….A long long time ago…
“Hey there baby doll, where we going tonight?” asked Jake.
“I don’t know. Let’s go to the movies,” said Clara.
….Two months later….
Clara said, “I can’t believe you! Why would you do that?!”
“It was an accident! I didn’t mean to! I’m sorry!!” Jake said.
“That’s what you said last time…that’s it! We’re through!”
Wednesday, December 24th, 9:02 PM
Billie Joe, Amanda, Mike, Clara, and Tré are on a plane to Sioux City, Iowa for a concert that Saturday. Billie Joe, Mike, Amanda, and Clara were arguing with Tré over the best frappachino flavor.
“The best flavor is mocha!! Everyone knows that.” Tré said.
“No it’s not! It’s vanilla. That’s the best flavor in the world,” said Clara. She was 20. Clara had brownish red hair. In all reality, no one knew her true color of hair. It’s been colored so many times. She had green eyes, a dark mysterious green. Clara was one of those people who didn’t always think before she acted. That’s what made her fun and why mike and her were going together. They had been going together for a long time and Mike was going to ask her a big question, that was…if nothing went wrong…..
“Elmo’s right Tré, vanilla is the best flavor for a frappachino.” Amanda said. Elmo was Clara’s special nickname.
“Thanks Manders!”
Amanda had dark blonde hair and bright green eyes. She doesn’t like coffee or anything with coffee in it. She’s agreeing with Clara because they’re best friends. Clara’s only 9 days younger than Amanda but considers her as a twin. Amanda stands behind her and anyone else who she is close to. She’s funny at times and doesn’t care what other people think. That’s why Billie Joe loves her. That, and she’s the same height, which makes him happy.
“No it’s not! It’s mocha. Mocha, mocha, mocha, mocha!”
“Vanilla!” they all cried.
“Look, let’s just quit arguing before the captain comes back here and tells us to shut up again,” Mike said.
All of a sudden, the lights began to flicker and there was a jolt to the left. Everybody went flying out of their seats. Once everyone had landed and was ok, Billie Joe went up front to see what was wrong. Closely following was his friends and loved ones. When Billie Joe got there, all the color drained from his face, his stomach dropped, threw up, and fainted. Amanda and Clara got Billie Joe to a safe place and cleaned him up. Meanwhile, Mike looked in the cockpit.
“Oh my God…,” he whispered as color drained from his face. There the captain laid, neck spliced open with blood running down him, the control panel, and the window splatter. It was a sickening sight. What was more sickening was that the blood on the control panel had caused some of it to short out and make one of the engines stop working. And they were still five minutes away from the nearest airport: the Sioux Gateway Airport. If they didn’t do something soon, they would crash and die. Mike was lost in his thoughts as heard a faint voice from somewhere.
“Mike……..Mike….…MIKE!! Help me move this thing!” Tré yelled as he was struggling to move the body. As soon as the body was moved, Tré got behind the controls to try and gain some control over the plane. Mike headed back to his chair thinking. Billie Joe started to wake up and Mike told the girls to go buckle up and brace for impact.
As the airplane rumbled onward, Tré gave up. There was nothing he could do. He ran back to his seat and hoped they’d all live. Sadly, they all crashed and all the frappachinos were broken. But everyone lived thanks to the bubble wrap that was around the frappachinos.
“NOOOOO!!! The frappachinos are all gone! NO!!!” yelled Tré.
“Is everyone ok?”
Mike, Clara, Billie Joe, Amanda, and Tré all looked toward the mysterious voice.
“Shit…Here we go again,” mumbled Amanda.
It was Jacob. He’s a tall, buff red head with a goatee and an over protective attitude towards his sister…Amanda. Billie Joe and Tré didn’t like him. Mike especially hated him. Clara on the other hand…..
Jake had a girlfriend, but no one knows what happened to her, and now he was trying to lay down his best moves on Clara. Almost nobody liked him, including his sister.
“What the fuck do you want now Jacob?” Mike asked angrily.
