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I Will Always Be Here for You

11. GOOD Morning

*Legolas' P.O.V*
I awoke to the feeling of kisses on my neck and a hand rubbing my chest.
“Mmmm, good morning.” I smirked.
“I knew that would work.” Herenya smiled.
I opened my eyes and looked into an ocean of green eyes.
“That was a good night.”
“And it shall be a good morning.”
“And how is that?”
All of a sudden I felt Herenya rubbing me down below.
“Again?” I smirked.
“Again.” She giggled.
*Your P.O.V*
You sat up on Legolas' lap, straddling him.
“Now, I am in charge.” You stated.
“I do like a woman who takes charge.”
“Oh, I know you do.”
You lifted yourself and then slowly lowered onto Legolas. You didn't let him go all the way in. You would lower yourself onto him and then get off, every time getting deeper and everytime Legolas' moans getting louder.
“You are such a tease.” He laughed.
Legolas put his hands on your hips and as you lowered yourself he thrust and then held you down. You moaned. You moved your hips on him and Legolas thrust. Your head went back, your breasts forward and you moved faster on top of him. Legolas opened his eyes and saw your smooth stomach and your naked breasts. He sat halfway up and moved his mouth to your nipple. Sucking and biting, his hands roamed your body and then reached down, he rubbed you. You moaned his name as the two feelings inside and out took over. Legolas stopped thrusting and just enjoyed every moment.
*Legolas's P.O.V.*
I came closer and closer to climax as I looked at Herenya's face to see sweat on her brow, her eyes shut, cheeks flushed and mouth slightly open, letting out moans every few seconds. I came as Herenya cried out my name and I lied back down quickly as a part of me was given to Herenya. I tried not to yell but didn't succeed and I yelled "Oh Valar, Herenya!" My head threw back and I breathed deeply as Herenya slowed on top of me. I moved my hand along her leg. Giving it a squeeze. I opened my eyes and looked at Herenya with her hands planted on the ground on either side of my head and her hair falling around her face, chest rising fast and sweat on her lips.
*Your P.O.V.*
You leaned down and kissed Legolas, tasting salty sweat. You leaned your head on his chest, kissed it, and listened to his heart beat.
“I am tired.” You breathed.
“I bet.” Legolas smirked.
“The sun is still low, let us sleep again.”
“As you wish, but I feel a little exposed, may we cover up?”
You looked up and around and saw a blanket an arms length away. You reached, grabbed it and Legolas spread it over the two of you.
“That was a good morning.” Legolas laughed.
You giggled. And fell asleep to Legoals' steady breathing and the warm feeling of him still inside you. (You're dirty sweet and you're my girl. Sorry, I'm listening to Get It On (Bang A Gong) by T.REX)