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I Will Always Be Here for You

13. Powers

*Your P.O.V.*
You walked toward your grandmother's mirror; you knew you could always find her there.
“Galadriel? Are you here?”
“Yes Herenya, over here.”
You spun around and saw your dear grandmother.
“Baba? (That's your nickname for Galadriel.) Why is Celeborn being so unfair? I have Haldir on my side now, but he was so mean. He has never yelled before.
“I know not dear. I wish I could tell you, but I have not spoken to him since then.”
“Oh, but I do not want you two to break up over me. I just want to be happy for once.”
“We'll be fine; this is not the first time.”
“Umm, Baba, something strange happened this morning.”
“What was it dear?”
“Well, when I was getting dressed this morning after . . . (you blushed) you know. I looked at my gown and it was dirty and smelt bad. I was thinking of how I could get another when the elements around me came together to make this beautiful gown I am now wearing.”
“I was waiting for this day to come.”
“What do you mean?”
“All your life, you have been hidden and kept away for the world. That is because your father and I found out something about you.
“What is it?”
“Well, you have strong magic in your blood and it would come out one day. So your father hid you. I did not agree but your father, the stubborn one he is, did. You are destined to do great things Herenya. You are a very important part of the war going on. Your powers will grow more and more everyday.”
But, why are they only showing now, after 2, 317 years?”
“Because the powers would only appear when you bonded with the one who will love you forever, no matter what.”
“Legolas.” You whispered.
“Yes. That is why your father tried to marry you to Glorfindel. He did not agree with you having these powers. He was afraid they would waste you away. But I think you are strong enough.”
“So what powers will I get?”
“Well 1: You can control the elements with your mind. The rest, you have to find out yourself. In the right time. But one thing I can tell you is that with the growth of your powers, comes the growth of your beauty as well.”
“Really? Oh my gosh. I shall be beautiful.”
“Oh but you are beautiful. It has hidden along with your powers, but it will begin to show. It is also dangerous; the beauty that will come can betray you at times.”
“Thank you Baba. Oh I must tell Legolas.”
“First, will you look into the mirror?”
“Of course.”
You watched as Galadriel poured the water. You looked into it to see a scene of you and Legolas, in bed together. You blushed for you knew your grandmother was seeing it as well. Then the scene came to you and Legolas, laughing and happy, but quickly turning to sadness. And a scene of Glorfindel trying to kiss you and more begins, when a young elf that looks like Legolas but with your eyes comes in and attacks Glorfindel. And then finally, Legolas and that same boy standing together, Legolas looking tired and his eyes are red and his back slouched. You begin to cry. He was fading. You do not want to know why. The images blurred and faded when a tear fell, making ripples over Legolas' sad face.