“I saw you crash. I had a feeling it was you guys and Amanda goes where ever you wanna be punk losers go. Ha ha! And I guess I was right. Is Amanda alright? What about Elmo? Is my baby doll alright?”
“Why I oughta…..” Before anyone knew it, Mike had punched Jacob and was looking for a fight. Billie Joe and Tré rushed over to help Mike out, but both were knocked down.
Clara said, “Amanda!! Do something before Mike or Jake get hurt!”
“What about Billie? Never mind…Watch this…,” Amanda said smiling. She walked over and watched them fight a little, then yelled, “STOP IT!!”
“Why should I?” asked Jake.
“Because you’re hurting my best friends!!”
“So if you love me, all of you will stop!!” Just like that, he stopped and Clara and Amanda pulled the boys away.
“Clara is just fine…” fumed Mike.
“And so is Mandy,” Billie Joe said. That was his special nickname for her.
“What? Does no one care if I’m alright? I’m the one who saved us all. Geeze,” mumbled Tré.
Jacob was about to hit Tré when Amanda said, “Don’t even think about it Jacob. *sigh* Are you ok Tré? You were awfully brave for saving us all. Thank you!”
“Thanks Amanda, I’m fine. At least someone pays attention to me.”
“Your welcome!” Billie Joe looked at Tré, smiled, and punched him hard in the arm.
“Ouch! Dude that hurt!”
“Duh, it was supposed to.”
“Come on guys, quit it,” said Clara. “Let’s just get to the hotel and try to clean up this mess we’re in and get ready for Saturday’s concert. Can you give us a lift Jake?”
Jacob nodded. They all started towards the car to go to the hotel. Jake was driving. Amanda was in the middle, Billie Joe in the passenger, holding her hand. Mike and Clara were in the back holding hands, and Tré was left to look sadly out the side window as a steady drizzle started to fall.
As they raced away, they failed to notice the little orange haired doll lying in the rubble of the crash, nor the paparazzi, news crew, and fire department and police arriving.

…Later that night…oh, I’d say about somewhere between 2 and 3 in the morning.

As the car pulled up to the hotel, the light drizzle had stopped, but there was still an icy chill. Billie Joe had a bad idea about going in, but went in with everyone anyway.
“Alright guys, here’s your room: 6277. Try not to destroy it,” Jake said. He was the owner of the hotel.
As everyone got settled in Tré started to get excited. “Guess what guys!”
“What Tré?” answered Mike.
“They have a pool! Can we go swim? Please?” he said with a pouting face. “Pleasepleasepleaseplease????” he begged now jumping with excitement.
“Alright, alright. We’ll go swimming.”
Everyone started to head to the pool. “Oh no! We forgot the drinks. I’ll be right back.” So Amanda went back to their hotel room, grabbed the drinks and headed out the door. As she walked through the lobby, she saw Jake walking in to a room two doors away from the left entrance. “Jake! What are you doing here?!”
“Shh! don’t tell anyone. You know I hate those losers that you’re with.”
“You just called my boyfriend and best friends losers. Sure you wanna stick with that? Or do you want to change it before I kick your ass?”
“Never mind.”
“That’s what I thought.”
“Just don’t tell anyone ok? Ok?!”
Amanda just walked away towards the pool with a really bad feeling that it was going to be a really long, unforgettable night.
“What took you so long Mandy?” Billie Joe asked as he kissed her.
“Nothing. Nothing at all...” Billie Joe didn’t believe her but didn’t ask any questions.
“About time! I was getting thirsty,” said Mike as everyone grabbed a beer except for Clara and Amanda. They didn’t like it and Clara was underage so they drank juicy juice. As the night dragged on, Mike and Tré started to get drunk. Amanda looked over at the glass door, saw Jake, and gave him a dirty look and a warning glance.
“What’s wrong?” Billie Joe asked.
“Huh? Oh… nothing. I just thought I saw… Never mind.”
“No. Not never mind. What is it?”
“I just thought I saw Jake, but that’s not right. He’s at home. Silly me.” Clara looked disappointed to hear that, but no one noticed.
Billie Joe looked worried. By now Mike was sleeping on a raft, so they decided to call it a night and dragged him back to the room.
