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I Will Always Be Here for You

10. Together

*Legolas' P.O.V.*
I obeyed Herenya and left with Aragorn.
“Aragorn. I sense something wrong.”
“What is it, Legolas?” he asked me.
“I am not sure.”
“Never mind. Let us go relax now. We are safe.”
I was walking around the camp when I heard soft singing.
“A lament for Gandalf.” I realized.
“What do they say about him?” Merry asked.
“I have not the heart to tell you. For me the grief is still too near.”
“I bet they don't say anything about his fireworks. There aught to be a verse 'bout them. ‘The finest rockets ever seen. They burst in stars of blue and green. And after showers, coming falling like a rain of flowers.’ Oh that don't do them justice by a long shot.” Sam tried to make a verse.
I stood, looking at the sky and the trees. I looked down towards the rest of the fellowship, when something ran between Aragorn and I. I looked towards it to see Herenya running away, crying.
“Herenya!” I tried to yell.
“Come on.” Aragorn said.
“No, let me go. She will want me.”
I ran after Herenya, yelling to her. But she didn't hear me. Herenya turned into a group of trees, I followed her inside. I saw her kneeling on the ground, her head in her wet hands.
*Your P.O.V.*
Legolas came and knelt beside you, taking your hands away from your face.
“Herenya, what happened?” he asked you.
“Th-The-They told me-they were-were sending me back. Galadriel disagreed, but, oh Legolas, Celeborn and Haldir think I have to go back.” You cried.
“No, I will not let them.”
“Legolas do not let them. I can not go back. I can not be the wife to that arrogant pompous ass.”
“I won't.”
You were both clinging to each other, crying into each other's shoulders.
“I'll never let you go.”
Legolas lifted your face and looked in your eyes.
“I Will Always Be Here For You!”
You leaned in and kissed Legolas. Standing up on your knees you leaned your whole body into Legolas'. Your fingers sifted through his hair. You opened your mouth as an invitation and Legolas gladly accepted. He wound his tongue with yours and rubbed your back. His hands lowered until they cupped your bottom. You moaned into his lips. As you leaned back, he followed. His mouth moved to your neck and his tongue moved along the outer rim of your ear, making a shiver go down your spine. You blanked for a moment while thinking of what was happening. *This is it, this is the night.* you thought. You came out of it as you felt Legolas' tongue on your breast, his hand moving along your inner thigh.
“More.” You urged.
You moaned under your breath. Legolas' mouth started devouring you as you felt his teeth on your nipple. His hand slid up greedily and with more pleading moans from you he slowly and gently eased a finger inside you. Your back arched with pleasure as you let out a sigh of joy.
“I'm sorry, did I do something wrong?”
Legolas, having mistaken your urgency in saying his name quickly moved away and he looked up at you. He had a look of disappointment (in himself) until his eyes went bigger and he took in a deep breath as your slipped your hands down his chest and undid the first tie of his leggings. You slipped your hand inside and caressed him, as it grew bigger and harder with every stroke.
“Legolas, I want to be one with you. To be bound. You and me forever. They may be able to take me away from you, but no one, no spell, no thing, can take that from us.”
Legolas leaned into you with all his force and kissed you hungrily, then looked up.
“Are you sure?” You nodded.
“Tell me if you want to stop.” You nodded.
“And tell me if I am hurting you.” You nodded.
“And...” You cut him off, putting your finger against his lips.
“Just kiss me.” You sighed.
“Oh, I can do more than that.”
“Please do.”
(Woo...Who's bed have your boots been under! Sorry I'm listening to that song. Back to the intense moment.)
You pulled off Legolas' tunic and quickly moved your mouth to his. Your hands moved along his washboard abs. He moaned when your hands reached his leggings. He had moved your dress down to your waist now and one of his hands was caressing your breast. Your back arched under his touch. You undid his leggings and he helped you to slip them off. He raisd up on his knees. He grabbed your drees and inched it down. He moaned as he saw you in all your naked glory.
“You are beautiful.” He sighed.
You took in every small detail of Legolas' body until your eyes met his length. You moaned. Legolas looked up surprised. He then realized what you were looking at. He smirked and came back on top of you, kissing you deeply. His hands moved lower and then eased your legs apart. He moved so he was right on top of you. You could just feel the heat radiating from his (ahem) manhood.
“You are killing me.” You breathed out.
“Oh yes.”
Legolas slowly lowered himself, easing into you. At first, it felt uncomfortable, and you wondered why people loved it so much. Then as Legolas went deeper you felt your muscles tighten around him. You gasped and Legolas moved on top of you. Thrusting inside you. You pushed back, feeling a pulsing heat scorch through your body.
“Oh Valar.” You moaned.
You cried out as legolas and you thrust faster and faster. Sweat began to seep through your skin and you heard Legolas beginning to moan.
“Oh, Herenya.”
“Legolas! Awww!”
Your back arched as an electric current ran from your body to his and from his to yours. You and Legolas both let out cries of joy simultaneously. And you slowed down. Legolas came to a halt and looked down at you. You were both trembling and your hair was damp with sweat. Legolas leaned down and kissed you. Then lay down beside you. He closed his eyes and breathed deeply.
“I love you, Herenya.”
“I love you, too, Legolas.”
And you rested your head against his damp, trembling, glistening chest, falling into the best sleep you'd had in a long time.