures up in my online journal that come to find out, Pete erased.

“If you hadn’t erased my journals we wouldn’t have this problem.” I said teasing him.

“Hey, I didn’t want you to have to worry or be upset. I wanted you to live a normal life.” He said patting the bed and giving me a pout.

“Alright, I am coming.” I said dragging my body out of the computer chair. “You still have a lot of explaining to do though, mister. I let you slide so many times but not anymore.” I said climbing into bed.

“What do you want to know and I will tell.” He said rolling over and tickling me.

“No fair!” I said trying to catch my breath. “For starters did you know you weren’t going to die? I mean you always kept telling me you would find me again.” I said before kissing his warm lips.

“Brendon and I didn’t know until a few nights before the battle. But we didn’t know exactly what was going to happen. We had talked about it away from you and Erelin. We decided that if we didn’t come back we wanted you guys to be happy so I erased your journals and made you forget about them causing you to have bad headaches which I am sorry for. Brendon made Erelin pack all her things and move into her Dad’s place forgetting about him. It hurt me to erase your memories but I had no other choice. We didn’t know if we would even remember anything if we did come back as ourselves. It took all of mine and Brendon’s last strengths to erase everyone’s minds of what had happened.” Pete explained.

“I didn’t want to hurt you but say you remembered everything and found out I was alive. What if I didn’t remember you? I mean I didn’t at the meet and greet until we touched.” He said.

“Then you would have remembered if we touched then too.” I said.

“Maybe. The thing was when I woke up early the next morning; the engagement ring I wanted to give to you was sitting on my dresser. I had a feeling to keep it with me at all times although I couldn’t remember why. It was weird because I felt like something wasn’t right but I couldn’t place it. Then the boys wanted to go back and tour and we needed to work on a new album. It just got a little crazy with the way everything happened.” Pete said kissing my neck.

“What was it like after I left you, thinking that you were gone? I mean you made me sleepy. I should have figured something out. You didn’t turn into dust.” I said looking in his eyes.

“I can’t explain it. I wasn’t dying. I was becoming human again. I guess I was here to help you and since I survived I could go back to being me again. Although, I didn’t want to be the old me I was before. I like the new me that I am now. I like who you have shown me I can be. You have made me a better man.” Pete said as I pushed him over off his side and sat on his legs.

“What about my dream? I placed that ribbon in your hands and then I was wearing it.” I said listening to everything Pete said carefully.

“After I got up and was fuzzy on things, I grabbed the engagement ring as I said but I snuck out my window and headed here. It was like an instinct. But it was weird because it was like I was in a trance. I was supposed to come here and when I did, I snuck in through your window. When I saw you I kissed your forehead and placed the ribbon on your neck and gave you one last dream. Then I snuck back out and returned back to my home not remembering any of it and the boys anxious to tour again.” He said as I reached down to kiss his neck.

“Is that so?” I asked tracing his body ever so slightly, giving him chills after I kissed his neck.
“That feels good and you are not fair now by teasing me and turning me on.” Pete said trying to sit up.

“I’m not done with you yet.” I said pushing him back down on the bed.

“Oh, come on what else do I need to tell you?” He asked confused.

“How could you and Brendon take away your friends’ happiness? I mean it is one thing for Erelin and I have to suffer but what about Joe, Andy, and Patrick? Joe was engaged to Bev for crying out loud. Bev, Erelin, Sam, and Chrissy all thought I was crazy the day after.” I said playfully smacking his arms. “How could you?” I said hopping off him.

“Like I said, Brendon and I felt really bad but we wanted everyone to be happy and besides they all found their way back to each other eventually.” Pete said.

“Whatever.” I said rolling my eyes. They would have been happy with the ones they love.

“So what was it like waking up human again?” I asked changing the subject.

“It was weird. I went into a sleep and I awoke all healed up and coughing from trying to breathe again. Although when I awoke I had no memory of what had happened.” He said.

“What about me? I mean I feel a little different. I’m not as strong as I used to be. I kind of miss that.” I said.

“You miss that as much as you wanted to be normal?” Pete asked.

“Only a little. I guess I healed up and then my slayer powers disappeared then, right?” I asked looking into Pete’s eyes.

“Yes they did.” Pete said leaning into kiss me.

“I will tell you one thing though.” I said pulling away from Pete just bit.

“Oh, what is that?” Pete asked me.

“The sex has been amazing since you have been alive!” I said beaming.

“Hey? It wasn’t when I was a vampire?” He asked.

“Oh, it was. But I don’t know the feeling is so much better now since you are a warm living body.” I said grinning.

“Is that so? Come here you!” He said climbing on top of me.

“You can’t control me anymore, remember?” I said laughing.

“Oh, but I don’t have to. You can’t resist me and my charm.” He said as we started to make love.

Afterwards he pulled me close and wrapped his arms around me. We laid there trying to catch our breaths. I could hear his breathing and feel his heartbeat now. It was an amazing feeling.

“So how does it feel to be Mrs. Wentz now?” Pete asked.

“I’m not there yet, silly. Ask me again after we are married, silly.” I said laughing.

“Ok, how about a little Peter then. How do you feel about having a boy and naming it after me?” He said grinning.

“I don’t think so. One Pete is about all I can handle. If we have a boy we shall name him Alex.” I said laughing.

“We will just have to see then won’t we?” Pete replied before we soon drifted off to sleep.

(The Next Day)
“So how is Pete taking you spending the night over at my place with us girls?” Bev asked me at breakfast.

“He hates it. He couldn’t stand for me to get out of the bed this morning.” I said laughing.

“Aww that is so sweet. You are going to love married life. Joe is such an amazing husband. I let him go out and have his fun on the road but when he comes home he knows what waits for him here.” She said.