When they got back to 6277, Mike had woken up. Tré started telling him what Amanda had said. “Hey Mike…guess what? Amanda was saying that she saw Jacob peeking in on us. What do you think of that? Huh? Huh?” Tré asked drunkenly.
“He’s what?! He better stay far away. CLARA!”
“What? No need to yell I’m right here.”
“I want you to stay away from him.”
“What?! Why?”
“Because I don’t trust you when it comes to him… and he’s getting too close. I don’t like it. I don’t want you two doing something.”
“My God. Do you really think I would do something like that?”
“Guys, just settle down! Mike, be quiet. You’re drunk. You don’t know what you’re saying,” Amanda protested.
“Where’d you go… I miss… you so… seems like it’s... been forever… you been gone…,” said Tré as he sang softly in the background. Around the corner there was a little orange headed doll that no one noticed.
“Don’t tell me to shut up you fucking little wretched whore!” Mike spat as he slapped her.
“Mike! Cool it! Knock it off before you hurt someone!” Billie Joe shouted. “You ok Amanda?” Then Amanda punched Mike in the jaw and drew blood.
“I’m fine now,” she said smiling. “And don’t you ever... ever call me a fucking wretched whore again! Got it shithead?!”
“Amanda! Mike! Billie! Quit it! Now look what you did. Clara? CLARA? Where are you?” Tré shouted.
“Great, I’ll go find her,” Amanda said.
“No you won't. I’ll go find her.” Billie argued.
“Are you sure?”
“Yeah. Just watch these two. They should pass out soon.”
Billie left the room and headed to the lobby. There was no sigh of her anywhere. He listened. Faintly he heard crying and ran towards it. It was Clara. She was in the bathroom.
“*sniffle* what?”
“You ok?” he asked as he walk in. “Oh Clara. Come here. It’s alright. Shhh... You’re ok,” he whispered as she let him hold her as she cried onto his shoulder. They stayed like that for a long time. Slowly, Billie lifted her chin and kissed her.
Billie raced back to the room and told Amanda where she was.
“She won't come back with me. She said she wants you,” Billie said worriedly.
Amanda raced to the bathrooms and found her. “Clara? Come on; let's go back to the room.”
“No. I can't go back there. I want to go to Jacob’s.”
“Fine. We’ll go to Jacob’s.”
Amanda led Clara back to Jacob’s room.
“Where are we going?”
“Jacob’s place. He’s two doors down from the left entrance. He told me not to tell. That’s why I took so long with the drinks.”
“Oh, ok. Um... listen. He didn't do it. I did. It’s all my fault and I shouldn't have. I’m really really sorry. Please don't be mad at him.”
“What? What are you talking about?” Amanda asked as she knocked on the door.
“Who is it?”
“Jake! It’s me. Open up!”
“Oh, hey Amanda. Hey Clara. What are you two doing here?”
“Shhh...! Clara needed to get away from Mike for a while. Can she stay here?”
“Yeah, sure.”
“Clara I want you to go to the bedroom and lock yourself in there. Jake, promise me you'll stay away from her we don't need Mike any madder. I got to go I’ll be back ok?” Amanda left as soon as they disappeared from the door.
“Billie! I’m back.”
“Where’s Clara?”
“Um... I found an old friend whom she's staying with. I’m going back in a little bit.”
“Oh, ok…”
“What’s wrong? You look worried.”
“Nothing. It’s… it's nothing.”
“Alright. If you say so.”
“Did Clara say anything to you?”
“Um... yeah. She said that he didn't do it, she did, that it was all her fault and she shouldn't have and that I shouldn't be mad at him. Who is he?"
“Um... well... I... um...” Billie stammered.
“I... I... she... well... um... you see she… I... kiss… uh.”
“You what?! That’s it,” she said angrily as she ran out of the room. She headed for Jake’s room.
Billie followed her and grabbed her arm in the middle of the lobby before she got to Jake’s. “Honey, please let's go back to the room and talk.”
“WHAT IF I DON'T WANT TO?!” yelled Amanda breaking free. “YOU FUCKING KISSED MY BEST FRIEND!” She started to run again.
Billie caught her and held on to her arm tighter. “Please hun, don't yell. Can you be still and quiet just a minute and listen? Please...?”
“YOU KISSED MY BEST FRIEND!” she yelled trying to get away.
“Please, just for a minute.”
Amanda stayed quiet and still. She was close to tears. Billie looked at the ground. “Yes I did, I did kiss your friend, I admit it,” he started now looking at her straight in the eyes, “and I was wrong... I did it because I felt sorry for her. I didn’t mean anything by it I swear... and... I am really sorry and you have no idea how much I love you. I would never, ever, do anything to hurt you. If I could, I would turn back time and never have done it. But I did. I’m so sorry. I don't like seeing you cry, especially over something like this. I love you so much,” he finished.
“If you didn't want to hurt me, then why in the world would you do it in the first place?!” she whispered threateningly.
“I told you. It’s because I felt sorry for her.”
“Yes, but if you did truly love me, you still wouldn't have done it. That’s cheating. How can I ever trust you again?” Amanda had silent tears running down her face.
By then, Billie was close to tears. “Please... don't cry. I don't know how you can trust me again but you have to. I didn't mean to hurt you. Don’t leave me... please... I love you so much.... please...”
Amanda was so upset and didn’t know what to do so she went over and started hitting him on the chest. All Billie could do was holding her until she stopped. They both couldn't stand seeing one another like they were. They both felt sorry for having it turn out like this.
Amanda started to cry. Billie kept hugging her and they held on to each other ever so lovingly.
Amanda sniffled, “I’m sorry... It's... I just... I don’t want to lose you, not to my best friend or anyone else...I love you so much.”
“I love you too Amanda and I’m sorry. And don’t worry. You won't. Now come back to the room with me?” asked Billie.
Amanda nodded.
He hugged her and gave her a kiss. They went back to the hotel room and fell asleep on the bed.

Thursday, December 25, Christmas Day, 5:06 AM
“What? Where am I?” Mike asked still half asleep and a killer hangover. “Where is everyone? Tré? Tré! Wake up.”
“Leave me alone. I don’t want to leave the frolicking baby deer.” Tré was dreaming.
“Tré! Wake… up.”
“Huh? What? Who died? Kenny Rodgers?”
“No, no one died. Where’s Clara?”
“I don’t know. Ask Billie... Kenny Rodgers? Where you going?”
Mike found Billie in bed. “Billie. Wake up. I can’t find Clara.”
“Did you look under the bed?” Billie asked, still sleepy.
“No.” Mike said. He looked under the bed. “Billie, wake up dude! All I found was this creepy orange headed doll. Why would your girlfriend have something like that? She hates dolls.”
“I don’t know. Go ask *yawn* her.” He fell asleep.
Mike found Amanda on the other side of the bed. “Amanda? Amanda! Wake up.”
“Leave me alone... 10 more minutes Tré, go back to bed. We’ll do presents later. Way later,” she mumbled. Amanda wasn’t one to talk much in the morning. She usually forgot you even talking to her, but she did remember sometimes.
“I’m not Tré, I’m Mike. Come on, wake up!”
“What…?” she moaned.
“Where’s Clara?”
“Leave me alone…”
“Come on please wake up! Where’s Clara?”
“Um… I don’t know. I think she went to Jake’s… can I go back to sl... sl…” she fell asleep.
“No! Wake up! Where’s…Jake at?”
“*yawn* Um… 2 doors that way I think,” as she pointed in a random direction.
“Ok... if you’re in the hall coming out of our door, which way do you go?”
“Right down the stairs to the lobby,” she said as she pointed up. “Uh… ay ay cap… cap... ca.” She fell asleep again.
“Wake up! Then where do you go?”
“Um... 2 doors down from... from...*yawn* the left entrance...”
Mike went outside and found Jake’s room. He started banging on the door. Clara’s room was the closest so she answered it. “What…,” she moaned as she opened the door with a bathrobe on. “MIKE! Wha…what are you doing here?”