“Ooh, Bev.” I said laughing.

“Yes he knows he has to help clean up the apartment and help me at work.” She said in all seriousness.

“Um, Bev, I know you want to stay independent and work an all but they boy comes home from touring many months on the road and you make him work?” I asked shocked.

“No, silly. I mean yes he has to help clean up every now and then but I was only kidding. I meant that he knows I wait for him and what surprises I have in store for him.” She said winking.

“I see so are you trying to tell me things. See I want to go out on the road with Pete.” I said laughing.

“Yeah but that is going to get old real fast. You need to start planning things now see, to keep Pete wanting to come back home.” She said laughing.

“We all pitched in and got you a nice present that Pete is really going to love on your honeymoon.” Bev said smiling.

“Gee, I wonder what that could be.” I said sarcastically and rolling my eyes.

After the wonderful breakfast we drove back to Bev’s where Joe was still hanging out and Bev was trying to shoo away. We ended up watching some movies until the other girls arrived and then we went out clubbing later that night. The girls bought me some sexy lingerie that I knew was going to knock Pete’s socks off which they gave me before we left.
We ended up at Club E the very club I met Pete at to begin all this. I took a reminiscent walk down the alley with the girls and then scoped out the club for old times sake then got my butt out on the dance floor to have a good time. Everything was beginning to fall into place. I have never been so happy.

(The Wedding)
It was now the day of the wedding. I was so nervous. As I was in a room of the church getting ready, Pete tried to sneak in but Erelin stopped him from seeing me. I stood behind the door. Erelin was letting him have it.

“Don’t you know it is bad luck to see the bride before you two get married?” She said scolding Pete.

“Yes, but I love her. I miss her. I can’t stand not to be around her, Erelin. You took her away from me last night. I didn’t have her to fall asleep with.” Pete said on the other end of the door.

“Well you will have her back again soon enough. Now shoo, Pete.” Erelin said.

“I love you too, Pete.” I said from behind the door and giggling.

Erelin shut the door and shook her head. Everyone laughed at me and Pete. I just smiled. It was my wedding day. So why was I not feeling right?

“Hey, what is wrong?” Bev asked me. She was my matron of honor and Patrick was Pete’s best man. This was going to be a crazy wedding because I was having four bridesmaids plus the matron of honor. Pete was having four groomsmen and the best man. We couldn’t leave out Pete’s brother and sister.

“I just wish both my parents were here. I wish Nick was here too. We were close. I can’t dance to the father daughter dance you know.” I said sighing.

“Hey, they are here. Don’t forget where you carry them.” Bev said trying to cheer me up.

“Thanks, Bev.” I said.

“Anytime.” She replied.

“I’m getting married today!” I said screaming and jumping up and down with everyone.

When it was time for me to walk down the aisle, I smiled. And seeing Pete’s face was priceless as I came down the aisle alone wearing a beautiful yet simple long spaghetti strap wedding dress. I had no veil but my hair had grown out long and I had it pulled back slightly with a tiara in it.

We said our vows and exchanged rings. We had them engraved and Pete had his bat symbol engraved inside of them. It wouldn’t be Pete without that somewhere which got me smiling even more when I looked at him when it came time to place the ring on my finger.
Then when we pronounced husband and wife it was the happiest day of my life.

After the wedding we had a small reception. Pete tried to smash cake in my face but he failed because I was quick and dodged his attack. But I got him. Then it came time for our slow dance. We gazed into each others’ eyes thankful that we both had each other.

“Ok, enough of this sappy crap!” Andy said cutting into the end of me and Pete’s dance.

“What?” Pete asked as Andy whisked me away to a chair in the middle of the floor.

“It’s time for the garter toss.” Andy said loudly to everyone prompting all the single and non married guys out on the floor.

I laughed. This was turning out to be a fun evening. Pete lifted up my dress and took the garter off with his teeth.

“Impressive.” I said smiling.

I looked around to see Pete’s brother, Andy, and Patrick out on the floor with other guys in Pete’s family or friends. My bet was on Patrick to get it. Pete threw it and Andy and Andrew both caught it but fought over it. Then Patrick swooped in and took it out of their hands.

“Looks like I got it boys.” Patrick said proudly putting it on his arm and grabbing Sam to kiss her. “You know what that means.” He said grinning at Sam.

“I don’t know. What?” She asked.

“We are the next to get married.” He said laughing.

“I’d so love you forever.” She said jumping into his arms.

“Ok, my turn.” I said grabbing my bouquet and tossing it. Chrissy caught it.

“Look. I catch the darn thing and you can’t even catch a garter?” Chrissy said whacking Andy on the head with the flowers.

“But baby it was in my hands. I can’t help it Patrick stole it from me.” Andy said chasing after Chrissy.

“Oh, some things will never change.” I said laughing and shaking my head.

It came almost time to leave and Andy, Chrissy, Patrick, and Sam all went out to fix up our Tahoe to take us on our honeymoon. Erelin, Brendon, Joe, and Bev were all talking to us about our plans and how the boys are going to do a new album when we get back from our honeymoon. Then all of a sudden Andy and Patrick come running in the reception hall with Sam and Chrissy in their arms.

“Someone help us!” Patrick said.

Joe called 911 and we all came running over to see what the matter was. It made my heart sink as to what I saw. There were two bite marks on Chrissy and Sam’s necks.

“We were ambushed outside!” Andy said.

“How can this be?” Patrick said looking at me and Pete for answers.

How could this be indeed? Pete was no longer a vampire and I was not a slayer. I thought I killed Dracula which killed all the vampires. Pete held me close and we looked at each other with a look of confusion.
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I have just finished the sequel How Dark The Night if anyone who liked this story wants to follow up on what happens next. Thank you for reading and commenting.