“Finding you.”
“Mike… you’re still drunk. Go back to bed.”
“NO! WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN THERE?!” he hollered as he noticed his girlfriend wearing a bathrobe.
“Uh... sleeping. Duh.”
Up the stairs Billie had woken up. “WTF… What’s going on? Oh no…” Mike was gone. “Amanda? Mandy! Wake up!”
“Huh? What’s going on? Did Kenny Rodgers die? He scares me. I hope he did.”
“No, he didn’t die.”
“Damn it…”
“But someone is if we don’t find mike soon.”
“Mike… Mike… He was here… Something about Clara….OMG! CLARA!” She jumped out of bed and ran down the stairs to Jake’s room. Billie was following.
“I can’t believe you think I’d do that! I love you! Don’t you trust me?!” Clara said.
“No, I don’t. Not with him.” Mike argued.
“Mike! Wait! It’s not what it looks like,” Amanda butted in as she ran across the lobby.
“Yeah, what she said,” Billie agreed.
“Shut up Billie,” Amanda said.
“Don’t tell me to shut up.”
“Fine. Shut up,” she said as they reached Jake’s room.
“What do you want?” Mike asked angrily.
“It’s not Clara’s fault. I told her to go here. She wasn’t doing anything, see? I made sure that she was locked in a room before I left. Does it really look like she just got off the shag mobile? No she doesn’t. See? She didn’t do anything!” Amanda protested.
“You told her to come here?”
“Yes. I should have told you guys that he was here. But he asked me not to and Clara needed a place to stay to get away from you for a little bit. So I sent her to Jake’s.”
“Why is he here?”
“Mostly because he hates you.”
“Why you little bitch Amanda.”
“You don’t like me do you...not that it matters. You’re still drunk anyway. Besides, I didn't say I hated you. He did.”
“I hate your guts.”
“Glad we got that out of the way.”
“Can we go to sleep now?” asked Billie sleepily.
“Sure. Mike, will you and Clara make up already? If she were to come back with us would you forgive her? She would be showing you that she loves you and not him by coming back with us,” Amanda said.
“I guess your right. I forgive her.”
“Good and you?”
“I forgive him,” Clara said doubtful
“Good. Let’s go back to our room and sleep.” On the way back to 6277, Amanda and Clara stayed a few feet back. “You know, you owe me one. You don’t look all that great. You might want to clean up before you go back to bed and Mike sees you in the morning,” Amanda pointed out.
“I’m just glad you came when you did. I was afraid he was going to wake up Jake. That wouldn’t be good. Thanks,” Clara replied.
“Just don’t screw up again. I don’t think Mike could take it if you broke his heart. You mean the world to him and he would do anything for you. He loves you and would never betray you. Remember that. You got off lucky this time. He’s suffering from severe hangover. And you might want to try and hide that on your neck until it goes away,” she said as she pointed at her neck.
“Yeah… Thanks, I think.”
They just smiled. As they went to bed, they all had hopes that nothing would go wrong. Especially Mike. He didn’t want anything to go wrong before the concert Saturday. All they could do was hope for the best.

...Sometime in the afternoon....
“Billie? Billie Joe wake up! Wake up... Come on Billie wake up! Time to go play!” Amanda said.
“Come on dude! Wake up! Get your lazy narrow ass out of bed!” Tré said as he headed out the door.
“I don't wanna...,” he mumbled. “And how would you know what my ass looks like Tré?” Tré didn’t hear him. He was already outside.
"Yes you do... You work too hard. We need to go outside and play,” Amanda said.
“No I don’t!”
“*sigh* come on Billie Joe, let’s go play!” she said pulling him out of bed.
“Where?” He was still half asleep.
“Outside stupid. Come on everyone else is already out there.”
“What are we going to do outside?”
“Play. You’ll see. Put something warm on. You’ll need it.”
Billie found a coat and went out side with Amanda. “What are we supposed to do? Eat it?” Billie asked when they got there. He heard of snow, but didn't know what to do with it.
“It’s called snow smart stuff. If you're going to eat it, stay away from the colored snow. Just eat the white stuff,” said Amanda.
When everyone got out there, Mike was kissing Clara. “Hey Clara, I’m sorry about last night. I know you wouldn’t do something like that but I just really don’t trust him.”
“That’s alright,” Clara said. “You were still pretty drunk anyway. I forgive you.” Mike leaned over and kissed her.
“Hey Mike! Think fast!” shouted Tré. Mike wasn’t paying attention and he was smacked in the side of the face with a snowball. “SCORE!” shouted Tré.
“You’re going down Tré!” Mike said. For the rest of the day and half the night, they built forts, snowmen, and had snowball fights in the front parking lot of the hotel. They also hid behind other cars and threw snowballs at passing cars on the highway. They almost got caught by a cop, but hid before he could find where it had come from.
“That was fun!” Billie said. “I’m hungry. Any where here good to eat?”
“Well, there's Perkins, Pizza Hut, Hu Hot, Strykers, Rebos (“Which is sober spelled backwards,” Clara pointed out), Long Branch, Family Table, McDonalds, Hardees, Arby's, Subway, ("Subway eat fresh," Tré said.), IHOP: International House of Pancakes not the Iowa House of Pancakes or Indiana House of Pancakes or Illinois, or Idaho, Chilies, Applebees, Red Lobster, and lots more. Um... I guess it all depends on what you want to eat. Which do you want to go to?” Amanda answered.
“Long Branch sounds interesting. Let’s go there,” said Tré.
So they ate at Long Branch. While they were there, Clara and Amanda introduced them to all of their friends that were there, which was everyone because it was half price night. After that, they left and went back to the hotel and went to bed.

…The next day…
The next day they practiced and set up for the concert all day. It was to take place at the Tyson Event Center at 6:00 tomorrow night.

Saturday, December 27, Clara’s birthday; day of concert, at the concert... duh...

As Green Day rocked on, Clara and Amanda sat backstage waiting for them. They were watching TV. Nothing was on so they just turned it off.
“Clara, you'll never guess what happened on Christmas morning.”
“What? What happened?”
“Billie and I had a thumb war and he won. Then we had a fight,” she said.
“Really...And what were you fighting about?”
“Him kissing you.”
“Oh, that. Sorry about that.”
“It’s ok. We made up. I couldn't think of anything else to tell ya so... yeah.”
“Thanks I think.”
“Oh yeah! We also had a chocolate eating concert. We used M&M’s. Of course I won!”
“*laughing* you’re stupid.”
“No I’m not. You are... Stupid.”
“What ever.”
At the end of the concert, Billie, Mike, and Tré came back stage. “Enjoying TV?” Tré asked.
“Oh, of course! I just love this show!” Clara said. She just shook her head.
“Yes, this black screen is so entertaining,” Amanda said sarcastically. Mike and Billie Joe laughed.
“Har har,” Tré replied.
“Ready to come out for the encore?” Billie Joe asked.
“Sure,” Amanda said as they all went on the stage. The crowd was going wild.
“Ladies and gentlemen,” Billie said. “I would like you to meet my close friends. Everyone, this is my girlfriend Amanda. Amanda this is, well, everyone. Mike?”
“Ladies and germs... I would all like you to meet my girlfriend, Clara,” Mike said. He kissed Clara. They both smiled.
“And Mike has a very important announcement to make. If everyone will shut up and be quiet please,” Billie ordered. The crowd silenced.
Mike turned towards Clara, got one knee and said, “Clara, we have been together for almost 4 years now, and I can't live without you. I know you are the one I want to be with for the rest of my life... Will you marry me?” Clara was shocked. She was not expecting this. The audience started to scream and shit like that.
“SHUT UP AND BE QUIET!” Amanda hollered in the microphone that she stole from Billie Joe.
“Amanda, you shut up. Let them scream if they want to.”
“Don’t tell me to shut up Billie Joe.”
“Fine. Shut up.” They just smiled.
The stadium went quiet after a few minutes. “I ask you again Clara... will you marry me?”

To be continued...